Is rosacea painful

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IASP Webinar: Can We Prevent Orofacial Pain?

873 views | 14 May. 2020

This webinar is part of a

This webinar is part of a free series related to the 2020 Global Year for the Prevention of Pain.

cinematografia com o Durso

amazing webinar !!!!

Is rosacea painful

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Acne Rosacea - What really causes it+solution

4 059 views | 12 Aug. 2018

This is an in-depth video

This is an in-depth video on acne rosacea and the medication I took to cure it. There are natural tips to deal with the redness too. One thing I forgot to mention was, for constant redness you can opt for light therapy called IPL and you can talk to your dermatologist about that.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

#cysticacne #rosacea

anand csc

Superb madamb

Ton Lagun

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about
rosacea and stress
try Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

Tea GJ

Clear, succinct and useful! Acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it). Now I am aware of the factors behind why I am struggling acne at age 40+. Now I understand what acne cure I need to choose after I check out this guide. .

Ambedkar periyar

I m new subscriber. Your channel.. Reply to. Me,, ?


Has anyone tried Fopobiacne Secrets? (do a search on google) We've heard numerous awesome things about this popular natural acne treatment.

Yashika Nigam

Please tell me how did you cure your Acne Rosecia. I have been dealing it with 2 years every winter.

Pera P

hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover help with rosacea try Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

Sohani Jain

I am having from around 5-6 month
What should i do

Maria Josephine

Does vit c irritate skin?

anand csc

Truth' ful information
thanking u very much
Let's share ur contact pls

soni dubey

I use papulex cream .. it really helped me although I had mild rosacea

mystical dreams

Thank you so much ? this was very helpful.

Sahil Rajpal

Khush pls tell me any way to fade scars by power of mind


Hey sister
I have acne scar prb, I go though 10 sets of microneedling and some chemical peel, 1 TCA peel but didn't satisfied with the results.
I saw a new thing here's the link plz chck it https://youtu.be/KxbPhux0Mnw
If it's correct plz make a video on it.
Thanks you your new subscriber ?

Biji Sivadas

I am also suffering for roseacea since 2016 I think so , but actually I understood it can only reduce but no cure. I hae acne, redness and occular all of them. I have started it with smoke coming from outside. But now Dust , sunlight all of it my tiggers. Stress was the important matter I think so now. But now I have left my stress job 6 months before. I didnt accept it was roseacea. Now I accept the situation as it. Last 6 months it continues ly coming redness then ance then occular, I fedup with it.I took strong desicion I will not treat it with doctor. Last years I consulted more than 10 doctors. Some doctors told me it is roseacea, but somebody nothing. They gave me continue ous antibiotic. At the time of fever suddenly cure my redness. After some time it came again. Paracetamol is the good medicine for it, I think so. I took it 5 days. Then cure. But again started. Now I use only alovera with glisarine plus sugar face mask.

Richa Jina

Oohhh god u r d 1st person who explained everything everything about Rosacea.... I cnt thank u enough... I hd to give upon my job becoz of rosacea .. my trigger is stress,heat n sun...take care dr??...... jst noticed dir is an eye drop on ur dressing table... is dat Refresh tears for ocular rosacea... ohhh girl i to suffer from ocular rosacea.. hell days for me...

Emine Gözdeli

Did you try ıpl

anand csc

Love u very much
ur information
good good good

professional creator

U just cleared my mind ? thx alot sweet ?

aditya panwar

How did u got away with rosacea i mean any medicine

zumra mariyam

Thanks alot.. it will gonna help me dealing with acne rosacea


Mam Doxcycline is best for Rosacea Really i used. Its best for Rosacea acne ?

Ambedkar periyar

Hey khush your scar completed gone but treatment co2 leser by lumenis ulltra pluse Made in us.,, he is tha best leser,,, microneedling.. RF.. By infini lutroni.,,, visit Dr Davin Lim best Dr in this world ?. Youtube channel,,, Educational.,,, 2.+3 sitting your scar 95%. Gone.,,, Thanks ? so Really beautiful girl by,,,,


my gf has this flare ups of itchy patches of rashes that sometime spread to her neck and she'll have redness developing on her forehead and cheeks.. dermatologist DO NOT think it's rosecea and simply said it's rash due to allergy..

