Netrogena oil

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Drugstore Skincare Routine - Neutrogena Body Oil

2 289 views | 4 Nov. 2020

Drugstore Skincare Routine

Drugstore Skincare Routine - Neutrogena Body Oil

I was blown away by Dr. Dray's recent updated skincare routine where she shared how she removed her makeup and sunscreen at night. She uses Neutrogena Body Oil as her first step of her double cleanse. Well, I put it to the test for two weeks and here are my results.



00:00 Introduction & background of my skin

00:53 Dr Dray & Neutrogena Body Oil

03:05 As a Make-up Remover

04:30 My Skin Cleansers

04:55 Effectiveness

05:13 What happened to my skin

06:06 Formula is King

08:04 The Recovery

08:24 Final Thoughts

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored. This post does contain affiliate or referral links, which means that if your purchase anything through the use of my links, I receieve a small commission.


Neutrogena Body Oil (Unscented):


Other First Step Balms I can get behind:

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway


Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm


Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha


Lakeland ruion

You have very pretty eyes!


Thanks for the review. I had a major major breakout and while I think I ruined my barrier with too many actives , (now repairing with cicoblast baume b5)

im also using this body oil for my face as a first cleanse and I don’t think it’s helping. I feel a film after cleansing and even after using my cerave cleanser. I’m going to back to Clinique take the day off balm.


I did the same and I think it is breaking me out


It's so nice to hear from someone about my age speaking of skincare.


Been using the Neutrogena body oil for about a month as part of my double cleanse method and I've been having no issues with it so far!

Mignon Alverson

I find oils to "tug" at my face. I don't like to have to really rub my skin to get sunscreen off. I have dry, sensitive, and mild rosacea. I think for the summer I'm gonna go back to Clinique's Take The Day Off Balm. It's expensive but oh well. Thanks for this video. VERY helpful!

JuDean Howerton

Thank you for this. I watched Dr. Dray’s video and had this oil in my Walmart online cart. I think I will delete it and look for something else.

alfredo lopez

Heavy fragrance, may take.mine back for a body lotion

Netrogena oil

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What I am Loving!!! Neutrogena Body Oil~Review

26 746 views | 16 Aug. 2014

This is an awesome

This is an awesome Product...just had to share♥

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Passionate Libra


Autumn Shriver

I found that this is a good tanning oil for my pale sensitive skin.

Justina Carubia

i do love neutrogena products, i just wish they weren't so damn expensive... Have you ever smelled the Neutrogena Rainbath Bodywash??? OMG the scent is so heavenly! So much $ though! 

Khaye Cee

I will try this product after watching this ???

Chantal Love

Can i use it on my face

Nana Summerz

Am gonna try it am excited

Onica Ales

I so love this product! Been using it for the past 2 weeks and every time I use it feels like first time. This oil won't leave your skin oily that's what I love about it. Specially here in the Philippines the weather is so humid when I recommend this oil to them they like what an oil??? but this oil is really a holy grail for my skin care. Thank you for the nice review :)


Roa Uy

I agree with you when you said you haven't seen any review of this product here on youtube. I am currently using this product, and I love to use this when I just got out of the shower when my skin is still damp. It moisturizes better this way, for me. I have also used this on my hair before I use my hair dryer, and it gives me smoother hair after drying. I especially love the luxurious smell of this body oil. One more thing I love about this product is that a little goes a long way.


I'm a guy and I tried it on accident thinking it was body wash...this product is amazing. I'll admit it lol No greesy feel and doesn't feel like you have a film on you after your shower/bath. Can't like it enough.

autum paris

I use it too and it is amazing! Smells so fresh and leves your skin soft.

Netrogena oil

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1 month update: Neutrogena Oil-free Cleanser in Pink Grapefruit

245 757 views | 21 Oct. 2011

update later!

update later!

Noelle Pretty

That stuff SUCKS. I used it for a month & a half and my face got worse and burned horribly.

No Name

can this be used on you body?

Ayesha Shaikh

Im using this product as well n its working well past 1 month... this product is working slowly n now my acne marks have a little difference

Kendall P

Aloe Vera gel. That will get rid of your scaring.

Livy M

I used this stuff for A month and I didn't like it it made my acne a lot worse I'm not sure if it due to stress but I didn't really like this product in my opinion ??

Jazmyne March

for the cleanser , water it down a bit to the comfort of your skin. more oily skin use no water to a little water. dryer skin water it down with Luke warm water then use it and it shouldn't dry out your skin badly.


