Smile bunny

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Baby Bunny Caught & Smiling for Camera

295 302 views | 2 May. 2014

Wild baby bunny caught and

Wild baby bunny caught and filmed before returning to the mother rabbit.

Just_L thats it

Looks cute but that aint a smile and it aint happy. ?

Miguel Pereira Fernandes

May 2nd is my birthday

Lady Dimitrescu

It's the Devil.


I Dont Think He Wants To Be Held


He holds it like a grenade

William B.J. Blazkowicz

Looks like you're squeezing him tight.

Bunny Lover

No one

Absolutely no one

Not even peppa the pig

The rabbit: BeatBoxing

Dark Soul


Dog of wisdom

Doom slayers pet rabbit looks calm today

Brooke Tillberg

bro yo really need to have respect to wild animals. YOU CLEARLY CAN'T SEE THAT THE RABBIT IS TERRIFIED GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinobirbs EwE

Rabbit: hooman put me down or I’ll destroy you and everything you love!!
Person: awww such a cute wittle smwiling bwunny (that’s baby talk EwE)

The Commission

If that baby rabbit bites, feel free to make its worst fears come true and make sure that it will squeal very loudly until it kicks the bucket in unbearable agony..

Pedro Pierre

Ive never felt so hated in my life

Paolo Pasaol

Human: Aww look at that smile
Woundwort II: I'll grind your bones to dust, HRAKA!

Aaron Gillis

That’s the look of hate

nu_ narose

Man, that is not a smile... that is anger and scared


smiles “Look we can talk about this.”

Vincent Tran

Oh god it's Pekora irl.

Cloud The Big Bunny



Animal are not able to smile, no animal smiles, your dog doesn't smile, your cat either.
This bunny is baring its teeth and screeching which is the equivalent to a cat's hissing, and shows that it feels threatened.

big world small cavys

human: "Smile for the cameraaaaaa!!"
Rabbit: i will end you ?


its not smiling you psychopath

His Holiness Lord Potato

Edge of sanity

The Commission

I like to keep that baby rabbit as a pet..


Oh, he's smiling. But he ain't happy.

Kevyn Gasparotto

He not smile ;c he is Mad

cléo santos


The Tech Industry

That's how I smile

Lia Cotton Candy

this rabbit isn't smiling, the rabbit is angry

Tom k.williams

A word of warning if a bear ever "smile's" at you like that run


Sell you channel

Kusuo mon

imagine if it had rabies.

Anand Patel

He is scared not smiling

doom slayer


Dragon World

That’s a hare they look a lot more fuzzy than bunnies and they make more aggressive noises


"He he he... can you fucking put me down?"

a Shrimp

Konpeko Konpeko Konpeko. Usada Pekora Peko. Almond Almond.

Lillian Schwarze

Top ten most dangerous animals


It's not smiling you dickhead, it's scared like shit.

The Commission

Aw, the rabbit is so happy!

Hatchi _ Matchi

When you hold bunnies on their back, it puts them into a sort of shock, so that's why it's face looks more like a type of "grimace"

Also, the bunny's bum isnt being supported, so that might be why it seems scared

Gamzee Makara

rapidly approaching stomps of the Doom Slayer

RuchiraaJ S.

I think he's mad lol

Andre Greppi

i wann throw it into outer space, I HATE IT

Candy cute Gacha

you do it wrong

springbonnie animations Rodriguez



It's showing teeth to intimidate you, not smiling. How can people be so delusional?


Bunny looks all kinds or terrified

•Чай And Sun•

Wow.. only two videos and BOOM! YOU GOT 10 000 SUBSCRIBERS!

- Gishiki Yang -

that is not a happy bunnY that is a angRi buN

summer rain



It isn't freaking out, they make those noises a lot as babies and most the adults will do it at the rarest times.