Is rosacea painful

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What are Fibromyalgia Symptoms: You will be surprised!

292 252 views | 14 Feb. 2019

What are Fibromyalgia

What are Fibromyalgia symptoms – is it just pain? If you want to learn more about what fibromyalgia symptoms are, you can also see the article here: https://cfsunravelled.com/fibromyalgia-symptoms-list-goes-way-beyond-pain/

If you think pain is the only symptom of fibromyalgia, you may be shocked to learn that there are in fact many more fibromyalgia symptoms.

This videos details what are core fibromyalgia symptoms as well as what the other less common fibromyalgia symptoms are. We discuss this as well the many conditions that are comorbid to fibromyalgia.

Given the invisible nature of fibromyalgia symptoms, many myths can get created and we bust one of these fibromyalgia myths in this video and give you a key, potentially life-saving piece of advice for any new or worsening fibromyalgia symptoms.

If you have other questions about fibromyalgia symptoms, please leave a comment below!

Please feel free to share a link to this video explaining what the symptoms of fibromyalgia are: https://youtu.be/ihEgDT084fM

#FibromyalgiaSymptoms #GetYourHealthBack #FibromyalgiaRecovery

Tessa Jetta

I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the thing that’s bothering me besides pain and fatigue is weight gain and bloat, and that I can’t walk my dog when he needs to

Tristan Miranda

Thank you for the information so helpful god bless you

G. S.

does the speaker have ANY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with fybro ? PROBABLY NOT.... only parroting book info

John Moye

I haven’t seen one video on what treatments are out there for this. Just videos on what the symptoms are ?

Venkata Swamy Paragati

Excellent explanation of fibromyalgia which the viewers can easily understand and remember. But remedies and precautions are not explained. Grateful to dr for his professional expertise.


I'm from Mexico, I was researching by my own cause doctors had no idea, they said it was a mental problem, my aunt suffered from fibromyalgia so it was familiar to me, by doing more researching I concluded that fibromyalgia was what was happening to me, I told that to the doctors and they say, oh yes yes, you are right, you have fibromyalgia, sorry that we didn't realize before. The worst part for me is that not only people around you don't understand about what you are dealing with, they don't even try to.


Any new symptom and they refer you to psychiatry. Idiots.

Bella Amore

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago by a rheumatologist but my primary doctor didn’t treat me for it or even talk to me about it, accept to tell me I have it. This same primary doctor sent me to various specialist for various things that recently I learned are all part of fibromyalgia. I learned that fibromyalgia can cause severe facial pain, which is something that I suffer from. Recently I started getting help for it.

Julie Jackson

I've been suffering for years with most of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it took a consultant giving me trigger point injections to point out,,,I think you have fibromyalgia. Suddenly it all made sense. For over 4 years all my visits to the doctors made sense. All my symptoms were there. I am glad theres a name for it because I thought I was going mad. When you are constantly sick, I kept thinking its because of stress I'm tired, I'm aching because I work so hard, I have restless legs because I'm a hairdresser standing up too long,,, it all adds up now. I have irritable bowel, tinnitus, I live with pain every day. I put this all down to pushing my body to hard...now I know its fibromyalgia. My only hope is people around me support me and understand. It's a very sad illness because people cant see your pain.

Raziella Sanchez

I just feel hopeless since I’m allergic to steroids and all specific meds and now without my opioid meds I am living like a 90 yr old at 43
I can’t do anything anymore I’m even tired of being tired and sick of being sicker
And I try to push myself for my 9 yr old cause I’m not getting any better and I’m bullied all the time as if I’m a drama queen that wants attention and I’m not interested in none
I had 3 careers and now I’m not even a shadow of an independent and loving human being that I was
All I want is a miracle and something to help people respect and understand us w fibromyalgia
There’s a lot of mistreatment from other and even lots of abuse and I don’t believe I will have to walk w a big sign stating all my medical issues
I’m treated as a junky and a looser and insulted all the time and been through a lot

Heather Hancock

I have severe pain and fatigue along with many other symptoms of this chronic illness. Going to the doctor is a joke. I’ve been made to feel like a mental patient and my own doctor has wanted to put me on lithium ? I’m not crazy. Even a little but making me feel like I’m not being heard or understood has become so awful that I’ve wanted to take my own life in the past. I don’t understand why doctors do this to people. I don’t understand how they can make us feel like we make things up or don’t matter. It’s very sad. And most of us don’t have the energy to fight them.

