Mist and save air conditioner

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Do the misters for A/C work? Part #1

182 900 views | 25 Jun. 2018

This one tests the misters

This one tests the misters that are made to lower the head pressure and power usage of the air conditioner. Head pressure and wattage are tested.

mark warlick

You need to measure the run time reduction too.
The main way it saves you money is by rejecting heat more efficiently and needing less time on to move the same amount of heat out.
Evaporation id only one way that the mist helps.
Water is a MUCH better heat sink than air.
Using rain water and water that you catch from condensate will clean your coils too.
There will be no dissolved solids in rain water and condensate, and the ph will be low due to the sulfur dioxide that condenses along with the water.

Ass ho

don't waste water!!!

0 1

Good idea. Cooling towers are totally pointless. ?

Yo Dude

Water waste is more expensive than savings

Walter Groover

How do you introduce demineralize the water??


Oh, also you used relative humidity instead of dewpoint.... so... pointless measurement there.


Hey nice vid informative , thanks for this I agree let it B, but was wondering in the other side of things do you think by doing this your AC unit over time doesn't WORK as hard & we get longer life ???

lee isenberg

Thanks for sharing.

Jf Mc

Why did you run the mist FIRST!!! You made the coil wet and ruined the experiment!



Sally Lamore

Thank you saving me time and money ! Almost bought into the product

Crossroads Baptist MDO

My AC guy said after a year the calcium build up will clog your outside unit and a huge cost to replace,,,,, as you said let it be...

Tim Hunold

I live in the hills in LA and while it uses water, the unit cools my home faster and maintain a lower overall temperature. My house is older and the upstairs has no insulation just beams. I guess I am lucky because those mini swamp coolers work too

DR Dan

I have been wondering if wrapping some type of very large cell open cell synthetic mesh be the evaporative surface and using drip application instead of mist to cool the incoming air and not gunk up the coils.  A serious unit would have to have a timer because there is no need to run it at night when the humidity is high and the water not evaporating might get sucked onto the coils.

Daisy's Stuff


Bryan Jackson

Super curious how the Delta T changes with misters on vs off.

Wise Citizenry

Your better off just keeping the compressor unit shaded, spraying water on it constantly WILL ruin your condenser. I have seen it a few times before. Just my 2 cents


The water mist doesn't really cool the air, it increases the air's capacity to absorb heat.


What is the net savings after calculating the $ paid for in addition H2O? Even less then you calculated. Sounds like at best it might be a wash.


Just like most things that are products “sold on TV” if it looks too good to be true... it probably is. Good video.

Geoffrey Stevenson

I did not see any comparison of operating times for the A/C. If the heat exchanger is more efficient then it would cool the air more hence need less operating time for the A/C for the same heat load. That is where I would think any potential saving come from, not from direct operating load of the cooler whilst in operation. Just my 2 Cents. Thanks for the video.


You save a few cents a day to spend it on your water bill ?


I have Well water


I have a shade structure to keep direct sunlight off of my ac unit mainly for earlier parts of the day when the sun is directly over plus misters. of course i have an older system thats quite old but still cools pretty decent.

Jeri James

I didnt think about the deposits. I should have knows becuz of the buildup on a evap cooler. We use evap here in Az, dry heat.


Shouldn't you put a temp probe into the water before its atomized? The water temp is extremely important. I would know. Also you need filtered water. Preferably ro/di water. If not membrane just a long column activated carbon filled sediment filter. Otherwise the water evaporates leaving salts etc. that eventually will make the unit lose efficiently. I would use a bath that sits in shade where the water travels down a tall carbon spun sponge like surface to evaporate heat and remove some salts before wetting coils. This is easy physics people. Water cooled units are far better only if the water is clean and cooled.


335 psi high side? where you live? Thats pretty high. If you're not in a desert state wash those coils good. I don't think that model Trane has spiny fins so should be easy. 335 psi wow. I'm in San Antonio and my head pressure yesterday at 105 degrees outside was 272 !!


Really like the clip, the conclusion was backed by data and very honest. Very helpful.

