Stretch marks abs

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The Truth about Abs, Bloat and Extra Skin | Natalie Jill

253 952 views | 5 May. 2015

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In this video, I share my most common questions (and answers) on abs such as how do I get them? Is cardio important? Can I get abs after having a baby? What about loose skin? What are the best exercises? Is there a pill that targets body fat?

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About Natalie: Hi everyone, thank you so much for subscribing to my channel! I share how to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT through un-processing your diet, training functionally and using your own body weight with limited time and busy schedules. Join me weekly here as I share workouts, tips, nutrition help, recipes, and more!

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Natalie Morata

I've been trying so hard to lose the little flab of belly fat but nothing is working!! I'm drinking as much water as possible and eating a lot more vegetables (mostly raw)  and fruit. I work out 5 days a week straight, with 3 days of cardio for 40 minutes, and 2 days of strength training or body-weight exercises for 45 minutes, but my belly fat just wont budge! I'm on the verge of just giving up because I feel like I'm trying to hard for nothing. It's been a little over a year and I'm just not ready to throw in the towel. Please help!

So_ Mollie

Thanks for sharing. Great info.


Great video, Natalie!!! Very informative. Thanks!

Julia Arnold

I'm 17 years old and 5'2 and about 200lbs

Will I have loose skin?

Vuj In away section for Partizan at White hart

is it just me or do her abs look questionable...probably just me


Did you have loose skin after your pregnancy? I just want to know if building muscle would help me if I have loose skin after losing weight.

Krysta Beaty

OK just a personal question but I've had four c sections and I have a mommy flap I have very little time to exercise so an easy quick exercise to lose that mommy flap please help

kidsmuaythai mma

broccoli and diet so called treats make me horribly bloat

Martha Viz

hi I'm new to ur videos but I love them so far...specially no machines...not sure if u have touched this subject but how do u get rid of cellulite ?? thnx

Ken Neal

I am not sure what time are u able too forgive me i want to make it up to you.

Eagle One

Thanks so much for sharing all this information. And also for showing your abs when you squeeze them. You are for real ????? Just like us mortals. Blessings to you and your family ? ?


I had a csection a little over a year ago. Drastically changed my workouts and earring habits. But I feel like it'll take a long time to get near flat belly because I have an endomorph body type. Can you do a video on that in the future??

The Brble

Wow, Honest legit answers! Good on you ?

Nichole Palmisano

Do u count macros or calories? Or just eat healthy?

clear as water

omg...here i am chewing gum all day everyday wondering why i still have this pooch. I learned so much in this video that i haven't in like one year.


Hey Nat it's Nat again! lol
Thank you SO much for this video! 
For a year and a half now I've been exercising really hard and trying my best/hardest to eat healthy.....but I still have a "tummy" problem.....now because of this video I WILL GET A FLAT STOMACH! XD

kidsmuaythai mma

i was going to ask that question but thank you for this video... you see i had 3 kids and my second pregnacy i had my twins so you can imagine how big my belly god... not that im complaining i never really cared about my loose skin because i have 3 healthy kids so what is more important...right... so i started working out and doing lots of cardio workout wich is great changed my diet and changed so i have flat belly sort of my stomach is getting in shape but loose skin still there ?


Thank you for being honest & transparent!  I've worked hard to lose 68lbs and my belly is flat but after a photo my little mini took while I was in down-dog I wanted to hide! I was horrified by my pouch that I had thought was gone, thank you for sharing that even your famous abs have different skin.  It was really encouraging!

Jordan Benvenisti

Hi I am 14 and dance excessively and insensely. I still have a little pouch at the bottom of my stomach. My weight has been normal with growing. I have Celiac Disease im 5,7 and 115lbs. How do i get rid of the pouch? Dance is 6 day a week and i go to every class available. Help?


Thank you!

Sharona Simhaei

true. recently I feel bloated and I chew a lot of gums

Ayesha Ahmed

Hey.. Dear.. I give birth before 3 year... I want flat tummy now... And want to tight my loose skin of tummy... Is this possible? Please help me.


This is true because I used to jog every other day and do many exercises lost 20 lbs and had cookies every rest day lmao but I did eat healthy as well >.>!

Sandra Igboke

U asked if u helped? ...oh yeah you did!!

