My hair stopped growing and is falling out

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115 019 views | 20 Nov. 2016

This is probably one of

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question from you guys so here is my take on this subject.


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hermaan Adow

Oh my gosh I love your hair am a new subscriber please I need your help i dyed my hair two years ago with three different colors and now my hair is very damaged,dry and frizzy.my natural hair was soft and wavy before the dye. Please tell how to use essential oils on my hair.people recommend to wash it off after using it but I can't my hair is very dry and frizzy and can't go for days without putting oil on my hair.what should I do please reply ?? thanks

jasleen panesar

I don't know why I keep on itching my head. It is very itchy and I can't stop, is there anything that is causing that? PLZ reply, I really need help


castor oil and sesame oil together works like magic

Riyo Mori

I shaved off all my hair and claimed to be the Anti-Christ.

Acoustic Cetra

I have thin, oily hair that grew so slowly and gave up stressing about it. I was so tired of finding the right stuff, the right 'shampoo'... I gave it up all at ones and decided to go 'no poo', I'm only in week three now and it's already less faster oily, thicker, stronger and I have so many new baby hairs already!! it maybe doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth the try!


hi dear very nice video I am wondering do you have solution for Alopecia areata

דנה לב

hi i want to ask you what can help me to growth my hair ? you did any medicition tretmeants for har growing? anf if you dying your hair in thiis video and how you do it ? sorry but im not so know english im from israel i will very graetful if you will answe me im so love your hair !! youre great and beutifall!!


one request ... whatever products you are naming in video can you please list down in description box...or with the site link so we can buy..?

khadija hanif

For iron deficeincy eat one orange ? with one boiled egg. Docter told me.. And its for everyone. Anyone can do it. I used to have anemia and i have been eating that for a long time now.. My hairs have stop falling and breaking. My hands and feet are now normal and warm. Before they user to be cold. I dont get frequent headaches. My and fatigue and weakness and dizziness has gone.my head felt very light immediately after my first eat.. Heavy head and brain foggyness is gone.. I would like everyone to try it.

priya Krishna

ur lip stick shade

Mennato Allah

Oh my God I love you too?

Anindita Majumder

Hii..my hair is so thin and dry and also falling hair alot...what can I do??? pls u suggested me

Micki H

30%?! wow!


i so needed this video!!! my hair is clogging up all the drains in my town!!!!!!!!! :(

Shilpa salian

i have severe hairfall after rebonding tell me wt to do

Joey Pscl


Shriya Vyas

Oh my god i was so afraid when i saw your thumbnail with short hair pheww? because I love your hair and I don't want u to cut your hair ???

Sunshine Dayz

Thank you for the tips.
What was the name of the hair serum at the end of your video, and where can I get some?

Priya Upadhyay

I doesnt understand English pleasr speak in hindi

Krnnn Mrno

Thank you so much for this video! I've been loosing a lot of hair lately and have a little bald spot and this helped a bit so thank you so much! Hopefully this helps


Do you know how to fix bald spots? Well it's not really bald it's just a weak hairline where it dips in a bit too much I would like to promote hair growth in that area!

Blade ,

10 Hours - 10k views !!

Safa kazmi

i am big fan of yours.. plz share how you do your this makeup look i love it so muchhhhhhh plz plz share

Difa R

wtf your hair is shorter in the thumbnail??? and longer in the video ??! how??


I used to have so much hair, it was thick, curly and beautiful! But since January my hair keeps falling out because of stress and PCOS :( I just want my long thick hair to grow back

Baby Chick

today I stressed so much cuz my driving theory expired which took me 5 months and didn't pass my driving test???????have to do the theory again?

Ritu Thapa

ananya dutta

please do the stress related video

Alex Frank

How long does the resting phase in your hair last?

Venkat K


Mar Ginny

we love you too

Gayathri Seetharaman

and your hair is freaking awesome!!!!!

Ruth Sanz

Thank you ??

Tracy Trevor

I needed help with this ! Thank you ???


