How to make hair fluffy

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How to Get More VOLUME in your Hair - TheSalonGuy

69 897 views | 23 Jun. 2020

#thesalonguy #hairtutorial

#thesalonguy #hairtutorial #hairtips

Here are some hair tips on how to get more volume in your hair.

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ya Boy Jonez

I don't blow dry my hair in the first place and don't put any product in it to style. I have curly hair so I feel I need conditioner but will try not using as much. Thanks Salon Guy


Is it okay if you could do Logan Paul’s new hairstyle? It seems like he is using stuff to make his hair curl in front and I dont know how to do that. And even after he spends some time in the water, his hair goes back to curly.Thank you for the great vids


Do you even need to use conditioner?? My hairs super flat?


can you do joey tribianni's season 1 haircut from friends?


He guides others to a treasure he cannot possess. A true king ?


For me, the way I get more volume in my long semi long hair is by using a proper shampoo that's good quality, condition the ends, lightly pat dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt, then let it dry naturally, spray a sea salt based spray throughout my semi-dry semi damp hair, and then use a blow dryer to scrunch it up for the volume. Then when it's fully dry, I brush all my hair down with my head facing the floor and whip it back up for the final look.

Stefan Petriță

I have a Pantene Shampoo and it sais that after I used the shampoo to apply on the wet hair a balsam like a conditioner, should I change the shampoo When I don’t use the conditioner?

Lokas Lok

i like the mannequin haircut , what is the tutorial of this kind of haircuts !?, thanks in advance ^_^

Yusuf Bn Tashfin

What is the role of haircut in this?? Bcz I have heard that the if the haircut is not perfect the volume will never come
Like I heard in a video if we keep our back hairs little bit of smaller than front thn we have volume,is that true??

Ziq Shan

i just need a tayler holder hairstyle ? that would make my day so bad

Charlie Cooke

Can you do Justin Biebers 2015 slick back undercut ?

Tamas Menyhart

Awesome video!
Maybe you should talk about hairspray in one of your new styling videos, as people have a massive miss conception, just like they think blow drying your hair will make you bald, they think the same about hairspray.. I mean, all women would be bald then as that's literally all they use ?
But I feel many people just are afraid to spritz a bit of hairspray to lock in that style, and are always looking for some extreme wax and whatnot.. Instead of using something easy to apply that gives nice texture and then spray a bit of hairspray to finish it off.

It's easy breezy but a LOT of guys are literally ignorant when it comes to using hairspray haha

I sometimes even use hairspray on its own, works well too.. But I like to use a paste, like your crafted, and then I add a touch of spray, and bam. Done for the entire day

Gaige Lutick

A wise man once said that the people with no hair know the most about hair.

Emerson James

can you do Josh Dun's cut from Twenty One Pilots?

Soka nuts

Aye can you do Conan grays hairstyle I wanna see

Hariz Aizat

Question: when you mentioned “too much conditioning”, did you meant the amount of conditioner we use or the frequency?


I always put too much volume

Kwisatz Haderach

This guy is amazing

Özer Uysal

I was confused when he said “when it comes to my shampoos”.
I now understand he was probably referring to his customers.

Najla Ahmed



Thank you for the tips! What shampoo & conditioner and hair product would you recommend for thick wavy hair for a messy or formal professional look without blow drying .

Judita Tarasevičiūtė

it makes it even better bcuz hes BALD ??


What hair type would this be?

Neisha Star

The meaning of a bald guy mostly is faithful that’s how I describe people like that because most people I meet that are bald are really nice and faithful.


My Problem is that my hair After i Blow dry it after few minutes it goes back to flat.

Shafi Sediqi

Watching hair tutorial from a bald guy seems weird to me lol ....
well you know what they say “” experience spits everything””

jay Lloyd

This guy teaching us about hair is like a guy with no legs trying to teach us about sprinting


Why my hair down i want it back

Declan Peyton

Can you do how to do brock from brock and Boston’s haircut pls

Kaushal Nandan

Thanks for clearing the doubts about using heat and hair oil sir.... Very much appreciated.....

Saadman Sadi Khan

Where is your hair? ?

Haff -san

But genetics, weather and country can be reason of how much volumes our hair will gets. Am i right?

Mauri Ns

Sooo much knowledge.
Probs Salon guy!

Garrison Beatty

what would be a good hair product to have something like jaden hosslers hair stay

Fiona Xie

Omg I actually caught up to your videos!