Karrie Manfre

You bring up alot of good points! ☺?

Angelita Weathersby

Awesome! Very reassuring, motivating and informative. Thank You

Emin Velizade

How can i get nice abs

Mary Estrera

You just gained a new subscriber! I love and follow all your tricks I hope to lose more than I do now. I used to be 300lbs. Thank you for the advice.

iMovie Stars

I really like your honesty that is factual based and also really encouraging! I just subscribed :)

Janiyah hunter

how do u do the plank

Milli Rae

do you have an article or reasoning on how artificial sweeteners make you retain water? have never heard that before i think that might be affecting me ! Love your vids super informative and interesting <3 xx

Sunita Pandey

I have questions because I just last month start exercise regularly my question is If having period also can do belly fat exercise? I try 1 and 2 it’s having pains not feelings to do

kim love

Ok how to fill in my ass and breast fast and keep it . i lose my cravings for food . and sometimes i just want to eat . i gain fast and loose it even faster. I cant afford to work out i will just go up and down . i need some one on top of me to make me eat . and control my whole life . its never going to happen. Im fucking retarted .im bypolor with a personality disorder . and intervert and fucking really lazy after the big depression its seems like its never going to get better for years now . and dont feel ok when i try to go out side i want to run in doors asap. ? theripy dont fucking work its triggering.

Faiza nabi Ahmad

Thanks a lot dear ???

Crystal Collins

LOL love how you were like...it's not 1980...

Amen to healthy fats!!!

Vegan Momster

thank you!!

yasxas asdsd

Does 17 count Super young ? :( i lost 50kg and i have loose skin

Mary Gower

Thank you so much, i just found your wall exercise video it was so fun! I started my journey at 246 and got to 160 ive had some trauma the last year and I had gained a significant amount back. Im now down to about 193 last weigh in amd was needing something other than crunches as my back is killing me lol.. well the wall video helped with that I cant wait to get my strength up to complete it. I am subscribing your awesome I look forward to sharing my results when i get there! Thank you


Great information


Natalie exactly what is considered athlete level?

Dee West

thanks for the insight! I didn't think gum could be an issue. well ones with artificial sweeteners


It's a lie my uncle is a couch for fitness and health u can eat anything u want but not over limit

Laura B. de T.

Hey, Natalie! I've just come across your videos and I've subscribed to your channel because I think you are quite reasonable with what you say. There are no magic tricks. I'm 5.5 and currently weighting 207 pounds. I've tried dieting for ages to no result and now I've changed the way I eat, I'm eating much more salads and vegetables, meat, chicken and fish, some ham, cheese, yogurt, fruits. I've dropped flour related foods. I dropped some pounds over the last weeks but I’ve hit a plateau so I need to get moving or else I’ll stay there where I am. Problem is that I had thyroid cancer in 2011 and the surgeon completely removed my thyroid. I'm on levothyroxine and will be for the rest of my life. My hormone levels are not stable nor is the need of my body for such hormone. I can't have the dose I need because I have an underlying heart condition that has gone worse after my surgery and I get tachycardia as soon as my levo intake goes up. So I have to remain slightly on the hypothyroid side with all what that implies: bloating, little weight loss even with hard dieting and getting tachycardia pretty soon during workout. That’s why I’ve become even more sedentary. And to top it all, I’m 45 now so I’m sliding slowly towards menopause. My question is: if I would like to follow your workout program, where should I start? I need to start slowly and work carefully to harder workout while I lose weight. My goal is not to get skinny, I just want to be lean. Maybe drop 50 pounds or so in whichever time it may take not to get them back. I have to get fit and healthier, I’ve a girl and I want to be in sound condition for her. I don’t want cancer to come back and if it does, I’d like to be in the best physical condition I possibly could. I know yours isn’t a custom made program or anything but I’ve not found any trainer yet that has an idea of what to do with people with no thyroid. We get very tired, we ache all over all the time, not from working out but just from waking up some days…it’s not your regular gym dude. So, many trainers either don’t know what to do with us or make us workout just as a regular gym member. When we feel that’s posing a threat because we don’t feel well, we just end up quitting. I say “we” because it is a common complaint in all thyroid disease forums. So I’ve decided to give it a try by myself. I want to start a fitness program at home and I need a mild one to start. Which one of your videos would you recommend? Or what sequence of them? I hope you read this message, I’ll be looking forward to your reply. Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina!