Peter Hodgkins

You can probably save as much energy with annual proper cleaning of both indoor and outdoor coils, and using a 5-2-1 soft start kit. (Without incurring NEW costs for water hardware, water costs, and possible contaminants)


Obviously we are using this idea in real big a/c as a water cooling system.

Sig Vicious

You'll never eliminate all of the mineral deposits that will eventually destroy your outside coil.

Ali Al Rayif

can you try to use an additional fans like the one but for car radiator??

Sitaifun Mac

So the mister was not practical because it only resulted in almost a 7% power savings, provided that you are not in a high humidity environment, and will likely cause calcium buildup on the coils and fins. A magnetic water treatment device would probably solve the calcium issue; that would be overkill and not cost-effective for this application, but for other reasons in general it is a very good thing to implement for your home's water system. This guy has great info on that - https://trentatron.com/chronicle.htm
I wonder if significant efficiency gains would be obtained by drawing in cooler air passed through the ground as in a geothermal cooling system. Maybe just burying a long hose 3-4' deep in a coiled manner but stretched out about 10' would provide enough temperature differential to make a difference. Both ends of the hose would be above ground, and a shroud could be fashioned near the AC unit to hold one end of the hose so that the cooler underground air would be sucked in.

Bret Walley

what did this do to the sc and sh?

Jacques D

Absolutely not a good idea. Especially if you dont have a Trane

Binh Phan

simple solutiion just plan tree around and the ac to cover the sun light . make sure leave enought space for air intake. help a lot.

Craig Blevins

Does your 6.9% wattage reduction reflect the fact that if it’s running more efficiently it doesn’t have to run as long???


You assumed that the heat removed by the evaporator stayed the same. Is that a valid assumption or is the AC removing more heat from the house ?

Leroy Green

If it work I still wouldn't use it, water has so many chems in it that it would rot the fins!

Bart May

I think you should also be measuring the temp of the refrigerant with and with
out the mister. Bart VA


This gadget will leave mineral deposits on the coils and ruin the unit. Don't use this!

Dave Dosanjh

Isn't it transferring more joules of heat per watt? Aren't we essentially increasing the temperature difference via the mist evaporation? If true it means aside from requiring less power when running, it should also need to run less frequently to maintain a room temperature.

An interesting experiment would be to run both modes full bore and see if misting pulls the equilibrium room temperature down further.

Fladden Head

I was reading about some system that was claiming a 50% savings on their misting system. After seeing your video, I don't think its worth doing now, and forgetting this idea! However, I'm going to shade around the A.C. to see if that does any good, and I think it will. What are your thoughts on this?

Kimo Jon

I've always wanted to try having a swamp cooler pointed at the condenser to see how things would go. I know in the Arizona desert this would keep the condenser and compressor much cooler which would keep the AC unit running more effective along with the compressor lasting longer.


the only way to really get a proper reading is to know the kw/hr of the unit with and without the mister on identical hot days, and also record the inside room temperature to make an actual comparison of the performance.


Do you sell propane and propane accessories?


Just did misted our chiller condensing unit cause one of my fan blower is slow and replacement are a week away.. head pressures was clipping at 375psi on my high pressure limit Cut off setting.. got it down to 285 psi just to keep the ac from shutting down on a 95f ambient until parts came in..

Tim Champion

This analysis is completely ignoring the amount of time the AC unit is running. Misting the outside using makes the exchanger inside the house colder. This cools the house faster, which allow the AC unit to run less time overall. So, an AC unit that is not running is infinitely more efficient than an AC unit that is running.

Here's how I know this to be true. Yesterday, the temp was in the upper 90's where I live, and the AC was not keeping up. So, I went outside, and "misted" the coils with a hose. I came back inside, and within a few minutes, the temp in my house dropped 2 degrees. A few hours later, the temp was high in the house, misted it outside again, and the temp dropped again 2 degrees in the house. This tells me that misting the outside unit kind-of "supercharges" the AC. On a regular day, it would allow it to run less often.

You didn't take that run-time into consideration at all..


