Lip injection extreme before and after

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Too Faced Lip Injection EXTREME ★ Time Lapse Video ★ Before and After Test | Jen Luvs Reviews

42 588 views | 7 Oct. 2016

Want bigger lips? Don't

Want bigger lips? Don't want to get lip injections? Too Faced Cosmetics says their product can plump your lips without cosmetic procedures using "a potent quadra-delivery system that combines vitamin E, collagen-friendly MaxiLip, and Dehydrated Marine Sponge to support blood flow, promote a look of fullness, and rehydrate with the body's own moisture for a long-lasting effect." But what in the world is that??? We'll talk about it and you'll get to see a time lapse video of the product in action!


FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video. I got this product in my Ipsy subscription. I pay full price for my subscription and I am not affiliated with Ipsy or Too Faced. As always, my promise to you is an honest review.

If you want to support this channel, you can click my Magic Link before purchasing the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme: http://go.magik.ly/ml/2184/



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4. The chat lasts for 1 hour and always has a different makeup related topic.


More ingredient info:

Learn about cosmetics ingredients here: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate - used as a skin conditioning agent; "This ingredient is derived from mucopolysaccharide, which is responsible for cell transportation in connection tissue. It can influence the quality of collagen "determine the diameter of the collagen fiber bundle." More info here: https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/sodium-chondroitin-sulfate

Atelocollagen - Works as a hydrating agent by holding in moisture. Also believed to have anti-aging abilities, such assoftening & diminishing the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles

Source: https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/antelocollagen

Capsicum Frutescens Resin - http://www.cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/capsicum-frutescens-resin and https://www.beautylish.com/a/vxvii/the-secret-ingredients-behind-lip-plumpers


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Music used in this video:

[Melodic Dubstep] Electro Light ft. Kathryn MacLean - The Edge [NCS Release]



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Kimberly Chavarria

Ive tried this and othe lip plumper.... Am i the only one who doesnt feel burn or pain? I guess its not working.

Megan Parker

Capsaicin is also used in some pharmaceutical products. It's in several topical creams and ointments used to pain relief and has also been used in treatment for psoriasis

Everyday Starlet

I've actually been testing lip plumpers and this is definitely one of the better ones ?

H L Nielsen

omg lol got this in my ipsy last month. It hurt so bad I couldn't even leave it on long enough to see if it plumped or not


the irritation of this product will actually damage the natural collagen in your lips so in the long run youll end up with smaller lips. the irony

Aseel Shalabi

even mama cant see the difference

Melanie Searan

Can't handle this stuff! I actually break out into a lip sweat when I've tried this!!

Anastasiya Wiesmueller

This is quite an exciting product! My lips are quite full but very wrinkly, so i guess this could be cool. And i love spicy food, so the tingling could be fine. However, looking at the price tag, i think I'll try to squeeze some chilies into a lipgloss and this will probably work the same ?

Claudette Miskell

BTW, I saw videos of people using cayenne pepper or cinnamon, and the results were better.?

Rory Kydes

Morgan Joyce's videos say that this product increased collagen in her lips so much that she stopped getting actual lip injections

Nikki Mills

I'm so not into lip plumpers. I hate the burning sensation they give. Too painful for me! Great review! Mad love!!

carla buboltz

thanks for the info.!! ??

Jena Penrod

is it worse pain than sexy mother pucker?

sophia kennett

She's very intense...


I've had this on my wishlist for a little while now after seeing one of these videos. I think the girl had it on for 10 min (sped up) & I could absolutely see the difference on her lips. It seemed like it was more on the inner part of the lips, where they would press together. I could see a slight difference on your lips as well too! Thank you for reviewing this Jen!! ???

Eliza ?

This did absolutely nothing to my lips, no pain what so ever and no plump !! So weird because the original one worked better for me.


This is to funny! It just made me think that, as a person from a  very traditional Mexican family, I have always had access to lip "plumpers". Grew up eating very spicy salsas and jalapenos!

Brandi McKee

This is going to hurt but it's interesting - put it on the skin on the back of your hand and leave it and see what it does. I wanted to see if it changed color like some glosses, and it was very interesting but it isn't pleasant I warn you.


