Pink spider vacuum

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Lucas the Spider All Episodes

2 513 778 views | 13 Nov. 2019





More! We demand more Lucas!


I love this spider because she can talk and soooo cute. ??

mahmoud gaming

Some spiders are harmless like Lucas
But some are poisonous...
THOSE are the ones that must be killed

Douglas Pritchard

OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• CoffeeAesthetic •

I was a but nervous around spiders but thinking about this made me not afraid of them anymore it’s too cute ?


i would take him as a pet he needs friends

Courtney Mangus

Spiders are from he'll Except for Lucas


Serious question: how would Lucas eat if he wouldn't hurt a fly??

rlapuz alejandro

I love it your stories

Charmander Playzz


Leah Casas

HeLl sOoOoOoOoOoOoOo CuTeeeee


Can I have him pls

I hoop j

Ok I don’t like it but the voice is ok....

WK3(25) Wu Pak Kit

All spiders: eats all flys and worms and crickets

Lucas: plays and says hi to other animals

Chaos Mills

Subscribe to this channel and the Lucas the spider channel they are both cool!

andrea miller

Hey hey hey you can you come over here you are so cute??

Romeo Cruz

Is this... Is this true love?

Marco Tolosa

Awww Lucas is cute he's so cute and he's voice is cute♥️♥️?

Jeff San Juan

Who doesn’t like Lucas Lucas is the cutest spider in the world!

Victoria Vinella

Me: oh Lucas is so cute
Later when I see a spider: KILL IT!!!

Shadowbrine _XD

lucas the adorably DANGEROUS spider

Rizwana Vakil

I feel like this guy forgot to put in the episode where Lucas has been captured



I have see this video.

Devorn Fallen

he's so cute every thing about him is so cute

glemur the tiger

Hes so cute and dangerous

Garings Za

Lucas is so cute.

ChromaCat Animations

Someone made something cute out of DEMONIC HELL CREATURES

Lezah Sarz

Soooo Cuteeeeeeee

Sophia Etka

Jumping spiders have always scared the shit out of me, but this guy is cute.
Cartoon spiders are cute, but irl ones are eugh.


OMG!!!! So cute!!!

Aki Nikolic

Am 7 and cute

Courtney Mangus

He's so adorable I can't help it

AJ Joseph

Lucas?. Me? when I now know that spiders are not bad?

Casey Grobler

I want Lucas as a pet

The lone wolf Mike

Oh my gosh she’s so cute

Josiah Henault

2:23 he starts saying scary stories

rlapuz alejandro

Lucas the spider in nap time

Titis Srilastinah


Kalob Meyers

I find it funny AND I'm a teenager

Shahirah Amin

I love spiderssss

Kimberly Billings

lucas go down holeeeeeee



Jane Wileman

I loveeeeeeee himmmmmm ???????????????????????????????????

Smelly Bombo

New ASMR! Just listen to the way he walks. The way he softly pads his way around, yet still moves at the speed of light.

Emily P

Me and my son, age 7, LOVE Lucas!!! So funny! :)

Indira Roy

He is a cute spider I don't like spiders but I like luc as the spider so I'm happy with him


i have a friend here, i named him lucas cuz he look like him, he's with me, he's in my monitor and we watched this together, and im happy

Amirrah Guevarra

Im a teen watching this

•A Z U L •

Hes so frikin coottt

Chris Grinder

25 year old Marine - watching this with his kids cuz he loves how cute this spider is ??

lexi Goddard


Courtney Mangus

He's SO CUTE!!!

Patricia Novelo

He is soooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!

Aguelmous Yacine



please why does this make me so happy

Cayden Case

Never thot spiders could be cute

Chloe Voutsas

Not the vaccine cleaner being scary ???

Puppy Cake

I watch this when I was 5 years old and now I am eight years old and I am still watching him Sooooo cute

Maeva Mata

The spider is so cute


Candy canes

James the astronaut

These videos are the one thing that made quit being scared of spiders


Don’t eat flys

Ruby Dragoness

I’m 14 and I’m watching this


If only real spiders were this cute ♥


Bro his solo cutee

Chaos Mills

I love the Lucas the spider channel I will like this THESE ARE CUTE!