I got this 2 days ago and my acne on my skin is gone already :))

Catalina Moua

do u use the scrub first or the other one first?

Savion Lewis

Hi there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will really work for me? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular natural acne remedy.


me watching 2011 as a four yr old

Flor M



i started using it and parts of my face are so dry

Spider Man

2:30 currently me

Asma Zainab

I bought this yesterday

Jazmyne March

for the cleanser , water it down a bit to the comfort of your skin. more oily skin use no water to a little water. dryer skin water it down with Luke warm water then use it and it shouldn't dry out your skin badly.

Ritika Singh

It's 2% salicylic acid. That's really potent. They say not to exfoliate everyday.

Charlotte 112panda

2018 anyone


I thought this was new and then I saw the flip phone


Can you make an updated makeup collection vid? I'm really curious :D

Maryam Bibi

Who's in 2020

Louise Scott

I just got this and Im glad cause i have lots acne and i think this face wash will raise my confidence xx


This worked for me !

Mr Loy

Who's here in 2021????


I have really oily skin would this be good to dry out my skin

Pray Meh

My skin around my nose started breaking out and my face feels tight and dry.


A tip to help acne scarring, use tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Clears up my pimples so fast and doesn’t leave me scars.

Lexi McCalin

i heard vitamin e helps with scarring :)

Chelsea Miller

what I do is I wash my face with the face wash in the morning do what I normally do for the day and I wash it again before bed and I listen to "perfect skin subliminals" while I'm sleeping.

Gaby Stecher

Do anybody know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it really work? I hear most people break free from their acne with this popular natural acne treatment.

Pooja mandal

Anyone in 2020, Quarantine

Daniel Espinoza

Everything you said happened to me lol nice

Melisa H. Cesaní

would love an update video on your life! miss ur content :(

Tiffany K

I use baby lotion as a moisturizer when I use neutrogena products.

Sincerely Ny

If you have dry skin already this probably isn’t for you I have this & used it couple hours later my face felt real dry & irritated & tried it again to see if i would get different results but still my face felt dry, & irritated in the areas she pointed out (I tried both of the bottles same results)

joon lover

It’s been 7 years. You made this when I wasn’t even in school. I was in kindergarden in 2013. I am now in 6th grade. Does it work?

Dariana Velasco

I’m using it and it really works. And I barely use it.

sadhan sarker

Does Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google) help me cure my acne naturally? I see many people keep on talking about this popular acne remedy.

BadGalJodi Whatley

Hi hru hope u have been enjoying your night great video and I hope this works for my skin ?


If you don’t have oily skin don’t use it. Salicylic acid reduces sebum/ natural oils in the skin . That’s why it feels dry

Shaheen Agwan

anyone here in 2019?

Nurmisha Chempaka Balqish Bt Ahmad Zaki

please make more videos : )

Abigayle Jaidyn

Great acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) to have short, sweet and to the point about what food items to refrain from and boost intake for better skin, getting rid of acne. Believe me, this makes sense. I can guarantee you that this is a useful guide. You can find the details you`ll need in getting rid of acne proficiently. .

Maximillian Booker

Does Fopobiacne Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it's good enough to break free from your acne.

Kefiloe Monare

Can we discuss how much of a throwback the phone is...

muhammad Aftab khan muhmand

i buy it for my self... and my face is too much oilee and too much acne its work on my face

Julian Duran

Still working?

The GhostsRevived

Are the areas of acne on my face supposed to be red and itchy about 10 minutes after washing this product off? Is it normal? Or am I sensitive to it? (this is my very first time using it)

Grady Pham

Does Fopobiacne Secrets really help to break free from your acne? We've learn a lot of good things about this popular natural acne remedy.

Miri Lovely

hi! for scarring, keep using any products with vitamin c and use sunscreen during the day. at night use a retinol serum. you will notice results in 3 months since scarring takes a while to fade. you'll see them become paler/almost gone between 6-12months if you keep using vitamin c and retinol. also, using a gentle face scrub that is for daily use can be used daily or three times a week to remove dead skin cells and create new skin cells that will heal your scars. also salycidic acid will dry out your scarring (this is why you need to exfoliate with a gentle cleanser) you can exfoliate before your cleanser

Virgen Barton

Its still shock me just how some people have no idea about Fopobiacne Secrets despite the fact that many people break free from their acne using it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about it. I have break free from acne.

samjana rai

do u put Foundation


I just bought the cleanser and I noticed it drying my face too , I just put lotion after and it turns out ok

Madison Blair

Bio Oil is very good for the scars. Just put some on your face every night before bed

Joseph McDonald

This acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) really aids a lot. I am pleased I downloaded this one - a simple read with easy to implement acne remedies. I will try some of the suggestions I read from this book for my son. This may seem simple, but I believe that I will be delighted by the results of the small changes. .