Xenia Thomas

Thank you this video really helps it is really hard having an illness that is invisible and people don't believe u


Wow I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I also have Spondylosis and went through a failed spine operation. I have suffered from some new symptoms and being in my 50's it's hard to know if they are due to my menopause or additional Fibro

Marcia Toms

I have been rejected snd humiliated multiple times by Drs attitudes and not taken seriously. I have just about given up and I can no longer visit a Dr either being housebound and labelled as ‘crazy’ it truly is horrendous. Thank you this is a very helpful video

Maggie Rosell

Thank you, you're wonderful. <3

Layla Elizabeth Chester

Horrible illness, changed my life

Lidia Konkel

I wish that most doctors would watched this video.My doctor ignored all my symptoms.I had to fight to send me to the rheumatologist.I never gave up !!! I new something is wrong I always was in sports ,well organized ,not foggy brain. I'm so fatigued that i'm thinking that I'm dying slowly and that pain ,pain which affects all aspects of my life and bringing me the the point that life does not have any sense.But I'm fighter and I do not let fibromyalgia to win .How long I do not know ,I hope to the end of my life. I'm not sure as of today. If I get enough energy and believes it's worth.So far I'm not giving up I have change a lot of in my life.I see results but not enough ,not enough.Who does not have symptoms NEVER ,NEVER will understand the fibromyalgia syndrom ,PIRIOD!!!!!

Sheela nair

Even drs dont know what to do? Im fedup seeing drs and taking medicines. No one knows the treatment ?

Kanisha Gupta

Thank you so much. ❤️?

Nicole Baum

I was diagnosed 20 years ago, but just ignored it. Now I’m 40 and this disease is kicking my ass. I had no idea that all my symptoms were due to fibromyalgia. It’s shocking how widespread it is.
I have been told it’s all in my head, or I’m a hypochondriac, or just faking it for attention, or the most hurtful one, “you’re just being lazy”Those are some of the worst things you can say to someone suffering with this. The guilt I feel from just laying in bed is overwhelming to the point where I bypass the rest to prove others wrong. I always end up suffering in the end.
In addition I’m an addict in recovery, which means I will never take another narcotic as long as I live. Which leaves my pain unchecked and out of control. Heating pads can only go so far.
If marijuana is legal in your state I suggest you start looking into it. If it’s not, you should consider moving to a state that is. No joke, I thank God for that plant. It’s uses are endless.

manjula sood

Thank you for explaining the symptoms I am in pain 24/7 will Fibromyalgia Sometimes doctors don’t understand what to do then


I had to quit a good paying 3rd shift job because my body could no longer manage the pain with massages, chiropractic , acupuncture, and exercise. The fatigue and brain fog was making it unsafe for me I can’t even power walk anymore to lose weight.


I hate doctors so much they are so clueless about this illness and they prescribe shitty medication that does more bad then good.


Is there a way to cure it? If I’m in pain can I just push through it and try ignore it? What I mean is can I try and go exercise regardless and not sustain injuries? Can it area specific?eg low back, shoulders, chest


Wonderful information. Thank you. I have many of the symptoms and have had them for years but no definite diagnosis. I feel absolutely awful and in so much pain.

Robyn Gordon

I am a nurse..always doing and busy. Diagnosed 4 years ago. I am exhausted in severe pain esp at night with no cure in sight. Really depressed and despondent. Thanks for the info.


Some foods make pain worse too. My husband says Im lazy! Yes hardly deep sleep & wake up all nite. This is very good vid.