Those vitamins are expensive af :'(


MSM supplements supposed to lessen the dormant stage. If you don't want to ingest it. You can put some in the hair oils and massage the scalp. It has to be a small amount. Around the end of a spoon handle. Ha ha. Real accurate measurements. Because it can be drying to the hair. It seems to me in order to get the recommended daily vitamins and minerals. A person would have to eat a lot of food. I just can't do that.

Deedee Megadoodoo

Me: oh so it's just a phase
My hair: NO MOM *keeps fuckin shedding everywhere *

aliman dada

I love you too???my sweet cuty

Minal Ali

you r sooo cute so nice

StyleCity. Pk

hello plz reply...my hairs are falling through out the year ..I have been facing since 7 yrs now..I am drinking multivitamins zinc in it..now I am drinking hair skin nail vitamins and vit .c too don't see any changes till now..now I plan to take biotin 1000..my baby hairs are coming but hair is falling continuously ..hairs become so thin I am very much worried..I always use oil when I take bath..applied too much remedies..u seems really NYC plz kindly u have time plz I wanna talk to u personally plzzz reply soon. am in stress :(

zirconium pants

ive been using oils and washing my hair once a week since i was 13 (im 15 now) and i think my hair is good. i bleached it at 12 so i decided to cut off as much as possible but to keep the length (my hair is curlyish so it always looked short as)

but last year i was able to cut off all of the bleached hair and now my hair is growing fairly. however since i have thyroid problems and iron deficiency i dont know how well my hair is growing. (keep forgetting to take my pills and half the time just dont wanna take them)

i dont know how well my hair is growing. it is a lot longer tho (like middle of my boobs) and my hair is 3a but thin (easy management).

Anusha chauhan

The products r not in the rate of our Indian currency....☹️☹️☹️☹️

Avin Mhedin

see I don't know what to do because my hair falls like crazy this has gone on for more than two years I've been to doctors for blood check and everything and they said is normal, I don't have any illness my diet my weight has always been normal no dramatic change has happened to me. I had longer hair than yours so I said to my self , If i cut my hair it will be stronger because my hair was thinning so bad so I cut it and my hair is normally growing but it still crazy falling. I do stress because of work, last year college work and everything but I do try not to stress so much. I do not use any heat or hair dye anything any tips ? you said two types of hair falls in the beginning I'll say that am non of it.


I hope each person is having a good day. Please take a look at a product which really helped with hair growth. http://www.ebay.com/itm/152321757491

sania Mir

Informative indeed. Thanks a lot for the tips. I just love ur hair talks.

sukku Sukanya

I newly subscribe to ur channel I LOVE YOUR hair.... ? ? ? ? ???? nice explanation Darling.... ? ? ? ?

Tathagata Malakar

Message any tipe of oil(example: coconut oil)can increase or create dandruff???

Kathleen k

they can fall out from detoxing to :-)

Мария Мур

Thank you! It's usually difficult for me to find out the reason of hair loss. Many people say it can be caused by stress but I don't feel stressed so dramatically to lose hair...


don't you have a few videos on this topic already?

Maz Gho

This condition is actually what brought me to our channel, and (though unfortunate) made me proactive about strict haircare :( :)

Hafsah Khan

I have heard that if you oil your hair more then 2-3 h your roots get soft and gives hair fall, is that true???

Sayeda:-D Jahan

Hi!!! When ur going to do the Q & A video bcz I can't wait to see the video?!!!!

Ivy K

my hair has been falling for the past few weeks but it's getting better now.

Nivedhitha B

this is a must video for me!!!

Ritu Thapa

My hair is falling so much,, n not growing,, what should i do,,, which hair oil n shampoo shld i use ?

souhail raghib

i love you you are a life saving i mean it actualy thank you

Subashini P

pl make a vid on how u destress urself ....

irfana fana

Can you make a video about essential oils ?

Christine Cadeliña

Thank you for this video. I'm so depressed of my hairloss ?

genesis salinas

Does hair fall out have anything to do with different diseases?

