How to style perm hair

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How I Style Curly Hair + 1 MONTH PERM UPDATE

153 714 views | 17 May. 2017

I can't believe it's

I can't believe it's already been a month since I dumped fowl smelling chemicals all over my scalp AND I STILL HAVE NO REGRETS. ENJOY! xx

Leave any comments and video suggestions you have down below! Love you guys! ❤❤

Thanks for watching! :) xx

In This Video:

- Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo and Conditioner

- Marc Anthony Coconut Smoothie Cream

- TreSemme 24 Hr Body Amplifying Mousse


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Ella knowles

my hair is very healthy and amazing and I really want a perm but I'm really scared it's gonna ruin my hair xx any advise? should I get a perm?

Mya Rowell

the confusion is real

Megan x

I'm really wanting a spiral perm but I'm really scared about the regrowth ,I don't want my hair to be straight at the root and then super curly .Any got any help or experience in this ?xx

Min Taehyungie

I permed my hair but why the curls don't maintain when dry? it looks super ugly

Jessica Hyman

what color rods did your hair dresser use for your perm ?

Nayeli Velazquez

What size/kind perm did you get pls respond??

Karley Kosmos

You are a magical curly angel ?

Rachel Knoblock

i have naturally curly hair ever since i was born, if you ever wanna blow dry it use a diffuser!!! it gives it a lot more volume and helps control the curls. no frizz and still super curly!!

Lisa Paola

try using Sheamoisture products!

Tink Xx

I'm bald why do I watch this? Lol hair videos are interesting. Try olive oil on the ends for 1 hour or longer if you got time with shower cap over it then shampoo like normal and use a tiny sheen of oil to smooth down fly aways after you shower.

Ashton Grace

This ain’t curly. It’s wavy.

Kaycee Capo

Do do a dollop of Daisy!!!

Ilana Charis

Loving the hair!! Maui Moisture is a great brand for deep conditioning !


What color rods did you use ?


Your perm looks so good! It's moments like this that I wish I didn't have damaged hair from bleaching it and coloring it so I could get a perm without the fear it would melt away.
So I will live out my hair fantasies through your videos!

Mia Fioritti

i got a perm on sunday and i absolute hate it. people at school will make fun of me. and they make it even worse. when they know i’m self conscious abt it. but the end of this video honestly helped a lot. your very inspirational. so thank you♥️

Lauren Snyder

I love it!! I’m excited to get mine

Kelsey Huffman

Malibu is such a good deep condition ask your local stylist about it!

Shiona smiles

Your hair is so lovely!!!

Kayla Rehnelt

Shea Moisture has a really good deep conditioner

Libby Scott

Im getting a perm next week so im scaling the internet for tips and advice! This put me at ease that its not actually as hard as people say so yay thank you??

Ana Valenzuela

I love your hair

Ashland Barth

how much did u pay for your perm?

Brina Taylor

she's so pretty she looks like jenna marbles' little sister

Mary Corredor

I have a curly perm for about 4 months and I use the Cantu curly products and I use the Cantu deep conditioner leave in and is awesome on my curls

Jozlyn Van Tol

do you know exactly what size your rods were?

Kaelyn Schneider

HEY!!! I was just wondering do u think a perm is worth getting??? Cuz the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about getting my hair permed... I've never had my hair permed before and I am kinda nervous to get it done...

Soso S

My hair is naturally curly and I absolutely love the american cream conditioner from lush! it makes my hair really soft and the curls look way better when I use it (my bottle is almost empty right now and I'm kind of freaking out bc there is no lush anywhere near my hometown)

Megan Fox

you need to look up "scrunch out the crunch" because it will change your life.

Mrs Gregory

Amazing! Love it! Left a like. ?? xx

Kristen Madison

The dry issue may have something to do with the shampoo. Though herbal essence smells AMAZING it also has alcohol in it (helps it be more smelly) I used to use it as well, but since I switched my hair has not been dry.

