How to keep hair from frizzing in humidity

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58 686 views | 24 Feb. 2017

Comment below if you have

Comment below if you have any tips for dealing with humidity! Also, watch my keratin video for more info!

-Keratin Complex Treatment (Snapchat Story)


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To keep frizz away try sleeping on silk pillowcases and or sleep in a silk cap. Don't lay your head on on cotton pillowcases and don't use a towel to dry your hair.


Thank you Brttney for another informative video! Iwould like to see the pretty people problems vidoes, hair, and i loved your ask Brittney videos. Stay well!

Niki Reynolds

I want some people's opinion's. Okay here goes: What brand of shampoo is the best, what kind of face moisturizer I should buy, favorite brand of makeup, brand of curling iron, straightener & hair dryer? Leave in conditioner? Foundation? Bronzer? Makeup brushes? Lipstick that stays on without feathering? Any feedback will be appreciated. What brand of Makeup do you like the best? I don't like Revlon it always seems dry to me. I guess my two favorites would be Almay and L'Oreal. What kind and size curling iron? Tips people I need tips.

Anush Gasparyan

you are great , thanks for detailed explanation

Lola Poente

Britney no matter what i do my curly hair 3a 3b fine looks terrible help me ??

Rachel Kirkland

ok im white and i have super straight hair its not dry or anything but if its humid my hair literally turns into a giant frizz ball?

Liz Torres

Yeah, I tried a bunch of expensive products and tools and my hair still got frizzy and ..not sleek as soon as I stepped out of an air conditioned space. It looked perfect when I styled it, but it doesnt last all day sadly.

Mallory Brennan

Im from Louisiana and gir- this shit crazy

Lindsey W

Hi Brittney . I live by the coast so I know and have very porous hair too a 3b hair type . thank you so much informative.

Bianca Regine

Can’t beat physics ??

Mai Ali

My hair in dry weather is totally straight and sliky but were i live in humidity my hair turn wavy


Makeup tutorial on this look please!

Chrissy Bongiorno

You look like a doll! Like you were in clueless or something xo

Michelle Nixon

Would you suggest a keratin treatment instead of a brazilian blowout?

Justina Dionne

Thank you for ur honesty! So sick of people on yt just trying to sell shit

Amanda Gaskill

I live in Maryland and our summers are very humid and my hair just dies


my hair gets sooo wavy when it’s humid outside and it’s so annoying ?


You look like Adriana Lima


I live in Virginia and when it's hot and humid here, my hair has its own attitude and does what it wants. The BEST remedy for my curly hair is to do exactly what you said, wear it curly lol!


Lol boils down to can’t be done and use an oil. Doesn’t know which one but one that you use. ?

Rae Marie

Another great video!

Divinity Studio

Keratin treatments can be a hit or miss, esp with people of kinky or curly hair textures. They can either restructure, or tear apart the elasticity of you nature hair texture, almost like a relaxer can. It really can vary, I've heard some like you who say they work great and some that say it's horrid. I just personally don't think it is the best thing for everyone to get because it won't work equally the same, particularly for people with non-straight hair

the lovely Pico from boku no pico

I'm suffering from this especially cuz i have thin hair

Nichole Renee

Speaking of humidity ? I'm ready for one of your fab curly hair tutorials, I been rocking straight hair for a loong time but summer is coming and this LBC weather is no joke. Pretty please when you have time. ?

Laetitia Ver

yaaaasssss finally. cause legit my hair reverts back to a damaged curly mess the moment it gets humid


I hate Florida humidity??‍♀️

maisha price

ohh i love your nails! :) <3

Kimberly Mej

Hello Beautiful I love your videos you are so genuine and have such a magnetic personality. I have a question. What hair STRAIGHTENER did you use or do you recommend. My hair is for the most part straight and medium to coarse. When I use my cheap straightener my hair looks dull I want one that can at least help my hair look shiny. Thanks ??

Domé Je

GURL! We need 10 hour videos of you talking bout hair!

Urmom Phhjjj


Jolly John

Those eyes! My God they Beautiful.


My hair is oily and also frizzy


Brittney what is the nail Polish brand and color you have on?


your makeup looks so good, can you do a tutorial for? Or just tell what highlighter/blush you used.

moon c

I'd like to see more How To Videos and Vlogs.


What do you think of keratin leave ins? In particular, Chi. Honestly, haven't noticed much of a difference and wonder if I should just give up on it.

Randi Douglas

South Bay humidity is no joke. When I go down to the Esplanade my hair goes its own way. I loved the BB smoothness but it was too straight. I missed my options and my texture. Good advice here, thank you!


this is exactly the answer of my question. I've been wondering why my hair stays straight when I was in 8%-10% humidity country in middle east and go frizzy so fast Here I'm 80% humidity country. thanks for the information.