Nivitha Prabagaran

Can I use this as a normal face wash and does this cause spots to the face?


Hello there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will work for me? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular acne remedy.

Victoria Vanalst

natural aloe vera and shea butter helps with scaring. thank me later

Yael Sharphy

Wow this was 8 years ago

that jimin fangirl

oh no i just bought it i'm scared to use it now

monsieur beastian

Wow this video is older than my brother

Monika Das

Guys. clear your acne naturally does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I'm going to give you some advice right now. Get a popular acne remedy called Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google). Thanks to it I have break free from acne. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just in a excellent mood right now so I'll share the wealth haha.

Familia Rodriguez

Does it get rid of blackheads

Simi Hada

Who’s here in 2021 ?

Tae's Armys

Hi ppl frome the past!
I was shooked to see this is from 2010

Draco Malfoy Is Papi

2018 is it still there??


What is a good moisturizer to use after the cleanser? And I’m confused so should I use the cleanser at night? Then what should I use in the morning? Thank you sorry for the trouble ;-;


Can you make an updated makeup collection pls?
I love how calm you are ?


ono the scrubs aren't good for your skin ;-;

Ember Dreams

rookie mistake
U shouldn't have worn it at night

Mohamed Dabo

this face wash literally saved my face. I experienced some purging at first but now it's all clear. I would suggest only using once a day though, preferably at night to remove all the dirt and oil from the day and clear your pores. Strongly recommend this product. BUT talk to a dermatologist first. Mine was recommended by one.

jhima salih

how much the neautrogena?


This video seems like it was made recently this or last year than 2011

Suha Na

Omg when you are doing this video my face was crystal clear...now its not

Junior Ma’u Hinkes

Method pls

Catalina Moua

do u use the scrub first or the other one first?

natalia garza

this is really good quality video for a video that was in 2011 omg

Yair Kerr

Does Fopobiacne Secrets really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it's good enough to break free from your acne.

Angelo Scofield

What is happening to Youtube's algorithm? This popped up to me in 2020 hahaha. I wonder where this girl is now, I bet she'd be surprised that her video now has 238k views.

Lizzy Mae

I just bought this today and can't wait to try it!!!! I hope it works




Who’s here in 2020???


you NEED to use a moisturizer at least a light one, if you leave it dry your skin will make a natural skin moisturizer that’ll cause more pimples, keep it light but do not skip moisturizer

Leilani Rowe

What is the best way to cure my acne naturally? I read plenty of good opinions on the net about how Fopobiacne Secrets can help you get rid of your acne problem. Has any one tried this popular acne treatment?

Reham Ghaleb

Hi I am watching this in 2018

nasrin akter

What is the best way to break free from acne? I read a lot of great reviews on the internet about how Fopobiacne Secrets can help you clear your acne naturally. Has any one tried this popular acne remedy?

Alecia Novinski

I just startes using the the grapefruit acne wash and i love it i have acne not really bad mainly on my chin and i feel like this been helping yes uts drying but it does help and smells really good! :) this is my favorite acne wash

Harnoor Rakkar

i had this and its very good

Eddie Diaz


Random kanava

You are beautiful

It’s Maria

What do I do if i used this for only two days and I only had acne on my nose now I suddenly have it on my forehead.what should I do ?

Jasper Brent Paitan

Use sunscreen with uva protection to reduce dark spots


Does it really work because my friend is have acne on her forehead and she want me to her her get rid of it and I bought one for her. if it work how long does it take.

Pingu Cake

Try natural honey mask for the scars(you have to do it everyday)

Suha Na

I didnt know that neutrogena brand existed 8years ago

Ema Stephens

Has anyone tried Fopobiacne Secrets? (do a search on google) I've noticed numerous awesome things about this popular acne treatment.

River Pearson

Has anyone tried Fopobiacne Secrets? (search on google) We have noticed several amazing things about this popular natural acne remedy.

D’Anna Andrea

Get neutrogena all in one acne

Bby_T Iana

Yoooo I’m here in 2019 can I see ur acne now?

darcie phillips

it’s very sad to hear someone having to apologise for having acne, i myself experience it and you should never apologise for showing it