I had a sample years ago of the original lip injection and omg, I thought I was having a reaction to it because it hurt so bad. I wouldn't even dare try this one haha!!

Sheila King

Love the information about the plumping ingredient. Maybe I'll just rub a jalapeño and balm on my lips if I want to plump them up!!!


I have mind bought at sephora,and it said apply day and night to naturally and dramatically hydrate nourish and increase lip volume,and it works on me too.


I Received This Product Also. It Was A Slight Burning/Tingling Sensation. My Lips Felt Pretty Numb, And They DID Get Bigger.


I got it in my ipsy bag last month also and it didn't do anything for me not even a slight burn

Ellen Marie O

the center of your lips definitely look "juicier." I don't think they look bigger ...to me, bigger and juicier are 2 different things, but I think technically it's suppose to be a "plumper" and If that's the case then I'd say juicier and plumper are the same, and it definitely plumped those bad boys!

That Amber Chick

Omg I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one that felt this stuff felt like hot hell on my lips (reading other comments too lol). It definitely worked, but DANG THAT HUUUUURRTTTSSS lol. (Oddly I like the ‘tingle’, until it turned into hell fire burning lol)

Crystal Luns

humm always been intrested in trying but for full size it just be cheeper&less painful to have a good makeup session with my husband?

Danielle Cook

Thanks for the video, but would have loved for it to be a little longer so you could have addressed the points you brought up at the end.

Coral Estrada

Apparently using this over a long period of time. (A month maybe?) lips actually are plumper.

Marla Mann-Bender

Love your videos xoxo

Anamae Franek

I actually got this in my bag too and it burned my skin! I wore it and accidentally got some on my skin around my lips and it burned for so long. Also how did you do your eye make up? Cause I love it.

Buckeye Chick

I got mine in my Ipsy bag and it burnt like hell.

Geeky Chic

I have the hugest lips already, so while I'm not a huge fan of the shape of them, I think I'm going to pass on the plumpers lol.


Maybe not bigger but they do look plumper. More juicy ?

Mrs.Lyn2U xoxo

I did like this video. I've wondered if this product actually worked. but after watching the video this is a product that I will definitely pass on!

MiaMia Mama

Enjoyable to hear an actually literate person, who sounds smart! Great review.


I hated it. It was just too painful for me. My lips felt sunburned even after taking the product off. I wonder the number of people who likes this product.

Smurfett Smurf

I do not think it made enough of a difference for me to want to go out and buy the product. I have tried other products in the past that have worked much better. Thanks for a great review!! It was fun.

Trice Tyme

wow thanks I've been wanting to purchase this for a while now. have you tried the one by physicians formula?! omg its greatness !


I used a cream with the caphoweveryouspellit in it on a sprained wrist and it actually blistered my skin. My Dr said I have an extreme sensitivity never use it again. I did not read the ingredients before I tried this. My mouth. The pain. I can't even begin....but big ol blisters all around my mouth and my lips were plump alright! When I watched you put in on during the live chat last week....even though I wasn't watching live...I was yelling "No!! Don't do it Jen!!! It's not worth the pain" Iol like I could rewind time and save you. Now you put it on right after exfoliating! Superman needs to step aside....he couldn't hang with that lol

Natalie V

I can see a difference. It looks like your bottom lip looks plumper!

Gina Lucantonio

Out of all the reviews I watch you are the only one to give allergy warnings, not that it's a huge deal that others don't, BUT I love the fact that you did. Super informative ??

Megan Goodhart

I got one of the lip injection color bomb sticks and I can't tell much of a difference looking straight on, but from the side I can tell

Sandra Pacheco

I have never heard you mention EWG or any big beautytuber. Btw tocopherol acetate is in everything. Isn't it vitamin E. Or a form of it?

Sasha C

I really like how you did the overlay of the two lips, that was cool! It's neat to really see how it works.

chulalula Frost

That stuff irritated my lips real bad!