Black hat

That was aim plotting to destroy you and everything you love smile ya know

Gdfserdy Fgregnm

You are actually TORTURING this poor little bunny! -1 from me!


poor little (。•́︿•̀。)

Spring Trap The real name is purple guy

Aaaawww I love bunnys

Emma Kent

intense cicada chirps


These lil’ buggers can be surprisingly aggressive despite having basically no means to attack. That sound you hear is a sonorous war cry.


Hare babies are 50% cute & 50% animosity!!! xD

Super Sisters Kami & Freckles

Not funny

Adam ???

He's actually very terrified and angry.
Rabbits have a natural fear of being picked off of the ground.

Sebestyén Endre

Now I know how they made the sound effects for No Man's Sky!

Alen Parker

I'd like to skin it for it's fur

Kim Natalea

No, he's afraid and you're holding him the wrong way

Kahla Anderson

I hate you putting choke it

Johnny Brown


WarDaddy 044

He was pissed of as f*ck. Lucky to you that u made it out alive

Soul Master

“Despite this mask of happiness, I drown in dark despair”

Ellamina Ehrheart

That bunny's is SOOO free out there, I would put him down so I wouldn't cause them shock that could lead to death for such a small thing. But asides that it's really cute (^∇^)ノ

Isopod Slug

That bunny seems grumpy for some reason

Young Mon

This rabbit reminds me of that bunny from secret life of pets...that devious smile behind that cute face



timothy chan

when bunny beatboxes you know shit's about to go down

violet Black

Boiiiiii don’t hold him like that

Andres Diaz

Plushtrap smiling

kelsey whitlatch

He is actually panicked it looks and sounds like to me

birb kun

Video title: " baby bunny caught & smiling for camera"


jenny ilagan

I hate how people think its okay to hold bunnies like that..

Артём Мацегора

Так это самарский кролик по имени Дениска

Michael Michaelagnew

Bunny sounds like he lost his voice, but his anxiety is really high.

via c


Super Sisters Kami & Freckles

I have a bunny and you should put that bunny back where it was found

Maria Eduarda Lins

Ooooh poor thing..." I'm mad!" ?


Aww, It's just happy that someone helped record it's beat boxing video for YouTube :3

german gameplay prime time

Ok I clicked on the video and it has 666 dislikes.....is this a sine?

Ka hin Hui



He’s doing his JOKER impression.

k k

Beautiful "Smile"


That's where the problems started.. That smile, that fucking smile

Throgg KingofTrolls

Rabbit: You are so gonna be mauled tonight.

Barão do cerro azul

Ppl: Awn, what a cutty bunny...

Manny Garcia Fan 2005

Bingo From The Banana Splits Movie Caught and Smiled at my Camera

Tai Kun

wie blöde kann man nur sein der hat angst

Mina K.

that's no f*** smile! It's in panic!

Taylor Lindsey

You caught a wild baby bunny then held it like that not supporting his butt and stressing him out bunnys are pray animals hes scared as hell lucky he dident have a heart attack nd die

Emanuel Sanchez

"Smile, your on camera,"

K Amirtharaj

Long time......I need some rabbit stew

lince do fornai

My bunny too

Toxicated Insanity

thats a hare


The bunny is speaking Japanese Menacingly but the hooman doesn't understand-

Smile bunny

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Cartoons for Children | Sunny Bunnies SUNNY BUNNIES DOCTOR BUNNY | Funny Cartoons For Children

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#SunnyBunnies #SunnyBunniesFullEpisodes #SunnyBunniesToys

#SunnyBunnies #SunnyBunniesFullEpisodes #SunnyBunniesToys

Smile bunny

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Owner can't get to his kitchen without his bunny trailing behind

250 745 views | 20 Sep. 2018

In this video, Shai

In this video, Shai decided to run an experiment to see if there's any way that he can outsmart Bini. Bini follows Shai EVERY TIME he goes to the kitchen to grab a snack. (Bini wants a snack too, of course). Watch as Bini tails behind Shai - this experiment lasted 15 days! Also, BONUS: Do bunnies smile? Well, watch to find out.