Ted Mosby

Oh, wait its Tuesday? Time moves fast

Sameer Negi

This video is ironic


Salon guy, i actually want the opposite of volume, my hair is very puffy and frizzy, how do I get it to be flatter?

Rana Yasir

Very good tips. I like it. Most of specialist don't disclose these kind of guidelines. Thanks a lot


Can you please do sun oh from love alarm

chile anyways

after 10 minuets of blow drying, and have it fuller for 10 minuets it goes back to being flat ??

kowed bilal

Can you make a haircut tutorial about mattia polibio 2019 december

Anders Rizzo

At 0:25 what hair style should i tell my barber to get that hair?

Cheese Burger

John Marston hair pls


Also what’s a good volume powder I can likely find in a drugstore (canada) that doesn’t feel too tight / heavy

Aditya Roy

No offense but! He have no hair! So why did he say he uses shampoo which is good for his hair!?


I know you probably won't read this but I've been growing my hair out for quite some time and I'd like to get a haircut like Light Yagami/Kira from Death Note. Thank you in advance.

Prince Dannyladdin

Yay just in time the day after I got the best haircut

Levi 232

Wait, why your videos are so good and always when I need them


I've always done the conditioner thing but everyone kept telling me to use conditioner

Warper Gaming

Its kinda funny that all barbers are bald

юань Frío

me who wants less volume ;-;


I never use conditioner :o


Am i the only one WHO Never used conditioner???


What for hair Powder guys do you recommend

COD Gamer

I have this problem with my hair that my left side of my head have less hair that my right, its like I have this werid hair pattern that I dont know what haircuts is best for me, Please answer. ?

Jayn Novack

Yeah man you are always helpful in every video

Ben Brendzel

Do Logan Paul's new hair style

Daddy Longlegs

Me: wishing my hair didn’t have so much volume
Others : ...

Zac Leonard

Can u do a dansby Swanson haircut


Can you please do zuko's hairstyle? From avatar the last airbender.


Can you do a video on what type of shampoo do we use?

Paweł K.

What can I do when my hair is still sliding on right side?

Freddy Martinez

Yo I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on how to do Michele Morrone’s haircut/hairstyle from 365 Days. Thanks


A mens hair channel that is not the same ass trash cut over and over as product promotion solely...
and actually good videos
I never thought i’d see it

Cole Kotran

what do you think about perms?


i need a haircut :(


so if i shouldn't condition my hair, how often should i do it then? once a week? twice? never?

Justin McKay

Do Logan Paul’s new hair cut!

Logan Denley


Kevin Carrizales

What's the purpose of using blumaan hair oil is it good been using it.

idk whatijustposted

I wanna worship him as the hair god

Alessandro M

you’re our lord & savior


What does it take to get a haircut from you?




I swear I've been using shampoo that makes my hair so fckin soft ?️??️???

Aloysius Dsouza

Please do a haircut about payton moormeier


I remember using Cantu Leave In Conditioner which actually did pretty good volume due to the protein included as well as the collagen. I've been looking for different products but a main concern with volume with long hair is the more products you use it could retroactively weigh your hair down. Plus sometimes too much moisturising product make my hair feel weighed down and gummy.

Haziq Danish

someone pls tell me what kinda haircut is shown in the video

david livar

Hey salon guy I have a questions what’s the hairstyle or haircut called on this doll your using ? And one more question can you make a video of how joshrichards styles his hair

Rajat Khanduri

Have you done a video in which you show us practically how to use a hair dryer to set hair?
I've never done it, absolutely beginner.
Thanks savior.


he leads us to treasures that he cannot possess


pls do a tutorial for the haircut of bryce loski

Yung Streichholz

I don't use shampoo for about 2 years. Fight me what are my downsides?

SP33- -

The hair in the first 10 seconds already looks better then mine..

Никита Тарасевич

Could you do nick Kent

xxxtentabletop 17

Why is my hair smoking?

All is on

GREAT video!

Jordan Lincon

Love how people are afraid of killing their hair even if hair is literally dead cells

Jeremiah Pierre

Can u do the Gavin Magnus hair style

Ben Dearle

Adam driver hair tutorial!


Here before ted mosby


Weird I’ve heard the exact opposite regarding shampoo. Some say only use conditioner while others say only use shampoo

am I a joke to you!?