Naya Copin

I live in Florida........I don’t have to say anything else??

Laura Jones

Oh my gosh I love how honest you are. I wish you could do my hair. :)

Hadassah Monique

I LOVE BKTs and do these treatments every 6-9+ months! Always use things like Renpure or Organix (every other day or 2 days) on my hair to keep the BKT longer and use conditioner to detangle and leave a little bit in it. Then dry with a "t-shirt" pillow case and follow with coconut oil and or argan oil. :)

Sagittarius Rising

I noticed my hair won't frizz if I add a little oil to it.

Bibi-laila ALI



just wear it up in a good clip

ZZ Da Weirdo

My hair is really frizzy, and sticks out like a hedgehog. It's really annoying, and it's pretty annoying. XD

Simply Christina

This topic is my life struggle lol


Yes keratin treatments are so worth it! My hair has grown so much because of them

Nancy Monroe

Great video! Yes, the eastern and southern parts of the US are extremely humid. I rarely straighten my hair, but I most definitely avoid it during the Spring and Summer months. It's just not worth the time and effort with all of the humidity that we have. Good advice!

Julia Konya

I dropped into your amazing YouTube rabbit hole and love how honest you are and I got some really good information for my horribly stubborn curly hair. Thanks for being helpful and honest


Humidity for my hair spells oily hair almost immediately.

Jacqui Oquendo

I like you because you tell us the truth, not necessarily what we want to hear

sarah mitchell

Do keratin treatments effect natural curl pattern?

Emily Elmer

My roots are frizzy all the time even when there is no humidity in the air. I have never died my roots and don’t use heat on it either. How could I prevent my roots from becoming frizzy because I feel like it is something to do with my hair care routine.

o.O? Really?

3:36 Best moment lol like yeah right xD awesome... and I have to say thats the best "yeah right" giggle ever lol.

ileana guerra

My hair is never dyed, no chemicals in it, I trim, I never use heat, not even blow dry, and I'm a ball of frizz in humidity

Katherine Canon

I use live in Australia so just hot so all I had worry about is keeping my waves hydrated.. now I live in Texas omg.. the humidity making my hair frizz all poofy ??


Love that nail colour

Vanessa Rivera

I really thought you were going in with the water! ? ... I'm pregnant, and my hair doesn't feel the same. I'm a relaxed girl and I'm trying to stay away from the creamy crack until baby comes. I'll utilize these tips to control my frizziness and dryness ?

Kenny Plasencia

This is not a good video. You kept repeating yourself, when in moments like this. You should really be ready with a script.

Abdallah Nedal

Beneficial info,, but quick note, you need a better mic


love your honesty! this is why i continue to trust you <3 as a new yorker, summer is def wash&go season!


I'm from NY and live in Florida, I know all about that east coast humidity lol. Some Summers in NY aren't that bad then there's some that are just as bad as a Florida summer. I mostly wear my hair straight more in the Fall and winter. I straighten it in the summer sometimes, but I mostly have a problem with my roots and edges puffing up from sweating lol.

Niki Reynolds

I want to see a video where you have no makeup on at all and take us through your whole routine and I can never do my eyeshadow the way they say your suppose to with the brow and crease and lid etc.

Taryn Edwards

Thank you for this video. I live in Atlanta and as soon as it starts to get hot my hair won't stay straight. I'm going to try a keratin treatment

Arab Princess

I’ve done keratin treatment a few times however it is very expensive and have to get it done every two months when new hair grows so it’s not worth it for those wondering

Sadie Mcevoy

olive oil on your hair...


You are talking about healthy hair healthy hair healthy hair, talk about oily scalp, talk about healthy needs of the scalp, healthy food you need to avoid oils and etc.
Because no one wants to put olive oil on his hair when the scalp is oily af.
Yes, natural oils are good for your hair but it looks like you didn't wash your hair.

wow amber

I live in a very humid climate and I don't use heat, also I do cowash and no parafin and my hair is 100% natural, I don't know what to do anymore my hair looks so frizzy all the time and it just makes me feel bad.
Edit: my hair is confused lol, kinda wavy and also kinda straight is not pretty at all lol

Dante Velasquez

When I use a silicone serum like smooth n shine polisher, and then flat iron my hair it will stay perfectly straight when its raining or very humid, just as long as no water touches it. I was very happy to discover that. A round brush blowout never stays for me even with silicone. The only thing I don't like about it is that the flat iron removes all of the body out of it so it is super straight and I prefer more volume.  But I guess we can't have it all lol

Miia -

You got a beautiful smile, why not show it more often


can you do a tutorial for styling little girl's hair?