Jen Clay

luce:maby ill never find a new frend. me:ILL BE YOUR NEW FREND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Figueroa

I watched this when I was 3 years old now I'm 7 years old

Harry Potter


Ultra_storm1 1

Lucas cured my aracnifobia

Clpuppylove321 Clpuppyluv

I hate spiders but my gosh Lucas is my favorite spider bc he’s so dam cute??❤️❤️❤️

Dialga's pc

Whoever pressed the dislike button probably are unwholesome

Simple Animations

People: awww Lucas is so cute!
People when they see a spider: ?️

Karla Santibañez

I love him and I want him

Paris Tadeo

He is sooo cute!✨?

kenma kouzone

omg I’m gonna cry

king lorenz fernando


Alda Sheikh

Oh he’s so cute


11:46 hey y'all i found the imposer among us

Clubstep Studios

7:52 they’re literally ice skating


he is soooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! <3


Have a nice sleep

Titis Srilastinah


Leilanny Mendoza

I have arachnaphobia(SUPER SCARED OF SPIDERS)but i can make a exception for lucas his chill and doesnt kill you

Copperbird 2119

Yes a 22 years old guy is watching tis

rlapuz alejandro

Luces the spider in gaint spider



Krystal Kemp

Bubbyyy ???❤️❤️

Laurie Bingo sqish

I love this its so funny ?

Minhthuan Nguyen

He is lonely

rlapuz alejandro

And all

Diana Riverjackson

If all spiders would be like this...

That would be great

Alejandro Cain

He's a cutie

Narad Shrestha

Aww man

Soooo CUTE!!!!!!!

Olivia angel

awwwww you can come in buddy Lucas your so cute


Green ball

Laurie Bingo sqish

So cute


Lucas:im full how do you eat so much?
Fly:i guess its my best metabolizm
Lucas:thats metabo what?


john bonner

I am literally petrified of spiders but he is an exception lol! ?

Charlie Weekley

This is an amazing video to show to an arachnophobic to help them feel better about spiders.

Pink spider vacuum

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Dyson Ball Compact Vacuum DC50 Unboxing CEREAL KILLER EDITION Funny Cute Happy WILLYS TOYS

776 586 views | 10 Jan. 2017

Willy gets a Dyson DC50

Willy gets a Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Vacuum Cleaner in the mail. Watch him unbox it, and look at how excited he gets! Willy even builds up the courage to try it out as he vacuums up a bunch of cereal and snacks including Trix, Cheerios, Life, Froot Loops, and Cheez-Its.

UPDATE: All new Dyson for 2020: https://youtu.be/VAm_pl_YRCU


For Business Inquiries, please email: [email protected]

Subscribe to Willy's Toys for more exciting videos to come!


Kid and Dog Playing in GIANT BALL PIT with Darth Vader BATMAN Superman SURPRISE EGG


Spiderman Toy Surprise Egg and Spiderman Cake and Surfboard


Shopkins GIANT BALL PIT Pirate Ship Bed Surprise Blind Box


Star Wars Breakfast Lunch and Dinner ROGUE ONE Force Awakens


Boy gets Radio Flyer Trike Surprise Box and TROLLS Poppy Branch and Plush


CRAZY KID vs. SPIDERMAN Balloon Animal Fight at Denny's Disneyland Resort


Toy BLIND BAG Shopping Spree SHOPKINS Five Nights at Freddys STAR WARS


BATMAN Surprise Box Unboxing Fisher Price Little People GOTHAM CITY Raceway Ride-On


Fisher Price Big Action Dig N Ride KINDER SURPRISE EGG Construction Worker


Kid Unboxing STAR WARS ROGUE ONE Surprise Box K-2SO Darth Vader JYN Cassian Andro NERF


Kid Having SO MUCH FUN at Chuck E. Cheese's - FUNNY Cute GAMES Tickets & Prizes


Kid at Toys R Us playing with 20+ POWER WHEELS Star Wars Thomas & Friends


Crazy Kid Playing STAR WARS Rogue One BATMAN Ninja Turtles K-2SO Toy


Cute Kid Attacks NINJA TURTLE Star Wars NINJAGO Plush Frog and Barbie Toy


Cats Fish Birds and SPIDER at PetSmart


Kid Unboxing Mercedes G Wagon POWER WHEELS Toy G55 AMG G500 Surprise Box


Cute Kid vs. Chicken Balloon Fight


Playing at Toy Store STAR WARS Batman Joker SPIDER MAN Paw Patrol


Happy Kid at CHUCK E CHEESE Playing Arcade Games Basketball Football


Shopkins GIANT BALL PIT Pirate Ship Bed Surprise Blind Box FAMILY FUN Funny Happy Cute


Star Wars Breakfast Lunch and Dinner ROGUE ONE Force Awakens


Boy gets Radio Flyer Trike Surprise Box and TROLLS Poppy Branch and Plush DUMBO


Disneyland HALLOWEEN Party Tour 2016 MICKEY MOUSE Haunted Mansion STAR WARS Rogue One


Kid at Toys R Us playing with 20+ POWER WHEELS Star Wars Thomas & Friends


Crazy Kid Playing STAR WARS Rogue One BATMAN Ninja Turtles K-2SO Toy


Kid Unboxing Mercedes G Wagon POWER WHEELS Toy | G55 AMG G500 | CUTE


Kid vs. Chicken Balloon Fight | Crazy Toddler FUNNY Hilarious Cute Evil




Pink spider vacuum

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Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 2 - International Auto Parts

17 215 views | 11 Apr. 2012

Part # 32009 (In-Tank Fuel

Part # 32009 (In-Tank Fuel Pump)


Part # 16511 (In-Tank Filter Sock)


Fuel Tank Sending Units


Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 2

This is International Auto Parts Fixing the gas smell in the trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider part 2.