I got one in my Ipsy and passed it onto my sons GF because i know i'm allergic to it... even if i weren't though i don't think it's worth the money at all because it barely shows any difference . That's my opinion however :)

Debi Giddings

like your videos Jen. I tend to really like the Buxom glosses better, That is the only brand that I have actually used up and repurchased many times


Ah Jen, this was fun, lol! This has to be one my favorite videos that you've done. My absolute favorite part was the "pain level" button. Too funny! Okay, now you have to try Lip-Ink products, because I want to know what you think of the pain level from those. Did you see Tati's video about it? It was a couple of months ago now, and her lipstick from Lip-Ink stayed put all day. Well, my daughter bought some for me for my birthday, and I do NOT get the results Tati did, but boy does that stuff BURN! I still use it, but it's not for the faint of heart. I'm planning on doing my own review soon. But you totally have to try it. I want to see how it works for you. And how much it hurts, lol! You're still my favorite Beauty Guru. Love your videos! Rozzella


I have cracked and uneven colored lips, do you think it'll irritate it further?


what a cool idea!!

Silvia Borba

my question is if you don't have any alergies towards the product is it safe to use?


I find that really interesting about avacado oil and jojoba oil. I thought avacado oil would be great for scalp in addition to jojoba oil as it is close to the oil on our skin.


I got my sample in an Ipsy bag. You can see in my video at the end that I actually had a reaction to it. It not only burned but was red and burning around my lips too. I prefer not to use it.

Isabella Tripiccione

You have such a great personality, most youtubers I watch are just plain boring but you make me so excited and your joy is just contagious

Jess Remy

This. Burned. So. Bad. Like someone set fire to my lips.

Kelly Lange

I tried TF's Color Bomb, Dr. Bang's Buzzing Lip Balm, and Soap and Glory's XXL Lip Plumper and, not going to lie, I kind of enjoy the feeling of my lips being on fire, freezing, and falling asleep (like the EXACT same sensation as you feet or legs falling asleep but it's your lips).

I'm with you, it's odd... but I'm not turned off by it.

Thanks for the review!


You talk exactly like Ellen!!!!!


You have the best review ever!!!!

AJT MLT Taylor

I got one in my ipsy bag and I loved it.

Glitzy Fritzy

LOL I enjoy the pain too LOL...Lip Injection Extreme does nothing for me now..I've graduated to Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL now. It takes about 5 minutes but then you can feel it. I don't notice that it effects making my lips bigger BUT I put it on my girlfriend and I saw HER lips getting bigger LOL Yea so like I'm watching you and reached over and grabbed the Sexy MotherPucker Pillow Plump XXL and put it on LOL cuz I love to be hurt LOL Do it Jen....try this one LOL I hope you have a great weekend! xoxox Mary

Marsha OHare

Found several of the crayon ones at tjmaxx for 5.98 & they work great.

lily Barr

Have a Great weekend Jen.

Roxanne Älskad

most educational make up video ever. thumbs up

Chloe Luckin

Your lips are so lovely! I recently uploaded a First Impression on the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, and I'd love it if you lovelies could check it out! :)

Claudette Miskell

I got this in my Ipsy bag, I have cartoon lips(thin line)and so I was excited. I'm glad I didn't shell out cash for a full size. Oweee, that stuff burned! Also, it smelled like black licorice to me, gag. But I kept it on in the name of science. No one in my family could tell a difference, only I could. I think it's one of those things like the wrinkle smoothers that no one but the wearer can tell a difference. If I'm gonna have that much pain, I want BODY PILLOWS for lips.
Another interesting thing is it only plumped my bottom lip! Strange. Also, the next day my lips felt like I had actually eaten something really hot.(.with fire) They felt like the next day burn. Not worth it for results that only I can see❣?


I enjoy this product - great review!

Barbara Rodriguez

I'm thinking it will be just like with peppers, on some people it will last longer than others, but I think everyone will get at least 3-4 hours, if it is just from the pepper extract. I use a similar thing in a pain relief gel/cream, and that's about what I get 3-4 hours.

Stephanie Page-Leskovansky

Ken I love that you don’t appear to get fillers! I’m so tired of a lot of the youtubers I see that don’t seem to have a flaw on their face! It’s annoying bc many of us can’t afford to and it can be misleading

Ali Slater

omg why would we want to put an irritant onto our sensitive lips? thx for taking one for the team! the sacrifice!


OMG you could eat chili peppers for cheaper. OUCH

joe Williams

I am a deplorable.