How to keep hair from frizzing in humidity

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How I Prevent Frizz in the Humidity | Type 4 High Porosity Hair

12 009 views | 16 Apr. 2019

How I prevent frizz in the

How I prevent frizz in the humidity! Like, comment, subscribe :)


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Kathy MahoneStreet

Embrace the frizz!

kit to the kat

i love yoUre tattoo!

Daisy Flower

My hair is always frizzy ? and I'm scared of gel cause they make my hair crispy. I have fine-med but high density high po hair

Also what do you use to seal your hair?

Tina Billingsley

I personally embrace the frizz because my hair is SUPER fine and I need the frizz for extra volume.


Having thick hair + humidity + high porosity hair is a lot to handle, but I wouldn’t trade my hair for anything! ?


Loving the hair????? Is this an old twist out? TFS?

Shantil Wallace

XO gang gang


You and your hair are super gorgeous...do have tutorial or info on the eye make up look you're wearing in this vid?


I live in Fort Lauderdale and the humidity is disrespectful! And what cold months are you talking about? Oh, you must mean those 2 cool days we get a year. Lol


Video on my favorite summer products? ??

Imani Shakir

That twist out ???


I’m high porosity. My hair doesn’t just frizz. It dries out, shrinks and tangles in humidity. I’d be ok with frizz. Glycerin and humidity are not my friends. They trump the moisture and sealants I’ve used. The only thing that has helped me is silicones and hair grease ?.

Michele Talley

It would have been nice to learn of the products you use to moisturize.

Kayla Ke'airah

Whewww this came at a perfect time lol


Live in Central Florida. Needed this. Thanx!

Joyce Collier

Yes, I would definitely like to see a video on your favorite summer products. TFS!!

Aleah B.

Can you review Curl Theory please? Their products are in Target now ?


It’s cold in GA rn but yesterday it was at 90% humidity. I wanted to let my hair breathe today in a fro ????

Livi Smith

Another tip (very obvious but whatever) use products with HOLD. For some it's a gel, jelly, custard, mousse, etc.


Can you do a video on what you do on rainy day, please. There isn't much information about it, Thank you. ?

How to keep hair from frizzing in humidity

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How To Fix a Silk Press Ruined By Humidity Without Heat Damage + LENGTH CHECK | Marquita Sherice

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What’s Up

What’s Up Y’all!

This is how I quick fix my frizzy silk presses. I DO NOT recommend doing this more than once after getting your hair straightened!

Hot Tools Blow Dryer: https://amzn.to/35Kew6E

Chi Silk Infusion: https://amzn.to/2WMvVHR

Jilbere Titanium Flat Irons: (These are 1 1/2 inch, mine are 1inch): https://amzn.to/3c6x43c

Ion Heat Protectant Spray: https://amzn.to/2SKprrH


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Backdrop: https://amzn.to/2W2LTwM

Camera Storage: https://amzn.to/35ew0ro

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#lengthcheck #silkpress #curlytostraight

katharine edwards

Jesus help me have I found my holy grail?!!!

katharine edwards

I just got my hair done yesterday its so annoying

sha sha

Your hair is so full and beautiful.

jazmine Pepper

Your perfect?

Ilovesesshomaru sama

I’d be happy if my hair did that at least lol

M.C. ???

I use a hot comb for my edges


You look like Kevin gates wife ?

Seductress Spirituality TV

Gorgeous hair. You are my hair twin. Any type of humidity my hair will start to frizz and curl. My hair was past my tit and she cut 2 inches. Still pretty long and I'm glad it is even.

Merit Dike

How long did it take you to get so much hair??



~Daphne Amy's World~!


idc 101

my hair stylist said she need to texturize my hair in order to do a silk press...that sound sus to me

Kayla Symone

??? love your hair! Great video

S Luv

Hair porn!!! Girl your hair is bomb af!!!!!!!!!????? hair goals! Periodt!❗️❗️

Lavelury Powell

Your hair is so beautiful and you're veryyy pretty ?❤️

Portia Lewis-Gray

- Your hair is gorgeous! ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Brichanise Terrell

Cool. Jesus bless ya

Earl moss

Wow you have beautiful hair and it’s so long and healthy


I wish you would of did a dramatic slow motion when that hat came off and let your hair fall....lawd...lemme go to AliExpress and have my dreams

Living Water Testimony

Yesss love Janae Mickles ! Her silk press tips are everything!!! I also use that heat protectant. But girl all that hair ? The minute you took that hat off I was shook ? Thank you so much for sharing your tips I needed some help to revive my silk press for thanksgiving ❤??

Miss. Benin in America

Wow, girl you hair look gorgeous and healthy, you're naturally beautiful too, I can't wait to grow my hair like this long??, thank you for sharing.

Alexis Howard

I live in Florida and I’ll love to wear my hair straight but it’s sooo hard ???‍♀️

Kenneth Hill

Love your hair it's so beautiful and healthy

Alize Barker

Nice hair you remind me of Draka Kevin Gates wife ?