Lots of comments addressing this already, and this video is a year old. But this is an incomplete analysis without a delta T test inside the house before and after misting on a hot day. My register temperature drops significantly when I spray my outside coils. So my AC wouldn’t have to run as often because it’s cooling my house faster with a mist on. I have a high efficiency unit and just had my coils cleaned professionally at the beginning of summer. The number in this video were definitely interesting though, despite it only being half the picture. Thanks for the video

Thomas D

I would like to see the efficiency difference if you had the unit in a well shaded North side location. Then you won't have a water/Calcium issue

Joel Tucker

There's another thing you might consider testing: Does the temperature of the cold air blowing inside the home drop at all? Because if it does, then the unit would be not only running more efficiently when it's on-- it could also do its job with fewer operating hours per day. If people are reporting greater energy savings from misting, that's probably why.


They do work, but it will hurt the coils. It rusts and corrodes them

Fett Affen

Yep, know all about humidity in South Florida, if I still lived in the southwest desert region I would have been all over a mister for central A/C if you could fix hard water inexpensively , but I always had Evaporator cooling in the desert, bigger evaporator unit the better, cooled very well as pretty much no humidity ( "it's a dry heat" as PVT Hudson said) and was cheaper to run in the desert then A/C system..... Mastercool Evap unit top of the line is cheaper then any central A/C system.

Would suffer once a month during desert monsoon season with evap cooling... live in the one room with window a/c unit back in the day when monsoon hit.....

If you can get water soft and filtered enough for no hard scale, misters anywhere work very well in dry climates.
Hard water is the battle! Had misters in my desert home strung along the 50' porch outside, constantly soaking mister nozzles in vinegar to unclog them even with cheapo filter, hard water is the battle, then you get into conditioning the water to remove calcium, that gets expensive .

Great video!


I have this system for long time and I can tell You that your calculation is wrong. My a/c unit runs 75% less time with misters then without. So electricity consumption is less at least 75% not a 6.9%

Paul Cooper

I live in the Humidity Capital FLA its a balmy 95 today with a feel like of HOT AZZ HE%$#


Even with an advanced water softener quite a bit of calcium still passes down line. Problem is after calcium is deposited acid is used to disolve and that damages both aluminum and copper

Marco Amanc

thank you very much. very helpful.

Andrew Fox

The reason this system works is not simply the evap. cooling method. Water (and solids) have a higher heat density than air. The small amount of water carries away more heat than a comparable volume of air. With professional help, you could take the coil itself and place it in a tank of de-ionized water with corrosion inhibitor added connected to a small radiator/fan system that prevents the water from getting too hot and you would have very efficient cooling without worrying about hurting the coils. The air exchange part of the system is the largest inefficiency in any a/c system.

Truth Seaker

What your not taking into consideration is the time the AC has to run to cool the house without the misters to lets say 76 degrees this is where the real saving is, your AC will not have run as much/often so throw in the time into your calculations and your 6.9% will go way up. Thanks for the video.

Cal Moser

I just spent 4 hours removing the hard calcium crust on the coil fins of my 4 ton a/c condenser unit that had a mister installed two summers ago. I used a 2 inch paint brush to paint on Muriatic acid full strength to soften the crust and then went through 3 plastic fin combs scrapping off the built up. I followed that up with a strong foaming coil cleaner and lots of water. Here in Oklahoma City our water has a lot of dissolved solids and by the way I used a calcium in line filter for the mister and changed it yearly. My advice is don't install a mister on your A/C condenser unit, you're asking for trouble.

Fairin White

Thanks I was going to buy a system but now after your facts its not worth it. Again Thanks

Brian LaTour

Calcium is a dissolved solid. The only way to remove calcium is reverse osmosis or ion exchange (water softener). When you use a TDS meter you will see from softened water that TDS is the same. That why it's called ion exchange. Good decision not to keep spraying that nice Trane. It would absolutely clog the coil eventually. This was an awesome video. Thanks for sharing the research.


There is only one problem with your test here. These are especially meant for units that are sitting in the full sun. That's when you get a big savings. I can see yours is fully in the shade. Mine for instance is just sitting in my yard and I have no trees, no deck. So the sun is heating the unit and the air also. I'm curious what the difference would be in my case.