I m from india.hv all symptoms...how can i get relief.....

Michael Horn

I have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia. AND THE GOD DAMN GOVERNMENT STILL WON'T HELP ME!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley Brown

The sad reality is I advocate for my health, go to the doctors if something isn't right but they shoot it down and they're the ones to pigeon hole new symptoms as fibro. I have pcos, fibro, recently diagnosed with erythromelalgia, ptsd, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, rls and suspected asthma, migraines and vertigo. This doesn't cover my bowel incontinence. I truly believe that they're all connected to something else entirely yet no one looks at conditions in an integrated way here in the UK

Phes World

I have had a rheumatologist, when I moved to new state and trying to find new doctors and was in middle of flare, say to me, "You know Fibromyalgia is not real, it's just three symptoms not a syndrome or a disease." Its psychological basically I think what he getting to me, even tho I have had diagnoses of CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Endometriosis, Diabetes 2, IBS, Pulmonary Hypertension, Myofascial pain syndrome, Raynauds, Chronic Depression and Anxiety secondary to disease, Chronic asthma due to disease process increase sense of smell, secondary tachycardia due to disease process of flares with palpitations, positive Ana's Negative ANA's positive EBV, RLS, Brainfog, TMJ, Severe facial pain, neuropathy, neuralgia...the list growing and changes as we still testing as we speak, and I have brainfog there a lot of things not in that list because I cant remember lol. That's a lot. These specialist make up their mind we just WANT TO BE this crazy. Are you kidding me, I'm going to be 52 Saturday, and all I want is a life, my life. I want a existence, with a morning feeling refreshed, and afternoon pain free and evening still feeling like I could go out for the evening, even if it was to the movies. I havent gone out in so many years now I'd probably cry if I ever did. I just want a specialist who finds exactly what I have for once, treats me with the respect that I feel like a human. ( I treated patients like humans when I was a nurse, for 17 years. Disabled since March 2016) Then I'd love for that Dr to say we are going to do our best to find out exactly what is going on. And we dont doubt anything you say, and let's take everything down and really figure this out. For once realizeI sick of these damn meds, my 4 walls and bed, and no life and help find my complete diagnosis and cure. Fibromyalgia I've had since my 20's, but what's going on now, is beyond that.

Ana Luisa Hering

Very informative video ! Thank you so much for sharing . Does FM cause bursting of veins as well ?

Qua Qua

Tears are running down my face. My symptoms are so severe. I have everything you said plus more along with other things. God have mercy on me. This is no way to live.???

Shell Bell

When fibromyalgia is a secondary diagnosis to an aggressive auto immune disease how do you actually tell them apart? My symptoms have improved dramatically since I started treatment for my auto immune. Example light sensitivity is completely gone and only came back once when i had to skip a dose of medication due to infection. My eye problems were blamed on fibro when I actually have symptoms of chronic uveitis which could potentially cause blindness. Sometimes I think patients are mis-diagnosed because auto immune diseases are not properly understood. To me all my symptoms point to inflammation and linked to my auto immune issues so I dont understand the secondary diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The doctor even suggested that how I "interpret" pain is wrong. My auto immune disease causes level 10 pain at times. This made me angry because I'm not misinterpreting it. It's real. The last time it happened I became so weak I collapsed and had to be hospitalized for a week. This is real pain and my brain isn't misinterpreting it

sheila sperr

Such great information. I will share this with family first

Megan Jane

One more to add: costochondritis

Marisol Martinez

My fatigue is so bad I drink an energy drink a day plus cups of coffee to get thru my day. Since being diagnosed I feel like a total different person and I hate it. I wish I could get rid of this body pain and fatigue!

Waseem Omar

When I walk a lot I feel that there is an elephant on my chest plus the chest pain



Melanie b Stone

Yes! My feet hurt my nech my lower back I cannot get well. I was diagnosed W nuropathy , and. I do suffer anxiety..... but i know its not. Thosem My skin is hot to touch moat of the time my gma has RA and lupus ugh!!!!
Sound and light bothers me badly. How in the works can I get tested // diagnosed???y liver and kindny funktion tests are good!

meg soos

Im positive I have this fibromyalgia for many many yrs now. And even my doctor can't even tell me what to do. All parts of my body all this tender or trigger points. But I'm referred to hematologist instead... She said I have so much red blood cells.