Also, become an official #Hopper, by subscribing:


Facebook: https://facebook.com/binithebunny

Instagram: https://instagram.com/binithebunny

Website + Online Store: https://binithebunny.com

Follow Shai Lighter (Bini's owner) on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shlighter

About: Bini the Bunny is a Guinness World Record Holding Rabbit, and is the only bunny in the world who can play basketball, paint, comb hair, play arcade games and more!

Check out more of Bini's favorite videos:

**When your bunny is addicted to arcade games (Woah, almost 6M views!) https://youtu.be/XxdMkegP5CA

**Rabbit gives guy a makeover(amazing) https://youtu.be/1XnPyKxJPD4

**Rabbit picasso (Yes,Bini can paint) https://youtu.be/LeebbHsLHdY

***Bini plays basketball(for real!):https://youtu.be/r7mC6Q-PSAw

**This rabbit won't sleep without a game:https://youtu.be/1yM0rhQxMYI

**Bunny that wants to be on Space Jam:https://youtu.be/rQcoSxQj95s

**The smartest bunny in the world: https://youtu.be/hkFh0A1MbQk

#Bunny #Rabbit #BunnyTricks #RabbitTricks

Follow Bini the Bunny for the Latest Updates and become an official Bini #Hopper

Shailendra K mishra

Cuties together


Bunny’s are awake at night so there noctornal

dReZ bEeZ

I'm in love with bini's bunny condo!

Tom The rabbit

stop talking to be sneaky stupid

Charles Phelps

Cute ???

Juanita Walker

“Owner” try “slave” as bunny parents, we all know that the rabbits are our bosses. ?

Margarita Mendez

VERY CUTE.....and beautiful house!.....HAPPY BUNNY!!!!! YAY!!!!

Puschel K


The TiNy BeAn

THis is my rabbit in a nutshell

Regina Velásquez

I already love Bini!

15762-Yaseen Ibrahim M Zahran


MultiFandom HamHam

Mission Impossible theme plays

anurupa som

Bini the bunny is older then me or the same age

Cuddlybirds Cute

Bini is so silly

Kashan Siddiqui

I love Bini I really want a rabbit like Bini.??????


Why did you do that

Kevin Ramirez


Yui Kennedy


Boo Halla

You had so many opportunities to sneak away from him, you just stood there talking until he noticed you.

Tuan Han

Cute bunny ????❤️??

Kunthea Visal

M rabbit ate like 6 time a day

Sanvi Hede


King Azlan

Imagine if someone accidentally played his videos on Easter Sunday

mr Alvin

He wanted bini to follow him if not he would not just stand there waiting for bini to follow him

Edit: i do not mean it in a bad way

K.k Thakur

Bunny Fact (; Bunny can see behind without turning their head....




Awwwww, I would let him come! He is smiling because he is happy!

natalia gomez

Maybe is you don’t talk or count ? you’d actually have a couple of chances like when he was sleeping and you had to seriously go, “maybe I should count, ok...let me count”! C’mon!!! You want him to follow you! You love it ?!

greeshma sreejith

Bini my hero

Supriya Paul

My bunny always smile ? and that looks like joker?

Abul Kashem


Shabeen Begum

Just a quick question bunnys who are potty trained to go in their cages, do they occasionally drop a poo pellet or 2 in other places because my bunny dos.

Charles Phelps

Ur um-

foxy gaming

I liked

Charles Phelps

Sike ur ugly ?

Jaylen Bonilla

Lolololo lolololo

Dawn Gilmour

Bunnies are fun to have as pets. They're smart, witty, mischievous, mine is definitely a diva bunny and gets whatever she wants. Oh yeah......! Willow is one spoilt bunny like you Bini xxxxx

Lory gacha YT

Way to cuuuuuuttttteeeeeeee can u teach me how to potty train your bunny? I need to potty train him

Gany Meade

Bunnies always want to share meals with their humans.

Diane Fernandez



Bini is so funny

Die Kaninchenbande

Hallo. Your bunny feels lonely. You should have a second bunny for him to play.