Interesting. Our electricity is 20 cents a kw/h and our 1988 unit draws more power than the one in this video, so might be worth it. One benefit not mentioned is the reduction in how hard the compressor and motor have to work and effect on lifespan. My 30 year old machine might like a bit of a break.

Jesse Brammer

Oh good, all the money you will save will now go towards your higher water bill.

Jc Clopton

7% reduction in power consumption over a summer... $400 per month ish... down to $372 per month X 5-6 months = about $168/year. filter the water, clean the misters, and put a pressure reducer on it. Might be worth it over a couple of years, but lots of maintenance.

Barbi Dunaway

This is a very interesting video that I ran across while trying to look for post-hurricane cooling options. If anyone knows of a cheap generator & one room a/c cooling unit please let me know. Regarding this video and subject- Did anyone ever mention using distilled water to prevent the calcium deposit issue? You wouldn't want to buy one gallon per day as this would defeat the cost savings; however, if you have time to boil and collect enough distilled water on a daily or weekly basis maybe it would help? If you live in a sub-tropical climate where it nearly rains everyday and the humidity is naturally high anyway, would misters help at all? I do know that proper maintenance will help to reduce your power bill- and if you know how to do it yourself you can save some money there as well. I just vacuumed my drip line out yesterday. Using the proper filters and changing them regularly helps too. Will learn the other stuff later! Thanks for the info and cool experiment!



Rick Hayes

Also depends on water cost for misters.

0 1

You left out a multitude of other factors.
Multiply your results by the number of times the unit kicks on everyday.
The cost of a good water filtration system, water usage/cost per gallon.
Change in air temp from registers (resulting in less run time?).
Your Hank Hill theory was fun to watch but lacked hard useful information.


Higher temperature difference between outdoor ambient and high side saturation means more heat transfer...which means more heat rejected from the system which means heat removed from the space faster...less run time...


Correct me if I'm wrong. What the entire irrigation system will do is REDUCE the operating time to maintain an internal temp in the building. The effeceintcy increase of the airco is an added bonus. So if you reduce the operating time by 25%, you have reduce your cooling cost by 25%. I think this fellow has missed the point here.

Jeremy B

Not going to comment on the testing methods, but as someone who utilized this in large scale industrial settings, I can tell you that it most definitely does enhance performance significantly. The only issue is the waste of water and corrosion.


Good analysis

Lou Leslie

They're claim is that the unit cycles less. Never mentioned current.


But you Missed the huge Sub cooling factor... (you removed all that added heat empathy)
meaning you'll be able to absorb More Heat in the Evap coils. Then displace all that added heat pick up with the misters...
Shorter Run times too... approx 15% ( means, more added savings)
& your inside Delta T (temp diff from return/supply ducts)will be improved by 12-20% depending on age n SEER of system


Good stuff. Don't do it.

Curt Chase

I wonder if the condenser would expel more BTU's on a humid day than on a dry day...Being the temperature is the same. I know with people, it's the opposite. We have more trouble cooling when it's hot and humid. A condenser coil does not sweat I think, so if the air being sucked through it is super humid, will it cool better?

Brad Williams

Not only does it lower the head pressure which lowers the amp draw, but it also will cool the indoor air faster as the water is removing the heat from the refrigerant quicker than air alone.

Abdul Rehman Mian

You've been a bad mister

Kip Anderson

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. There is no free ride here.


Why would amps change etc? Seems to me it would just run less long since it cools faster with cooler air? The unit should run with the same amps etc

Richard Pharo

I think you’re not measuring everything have you considered the unit is not going to be running as long to cool the house as it would if the mister wasn’t there

right lane bandit

Use the condenser water should be like distilled water

Phillip Donohue

Water about the water usage?


Thanks! Very informative. I was seriously thinking of buying that $200 misting kit but I'm glad I watched your video. I'll just make sure the area around the condenser of clean and no grass, weeds, or grass clippings get in there. Maybe occasionally spray some water into the condenser on a very hot day especially here in Houston, TX.

jay p

certainly an interesting concept. The industrial units are MORE cost effective due to the scale of the system.
Always hidden costs of time, materials, water, cleaning minerals on coils, water filter (which won't get it all).