Kandi Cox

My mum has suffered for over 20 years now. Everything you say resignates with me as my mums sole carer. Its a very tough journey with little support or help. My mum has most of the symptoms you mentioned and the list is growing with her age... severe pain over varied areas, contant dizziness / vertigo (this has changed her mobility ability), very poor memory and no smell, sleeplessness are the main ones. But she has had some seizure like incidents too. We are relentlessly fatigued dealing with this, with the blank faces of Drs and the now lessening judged hypochondriac reactions but increased the theres nothing I can do. It feels like no one can help us naturally because no Drs has been able or can without making her symptons worse.

My mums age of 79 is now against us. Shes sufferered since her early 50s (of which I am now nearing??‍♀️) yet we plod on with faith in God. What can we do to improve my amazing mums quality of life? Please Help!!!!


It's a horrible illness it's ruined my life

Jillian Brigham

Come join me fibro [email protected] Jillian Brigham

Beverly Vee

I become so fatigued that even strolling through no more than 3 stores with my husband wipes me out. He does everything for me and can spot a flare immediately. My heart aches for women who have a husband that doesn't care or won't take the time to understand. How I wish that I could sleep all night. Very often I wake myself up grunting in pain. It encompasses my entire body. ??

Tarun Chauhan

my mother also suffered from this, we try many doctors but there was no relief in her condition then I came to know about planet Ayurveda through youtube, we consulted with them, now from past 6 months her condition has been improved very well.

Nonna’s love Forever

You can’t explain it unless you have it I’ve had it for years

nickie Hong

Hi I have been suffering from Fibro for last 8 years and i feel that fibromyalgia can be linked with abortions with most woman i wish there was a way i can find out if what im thinking can be true.

Kathy Hayard

I wonder if it can be related to dizziness n facial pressure pain. ??

simon lloyd

I was only recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but I have lived with masses of symptoms for over 10 years. I have an overwhelming number of symptoms and have been treated for things like IBS seperately. I cannot believe ive had this for 10 years an never known it..Ive had blood tests after tests and more and more symptoms...I was only when the pain and fatigue were becoming unmanageble that I eventually got a diagnosis.

Claire Delahay

I've spoken to my doctor and told them so many symptoms which I have and she suspects that I have fibromyalgia just seeing the list which showed on this video I have so many of them which I never even thought was symptoms of fibromyalgia. I also have been tested positive for hlab27 and have had so much pain for years with my hips knees and back (hips from around age 2-3) knees and back as I've got older. I have a mri scan next week and I cannot wait to get straight answers im sick of feeling so low in pain and aching all over my body.

Deborah Wallace

I had one doctor, who squeezed my upper arm and since it didn’t hurt me said it couldn’t be fibromyalgia!

Sue Ross

thank you !!

California Karen789

I have Fibro and wish I knew what to do. 142 thumbs down. They must not know what I go through on a daily basis. TFS Loved it. This is the best explanation I have heard.

Phes World

Tender points are awful, the pain grows like a labor pain.

Baron Greenback the 2nd

It’s exhausting,aching,depression, foggy brain,ect and it sucks,


Yes true I gave up too...
This is doctors job to connect everything to mystery

Phony ASMR

Thank you for sharing this!

jeff rip

How I got rid of my Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is caused by worms & parasites in your Gut.
These parasites live in your guts eating, and then they release poisonous gases and toxins which go through your blood stream, thats what gives you all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
Do a gut cleanse. Kill worms in your guts by eating papaya seeds, raw garlic.
Look into Candida overgrowth.
Then eat a carnivore diet until you feel better. Drink bone broth to heal the gut lining.
Never eat again, vegetable oils, carbs, sugar , soda, wheat, any processed junk food, pasta, biscuits, gluten, any food in boxes etc...
Do not eat Gluten free Foods found in boxes in shops , it's poison
Do not eat artificial sweeteners
Do cleanse your liver.
Medications and vitamins make things worse.
Daily Eat raw garlic, drink apple cider vinegar, eat fresh lemons, drink powered ginger turmeric and green tea.
Use Butter and olive oil in cooking
Follow a keto/ paleo/ carnivore diet whatever suits.