Katrina Barber

Absolutely stunning ????

Loani Castillo

My hair is frizzing a second after flat ironing it. I am going nuts. I mean it. When I finish, the hair I did first is frizzy and the last too! My flat iron is tourmaline.

I was a year without heating tops after blow drying in the salon made a looooot of my hair break.

My hair looks always full mainly in the roots.

Michelle Midori

What was the name of the youtuber she mentioned at the beginning of the video? Her favorite dresser on social media? Thanks!

ambrosia toay

I'm almost 3 years in about 4 months...I see my hair about your length in maybe 6 months

Kaneesha Sawyer

Your hair ?❣️ I’m amazed. Also do you remember where you got that turtleneck from? It is so cute!

nancy breaux

The thickness.

edgarlyn g

is she gay because she is beautiful and giving me hella lesbian vibes


Really good spray. Been using it for years, it's good for thick natural hair. My silk presses have lasted through hot humid Chicago summers

Shannon Armstrong

Absolutely gorgeous head of hair AMAZING ABUNDANCE

Inspire Me in the Word With Laurie

What’s the name of your flat iron?

Zaniyah Richardson

lmao, Dreka is that you?? ??

Lindsey Chavone

I was SHOOK when you took that hat off! Your hair is gorgeous!!??❤️???


Got my hair done like 10 hours ago and it already looks like shit. No curls and flat. Omg I need help

Miss S.

My FAVORITE flat irons! I've had mine for years...... the best!


Thank you so much.. I have your hair but it’s thin as hell because I wash and put echo gel in it every day. I just wear it curly. The last 7 years it has been coming out every day. I got it blown out yesterday. Everyone was surprised at the length but it used to be as long as yours. It comes past my shoulders now so it doesn’t feel long anymore. I was wondering how to take the puff out at the roots in the front and back. ??Thank you



Ykingjunior & D’Angela

Your so beautiful! i love your hair its so long and beautiful! your intro is sooo cute too.

Kiara Thomas

How is your hair able to flow like that from a silk press?

My hair is dense and when I flat iron my hair it comes out either heavy from too much heat protector or frizzy from not enough

Debbie Bloodworth

PRETTY Healthy Hair?


Can you share the link to the stylist you follow on IG?

From Darkness to Light Scriptures and Author

Great video


I think this girl is Mexican. Look at her hair! Mexicans have the most beautiful hair, so silky and gorgeous.

La'Joia Creary

Girl you’re hair is soooo beautiful ??we need your input on how to grow your hair so long girl✨

Mimi Rose

Girlllll....... mY hAiR rUiNeD ? pulls off hat looking like rapunzel

Dana Squire



love it

phendy Jean



Gosh your hair is so beautiful and HEALTHY!

Valencia Jones

How often do you straighten your natural hair? Aside from touch ups.

Christine Hammonds

Your hair is gorgeous! I just have a few questions, if you don’t keep your hair wrapped for 3 days or need to fix your hair immediately, would you use this same method expecting the same results? And did you need to do this more than once? My hair is silk pressed, I have 3C/4C hair type and colored, I get my silk press done at a salon. I work from home so it usually keeps for about 3wks without it looking puffy, but I’m always scared of putting heat on it at home, this video really encouraged me and assured me that there’s away to keep my style looking perfect without causing heat damage.

Earl moss

You have beautiful hair


your hair is absolutely beautiful ?

Bre Jenkins

Omg your hair is soooo beautiful, goals ?? ?? I happy I found your channel ! New subbie ?? I would love to stay connected & support one another!

Kay Forbey

Gorgeous hair!!

Dis Appointed

The thicker and fuller of the hair the more stronger it is against the heat of the blow dryer and straighting tools


I wouldn’t suggest anyone doing this unless their hair is coarse AND thick like hers. This video should definitely have a disclaimer.

Shantil Wallace

Gang gang


Gorgeous hair.

Ayodele Ellevic Thompson

Girl u need ta share how do u have so much hair ????

Tracey 26

I just ran across this video, thanks for the tips... I really don’t silk press my hair anymore, bc I sweat in my sleep & after spending all that time & $$ getting my hair done, the next morning it’s always a poofy mess (wrapping it or in a low ponytail)

shurron Covington

Beautiful ??
All that Beautiful hair when the Hat came off ??

Mikalia Andrea

Im a proud Big Sister...??

I love that turtle neck!!!!

K. M.

Wow your hair is soo thick and beautiful !!!

Olivia Brown

Beautiful hair!! I would love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk by JuniorLabs. It absolutely gets my hair soft and flowy ❤️❤️

Kahmaii Pugh

I don’t think you know beautiful your hair is ??