Day 1 Session 2:

It has been about a week since we replaced the vacuum lines in the trunk. We are still having the gas smell, but it is not as bad. So this means that we fixed part of the problem, but it is not completely fixed yet. We have narrowed the problem down to the left side of the trunk where your gas fill and fuel supply line to the engine is at. So we are going to pull the floor carpet back and remove the trunk gasket again to pull back the side carpet.

We are going to be working around where the fuel pump and sending unit is located in the floor. We are going to remove all 6 screws and the washers that are under them. You then want to pull the wires off the top of the sending unit, but mark them so you know where to put them back. The black wire which is your ground goes on the bottom left fuse link. The purple wire which tells how much fuel is in the car attaches to the top left fuse link. The Pink wire with the white stripe which is power for the fuel pump attaches to the top middle fuse link. The white wire with a black stripe which is the indicator for the low fuel light on your dashboard attaches to the top right fuse link. Once disconnected you want to just pull them out and tuck them out of the way for now.

We are now going to try to get the sending unit out with the fuel pump on it. We are going to pull the supply hose off to give us some room to work. Tuck the fuel hose up so that it is propped upwards so that you don't have fuel running back out. Gently pull the sending unit and fuel pump all the way out. The gasket doesn't look to bad, but we will go ahead and put another one on it since we already have it out of the car. (Looking at the fuel pump on this car it is not an original, but aftermarket pump. The ones we sell do not look like this exactly, but we are going to leave it since it seems to be pumping fuel.) The gasket just slides down over the body. The sending unit though is original you can tell because of the basket bracket. The ones that we sell do not have that piece it just relies on the hose to make the connection to hold it all in place.

While we have the pump out we are actually going to go ahead and pull the screen out since we don't think it is doing much filtering. The screen is actually just something someone has put in there. You can see what remains of the original filter and it is actually broken apart; so we will go ahead and put a new filter in that will be the correct one. You don't need to put the bracket back on since the hose should hold it fine as long as it is in good shape, but this hose doesn't appear to be. So we will replace this as well.

Day 2 of Session 2:

We found a couple things wrong that we had not expected and you don't know till you are in it. When we put all the parts back in we are going to use the basket piece just so that it keeps the original look. We did find something else after we removed the sending unit; which was the float had gone bad and was full of gas; so we replaced that as well. We already have the new gasket back in place and we want to make sure we push the five screws through it so that we don't lose them in the gas tank. When we put the replacement hose on we want to make sure the 13mm side attaches to the sending unit and the 8mm side attaches to the fuel pump. There are no clamps needed it just slides into place and held by friction. Then we will reattach the bracket and a hose clamp is all that holds that into place. Finally we will put the new filter on which just snaps to the bottom of the pump.

When placing the fuel pump and sending unit back in it is important to have it in the correct clock position. It will fit any way, but will only work one way. When putting the pump back in you want to position the float so that it faces the right side of the trunk and then as it goes in the float arm is directly at your spare tire. You will need to mash the filter in as you put the pump in, but it will fit. Try to make sure on your gasket the largest hole is aligned with your fill, it help you align the rest of the holes up. Once the sending unit is back in place reinstall the fuel hose and the wires from earlier.

Aside from the fuel pump parts we replaced we also found that the carpet may have contributed to the smell. The carpet had gotten fumigated so we have pulled it out and are letting it air out. We think that this will fix the problem.


Very helpful video, I've got a working fuel gauge now! I just used a standard hose clamp on the fuel line, much easier getting a small 1/4" socket in the hole to tighten the clamp. Also, that little hose between the pump and sender was so old and hard that mine was unusable, so I just used a piece of fuel line and clamps. 


Could you please tell me wich is the code number on for the in-tank filter? I think the brand is Walbro, but i don´t know exactly the model. Is it dis one? https://www.amazon.com/Walbro-1250572-Fuel-Filter/dp/B00BT1CNSQ/ref=sr_1_54?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1534950294&sr=1-54&keywords=walbro