Michelle L.

I have heard that if your hair doesn't hold a curl that a perm wouldn't work in your hair, did your hair not hold curls well??

apb 26

so so pretty!!!

Sage Jacobsen

You can also use the mousse when it's fully dry it will be crunchy then do the scrunchy thing and break the hard casting and you'll be golden I do the same thing with gel but my top layers are flat compared to the bottom half but it's whatever ??‍♀️?

Dani Alexi

I am a stylist and I recommend Matrix So Long Damage shampoo and conditioner, it is super healing and protecting, they also have an SLD spray leave in therapy. I also am a huge advocate for the Paul Mitchell Fast Form Cream Gel - it's the best of a mousse and the best of a gel without the crunchiness of Gramma's mousse or gel. Any cream gel will work, like Pravana's Model Behavior, but I like the price point on the PM for it's performance.

Tink Xx

Oh and learn how to plop your hair look up videos. And invest in a diffuser. I've watched many videos these methods help alot of ladies with curly hair

Jasmine Henwood

Can you please perm mum long hair for me please love from my mobile number is 021 024 135 26 thanks love

Maeghan H

I was born with naturally curly ringlet type hair and all of a sudden I've lost my ringlets :( I have wavy hair now but I want my ringlets back SO badly. I'm really thinking about getting a perm now

Akanksha Srivastava

For how many months will it stay?

Su o

I always use mousse on my curly hair and it work just great! maybe you use too much mousse or the one you use is not good!

Kaelyn Schneider

like is it easy to take care of?


You should try a diffuser!

Stephanie Jean

try to stick with salon quality products. salon shampoo, conditioner and curl cream there more moisturising don't create build up on the hair and are light weight. Also want more definition cool air dry your hair a little with a diffuser attachment do it upside down for more volume. Cool air will not damage your hair help lift it while it is drying faster and make it less likely to frizz. Don't dry all the way for best results just until damp.

Jisa fanvideos

If you want to know how to blow dry your hair without it losing its curlyness here is my tip. I had straight hair all of my life but about a year ago my hair decided to curl itself and one year later I have as (naturaly in my case) curly hair as you. I know what you mean with the mousse but my tip for that is to use hair oil afterwards. It makes your hair smooth and takes this crunchy feeling and look away. But don't use too much or you´ll look like your hair was washed with frying oil. So now to the blow drying part. If you have a blow dryer with a diffuser (Picture: https://media.douglas.de/786246/900_0/ghd-Fohn-Diffusor_Aufsatz.jpg ) then it will work way better. You need to flip your head and blow dry your hair upside down. Don´t massage your head with the diffuser, just take your hair and stuck it in there. Don't leave it too long at one place and then you should get a pretty nice result. It almost looks as if you let it air dry if you wait for about half an hour to let your hair set. Hope I could help and would be glad to know if it worked for you as well as it does for me.

gezellen tongson

Hi just wanna know how did you get your perms big? Salon messed up my hair

Katelyn Feldberg

I’m getting a perm in a couple of days and I’m just looking for videos and get ale
Advice I will definitely be trying that Marc Anthony cream. thx!


What is your perm ? Like what rods did you use ?

Sarah W

How long does it take to dry?

Amythist Holmes

Was your hair able to hold a curl before you got the perm? I heard that if your hair already cant hold a curl then a perm might not work out.. you hair is awesome btw!

Watching Paint Dry

i have naturally curly long hair that looks just like this! for air drying that looks amazing i reccomend the half up-half down pineapple trick. divide your hair like for an up and down when its wet, then tie the upper section in a loose bun on top of your head. this makes the lower layer dry with gravity (which stretches the curls and makes it look longer). then when the top section has dried, release it for a shorter more voluminous upper layer.

