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Skin Graft Salt Bath To Remove Scabbing | 5 Weeks Post-Op Stage 1 Phallo

13 014 views | 14 Oct. 2015

At 5 weeks post-op from

At 5 weeks post-op from stage 1 phalloplasty, I can now give the skin graft a salt bath to help loosen the scabbing. Please be warned that if you are squeamish this might not be for you! The skin graft is now healing well and the salt bath revealed nice new pink skin.

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It's looking good though init


Isn't forcing the scab off going to cause scarring?

Evander Turner

This was so satisfying and educational to watch. Thanks Finn!


How’s that happened?

Jasmine Parson

Your arm looks like a turtle mate ?

Markas Shel Alexander

Finn!!!! I made it thru...I didn't get nauseated or turn away. I do have counseling in about 10 mins so any trauma from exposure can be worked out in s

Spence Over The Fence

Snort ....That's my bum ...PMSL


I thought it would be really bloody, messy and gross, but it actually looks really good! Amazing!

A Boon

congratulations pal reali glad to share ur journey with u x


your hand is swallen I presume from the bandages? will it go down when you take them off?

Rockin' UK

I did have a little eewwwww moment but then recovered as you stroked your butt and seemed quite happy!! ;-)

Carrie Zare

That haircut makes you look a little like Hawk-eye from the avengers movie ?, doing great man!

Bobby Williams

First of all that’s a good bathroom sink, to fit his arm

Liz Knight

that was lovely to watch.. to see you smiling and both of you sounding so happy was awesome xxxx much love to you both xxx


Your arm looks fantastic Finn. Gross but so neat at the same time. I am so glad you are doing so well.

Sam Kardasz

so i’m mentally preparing for my bottom surgery journey and i haven’t felt too distressed by any of the physical aspects yet until this part ? thinking about rubbing that much scabbed skin off my arm seriously has me genuinely gagging. such incredible healing for so shortly after the procedure! this is just a thing i hadn’t really thought much about ?


your hand is swallen I presume from the bandages? will it go down when you take them off?



Khoddiey - Rene Clark

Can you choose where they take skin from? And if not, does skin graphs from the arm effect tattoos?

Only Me


Markas Shel Alexander

Finn!!!! I made it thru...I didn't get nauseated or turn away. I do have counseling in about 10 mins so any trauma from exposure can be worked out in session, yes? :)

It's healing amazingly isn't it? Just wow. Has the scab ever itched? I don't recall you ever mentioning itchy moments. I wanted to scratch it. Just like a kid as you said. :)

I have a sleep study tonight in a sleep lab. I may be dreaming of snake like forearms. Weeeeeee! :)

PoeBoi Kramere

Drew are you an R.N?

Doris Wright

Thanks for sharing but what happened?

Reckless Jack

haha XD Oh Finn, what you like!
Arms looking amazing. Looked like Giraffe markings to start off, nice finish of skin underneath. Thanks for sharing buddy!

Matthew C.

How many months post-phallo were you when you did this?


This has nothing to do with your arm but what does your ring say?

PoeBoi Kramere

At first I thought it was like a cool snake skin tattoo then when ya started to rub I was like "Ooooooooooooooooo" but I didn't think it was gross at all, I'm a registered nurse's kid so nothing bothers me. Yer really lucky to have a partner who isn't grossed out at all. Is he an R.N?

Mike Sikler

I suddenly have taste for bacon, lol looking good !

allgirrrl Rider

That was fun. Your very cute btw.

Nicholas D

Your arm looks like its healing wondefully! Congrats :) i had to leave the arm soaking bit after a sec though, lol thats a little too much for me to watch haha


Sharing your experience so frankly will be tremendously helpful for many, many other people. Peace be with you.

Jamie Finch

This is kind of random but where did you get your Star Wars T-shirts? :)


You're healing so incredibly well mate! Didn't think I would see that much healthy skin this so early on

David Imhoff

You are adorable. Very cute. Your arm looks like it's healing pretty good. Did make my stomach churn with the flappy parts lol

Charlie Strickland

I just love you guys! Jokes over a scabby arm! Yaaaaa! Seriously, it looks great! Really need to work on the swelling in that hand though...I worry. LOL! Always look forward to your next vlog.


This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing. Squeamishness about the donor site is one of the things that really gets to me about phallo, but watching you go through all of this with such strength and patience gives me so much hope. It’ll be painful and scary for a while, but it’s a surmountable obstacle. Nobody is obligated to share about their phalloplasty journey, of course, but I’m so grateful to those who do. It’s massively helpful and inspiring. Seriously can’t thank you enough

Christopher Forder

Arm looking great Finn. I bet that was such a nice feeling to have that done on your arm. Really looks nice and pink underneath. Do you have any sensation at all??


Never ever remove the awesome 80's music.


Looking good Finn, it's amazing the different techniques used.
Keep on keeping on Buddy.

Jobastian StarCruiser

That looks really good. It heals really well!

Shawn Laffey

Rock me Arm a dayus


Yes I am Finn...I'm standing to pre now. My next surgery is June for t-implants and ED. I am truly Blessed!

The Offender

JUST PEEL IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Laffey

Looks like a holiday Ham