Well, my scalp is oily af, i am facing this problem from like 4 months. So, can you please make a video on how to fix oily scalp???


I never knew too much conditioner could be bad for you

Socrates Socrates

If you use a conditioner at the end of the hair and not from the sculpt it won't be harmful for your thickness

Mehul Manian

best products to use on your hair?

Phantom Diamond •

Im not offending him but, HOW DID HE KNOW THAT TIPS?? HE IS BALD! (like i said no offence, just mind blown)

Kyan de Haan

How to get more volume: have a dark Hair color


video idea: common mistakes people do to damage their hair

How to make hair fluffy

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How to Make Your Hair Big Puffy!!!!!

14 427 views | 12 May. 2013

1 I might spell something

1 I might spell something wrong

2 I am not crazy

3 Your hair might be big after you brush it

4 If my friends are watching this than do not talk about it at school

5 Comment below and like or not like

How to make hair fluffy

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big fluffy curls / hair tutorial / easy hairstyle

125 533 views | 8 Mar. 2018

big, fluffy, easy curls

big, fluffy, easy curls tutorial, featuring my almost 5 year old baby girl. i tried to find drugstore cruelty free hair products & found nothing, so i stuck with goodies from sephora.

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conair infiniti pro curling wand 1" to 1/2"



verb strong hairspray



IGK 30,000 feet volume powder



music provided by epidemic sound


this video is not sponsored by any brand mentioned


You are a lovely pixie!?

• G e c k ø •

Lowkey looks like nagitos hair if he styled it ?✨

Ruth c

Maisy told me to subscribe so I did lol she is so cute

Elena Ascia

i love your assistent!
yes is so sweet! ♡♡♡

Nuvy R

Where do you get your nails done and how often do you change them up

lynn luvs jimi nd koo

Man this makes me want my hair to grow already. Gonna be a while since I shaved it down to a 2 :)))))

Anna Lynn

Please do more hair tutorials!! ??

asian man’s whore

this looks so awkward on me because I have tons of hair:(

Kali May

This is giving me major messy marilyn monroe vibes


This is my natural curl texture, and you made me feel good about myself tonight!!!!

Cant Relate.

SHES SO CUTE i want her hair.❤

Gigi Costa

I was feeling anxious and started feeling sad... then I clicked on this video and now I just can't stop smiling... thank you <3

Isabelle Dufort

Best assistant ever ❤ Oh and you look amazing... again. XX

Amber Stevens

Literally how I do my hair even though my hair is naturally curly. After I comb it in the morning, it needs help to go back to its ultimate curly-ness.

Grace Doyle

i love your videos jordi they always make me smile and laugh even when im down. i have been subscribed forever and i just wanted to say, you are a great mom.

Simone Blue

OH. MY. GAH. She is just the sweetest lil mini Jordi!! BLESS.?

Bella Williams

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Dove Cameron?

Jimena Vargas

you're sooooo pretty ??❤❤❤❤

miracle aligner


Lindsey Fairchild

Absolutely curling your hair and leaving about a half inch straight piece on the ends it looks so cuteeeee


I did this and at school everyone asked "do you even brush your hair!!" And " ew she doesn't take care of herself" it was a bad day but oh well jerks gotta be jerks

kay dee

That adorable smile & smize remind me of Charles Manson in the cutest of ways... if you can imagine that ??

rainbow panda

Favorite makeup artist ???

Tila Gonzales


Jess Why

I LOVE THIS! I love that you are still a Mum at all times even wen filming. So cute and so nice to watch

cindy marie

“like and scribe” aw

Eliza Espy

She is the most precious little girl and who make an amazing Matilda for a costume lol


this makes me actually want to have kids

Simone Blue



Her hair looks like vintage venom !?♥️

Victoria Perez

Ooo girllll y’all sooo cute <3

cy liz

You love your kids so much i can see that they make you happy!! Love thiss

Victoria Marie

Omg the love between you and maze is so dang cute

Sara S

This is too precious for this world

cheddar shred

I love how you think everything smells good

Andrea Medina

Oil your daughter is the absolute cutest!

lusana rinas

Your Girl is sooo cute❤

E. Nygmatic

I’m gonna chop my long hair now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me


Nagito, is that you?

Anna Royal

So precious i cry


this was so freaking adorable! how did i not know of your channel's existence until today?? xoxo


I love your merch! ❤️❤️❤️

aaisha kazi

her and her little assistant have the cutest relationship

Is Me

you and your kids are soooo cute!