Deborah Wallace

I was just diagnosed, amazingly, by a new doctor to me, on a video call! I was so surprised! After 25 years of suffering with anxiety, hip, thigh and arm pain.

Amani A-N

Wow thank you


i have had cfs for 28 years
but for the last 3 years on and off i have been getting sever pain all over
just got told i have arthritus all through my body
i dont belive that the pain im in latley is cfs or arthritus
i am so week annd fatigued all the time i spend nerley all day in bed because it hearts to much when i stand up i just want answers

Charles Alexander Yates

what about when all the docs say when they see I have fibro on my chart is "It's probably just from the fibro."

Karim Hussein

To anyone diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, what exactly is the widespread pain like? How does it differ to muscle aching? I feel like it's just an umbrella term like CFS, to give to undiagnosed problems that share common traits.
From what I gather, sufferers typically report like 7/8 noticeable symptoms (i.e. IBS, Neck/Back Pain, Leg Tremors/Spasms, Severe Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia (& over time subsequent cognitive problems), Sinus related problems...). On any given day you may only exhibit 2/3 of these and the symptoms not only randomly fluctuate, but the extent to them varies too. I think the simplest way to describe something like Fibromyalgia in layman's terms is simply chronic Flu-like symptoms, but without the fever.
Having said this, how does one draw the line between this and something like CFS i.e.? Is it the 11/18 tender points thing, but that can be quite inconsistent? I feel like I may have the condition, I've had many blood/stool tests & scans came out normal but it could be CFS?

Catherine Coppin

Does anyone get serve. Buising. On there legs with fibomalyagia?? Noise and touch. I get too

tasha brinkworth

I have fibromialgia and I am currently having the worst flare up of my life I been unable to stand or walk for 3 days my right arm and hand is unusable this is the worst I have ever had

golshan abas

The same . But meditation pray retreat helpe Me alot . Doing sipirtuell jeurny
Hopono prayer . Stress relief musik .
Join som healer Thierry Manny ön Youtube. Dont gives upp mat be it is a messege to us to finns happenes in a differens way. I realy Chang event if take time . I Hoppe you pease and love

Amanpreet Singh

I was infected with fibromyalgia and my head pained acutely. I couldn't eradicate it after eating so many medicines. I surfed the net and came to Planet Ayurveda that gave me Fibromyalgia Care Pack and some diet tips that ceased this fibromyalgia within a week.

the Victorian Lolita

I'm absolutely sobbing right now. I've been struggling with chronic pain and fatigue without an help or validation for years. Every single doctor I've seen, the last one being seven years ago, telling me that I'm too young or it's all in my head and promptly dismissing me. I just pray I can find a doctor who will actually listen and care about my pain. Maybe I'm finally old enough to be acknowledged.


I Have the symptoms, and I'm 100% that started after I mixed two types of anti-inflammatory, aspirin, and Voltarem, first I took 100 gram of aspirin then an hour later voltarem, 50 grams woke up feeling a bit dizzy then I after about 8 hours took another 50 gram then I started to feel verystrange my mouth got very dry and a strong pain between head and neck, I got 2 days dizzy feeling like a retard, from that day probably too much anti-inflammatory can also cause it, maybe something to do with the central nerve

Swarn Gupta

I wish there is a proper medicine for fibromyalgia I donot even hope so

Debra Diament

My Dr. told me to wait till the pain is so bad and then go to the emergency room because I do have a lump in my armpit but I had a checked out a couple of times but I’m experiencing a lot of pain there now and it’s swollen and he doesn’t wanna hear about it and he said he doesn’t want to hear about the migraines so I have to find a new doctor

Melissa Burrows

Google PEA it takes away the body pain. It’s from compound chemist. Life changing., takes body pain away except brain fog but takes pain away

