Short mens hairstyle

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Men's Crew Cut Tutorial - MVRCK GIVEAWAY!!!

430 619 views | 11 Sep. 2018


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RaJaNae Haywood

I’m a subscriber.!! I’m in Macon Georgia and I’m learning everyday with you ❤️❤️ keep up the great work

Crystal Thompson

Love your videos! I am a subscriber and I’m glad to see the instructional men’s cuts coming in more. Cowlicks are my biggest issues. I have many men’s cuts with multiple cowlicks. My son for instance has two side by side that swirl up on each side making horns when cut short. Any advice with these type situations would be awesome!?

Clinton Steinberg

I’ve been a subscriber for a while and love all the cuts and color. I learn a lot even being a hairdresser for years, you never stop learning. Thanks Matt...!!


The model looks so sad, like he didn't want to be there.....great hair cut though!!


This is great. I'm cutting my own hair (cos lockdown) and I notice a stark difference between my top and sides. How do I soften it?

Emma Lee

Subscribed and loved this video!

Orange Gottwald

I'm here because I have ROTC Program.

Blohsh Boy

Enjoyed the cut, but on the left side (my right) the line for the fade was still a little heavy.

DeMoneXtioner _cx

Every guy here be honest and respond what u think about during a haircut because i don’t think we all just stand there and have a serious face


Nice! This is what you call a crew cut unlike some of these other YouTube videos who are terrible at it!

Lam_14 synrem

nice cut but I think he needs a skin crew cut because of that scar....n edging is not that much satisfied....i did haircut for almost 8years but only gents but I don't know anything abt ladies cut...now i know because you exist i know there a lot of videos out there but you are good at it...you're specialize on ladies haircut.. thank you!!

Manish Jakh

6:07 look at his face he's like what have you done ???? to me ??????

Mary Wendler

Nice! Thank you!

Cristine Borja013

Thank you i learned new fr you

Svge Skrt

Is it really too much to go over the sides to clear up those patchy areas other than that cut alright


I'd love to win some products! Yall inspired me to actually go to cosmetology school instead of just watching FSE on YouTube ?

Daniyal Furqan

I'm a subscriber now?

yura kuznecov

Меня бы уволили за такую стрижку)

Michael -

great video man put some music in the background it will be perfect ♫

Christian Lozano

el tipo Se parece. A un Mini Randy Orton

Dale Montgomery

I love short hair cuts . My hair grows really fast . Looking for product that would slow down hair growing so fast . Help fine something . Thanks


I want I'm subscriber

Lisa Thomson

I'm a subscriber❤ I like it when you do tutorials. I'm not a cosmologists but you make people like me fall in love with with doing hair. My husband wants me to do his but I'm not ready yet. Thank you for doing these awesome videos.
I would love to win the new Maverick products ❤❤✂✂??????

Connie Persutti

I'm a subscriber!

ricardo jr pingkian

Nice ????

Aaron Dollar

I'm a subscriber and truly appreciate your videos! I'm a new barber and would love to win those products! Thanks for all the incredible education!


Where are you located, where is your shop?

Government Official ✓

Is this a fade or taper? And which is better

Jessica Kilbourne

Subscribed! :)

Tammy Parkerson

I would love to try them!
Thank you for sharing!

Līga Laura

I am a subscriber for a while and also I am a hairstylist as well! It's so nice to watch your videos and always learn something new! Keep being amazing and making those awesome videos! Thank you! <3

Joshua De La Rosa

I think you could’ve done a better blend on the fade. But over all good technique.

Thomas Allen

I get a grade 4 on top

state your name

I really want this haircut so bad but the corners of my hairline is so high and i think i look like an egg. The model in the video has a high hairline too but I dont wanna be impulsive in choosing this haircut because the model in the video is good looking while on the other hand im ugly lol

Cliff Harley

Would love to test these new products in my salon! We use a lot of the newer products like the invisiblewear line and the color XG

Kor O'Connell

I love 5 star executions of really simple ideas. This was a joy to watch

Itto Ryu

This cut give me fresh look,i always combine this cut with textured and low fade.

Daniyal Furqan

Hello Im a subcriber now is it late now?

butthurting antifafa

Was gonna add a Like but decided to leave that number. Metal As Fuck! Good luck, to Kyle. Hooah!

Kaina Joseph


RJ Carter

This is a nice haircut but the top is left too long for a traditional crew cut.

Luke Melling O'Brien

This is explained very well. Thank you!

Kristen Leigh

Love you videos!!!

Alec Weitl

he’s so cute

Jeremy Lusty

Love this channel and have been a subscriber for a while!