I bought the lip injection stick on Hautelook, not realizing/thinking what it did and I had the worst reaction. It hurt so much, and I wasn't expecting it. I thought it was just a shiny lippy. I could tell my lips were swollen, but totally not worth it IMO. I made the mistake of swatching it on my hand to decide which of the two I bought to try first. The back of my hand was red and swollen all night. I couldn't sit there with it on my face for 5 minutes.

Ania A

Love that you are looking into the ingredients in products. Ewg is a great resource. There is also an app called think dirty that you can scan your product into (not sure they do makeup yet but a lot of hair and skin stuff is in their database) and it grabs the ewg ratings for that specific product. Great video.

Kalisha J

I really love your channel and if I had friends that were into beauty I would totally share. I like how you put the lips on top of each other, Great video!! :)

Kim Ebina

Best video for this lipplum ...BTW..I was staring at ur beautiful eyes during the whole 5 minutes,XDthey are gorgeous

Devon Anderson

Check out my video where I talk about the science behind how Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme works! https://youtu.be/j26x4vy3ThQ

Erika Moulton

Not sure why, but I could never get this product to work for me! Glad it worked for you though!! ❤

Susan W

LOL Great review my friend and hey no one every said being beautiful is not painless,lol! XOXO

Xandria S

I got this is my ipsy and it totally made my lips plumper. I have small lips so I personally like the product. To me it just felt a little tingly which makes sense since it's a lip plumper and it has a irritant in it like other lip plumping products. It wasn't painful to me at all.

McKena Sharp

I LOVED THIS CONCEPT! Would be cool if you compared it to a few hours later to see if you lost the plump.

Ruth M

Just not really worth it, but thanks for going through the pain, standing still for 5 mins, and all the research!

Mis Kandi

I couldn't really see a difference while watching but when you put them over top it's there. I wonder if it would've been more noticeable had you not semi-exfoliated prior to applying.

Tina Huffman

Can you try the sexy mother pucker XXL? Same kind of product from soap and glory at half the price! ?


Wow. I'm so early

Charissa Cooper

I received this in my Ipsy bag last month too. It's a little uncomfortable and then it's fine. I noticed that the outside of my lips look a little swollen. They also look a little darker. exactly like when you eat something spicy and it touched your lips. Btw, EWG app is awesome when you are looking at products. I used it when I was looking for sunscreen. You just scan the bar code. ♡♡


Why would you exfoliate your lips right before putting a lip plumper on!?!?! Ahh it probably made it burn even worse. But it's good to know it works. I might have to get it someday.

Tina Clarkson

Swatched this on my hand, forgot I had. Felt irritated all morning, looked at my hand and it was like a red welt, like when you use that muscle heat rub stuff.

Lip injection extreme before and after

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Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme set review (*before and after pictures)

78 689 views | 14 Apr. 2009

Wanted to plump up my

Wanted to plump up my upper lip without the pain...here's my experience with the Too Faced Lip Injection Mask and Too Faced Lip Injection and Lip Injection Extreme.

Includes before and after pictures.

Too Faced Lip Injection Set

Extreme Lip Plumping Collection

As described by the company:

Too Faced knows that bigger is always better and our Lip Injection collection is bigger and better with this kit of best selling lip plumpers. Now you can ensure your pucker is plumper without a trip to see Dr. Collagen in Beverly Hills by getting your gorgeous hands on this set of all of our favorites, together for the first time! Coat your pout with original Lip Injection for instant fullness, treat your lips with long term plumping effects with Extreme Lip Injection, give your mouth a spa day that will make your lips fat with Lip Injection Mask and top it all off with some Techno-color, gorgeous lip shades with lip enhancing properties. Is this too much for any glamour girl to ask? We don’t think so!

Lip Injection Set includes:

Lip Injection (Pale Pink Diamond)

Lip Injection Extreme

Lip Injection Mask

Lip Injection Technocolor


that is very nice of you. thank you.

Dawnstar Vampire

That serum doesn't come in a bigger size. The serum tube is 27 & the purple ish gloss is 18, so if you actually got that for $30-ish it was a steal. I think you may have been hasty in reviewing your results or perhaps messy with the application? I use these all the time and as long as I keep within my natural lines, my lips don't get irritated looking like that. They do however, feel tingly and are a bit red after use. But this is a quality *plumping* kit, that's what it's supposed to do.