Nelson Pagan

All out side units gets Rain or Snow, all year round and they work fine until theirs a component failure. But Rain or Snow never the caused of damage, because their build to last.
Now your little experiment is not conducted properly. You jumped to conclusions fast.

Your unit is a Trane, which is very efficient all ready. I'm surprise that you can get it more efficient with your inconclusive experiment.

I'm working in a similar but better system that so far I'm getting 18% + efficiency. Their more test to be done before you see it on the market.

Ben C

This guy sounds like Kermit.

Victor Hoe

Grayfurnaceman; HS physics tells us that thermo dynamics requires humidity for heat transfer (ie from the condenser to remove the heat. Here in Colorado, where it's pretty dry, misting works. I added misters to two Trane rooftop units (AV to cool the computer room) and the head pressure dropped about 3-7%.

Dragoljub Edmond Uglješa

I have done this on a window mount aircon. It cooled inside better.

Hugh Hemington

I tried this with a window air conditioner. Without mist, the inside air was 48 deg F, and even after ten minutes of misting it was still 48 deg. F. The results were the same whether the mist was directed into the unit and against the back of the coil, or it was directed out, to cool the air being drawn in and blown through.

I think it would be effective if the condenser was encased in a water jacket, with water circulated through an underground grid (with a pump but no fan), but that requires re-engineering the air conditioner (and a LOT of digging).


Im in Phoenix where the humidity is around 8-14% in the day we use evap cooling during low humidity but the dust which it sucks into the house is the downside of the evap cooler. Even with the water soak on the pads still get lot more dust in the house. I'm looking at this misting system being how dry it is here might be able to drop the current draw more then your test. The big problem is our water had very high TDS over 600.

The Titan Preparedness Channel

Well you had me sold until the last part. I live in the sothern us where humidity is 85-95% during the summer. Sounds like all it would do is jack up my water bill


There is only one problem with your test here. These are especially meant for units that are sitting in the full sun. That's when you get a big savings. I can see yours is fully in the shade. Mine for instance is just sitting in my yard and I have no trees, no deck. So the sun is heating the unit and the air also. I'm curious what the difference would be in my case.

Pat John

I put something similar on a 20 year old condenser. I put it on a solenoid valve on the hose so that the condenser being on turn the water on. I looked at it in thermal camera and it dropped temp in and around by a lot

Oak Mountain Biking

Is it possible that some of the efficiency of the misters is the result of the AC actually getting the refrigerant colder for the same/similar amp usage? My vents feel like they blow colder and the compressor does not have to run as frequently to keep the house at the temperature setpoint.

Even if the AC only uses 6% less energy while running, the total energy savings is still a lot more if runtime is also reduced by 15% (for example).

francine corry

If it`s too good to be true it probably isn't.


Seems like if it was worth it, a manufacturer would make a condenser with this feature integrated.


These AC system water mister DO WORK, especially on a HOT DRY days, the big issue is the state of the water one supplies them, hard water is not good, if the water mist is getting the coils & or units louvers wet TOO MUCH water is being supplied, in the western US electricity costs are quite high along with low humidity high summer temps which can allow for such a water misting device to be worthwhile though one should supply distilled water to their mister & a good setup on the hottest of days for a residence will go through a few gallons of water a day.

Mist and save air conditioner

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6 387 views | 4 Dec. 2018

Take a look for yourself

Take a look for yourself and see what the new Mistbox does to your AC. I live in Arizona.

Nathan Dumeney

Filters wont filter out hard water. Just spray the condenser with CLR and rinse them.


They just offered me a full refund. No real answer just the typical canned response. I'm going to give it this summer to see the savings. If it out weights a cleaning AND the annual cost then I guess it's still worth it. We will see.

Kevin Miller

need to cut the grass......ijs

Rocco A Lucio G

A refund? A lawsuit? brother you an idiot. You can literally wash the shit yourself, you make yourself look an idiot posting a nonsense video all over youtube


Is Money you saved in electric bill washed out by increased water bill?