Anna Kartashova

What size of rollers did you use to get this shape of curls? Your hair looks awesome btw

Melissa Lucy

Just discovered your channel! Love it ❤️ you earned a new subscriber! & now I want a perm haha

Max The Meme

I have naturally curly hair and it looks just like yours when yours is dry! Mine are a little tighter, I think. Yours looks really good!

Kelc Walker

For your deep condition I just have organic coconut oil. Let it sit for a few hours or while ur asleep if it doesnt bother u, wash out. I put coconut oil in my hair once a week the same day that I wash my hair

kaedyn keller

Okay, I absolutely loveeee your perm! But my question is, where can you find some of those products, more likely the coconut cream/product?


What kind of perm do you have? A curly perm?

Haley Pittari

For curly hair, you need shampoo and conditioner with no sulfates and parabins. SheaMoiture and Not your Mothers (naturals, curly version.) Also, try to brush as little as possible! Silk pillow cases are the best!

Sioned-Haf Treharne

I'm getting my hair permed for my birthday

Kourtney Hailey

Love your hair I just permed mine a few days ago ? I subbed btw , check out my channel if you don't mind ?

Janet Meyer

Where did you get that shirt, or sweater?


loooooove this on youuuuu

Andrea Munoz

Your perm came out amazing


It looks awesome dry!! Love it, and smells good? You look so good, pretty girl!!!

The Swing Swaddle

Can you tell me what size your perm rods were? My daughter has long hair and wanted a wave about like yours but the hair dresser got nervous and did a bigger rod than originally planned and now it's almost like no perm happened.

Lila mahmoud

R u Canadian

Morganne Collins

When you put your cream in your hair DON’T pull your hair that will make your hair straighten quicker
Instead I recommend scrunching

Catarina Carvalho

do you do a perm every six months?

Holly Anderson

I have natural curly hair I use oil's, lots of leave in conditioners and It's A 10 , I hate moose's or gels in my hair makes my hair so ruff .. I air dry my hair in a loose bun up on my head, doing that keeps the hair together and from frizzing..

Amanda Gaskill

looks like a 90s hair style

Caity Lane

What size rods did u use when u got ur perm? I'm thinking of getting one and I want it like this


you have great hair! Look forward to more content! Left a big like! ?

X Xoreos4lifeX X

If you want it softer i would say get the frizz ease conditioner its in a purple bottle

Michelle Margolin

I hate coconut but whatever floats your boats

T & C

This very gorgeous, I have naturally curly hair, it's a loooot curlier but I still think this deep conditioner might work for you, it's the aussie moist three minute treatment, but I leave it in for ten minutes with a plastic cap over my head. It works like a charm and it's only $3

jill tedesco

you can scrunch out the crunch

Alyssa Justiniano

so if you get a curly hair perm, it doesn’t last ?

Lynn Karina

You know I'm always looking for a perm thats looks voluminous and super curly but like I know that is not possible on straight hair

Carrie Wyatt

What size curls did u get? I'm having my hair done and i'm wanting small curls like yours


Aussie 3 minute moisture deep conditioner is amazing

crystal s

looks really good

Debra Robinson other names McGrath

I use cantu leave in conditioner repair cream

Hannah B

Your perm looks so good

Leona Swift

What Rod sizes did you use/type of perm? X


What perm style is this? Very nice on u

Habiba Qamberi

What size perm is that.

Jessica Clark

It looks really pretty. :)


Two words

ramon noodles

Sorry I don't mean to offend anyone lol


Did your hair look like this in the beginning? I want my perm to LOOK exactly like this so what should i ask for? A loose perm orrr please help! This is a perfect representation on what i want.

Kaelyn Schneider

hey sorry to bother u (again) I play sports which mean I have to put my hair in a pony tail.... would getting a perm and putting it in a pony tail ruin the perm??? And again sorry for throwing so much questions to u at once... I am just so curious! ???

Angeline G

I have been back and forth debating the last month or so if I should perm my hair. My hair is almost exactly the same as yours naturally, and after watching your video and listening to your opinion it's swayed me!