Amy Pierce

I’m a subscriber!! ?

Gametrix ‍

i dont know if that was meant to be a fade if it wasn't my bad but if if it was then tbf it was iffy


I'm a subscriber


What is your shop location? Where do you cut at?

Amy Berthod

Thank you Matt, good luck everyone ;-)


This is so informative. Imagine if every barber know these techniques ?

hasdar baharuddin

From indonesia...I'm your fans, thank you for the lesson


Thank you for mentioning that he had a scar on back of his head, otherwise I would doubt your work.?


Não entendi porra nenhuma, mas achei super interessante haha

Angie Gall

subbed to learn for my son

Jose B Rivera

A crew cut is all the hair evenly cut extremely short. You didn’t serve in the military did you?

Shanna Bystrika



Despite all the positive comments I do have to say that there is a dark shadow on the overall cut at the end and there is a dark line between the guidelines which needs blending out.

Gabriel D'avila

Pretty good brow, i wish i could cut myself like that

John Kiltcher

how long would you say the hair is on the top?

huynh mao

Wow,,, amazing...


Bravo! ?

Edgar Daven Magas

I need that maverick thingy right now. hahahahahaha

Dane Logan

Not a crew cut but nice nonetheless


i'm not feeling this hair cut?should skin the side & back no hair?
the top of his hair doesn't look good?
just my option ....u can tell he not happy.


Damn Kyle looks great, clean cut simple look. Low maintenance. I like the scar on the back, it’s sext and gives him character. Remember, all scars are earned, wear them proudly!

Jia En Tan

Oh hell I'm a subscriber much love for your channel man!


Awesome bro Professional

Jerry Stone

Oh great, a 6 minute advertisment.

Sweet Honey biscuits

literally so helpful

Max Stein

He’s hot!

The Sofa Artist

Anybody else here in 2020 trying to figure out what to do with their hair while in isolation/lockdown?

Ma. Rica G. Cañete

wow ??


If you have any plausible ideas in mind, please explain how to do this ourself! My haircut is part of my confidence or feeling like I'm cleaned up and put together, but in this pandemic I cant do that.

If there is any additional things you could advise, could you please make a video or commentary video with short clips showing parts?
This is of course if you have the equipment needed wherever you are to do that.

Dark Lord

No entendí niiuna wea lo k dijo.like.si tu también

Johnee Livingston

You already know ?

Israel Guarin

cut not even nice like that

Dao Mah

Fuck yo Chanel nigga

Courtney Gallagher

I’m always fading my husbands hair....at least once a week. ??‍♀️ and my husband name is Kyle ???

Geo Pancho

Hi to evreyone hug to hug here im newbie.. tnx

Redzal Mahdin

Hi, thanks for the video, maybe it would be great if you wear other than black shirt, cause .. anyway great haircuts! :)

Kim Malone

My students and I watch a video of yours everyday. We love your VLOGS! We also attended your class at Fashion Focus in Nashville,TN in May. We love, love, love your work.

ada may oquias

hi sir i am just starting to learn hair dressing i dream that you could chose me as one of your winner. but the most important tool i really need are those blower and hair straightening iron. i cant afford buying those nice tools i hope i could be the lucky person to recieve a gift from you. im ada from the Philippines

Ritche Morales

Notice me Matt. ?

Adriana Betancur

my (veteran) grandpa was like “give me a crew cut” and i said “ok” searches on youtube what that is


This isn't a crew cut


great tutorial! model looks sad though.

what the fuck

Cheer up! Crew cut!

andrew cluer

A brilliant haircut for this particularly handsome individual.

The Strangeguy

I really loved that haircut?


Will this look okay when I have a cowlick at the front of my hair where my fringe is? Hairs getting too long during lockdown and I’m scared to try this ?

Lisa Merz

I would not be the stylist I am without your awesome educational videos Great blend! Thank you.

Trey Davis

I love you hairstily

Michele Gardemann

Thank you so much! I've been a stylist for over 30 years, got my license on my 21st b-day. I've only been working in my little home salon and haven't had any advanced training for awhile. I learn so much from you about new color technology, new tools, products and techniques. It helps me 'keep it fresh' for my clients.

Hoang Vu

Ugh so glad I'm subscribed to this channel. Men's cuts are what I struggle with most but you've been such a great help since cosmo school!

Guy Smith

Ima subscriber

A Ramírez

How do I know if this look goes well on me?

prathyush sk

I have improved my work..after that watching your toutorial videos im from india..,kerala

Noel Villar

Hello! Good Day! New Subscriber here... from Purok 4 Cabatuan, isabela Philippines... ? ? ? ?


Excellent video. 10/10