Nur Haziqah Azman

hey, i got a small acne on my front head, wht should i do, help me pls?


lol that intro was cute ♡♡

Kate Noriega

how often do you trim your hair? I never know how often to cut mine. and how much do you cut off

Dean Langley

Since I have been using a hibiscus, rice water and chamomile hair rinse my hair fall has decreased by 80% I also put some peppermint drops in the hair rinse <3

Lex Go Financial

I thought you cut your hair, I got so excited

Anele Joncaite


Rae Sunshine

so that's the answer! thank you so much this video beautyklove☺

ياعلي حبك فريضه

please translate your speak to arabic

Hanaia AlNaggar

The thumbnail got me shooketh

Raquel Gutierrez

I had surgery 5 months ago. and a trim to level my hair about a month ago. but I'm still losing a lot of hair. it's not as thick as it used to be and it's growing really slowly.

Razia xo

I lost almost half of my hair after chikungunya

Dounyazed Bk

do some DIY ? love ya ???

Nancy Merhance

Love it. Argan rain Shampoo definitely works. i seen grow with 2 weeks very satisfied with this product will be purchasing more;)

M Sarwar

great vedio. good dear. love u 2?

Tri Cudia

Hi Are you a filipina? ?☺

Joey Wilson

Very helpful, now I have to figure out how to be stress Fred, OMG.

Martina C

Are you sponsored by usana?

الجمهورية العربية اليمنية ١٢٣

تكلمي عربي ما فهمش

siham M

Thank you so much

Chaitri S

I think I am suffering from this.... ??

Username Nicolle

I have been watching your videos for almost four years now and l just wanted to say thank you for all of the helpful information you provide. Keep up the good work. ???

Kamini Slns

hy superb tips

jaden renee

i need helpppp! ive been straightening my hair everyday since 7th grade and I'm now in 9th grade. I wouldn't use any heat in the summer and summer of 8th grade going into 8th grade it grew a lot but the last summer it didn't grow at all , it got a little shorter. now my hair is short and damaged. It's thin and the front pieces are shorter than the back pieces. my last haircut was 6th grade. I would go get a trim now but I feel like it's too thin and it would just break off. What do I do?

irfana fana

I am also using multi vitamin tablet it's really work. It stoped my hair fall

H.A.K Vibes

Great video ??

Nusrat Rahman

I have a alot of hairfall during winter, any suggestions?

Sobia Amin

Awesome video and thanks alot for all the tips #beautyklove

Gayathri Seetharaman

you are awesome and I love your videos so much and now coming to the point my hair is really Frizzy and dry and it falls out so much can u suggest something for it and pls suggest me a affordable shampoo iam an Indian

priyadarshani rana

Mam can you please upload a vedio who is suffering from aloepecia.... especially what remedies.....and what to do for this.....love your hair....love from India????

May Ann Valerio

Hello , how much that Usana, iwant to try that ? Thanks!!


I wish I found is video 6 weeks ago.. I've been losing a massive amount of hair recently, I thought it was bleach damage so I cut all my hair off and it's still falling out :-(

Sunshine Dayz

Thank you for the tips.
What was the name of the hair serum at the end of your video, and where can I get some?

Lei DV

I don't want to seem rude or anything but I think you should change the way your thumbnails look because it looks like it's made using Paint and it's really cheap looking. Or you could stick to the design of the thumbnail for your latest hair care routine video which, I think, looks better and more professional looking.

Christina Lodberg

Thank you for your videos. They're always very helpful, but I would wish that when you mention a lot of vitamins and really on generel when you mention stuff that's good for the hair to put it up on the screen and also the condition when the hair falls out just put the highlights up on the screen. it would really help both to remember better but also so we can look into it ourselves ? Thank you

Bably Shaha Bably Shaha

I just want to ask a question .my hair fall reduced and l loss 10/20 hair per a day since 1 year .ls it normal? I am 19.The problam is my hair is not growing .l don't know why?

do kyungsoo

i love you too cute voice ;)

Shanu S

That intro ? I love your tips ☺ supplements work for me too. I just forgot till I saw this video. ?