What are some good ab exercises if you have lower back issues?

Amy Rc

I love u Natalie. U r my guru. Amy. From India


<3 great video thank you soooo much

ally shel

I really love and appreciate how honest you talk to us. You are AMAZING!!! thank you sooooo much!!!

Naturally KayD

Great tips! I never thought about gum being an issues.

Katia L

Honest and realistic advice! Great job!

Cute Hedgehog

I love exercising

Ammara Ali

After my fourth baby my belly skin has loosed
I'm almost 28 now
Stressful routine is making my abdominal area fat!
I have just started your exercises ?


I have a question ,if you have abs before pregnancy your skin will be tight again?

Shawnice Brown

Yes hcg helps you loose weight tighten up

Juan Rivera

you give me hope now because i was all worried about loose skin but at least it can look some times

Sarah Stroud

hey natalie, how do i fight my nightime cravings? im not overweight but im scared that because i snack so much at night im going to gain weight in the future!!

madhusmita panda

hlo i am suffering from Thyroid can I get abs

Ramiya Sathis

hi i wont loss my hip fat. plaz guide me.

Lea shields

I am lost tons of weight in the last couple of months what do I need to do to tone up and and get A flat tummy?


Omg your video sure did answer all my questions lol. I was wondering how I would lose the excess belly flat after I have my baby. Thanks for the tips ?

Mandii Mandii

I agree I'm glad I found this video because I have been arguing most of the topics you spoke of with a lot of ppl I know now I can say I'm not the only one who thinks this way lol

Brenda Rosa

+Natalie Jill Fitness -I have been following you for only a few months and want to thank you for your videos, they are very informative and helpful...You are amazing!!! Thanks....

Sweet Uy

Really informative and direct to the point.

DominO pLay

My tummy looks ok, but i can pinch skin even though it doesnt look like a have any. Its annoying ?

Wonder Mom

Great video, What gum doesn't cause you to bloat?

Beyblade Burst

For your last two questions I didn't get the answer I was looking for... If the pooch is loose skin how do I get rid of it? I have a flat stomach (thankfully, half the work done) but still have the pooch.

kidsmuaythai mma

i also wanted to mention that i had a problem loosing weight i mean i wasnt eating alot and sometimes i was saying what the hell is going on im hardly eating what is up with all the ass and thighs coming from... so after i started eating more clean i lost everything in 2 weeks.. see the trick is when you are eating unhealthy for a long time your cells stop to function... meaning you are eating but your cells are not so the food becomes stored in your fat cells and eventually it just becomes fat...so when i actually started eating and stopped drinking sodas and suggary things everything just kind of went smooth no matter how hard i would work out.. no results but i want to ask i have been hearing how a glass of water with slices of lemon or.. any fruit or your choice helps detox your body... is this true??

Nedia Shaney

I love how you get straight to the point. You've answered alot of my questions! Thank you !!

Eliana Sanchez

You remind me of Mario Lopez's wife :)

Jake Donitzen

Thanks for being honest


Awesome. straight to the point

Mandy More


Sue McConnell

I love your honesty in these videos. Another good one with useful information.

Farzana Fatema

So what can i use as a sweetener for my coffee/tea ? right now i/m taking 'Equal" because i thought i should not take regular sugar and I hate honey .

souli gzb

I have one side abs, i don't know what to do, plz help me?

Divine Veggie Mama

thank you for your honesty! Your stomach looks great. I'm on my way :)

Myra James

Great video and information! Thanks much!


Thank you for being so truthful!! There is no quick way of a magic pill.. you have to work for it! I just subscribed

Natalie Jill Fitness

New video is live! #core   #abs   #nataliejillfitness  

Michelle McClung

I love everything you said here!! Great advice!!! Thank You for sharing! ?

Shawnice Brown


Monica Ruiz Sanchez

Natalie, what about the top portion of the belly, I feel like my belly doesn't go down (top).

Erin Jade

Loved this just subscribed thank you :)


how young is "super young" for skin going tighter? I'm 27, do you think I could make a massive impact at this age?

jan e

truth slap

Sarah Devincentis

what if you have stretch marks before weight loss? are u garenteed to get saggy skin or can that be reduced by resitance training and muscle gain also?