Vance Teeters

I’m not

Charles Phelps

Ur lucky you have someone to play with I'm boring,,???

Vivie Jackson

Bunnies are always hyperactive even at night it's like they don't even go to sleep

Esty Films

How do you have a rabbit free roaming since you have a mat or rug


Bunnies can seee everywere

kathleen gulan

Bini is funny

Ishanka Samarathunge

Congrats bini. You won all time. Very funny.

Ginny Hamilton

Bini is the best


wow my bunny will do that but he be in a cage so he will.

Bini the Bunny

Don't miss my last video - Bunny unboxes hungry hungry hippos https://youtu.be/H9NM1GhZGRs

Mohammad Rafi

Bini loves you way too much and that is an amazing ? thing as well ??❤️❤️??btw I just subscribed to the channel and you guys are so freakin awesome as well do your best to to keep posting funny stuff and entertainment for us all while we’re in quarantine as well ??????????????????

Blue monster

This is cute but why is white washed marco in the thumbnail lol

Charles Phelps


World of Taniya

you are so luky

Laily and Bros

Why you’d never uploading a video?

Spiritual Destiny

Your bunny loves you! ♥️??☺️☺️☺️?

Blxec -_-

RIP bini the bunny..

Gany Meade

Rabbits are very smart and they eventually learn your habits and know you better than you know yourself. This video is hilarious. Bini wins again.

bentley's word!

Why does bini follow you?!


Lol too cute!!

Mamta Kumari

I Have also a bunny but he didn't trace me when m going 2 kitchen???

anurupa som

That's the opposite of my rabbit I go right he goes left or forward also I am going to do a youtube channel next month 24.6.20 is the date so please subscribe

M Schultz

My dog does the same thing. ?

Varda Mazhar


Tsilie Hibo

Actually he failed to see you three times ? but you let him coz you were waiting for him to see you when he fails to see you .. you cud have just snuck to your kitchen when you get the chance ..

katica doneva

I think that was fake sleep bini used

Sven Makolla

What a sweet Bunny. ??

Somesh Tanti

Very cute bunny

alex tudor

Adorable Bini !

Jan C

I love Bini!!

Anyankah Bailey


Jaylen Bonilla

Creepy smile Mr bini

Levi Blue

Omg how!? That is so cool

Bandit Bunner

You ain't spoofing that bunny! Oh, and that smile is priceless!!!

Dot Hatch

This was such a fun video

Aradhana Singh

Bini is so smart, the smartest bunny i have ever seen.


Even behind them

Mohammed Alliddawieh

.bjjuhb nnnnnnmmmmmmmm,,,,NBC. C. Vbb
John o


I feel like every body in the comments has a bunny but me and bunny's are my favorite animal ?

Linda Egan

Put him in his house

Shofi Saswita

bini is always hungry ??? give him food shai ???

Vance Teeters

Bini will always win

Kirsi Huumonen


mr Alvin

Hint: close the door to his house!!!!!!!


Your bunny is so pretty ay Han to bunny’s ;)

Sheyli :3


Lizzie's inflatable and other stuff channel

bini is always hungry

Tanishq shukla

You are so creative and bini is so cute I love him?

Jasmine Lover



The way he edited it like it was a murder camera that smile ?

Alessandra Villasin

Sometimes when i cuddle with my bunny, and sometimes when i pet her she smirks ?

Mohamed Reda Naimi

Omg he smiles thats cool

Nuka Fizz

Bunnies have good hearing yet he’s talking the whole time

Jovana Popovic

Slatkiš slatki! ❤

Mummy Bunny

That was hilarious !!! They smile,Sometimes I'm sure they are laughing...big belly Laughs..,Sometimes they're laughing .all the way diwn to thier little Floofers !!

Charles Phelps


Lauren Losada

Bini is sooooooooo cute!!!

Asgard Odin

Can you tell me which is best Dutch rabbit or Holland lop