How to smooth out skin

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How to smooth out the skin with Photoshop

24 views | 5 Apr. 2015

This is an easy way to

This is an easy way to "smooth" out the skin of a person on any image.

How to smooth out skin

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Skin Retouching In Lightroom Tutorial – How to get smooth skin with the texture slider!

99 739 views | 19 Jun. 2019

In this tutorial I show

In this tutorial I show off Lightroom's new 'texture' slider feature and how you can use it to soften skin and remove small blemishes in your photos. I show you how to smooth out skin tones with one simple tool.

This requires the latest version of Adobe Lightroom, so make sure you're up to date before starting.

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Future Jones

Great vid!


mitch that is an excellent video

Jonathan Blair

Thank you!

Chinthaka Jayawardana

hi.i cant found Texture adjustment in my lightroom.Lightroom 8.1

Subala Vallejo

Suuuuuuper helpful ?? One less need to hit up Photoshop. Thanks!!! ??

Grow Media DDT.

Omg thank you for this, Ive been trying to learn photoshop,, its killing me,, lol, Ive watch so many videos on how to retouch skin in portraits in photoshop, nothing seemed to work, i use Lightroom a lot, I’m going to practice this method and get better at it,, for my pics, ??????

Natasha Jane

Very helpful!!! I've made the switch to LR after using PS for 14 years and I have to say, I don't know a thing ?

Surajit Sarkar

It's very helpful video for me,, thank you.. I'm subscribing you for more updates.



Nishaan Patel

Make this is a brilliant video I use the same technique recently on a model it was a glamour shoot, and the model was ecstatic with results!


Thank you so much it help me a lot ?

Lewis Ashley

hey man, just come across you channel! I love your work! I have just picked my self up a fuji xt3 so im currently watching all your tutorials and they are great! keep it for the good work!


Good on ya mate, looking de- sharpened.

Cambodia Wonder

That's very helpful, cos I just learn how to retouch it!


You used the xt3 on this shooting right? Love the new lightroom as well the "texture feature" is quiet interesting compared to "clarity".

Tomislav Miletić

Hmmm... could that effect be achieved with negative clarity slider?


Is there anything that can substitute frequency seperation in LR?

Mili Correa

Hey! Can you make more RP videos?

Kef Bana

My Adobe Lightroom doesn't have these features. Am I missing something? I am a bit frustrated because I am trying to follow your steps but they dont even exist. I dont have the library, develop,.....etc at the top. and my Lightroom is in Mac. I dont know if that also counts for the difference. Thank you.

Macy Khat

Omfg stephanieeeee ?

Visual Control

Helpful, but doesn't look like anything change in your photo

Jaeger Mah

Yo. thanks. But the final 'before / after' (at the end of the video) there's absolutely no difference. Give it a detailed look. I pixel peeped for 10 mins and couldn't see a change.

Aubrey Burman

hi! what preset did you use on this photo / can you upload a tutorial on how you edit like this photo?

ian passmore

hi Mitch I've updated my Lightroom but its still on the old one it looks like 8.2. 1
and there is no texture slider. please help

Tuke Morgan

She's such a stunning model

Max MacGyger

great vids! i would be very interested in your complete fuji workflow. are you using different film styles in the fuji and which button/shooting setup do you have?

Clover Nicole

What Does It Mean I Don’t Have The “Basic” As An Option On The Right Hans Side??

Nigel Francis

Thanks... I was spending a lot of time exporting my portrait photos to photoshop to smooth out the skin. This tutorial was extremely helpful.

michele jones

thank you

Mili Correa

I challenge you to edit on Lightroom mobile

Adolfo Usier



wait what key do you hit to see where your affecting???


Love your vids! Subbed! #teamXT3

ann njambi

Thanks for the tutorial .I have learnt something

Jeffrey MacMillan

Hi Mitch - Great video as usual. Very impressed by your videos. One way I think this might have been more effective is to start with a model who didn't have such great skin.... The before and after contrast would have been more impressive. Your starting point was close to most subjects finishing points!! Enjoyed it. Thanks

Vivek Gupta

In lightroom, you can use the forward slash to see before and after. You don't need to delete your texture brush and undo again. Hope that helps :)

David Vazquez

Dude, her skin was already perfect lol

Chooch Perez


Thanks for this tutorial. I've always thought that you could only do this in Photoshop (which I don't have) and now all my portraits look amazing. Thanks again!?

Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz

Hey man, I love the video! For some reason whenever I brush over his skin, it turns white instead of keeping the town of his skin. It’s more painting then blending. What am I doing wrong?


Super helpful bro!!1 Definitely saved me a lot of time!

How to smooth out skin

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SplitCam 10 - How to smooth out skin imperfections in broadcast

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