Priya Upadhyay

Please speak hindi

Sayeda:-D Jahan

Oh ok. Thanx and love you^_^!!!!!

My hair stopped growing and is falling out

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birth control made my hair fall out + regrowth plan

8 250 views | 2 Mar. 2019

This is such an

This is such an insecurity. I took a lot of courage to film and post this weakness. But I need you beautiful people to know that you're not alone. If even I reach one person with my struggle, I feel content.

Birth control sucks. Birth control made my hair fall out. I want to blame someone, something. But I need to take responsibility for my actions. I decided to take hormonal birth control without fully doing my research, so I must accept the consequences.

Things I use that make life easier: https://www.amazon.com/shop/earthlyram

Let's chat

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earthlyram

Snapchat: s.coupsmylover

For business inquires only: [email protected]

FTC: This video is not sponsored.


As a male it’s hard to relate but I understand. I appreciated your strength to do this and I can warn and inform the women in my life because of you.


This happened to my friend but on the pill when she got off the shedding stopped. Which brand were you taking?

Rosa Faalogo

How did it go? My haur really thick, long and curly too and started thinning out 1 month of being on the pill so I got off it. Did your hair go back o normal?

Snack Pack

Try maca root, it's rich in most of the vitamins hormonal birth control depleates (recommend gelentinized capsuals) I also take 10,000mcgs of pure biotin with organic virgin coconut oil infused in it once a day. Eat healthier foods, drink a lot of water and also some Mary Jane helps out a ton for thoes sleepless nights and odd feelings and emotional issues from lack of synthetic hormones. Be aware that working out is a stressor and I would recommend 2-3 times a week at max. You're body needs time to adjust and heal from the hormones. Have a blessed journey!✌

Leeani B.

Neem is a good natural birth control


Thank you so much. My hair is falling out too from getting off birth control and I’m so afraid and embarrassed it won’t come back.

Vaquero Vegano

Strong hair✊?

Katherine Miller

Thank you for being so open and honest about your hair. I’m probably old enough to be your grandmother, but I took birth control pills when I was younger but stopped after I developed uterine fibroids. I had them removed and they never came back.
I’m post menopausal and I experienced changes in my hair due to the hormonal changes that come with menopause and I’ve been using a lot of Ayurvedic hair care practices and they’ve helped me immensely. Henna, amla, clay washes and rice water rinses are my main ones. Wishing you much success on your healthy hair journey.

Kh Ha

Can you please tell us what kind of birth control pills you were taking ?


Well this video couldn't be more on time. Lol

Denise Simon

I want to participate!

Anouschka Bernice

Hi! The hormones in the combination BC sort of "trick" your body into thinking you're pregnant and that prevents ovulation from occurring. When you stop using birth control, you could experience shedding, similar to postpartum shedding.

I'm currently using the combination BC and I've experienced similar effects as far as the thinning, deteriorating in quality and breakage of my hair is concerned. At first I thought it was all in my head, but when I watched this video I realised my hair had been thinning and breaking off more for months. More so than before, when I wasn't using BC yet. I also have these small bald spots with lots of really fine baby hairs. My hair now feels fagile and limp and all of this has me really worried. I feel like my natural hair was thicker, stronger and healthier back then than now. I'm now trying to combat the thinning, shedding and breakage by using MSM powder in various ways in my haircare regimen, using fermented rice water rinses on wash day, having more protein in my diet and by taking biotin pills.

I'm also experiencing horrible mood swings because of BC during my period, which never happened before. My bf now knows to stay away from me during my period, lol. I plan on getting a non-hormonal IUD when finances allow it, I'm tired of the pill ?. The negatives from it outweigh the positives now for me.

Sorry for the long-ass comment, lol.


I'm confident that you'll grow it back. I'd like to join the growth plan with seed cycling but wonder how that would work at post menopause stage.

