How to store rosehip oil

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Good Skin Care Stuff | Rose Hip Seed Oil | Leigh Monet

81 views | 27 Mar. 2020

Since I love my rose hip

Since I love my rose hip seed oil so much, I figured I would make a whole video about it. This stuff has helped with my skin redness from rosacea, and is just an all-around powerhouse for your skin.

Be careful combining rose hip seed with retinol/retinoid products, due to the Vitamin A present in the oil. Information about that appears in some of the research I’ve linked below.




Product links:

Heritage Store rosehip seed oil: https://www.ulta.com/rosehip-seed-oil?productId=pimprod2006760

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil: https://www.ulta.com/100-organic-cold-pressed-rose-hip-seed-oil?productId=pimprod2007100

The Inkey List Rosehip Nourishing Night Oil: https://www.sephora.com/product/rosehip-oil-P443834

NOW Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil (it’s Solutions, not Organics, as I said multiple times in the video. D’oh): https://www.nowfoods.com/beauty-health/rose-hip-seed-oil

It is indeed the Good Molecules rosehip seed oil that is fair trade. It is a bit more expensive than some of the others I’ve linked ($10.00 for .44 ounces), but that might be worth it since it is produced using fair trade practices. https://getgoodmolecules.com/products/pure-cold-pressed-rosehip-seed-oil



*Skin care playlist: https://tinyurl.com/qppkrc7

*Declutter playlist: https://tinyurl.com/v86e4gv

*Empties playlist: https://tinyurl.com/s3hgpun

*Budgeting/money playlist: https://tinyurl.com/sev5mmk

*Goals/self-improvement playlist: https://tinyurl.com/rnrdavb


I am 48 years old (well, at least at the time I’m typing this), and showing all of the typical signs of aging: lines around the eyes, loss of firmness and sagging, some dullness and broken capillaries. I also have a mild case of rosacea, which means I often have redness on my nose and cheek areas. I still have oily skin, although it’s not as oily as it was in my younger years (one good thing about aging!). What I am looking for in skin care is to address my signs of aging and protect my skin from the sun, and hopefully try to slow down or reverse some of the aging process.

I have pale skin, with a neutral undertone.


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Alexa Raché

What brand is your favorite? I can’t decide between the Ordinary and Heritage Store?

How to store rosehip oil

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Part 5: Harvesting Rose Hips: How to Make Rose Hip Oil

4 747 views | 16 Nov. 2018

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Linnae Biegel

Great job Amberlin! This Oil is certainly a powerhouse of goodness and feels great on the skin.

Amberlin Biegel

I've been using this oil once a day for a few months now, and it has worked wonderfully in helping to clear up my skin and keep acne at bay!

Aletheia Backs

Wow! That potent color in the end result! So powerful.


That's not rosehip oil.That is jojoba and almond oil colored with rosehip pulp. Rosehip seeds have not been touched.

Dale Calder

Very interesting but I think I lost the wrinkle battle a long time ago LOL.

Linda Service

loved the video it took me awhile to get that color red and i could only do it with the dried hips Im wondering in this video it looks like you took fresh rosehips and mashed them and then dehydrated them I have dried the whole bulb then put them in my nut grinder and oil press looks like corn flakes just wondering if these were cooked or fresh when mashed thank you and Blessed Be <3

Natasha Sinclair

The oil looks nice, however I’d say this is more of an infusion rather then rose hip oil. Pls correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks for the video

How to store rosehip oil

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Rosehip Oil for Face - DIY Rosehip Seed Oil Serum

14 981 views | 28 Mar. 2015

Rosehip seed oil for your

Rosehip seed oil for your face and body. Rosehip oil is great at evening skin tone, smoothing wrinkles, reducing stretch marks, and more! This is an easy DIY face serum tutorial with recipe for a rosehip seed oil serum.

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Ashlynn Kaplan

Awesome to see you use Mountain Rose Herbs! Great company with quality ingredients! This is one of my favorite oils too.


Is it comodegenic?


Can i skip alovera gel?

Hello All

I live in the desert and use carrot seed oil. I apply on my face once and under my eyes three times and my mascara doesn't even run! Rose-hip seed oil alone is no where near as moisurizing as carrot seed, so gonna make this recipe for a change!

Divinely Blessed

Can I aslo add Shea butter in this

Qurat Hafeez

Is it suitable for oily skin?


Can this serum be used around the eyes?