@HerCandySh0p a billion coats of Diorshow :)


@m1ms0pr3tty I'll bet anything your face is uneven what a bitchy thing to say sheesh...

Lorilei Liliya Mortimer

do u HAVE to put the mask on before u do the lip syrum

Joanna A

Hi, really great review!! thank you!.. i've tried to find this product on the sephora website but can't find it, only the individual products. could you please put the link up of where you bought it? Thank you!


@914yolanda107 i haven't tried any others ....


@misue2 thank you :)


it doesn't but in case you wanted to know what causes the tingling i found this online: the cinnamon oil contained in the ingredients is a common irritant to the skin.


@xCuppyCakeSqueakersx i wish!! :)

Michelle Kohler Art

So helpful! Thank you so much!


thanks for watching!! cheers.


@xxxglamourbabexx i got mine at sephora.


@darkwatervamp you're right. i haven't seen this set anywhere since.


I am not arab. :) I didn't see that much of a difference either.


i TOTALLY hear you!! did you notice what it did to the skin on my hand!? really harsh stuff. the tingling is extremely intense for about 2 minutes and then wears off...but i still find it a little bit over the top.


very useful video, you're right, there's not a lot of lip plumping info on youtube but really enjoyed watching this review and i'm thinking of trying the product if i can find the set!xx


@muisyle2 you're welcome!! i am happy you enjoyed.


@aliciabeme i have to say it's not one of my faves either!


It irritated your hands because it is only for your lips. That's why you are suppose to follow your lip line. Dont go out of the line


Good review. Shitty camera


@isabellamazzy1 i'm so glad you liked the demo :) the effect lasted about 30minutes.


@misue2 thank you :)


@makeupourminds happy belated birthday!! :)

Michelle Meow

great video! thank you!


@HerCandySh0p thank you so much! :) it's Diorshow.


subscribing! great review :D

Mónica Marina Martins

It was very useful... I bought it yesterday and I'm convinced by the product Do you think if we use it everyday our lips will looks even more plumper ? Thanks


i think the effect may wear off if you do it too often cause your lips will just get used to it. i remember it used to "burn" more the first few times i applied this product.


i bought the too faced lip injection extreme its 28 dollars at sephora


Guys, seriously don't buy this stuff. I just bought it yesterday. I put it on once, then took it off. I woke up looking like a chipmunk or like I had just gotten my teeth pulled out. My cheeks are SO puffy! It looks like I had bad botox injections or something. I can't even smile correctly. Seriously, this stuff is not worth it at all!


I hope these are still available. I hate having such a small upper lip. :/


Great review, thank you! :)

Mesh F

love you


I haven't tried the lip fusion XL and must admit that the "plump" effect laster very little time.


@MsBibiMuneca i love this message ... it makes me smile even a year later :D

Clare Smith

got milk? :P

Sherry Frachey

Great review. Does it list the ingredients?


@latotheprincezz it did ... but not for long! :(


I just tried the Lip Injection Extreme gloss/serum and I started freaking out because it almost worked too well. I can definitely tell the difference more on the top lip. Definitely would recommend this.


@Mrgangstaist oh my goodness!!! thank you :)


@xflowerpowergirlx i didn't see it :( did you post it as a reply? there's no request in my inbox.


thank you for your feedback. :) glad you enjoyed it.


Well, I think you look great yourself! You just don't need that, I think, hm! :-) Roeleke

music lover

I bought one of their lip glosses and my lips look crooked too!


I have sensitive skin, so buying this was a waste of money. The burning on my lips was HORRIBLE lol I felt like my lips were getting electrocuted! Plus the after effect wasn't enough to warrant the pain. =/


@rawrbetchhh i find the consistency very liquidy and will easily cause any lipstick color to bleed. let me know if it worked for you though.


glad you liked the video.


wow i actually saw a difference


Im sorry. I don't see a difference


@mimimezmo really? i thought lips became resistant to it if i used it too much! good to know :) thank you!!


The MAC one doesn't do anything for me at all and the results for this are not that great either.