Hope everything worked out for you. Thanks for the warning!

Rusty Chace

Muriatic acid or CLR CLEANER, 1 cup mixed in a weed sprayer full of water ought to fix that. It might cost you $20 a year from Lowe's, or cheaper from a local pool supply.
Adding an RV inline water filter might help.


A lot of people drink this water, I drink RO water? ? . Thanks for the video and telling people what that Mister will do to your air conditioning coil.


Sorry bro but you sound like a spoil brat. "I want a full refund and I want someone to clean this S#$?" Be a man and clean it yourself. Live and learn and stop being so dramatic


Update: They never sent out someone to clean/repair the damage. They never offered to pay for any of my time, troubleshooting, stress and anxiety. What about the years taken off the life of my system!? I has told this is a $9,000 whole system cost to replace! They never responded to any of my questions related to the water filter or company practices. I have reached out to a law firm and I will be proceeding with legal action. Send me your contact info if this experience happened to you!


Update: No real answer to the problem and I still never received a new water filter. They sent me some professional grade cleaner to use.

Ted Phillips

besides these obvious risks of hard water, i figures a 30% savings and it will only save me about $85.00 a year. Filters are $39.00 a year. No advantage for me. COol idea but it is hard to remove hard water from those fins Good luck.

Raybo sflorida

CLASS ACTION,,HELLYEAH,,THATS FKDUP ,,i was going to build my own & was afraid of this,,whatever happened,,good luck,,thx 4 video!!

Erik G

Interesting review. Wouldn’t hard water cause the fins to corrode? I like the idea but I would only be comfortable doing this with a source of distilled water which I don’t have coming out of my faucet.

Hernan Pineiro

Thanks for the vídeo , They are stupid, just answering you was going to avoid a video like this


Matt, this is why my company has developed our system. Very same concept [cooler air around the condenser] except ours works. We have a patented filter that Removes the stuff in the water and eliminates the hard water and phosphate scale problem.


Probably needs a RO filter.


Arizona has the highest TDS in the US about 650 PPM only an RO system can remove the TDS there is no cheap filter system that works. I built a 2500GPM 4 inch by 4 feet long filter for washing cars it takes the TDS down to 0. The issue with RO's they dump 75% of the water to make 25% filtered water. To fix that issue would need to dump lot of water and need a big RO filter. When I wash cars I don't care about the dumped water because my car paint is worth more then the dumped water goes on my bushes.


Mistbox owners just need a $150,000 Cooling Tower Water Treatment system.

Daryl Fogarty

I returned mine, South Florida, the main issue for me was the constant head cleaning (I started with their Kickstarter campaign and had it for two years). Every other day I would look and see multiple heads just spitting water and not misting. The labor to clean the heads often didnt amount to the potentially low savings. I did receive replacement misting bars, but it didnt take long for them to start spitting water instead of misting. For anyone interested in Mistbox, it worked, in theory, for me... but its not a maintenance free system if you want the heads to mist properly.

Jim Clifford

I just ordered one and I intend to connect it to softened water, not city water

Steve Simoneaux

Don't do business with this company..they do not stand behind their word and I never even got my unit to work even though I made them aware of concerns over the operation of their product when it was first announced on Kickstarter. They had my money for nearly a year before they finally delivered it. They assured me it would work with my style AC unit (it has a cover over the top and has dual stage compressor/fan speed). Because my unit operates primarily on low fan speed, the Mistbox would never come on. Contacted them...they claimed all it needed was a software update...then they claimed my unit was operating as designed...??? Not sure how that can be considering it NEVER came on....Run Away from this company..I'm so glad I never got mine to work as it appears it will destroy your outside unit....I attempted to get my money back but they said to read the fine print in the Kickstarter agreement and refused to give my money back...I finally resorted to going to AMEX under their insurance program and that was a big hassle to but I finally got most of my money back.

Don Post

1 why do you keep using it? 2. you can clean it yourself with a product like CLR.

Mist and save air conditioner

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Cool-N-Save Product review & Electric savings update

17 095 views | 3 Oct. 2010

Cool-N-Save Product review

Cool-N-Save Product review & Electric savings update.