Wow she's adorable and beautiful like her mommy. Girl I'm lazy too with my hair. It's like islander hair. Super thick, very wavy and bushy. ? Anyhow...question? Is Verb and IGK hair products actually good? And which product from both lines would you highly recommend to try? Thanks doll ❤️ I follow you too on IG. I'm hellothere_kitty


you're both so cute aw

Jenny Myers

Yes this hair is amazing!

Lindsey Fairchild

Your beyond gorgeous


Does this work for long hair?

ruby mae

Maisy is so cuteee☺️?

Satan Ass

Make up pleace

dania cuevas


Sara K


Lea ann Schaum

Love the curly hair


“I love you mommy” andkehowhdishfiabeosgj WHYWWYWY

Alea Pena

Modern day Marilyn

Ellie warwick

I’m sooooo doing this doubt mine would be this good but gorll ?

Nagito Komaeda

Reminds me of someone =)

sammy xx

Your so pretty you can literally pull off any look! Your hair looks great love your videos X

Missing Toez

I wish my mom can be like you sometimes. You´re such an amazing mom!

autumn jimenez

Maisy is such a cutie patoot. You’re sweet together ❤️


wow you have the cutest ears this is my first time seeing them

alexander Eddy

This is why I’m gay.. she’s so pretty and sweet


I LOVE Maisie!!!! Cutest thing ever!

Mazie W

My name is also Mazie!!!!

Serina Helene Ljung

LIKEBUTTON X INFINITY!!! I love the hairstyle and your makeup, but also you and your adorable assistant/munchkin/daughter working together is just the most precious thing I've ever seen.

Savannah Davis

i have a buzz cut and i still wanna watch this

Melany Moreno

????? Que estupided

lionesskathy ok

does anyone know how to make all vids appear in your subscription box? <3

Chelsea Ozanic

Your 'lil assistant is so sweet and adorable. I really love her name! I didn't want to spell it wrong... I ADORE YOUR HAIR, FACE, PERSONALITY, EVERYTHINGGGGGG. YOU ARE SO GREAT.

Lo fi

omg i love this channel

Sydney Iverson

This video was never in my sub box:/

Migi's Chills


Tristan Alexander

i shaved my head a couple months ago and my hair is already long enough to style but it looks like a really short bowl cut so i’m trying to make it look good ??

Verb Products

Thanks for the love! Xo

Abby j

Can this work on long hair?

Lauren Emmett

Love the tutorial. Love seeing you too goofing around just being you. So so sweet.


I came here for the hair ❤ gonna stay for the awsomeness


i thought this was a nagito cosplay i’m sorry-

Aiko Nara

why does she reminds me of Dove Cameron?

Fernanda Rodríguez

This video is so pure, so beautiful, full of love... I feel at peace

Nagito Komaeda

Definitely not watching this so i can have komaeda hair because he is my highest kin

Elle Today

Your babygirl is the CUTEST- you’re such a good mama<333

Rebekah Vellekamp

I love how good you are with your kids. You seem like such a good mom

Kit Katsuki

Ahh I’m getting my hair cut shorter than yours next week, the sides will be short and the top is going down to my eyes. Can’t wait to see if this works

S. Kenzig

Is there a tutorial on this makeup look? Newly OBSESSED with your channel

Amanda Williams

I love you soooo much!!!! Your stunnung love!!! Xoxoxoxo instagram: Mandy.Williams9302 much love ♡♡♡♡


love the hair due!!! and that baby girl is sooo sweet?

Paloma Guajardo

I have that one. I got it in the 8th grade I’m a junior in college lol

kaya papaya

extreme dove cameron vibes

alanis fisherman

coolest mom eveeeeeeeeeeeeer dude

Ash Vyskocil

This is so adorable!!!


I love this because I have a 6 year old and this is exactly what it is like getting ready in the mornings.

Brenna Corliss

Lol you’re gonna wanna curl....all of it? I’m ded ?


I love ur lipstick color can u post the color below

Baby Jupiter

my hair is naturally this big lol but this tutorial is adorbs so not complaining !!

bitch boy

I just stumbled upon this and I have to say that you're absolutely stunning. What the hell

Margaret Hobbs

"would u be my assistant all the time?" "yith"

krupa patel



obsessed with your hair and kiddos ugh btw I need you to do a look book that's like an hour long bc I need to see every fucking outfit okay tysm