Norman Day

How do get to a doctor these days

Karen Sisko

I recently lost insurance benefits and feel hopeless to find answers. This only worsens my preexisting depression. :(


Thank you so much for this video. It covers so many symptoms I have been having. Especially around my chest and ribs. Also the burning and shooting pain in the most random places in my entire body. I also get it in my groin which scares the fuck out of me. I had a UTI and a yeast infection and since then my life is living hell because we entered lockdown period and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong with me. I haven't been diagnosed but I must say it's going to be a year since I've been having these symptoms. Recently I started having pain in my right hand (finger joints) burning and throbbing sort of pain (it doesn't look like RA or arthritis because there is no joint swelling) . I also started having sharp abdominal pain for no reason I'm sure of since I'm taking care of my diet. I have also been practicing yoga. I keep experiencing low grade fever from time to time and I also get frequent throat infection and there is a shooting pain in my ears from time to time. I wake up with morning stiffness and I also get very strong heart palpitations during the night and it wakes me up (panic attacks they seem like). During the day too. I have never felt so weak and sick ever in my life. I'm 21. I can't discuss it with anyone. I don't feel healthy anymore and it makes me feel so sad and lost sometimes I wish I could end this for once and all. Both my upper and lower back is a mess. The symptoms keep adding up it seems as time is progressing. I also live in the most polluted city in the world. Most days I catch myself obsessively wanting to go back to my hometown which is a hill station but I can't because I don't have any home there (anymore) as my parents have cut themselves off from the extended family. I'm sorry for rambling but fibromyalgia video comment section are the only places where I think I will be heard.

winston ledford



And yet THANK YOU !
Internal is probably the worst.
Intestinal pains... Diarrhea...
Dragging my but out of bed...
Is beyond exhausting !
Wake up... Roll over... Pee...
Wake up... Roll over... Wake up... Pee... Restless... Twitches...
What was I doing...
Where was I going...
Anybody see my glasses ?
On my head, thanks...
Don't give up...
I couldn't talk about mine...
For years & years & years !
And there is more !

Naomi Wirsta

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and celiacs in June of this year. I also have chronic asthma, seasonal outdoor allergies, and am lactose intolerant. I've been concerned about potentially having chronic pain because of how much I hurt some days, even when I've been eating well and gently excercising. I've been told that my Hashimotos can govern pain, but I feel like I fall into every single symptom for fibromyalgia. I just don't know what to do.

Kendall Bridges

Fibro is such a sensory condition. The bright lights and sounds in shopping centres and in offices scramble my nervous system.

Skeith M.

Thank you for that lovely video. I've had it for years, experiencing new symptoms from time to time and each time it's alarming.
One thing of note though, there's no evidence that I'm aware of that there's such a thing as electromagnetic sensitivity that's beyond subjective placebo.

Skender Rashiti

The CE/CFS that come with it is iunbearable.The only thing "helping" me to work is 50 mg tramadol. So many bad doctors not taking this serious


I am one of those that just given up but your right need to pursue this

Kathy Hayard

I have every symptom hes saying.

Jack Mck

hey guys, don’t give up on this. No you are not crazy. This shit is real. This stuff has ruined the last 2 years of my life. I got 90% of the things on his list. If Doctors can’t help look into alternatives acupuncture, change your diet, sugar , meat, or gluten free, Reiki Master, Herbalist EMFs and your body, Lyme Disease. I know people who say that if they didn’t get in their hot tub every day, they wouldn’t be able to function..Try different avenues instead of the normal (your crazy). My Dad died at age 93 years old in an old age home. One of the last things he said to me was, if you want to live to BE as old as me, you have to be a tough old bastard.

Catherine Coppin

Cronic fatigue. Should’nt call it fatigue. Not right woard. Had fibomalyagia apart from pain bad cronic fatigue servertoo.


This has been the most informative video I have seen in a while. Thank you!

Norwena Daga Shane

New subscriber here! I have been feeling these symptoms for years but i have had Lupus so i thought it is the lupus! Now i have been clear from lupus for years, and this time these pain i am having is the as before but much much worse! It is so painful, also i will be 50 in 5 months so i just thought its the menopause but when i google it, i was so shocked!