The Cool N Save clearly works well. I waited 2 months to post my findings to be sure of my exact money I saved off my electric power bill.

This cool-n-save saved me $30-35 per month on my electric bill, im very pleased with the electric power savings.

The cool n save hooks up to your AC condenser and keeps the ambient temperature 20 lower! This helps your AC not work as hard and saves you money on your power bill.

Last month was one of the hottest months of the year here in Kissimmee Florida and when all my friends bills have gone up mine keeps going down!

Stay tuned for more DIY power saving tips and updates.

Have a great weekend,





Wow my electric bill is never over $120, and you saved more than that??? I live in a 1300ish sqft house though


What about using the condensate water? Have a reservoir to collect the run off and connect the line to that..

Paul Smith

im baked


That's a great and nifty idea which makes so much sense and so simple.

Paul Smith

The fins get corroded, the filter can't get rid of all of the lyme and calcium?

Jim Plummer

put some stone around that condenser so you don't have puddled water and mud..


I might even build a little shade wood roof over my ac condenser. That would help to being out of the direct sunlight!


just a idea for you, when you run your ac unit you should set up a generator fan that will spin off the exhaust wind from your ac unit, as long as you are running your ac the generator will spin and make more free energy, I have a test video where I use my window ac exhaust to spin a fan.

D6 Vanhalen

Great vid. Seems like a really good idea.


@mixcatcom haha, you too! Great videos..I'm just never first....not sure why I was so happy haha.

Paul Smith

can you tell us how much you saved from this alone?


nice find!

Jerry Gardner

How well does this work in humid areas like Florida?


Literally first !


Can you do a up date on your Soda battery ?

gherman nicu

This is where you will learn how solar energy is produced and about the solar panel system that you can create.Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM


Nice video Pete! I gonna check out my local Home Depot in Canada to see they carry the Cool-N-Save.


Great Idea I didnt know they had these for sale.

zephyr Dok

Why were you wearing gloves to use zip ties?

Wild West Unlimited

OK, Tell us WHERE to buy these from and don't say to go to their website because even THEY claim that they are sold out for 2017....

Miniature Chicken Channel

Whats the savings again? 175$ per month at about 3 minutes in? or 30 bucks a month at around 7 minutes into the video?


What do you do to keep the water from reacting with the wall behind the air unit? Won't it get moldy, or degrade the wall materials, paint, or stucco? Over time would it cause your foundation to settle?

Ray Wyman Jr

Fantastic. I have been using CoolnSave on my AC for about three years. Didn't add the expansion like you have - but now considering it. I did a similar thing with the water supply: tap off from my water softener and directly to the unit. No calcium. No corrosion either! Coolnsave did knock down my consumption - about 20% less energy consumed by the AC unit compared to previous months. I pull the whole thing off my AC during winter months to save the paddle from excess exposure. Thanks!

J Grevenstuk

where can you buy this


Thats a great idea.

Jim Plummer

@mixcatcom Any type of gravel. Make sure you dig out around that concrete first. I would dig down about 1 foot and back fill with gravel.


@mixcatcom I was subbed 2 your channel because I thought you knew what is the NWO. That unit is 360Volts....? 32.000btu? c'mon...ru serious..? Sh!t with mint still smells like sh!t with mint. Where are your savings when there is no (govt. supplied)power? You are off to see the wizard , by following the yellow-brick road, have fun.


wouldn't this also make your weeds grow faster around your AC unit outside too though ? gonna have ot invest in a LOTTA plant killer for right around the unit or weed eat it a whole lot more often one. just for eye appeal's sake wouldn't it be better to take the top off of the ac unit and run your lines around the top inside of the unit it's self? and then maybe one around the middle? mine is a goodman so anywhere on the interior of my unit wouldn't be seen. the tree is a good idea too.


@mixcatcom no not yet still trying to find a good generator motor to do it, but I did test it out with my fan and it worked really good

zephyr Dok



Another Awesome Review Sir :) that outdoor box looks so scary :o It looks like you put a lot of time on this sir :o totally worth the effort and very informative review :) Cool background music too :D