Hi:) Thanks for the review, I got it 3 days ago it's really good:) I made a vid response don't know if u seen it!

Mira M

It actually worked! nice


@xCuppyCakeSqueakersx i wish!! :)




@isabellamazzy1 about 30 minutes. glad you liked the video! :)


@twobirdtattoo same situation here hahah i found myself embarassed looking at this.


@mimimezmo love this idea!! i'm gona try it. though i'm not sure i can be as diligent as you :)


@rawrbetchhh there are two glosses ... one that already has color, the other is clear. the clear one is really thick, i wouldn't wear anything under it. the one with color is already tinted and not as heavy, so i think it would be fine.


@doubledee105 less than an hour :(


Wow, I actually see the difference! It's always hard to see which one actually works, I'm glad you made this video. Thank you

Lily Nichol

i saw a difference, it looks much plumper

m mahoney

I WANT THIS! I CAN SEE the differnce!

C. Bella

It's working my god!!!


@ExiLyx i know what you mean. and it's an "irritated" red, not a natural color. i find the effect goes away very quickly ones you wipe it off.


@selinajelibaby i am happy to hear this was of use!! :) thank you for watching and commenting.

missy m

research shows that the reason your lips tingle is because the stuff causes an alergic reaction


@JACK33Yx the effect is not permanent at all. lasts less than one hour i would say.

Ellyssa Sherman

i think the color is because lip plumpers actually irritate the skin of your lips and cause a reation of swelling and redness thats why your lips turn red.


from the lip injection 4 hours and the extreme lip injection 8 hours...

Michelle Ros

I bought one a few days ago not really impressed my lips just felt a lil cold but didn't notice any change. The gloss lasts longer then Mac gloss and not a sticky texture, it's ok but nothing I'd repurchase..


i tried this in the store, and i had to wipe it off because my lips were getting red and they were burning like hell, and im really not a crybaby, but come on. these products prove the old saying, that you have to suffer for beauty :)

Selmin Sarıkaya

what's your favourite one? the one that works the most?


Thanks so much for your review! How long did the "plump" last?


Your upper lip really plumped up! I think I'll try this, too!


Wow! Looks crazy


let me tell you...your damn beautiful, you don't need beauty products!!


Thank you for your lovely comment :) Let me know what you think of the products when you try them!


you have wonderful lips, no need to buy that shizz:) a regular lipgloss would work just fine


@MsBibiMuneca your comment really made my day ... my reply is reply late, but it doesn't take away from how much i appreciate your message. thank you for watching and commenting. :)


wow it actually works..


thank you for your comment...but i'm not arab and don't understand what you wrote :)


Ok good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had this reaction. For me the tingling didn't stop, made my lips horribly chapped, and even the skin around it was red and painful :( Overall, I was very disappointed


@mimimezmo i am considering some permanent help too!! :)


@BrightNeonFire13 no. it's optional. you can use all the products on their own, or combine them if you like for what the company says will be "maximum result".


thank you :)


@nitti8tusen glad to hear it!!


thank you for your comment! :) i did see a difference but only for a few minutes...i don't know if that really counts :(


@m1ms0pr3tty actually, since i look in the mirror, i can see that. i also MENTION THAT MY LIPS ARE CROOKED IN THIS VIDEO!! but that's SO NICE OF YOU!! thank you for your kind words hahahaha!!!


youre upper lip is uneven ....


year I saw you hand, i just bought it to try it out - to see if the burning is something you lips just have to get use to, and i've found that its getting better, but still, this is really a harsh product :)


wow your lips look great!!


thanks you it was an awesome review


hi there! i bought it at sephora.

Lip injection extreme before and after

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LIP INJECTION!! *Extreme* Too faced | Honest Product Review

1 708 views | 13 Dec. 2020

I was so fascinated by

I was so fascinated by this product that I wanted to try it on and see the results! watch this video before you buy this product. This is my honest review I hope you enjoy it!

lip injection:


like, share, comment, subscribe

love love!

Ananya Pandey

Good work?
.. Honest reviews are rare❤

Fiza Khan

I love Rose ?... And also you ?❤❤❤love you

juwi 26


Ruhi Shaik