Linda Benny

I've had Fibro since I was 23, I'm 62 now. It took over 10 years for me to get a diagnosis. I have not been able to work since 1993. I have at least 3/4 of the symptoms on that list with more added every year. It has ruined
my life. I was a nurse which I loved & I worked with it for 15 years but had to stop. I hate that people still just think I'm making it up, I would like them to spend just one day in my shoes. Best wishes to all Fibro sufferers out there. ???????


I was diagnosed with FMS about 15 years ago. They said I probably had it a lot longer. In the beginning I couldn't handle it. I wanted to do more than I could but all that did was I couldn't do a thing anymore. I was totally exhausted, was in pain and could hardly walk. During those days I also learned who my friends were. They're gone. What hurt most was how my best friend for thirty years was treating me. We grew up together, went to school together, lost our fathers because of cancer, etc. I helped her for years when she got sick, mentally. I never ever judged her, not once. But I got sick and the phone calls started. How she had to go to work while I was walking my dogs in the forest. I couldn't even lift a bucket and cross the street. To make a long story short, I lost my best friend too. I'm in pain all day long but I got used to that. But I never get used to being tired day in day out. I go to bed and fall asleep but wake up an hour later, and an hour later and an hour later, etc. I never sleep through the night. I'm in shock when I manage to sleep a few hours in a row. Luckily I do have a doctor who understands me and a physical therapist who knows I'm not making it up. The muscle tension is so severe it's not something I can just pretend and he can feel it. Schwarzenegger he calls me, my shoulder muscles are made of concrete and always painful. That often results in headaches. etc etc etc. My 'full' day is getting up in the morning, let the dog out for a short walk (ten minutes) and then get my breakfast and meds. When I have a good day I go to the forest for longer walk with the dogs but that doesn't always work. I try, every time again. Sometimes I think it's ok, but then I start walking and I know I'm not going to make it. Then on my way back I pick up groceries at the supermarket and by the time I'm home again I'm so tired I have to lie down. That's the 'normal' day for me.

Rabina Blackshear

Thank you ?

TL Francis-Firth

but what helps???

Em Hooper

I've become a liar to my naturopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, my GPs and specialists because their one size fits all recommendation is 'good nutrition and exercise'. I just nod my head and say yes I'm eating well and exercising. I can't be bothered to justify that I simply can't most days; running about to all these appointments are exhausting enough without having to justify why I don't exercise. Where did we lose sight of the fact that when one is feeling unwell, especially on days of feeling very ill, one doesn't feel up to exercising? I am still mobile and active but not in the way expected. I have along with FM, multiple thyroid nodules, Discoid lupus and perimenopause on top of that. The latter 3 conditions are completely ignored and overlooked; all focus is upon FM but I sense my thyroid is the root cause of the FM & Lupus conditions but, I know nothing about my 56 year old body.

Olga P

Fibromyalgia and me-cfs is the same! Both caused by stress.

Alice Brown

My surgery has 6 doctors & not 1 belives fibromyalgia is
real! Arrogant people should not be allowed to practice medicine.

Ronda Rawson

Thank you for finally telling the truth about this ....its overwhelming for a person with all of these ......wow.....your really telling everything....seriously ...I'm impressed.....Again thank you from the bottom of my heart....??❤

Ellie Lopez

Every time I hear somebody say “it is not in your mind, this is a real illness” I cry! I was about to give up but I found your video. Thank you!!

Craig Baker

Living with FM is like playing medical “Wack-A-Mole.”

lionel hodges

my wife suffers from Fibromyalgia after going to a doctor for a number of years the penny droped and he told her that it is Fybromyalgia, after gabapentin and morphine patches he tried Pregabalin and at the moment they have helped her but for how long i dont know. lets hope they find a cure soon and good luck to every one.Kind regards to you all

Avianca G

Fibromyalgia has changed my life and put me out of work . I’m in so much pain day in and day our and my cognitive functions has declined.