Journey Called Life

So is it bad to wear a part down the middle of your head daily? I wear 2 loose ponytail on a daily basis. Not tight or anything but will this cause thinning in that area? I’ve tried to part my hair different ways but my hair naturally falls into a part down the middle now....

Nancy's Mosaic

Oh hope your plan works out, because your hair looks AWESOME!

Julia B.

I think your hair started to shedding because the birth control was high on androgenes. Stopping birth control can be tricky. I've stopped but accidents happens and I needed to take plan B. Plan b made my hair fall. After going to several doctors, I'm on birthday control again to balance my hormones. Being a woman it's hard. Hope everything gets better. - xox from Brazil

lovely Kissies

You are not alone. My hair is destroyed from the depo. I cant even where my real hair i have to where a wig. I cut my hair 3 times and my hair is not growing back correctly.


Omg ive been going through this too ??

TayRadiance and baby King

Nothing will work if your iron isnt regulated birth control makes you anemic.. Being on it with low iron.. Anything you take will be irrelevant


Yes, you can reverse your hair!!!

candace robinson

Try DIM and Natural progesterone cream. It will help bring your hormones back to normal. I have PCOS and started losing my hair. I feel the same way you feel about my hair. I started taking these two supplements and the changes are great. It took about 3 months before I noticed a difference in my hair and skin. Look at you tuber Barbara Hoffman. She talks about this stuff and she is passionate about it. She is what got me on track. I didn't have to take a hormone test to know my body was out of wack. I hope this helps☺️?.

Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom

Girl, you're a beast. You got this. Thanks for being honest. Although,I don't know much about birth control or their side affects since I'm gay. However, you can also try the rice water which helps reduce shedding. Also jamaican castor oil does wonders as well. Try drinking more water as well, if you don't already do this. God bless you❤❤

Dainnese Govan

Good luck ? your so smart and pretty ?


Uncle funkys daughter curl stimulator is a good styling gel that's natural. Give it a try


After you stop the birth control did you bleed alot?


Listen...I feel like a prisoner in my own body. Having to take birth control for fibroids..but losing my hair in the same breadth. SMH. IT'S been a nightmare. I feel it's a lose-lose situation...

Jason Daniels

I mean this in the politest way there is some of the worst advice in this comment section and this video. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal birth control and stopping it should help on its own. Most likely won't regrow everything but it'll make a difference. Give it at least 6 months. Hair loss is a marathon, not a sprint and for the love of God, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Olivia N. Matthew

Wow, you didn't have to share this, so i applaud you courage! Check out Kriya botanicals, their low porosity line is vegan and ph balanced, i am super excited to try them out even though I have no business buying more stuff. They have a curl pudding. Eden body works also has a curl pudding souffle. Also couldn't you just use less of your current gels/custards on your hair to get more volume? I know you mentioned you're not really into the whole consumerism thing so that might be something to try first before splurging...




Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you got a plan to address it, which is great. Take us on your journey with you. Good tips on the seed cycling ??

Kara Cee

I just started seed cycling after seeing a couple of videos about it here on YT. I am battling androgenetic alopecia. Not from birth control, but other type of hormonal imbalance and stress. Other natural remedies that have helped me are taking ashwaghanda and vitex in the morning (vitex in particular helped me regulate my period) and maca powder every day in my smoothies along with royal jelly really helped. I drink spearmint tea and green tea and take 350 mg of saw palmetto each night to lower the dht levels on my scalp and that has helped. Topically, rice water (i know, I know but it works!) has helped the hair around my temples come back in and Curl Smith scalp products greatly helped me stop the excessive shedding. They are kind of expensive and they say to use 3 months for full results, but I started seeing a decrease in shedding within a couple of weeks of applying them once a day, the day and night serums. I am currently on the second month of using them. I know it can be disheartening to be losing hair. I will say that your plan is sound, and you AND your hair are beautiful. Happy to accompany you on this journey. Oh something I forgot to add: my left side is thinner than my right and I was losing hair more on that side and a little at my crown. I switched to twists and changed my parts to put less stress on those parts. Ayurvedic treatments are great as well. Amla, bringraj... I have made Curly Proverbz hair growth oil and that stuff is amazing. The best part is that you can tailor it to your needs. I think getting the the underlying cause (hormonal imbalance and mineral deficiency) is key. Wishing you lots of light and blessings.

Freedom flower

I’ve always been terrified of birth control bc it’s so bad for the body ☹️ the rice water is good for hair loss!!

Levent O.

Mine won't ever grow back. haha :-) I'm sure you'd look just as attractive without. <3 Wishing you well.

Fit Black Vegan

I'm going through this right now. I've been off the pill for a almost a month and the hair loss is significant.

Phylesha Deanna

how many months after quitting did u start to see regrowth? this video you said was 7 months post BC, how soon after this video did your hair start growing?

GSW Power

It's okay you got this girl✊?

Lea Tirado

???I really felt this in my soul lol. Not lol though seriously because it’s really sad what us women have to go through between periods, birth control methods and side effects and then pregnancy and giving birth ☹️ . It’s 2020 now why can’t men get on a freaking pill ?!?!?!?!?!?! The worst part is that the pill lowers my libido so I don’t even care about or even want sex anymore so I’m taking this pill for no fucking reason ? . Anyways sorry for the rant and good luck with your hair growth journey !!!!!!!

Saviour Ameyaa

With you on the journey ❤️❤️

Chalsey Wilder

Try moringa and maca root. They help with regulating the body

Jackie Domino

Great video. I suggest Eat alot of avocado this happened to me .li was really low fat and had mineral deficiency only eatinh lots of avocado helped me heal. I'm notsure why. Keep avo in mind like 1-3 daily

Anouschka Bernice

Thank you for this video! I saw your video back in April last year, and I went off the BC pill (I also took a combination pill) in January this year. Because of COVID-19 and all the ensuing chaos and stress, I wan't really paying attention to my hair until I went to get my hair dyed in July and then I noticed how much thinner and sparser my once thick hair had become over the span of 6 months. I'm still shedding more than normal, but I'm taking a multivitamin, vitamin D and biotin and that has slowed down my shedding a bit. I'm now trying to let my body and hair heal naturally with a low-carb diet with lots of protein, exercice and a good hair care routine. I'll also place a non-hormonal IUD once my finances allow for it as well.

Cypress Boutique Monterey

You are still beautiful ?

Kamryn Sharpe

try taking maca pills as well.

Johannes Lauer

Your hair looks still beautiful

Create Your Best Version

Liquid biotin is good too? and ur hair is sooo beautiful ??

GSW Power

Ik this is totally different from what you do but could you please do like a pole fitness routine or like how you stretch something like that

Johannes Lauer

Thanks for sharing your experience

Champagne Thompson

Try rice water too


Your hair is beautiful ♡ thank you for sharing.

Geraldine Duncan

you stick with what grew your hair

Mona G

I'm down for this ??. You got this girl and it is very brave to admit when you are losing hair. Hands up for that. ???

Latasha Rhodes

My doctor cursed me out when I tried to tell her because im married and she thought I was had shit crazy for wanting to go off of birth control this is a sad situation but in glad I'm not alone/crazy I had the nexplanon implant for 2 years


Hopefully it's not too personal to talk about this, but can you do an update on this video for the seed cycling?? Your hair definitely seems like it's thriving now, so thats great!!! But I'm wondering if the seed cycling and magnesium has helped your painful periods in anyway??

I have endometreosis so I know what you're going through ? and its to the point I cant even keep a steady job anymore because Im sick or sent home at least 2 days a month. Doctor keeps shrugging off my symptoms and trying to put me on hormones "to handle the bleeding" and I cant get him to understand its the pain & I dont want them! People have hair loss, bone loss, weight gain, clots, skin & joint problems, & mental problems when on synthetic hormones smh. If I can find a natural way to treat the pain I can fight this!

Have you found any relief in seed cycling? Or any other alternatives? I hope it's been working for you!

Inspire Strength

Great that you stopped using birth control pills. I am sure your aware of the fact that if you use it for over ten years when it's time for a woman (not all) to plan having a family they can develop fertility issues. I change up the parts in my hair for the same thinning reason too. But as i get older my hormone imbalance wreaked havoc with my hair it's better now but not growing as quickly as I would like. I use rice water weekly and my hair loves it. I live in Canada. I am using shea butter and daily spraying my hair with one part water to one part aloe vera gel to keep my hair moisturize in the cold months. Trying your seed plan also. Thank you for sharing I been there with hair loss so I a grateful for your honesty. xoxo

Luna Mysteria

WowI would have never guessed you were loosing hair! You still have a lot of it!! But I understand that you know how your hair is suppose to look and feel. You’ve got this!

Nalina Kumari

I had stopped eating bcp..so now am facing severe hairloss..its called telogen effluvium..I have one dbt pls clear that..if my hair grows back or not?????????waiting for ur rply..love from India..

Ca'rin Wixom

That poison ruined my body! When I quit, my hair started falling out, my face broke out severely and I got panic attacks! It's been 2 years and I only have 40% of my hair left ? I healed my skin by following a low fat plant based diet, but im trying to figure out how to get my hair to grow back! I even started getting grays!

Tymel Jones

Girl you are beautiful and blessed by the gods believe in your beauty and Freya the moon goddess and Lakshmi’s blessings will show

Amy Eliseo

Birth control is nothing but poison. I was on it and it destroyed my body. Once I got off, my hair fell out in chunks every single day. You could see my scalp. All I do now is eat nothing but veggies, fruit (lots of bananas, blueberries, and strawberries), red kidney beans, tofu, and 100% unsweetened cocao. Drink only nut/rice milks, coconut water, and tea. I also take One a Day Vitacraves Women's Multi Gummies with Vitamin E and Gotu Kola. The only thing I add to my hair is coconut oil. I stay away from creams and gels. My hair is growing like crazy now. I will NEVER go on birth control again. I'm done having kids anyway.


I been seeing that but I was like nah I have been fighting thinning hair for years shit sucks best of luck

R Rod

BC with just estrogen a no progesterone should be hair safe. The impact on testosterone does not affect hair, the androgenic effects of the progestin BC has does impact hair.

Simply Mia

But you're still smiling and have a smile covering your face. STAY STRONG. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Keyona K.

Oh wow. You live in Alaska.! I use to go there every year. ???

Maryam Freedom

You grow with your hair
In other words be it birth control or not.. The shedding could also be spiritual... Shedding what you don't need...
In order to build you must first destroy sort of thing.
Your not shedding.. Your rebuilding frame of mind.. Call help change the direction of the out come.
Your such a beautiful soul. Honest and willing to share this embarrassing story ?? also makes you brave.
Instead of being sad and embarrassed.. Your doing something about it. Awesome ???


edens body works curl defining creme is awesome!!!! It really defines the hair while keeping fullness. It also helps with shrinkage. It's all natural and really moisturizing.

L Lazaldi

? oh no! Try using rice water as well.


What is the update on your hair after you started doing things to regrow the hair?

Carl Louis

Thank you for sharing! It will grow back!

and make sure to drink plenty of water!

Trini Girl Natural

Wow I hope you solve the issue

Rhonda Collains

Your hair will recover I was completely bald from medicine i.v. infusion drugs. That was 2 years ago and my hair is completely restored healthier and a new grade. For the future ....birth control you have to come off slowly come off one birth control pill every two weeks until you are finished taking no pills


You are beautiful regardless of this current challenge. Thank you for sharing. I know this wasn't easy. I am so sorry. Rest assure you are not alone and we support you in your quest to regain the thickness and stop the hair loss.


Thank you so much for what you said. I am deeply into nutrition..... and i learned so much from just a few minutes of your video.

M Elior

Include MORINGA in your diet. Lots of women have success with it.