Letticia Callies

I just subscribed. Love this information. I have lost weight each of my six babies. But I want to tighten my skin and gain back my core strength so I can get back to ballet again. Thanks for the information!

Stretch marks abs

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Why You Will NEVER Have 6 Pack Abs (THIS WILL HURT YOU)

63 444 views | 30 Aug. 2016


►ONLINE COACHING - [email protected]


►Facebook Page - ''Ram Ghuman"

►Instagram - https://instagram.com/ramghuman/

►SnapChat - ramghuman

►Twitter - https://twitter.com/ramghuman


day and a NIGHT both have 24H, a day has 12 H , 12 H of night u sleep, i get up at 6, go 2 work, and in 12 i finish it, i walk 30 minutes, go to school, and till 07:00 PM i am not free, from there gotta walk 1 H to get home, and sometimes 50 minutes, well i get home at 08:00 PM, then i eat and rest a bit, and go 2 gym, but when i do i am so fucking exhausted i can;t even do 1 set of a workout, so yeah, the first excuse can't be changed so u r wrong with that tho.

Noura B

Btw this video made me workout even more

Andri Bender

1 hr = 4%? 100/4=25? i guess ur saying that we have 25 hrs in a day. id say that 1 hr is around 7% of the day my man ;) i need dat sleep!

Luis Reza

"having a cheat meal is ok, having a cheat day; that's pushing it man"- now that's a great way of saying it and good info. that's a better understanding that I will apply

Pedram Habibi

that shit is real guys, he's talking about life and purpose and stuff
watching netflix shouldn't be your priority but college, school and workout? you bet they are..

Jenis Jalal

man will I get a lean body without equipment

George C

Hello Ram ,
any advice about protein bars do you recommend or is there any you would recommend on a daily basis to maybe have instead of a meal or is this a big no no

waffles toast

151 people are fat and full of excuses.

Hazeem Ul Hussain

awesome reminder bro

Akash Das

is this good to work out along with running on track for cardio brother?

Sara McDonald

Never say never....

Alyshaan madha

wow man

Alam Singh 123

Only God can judge me ??

Kaevau Fortnite

more like 4.16666667%


can you do a video on the diet you followed and also whats your height

contra gaming

First of all the title it self is not good because it too negative and plus u cannot comment on someone that if that person is going get abs or not.
And u should be have given it a title reasons of not getting abs .


"Never be ripped" WTF!!!!!!
Fucking shite channel and your lisp is so fucking annoying.


Thats buulshiiiieet i hate guys who are like i dont have time well fuck you :D look my :
in 6 in morning i go to run for like hour then in 8 i go to eat in 10 i go to gym and my school is in 13:20 and those free hours i take for studing and plus i go in 20:30 to basketball practice so stfu mr exuse guy :D

Hassan Adeel

Another great video thanks for the help


Why settle for a 6 pack?

Ninad Hiremath

is protein supplements necessary to get ripped?

Vishnu Subramanian

that's absolutely true man..i had my cutting plan with strength training,cardio and calorie deficit but as i started to look small i gave up..now I've to start it again and this time I'll go all way consistent and gonna get ripped.


lol I was like is this kid for real 1 of 24 is no way 4%. I was damn wrong, nice way of putting it. Great vid!

BTW Ram.... you need to start talking about intermittent fasting man, it's not a fad but a proven fact ever since stone age!

Rich Pirañha

What I usually do if I want a binge is, I consume an extra maybe 1000kcals the same day (All counted calories) then the next day I eat 1000kcals less. Very effective method.

Khadija Elboushi

I don't know why I kept watching but there's something about him that's so attractive to the eyes

lil vato

can you give me your diet and workout plan please

xxxthenotebookxxx cfghjbgt123

I live your video handsome ram ghuman

Conor Turk

Cutting for me has been so slow. I started at 99-100 kg's two months ago. I'm doing gym 3 days/week and cardio 3 days/week. I'm in a deficit and trying to eat low carb. Despite this, over two months I dropped down to 95.7 kg (last week weigh in). Two days ago, I binged out, ate so much nutella, and cookies, and other high carbs food. This morning I jumped on the scale and I was up at 96.9 kg. It pissed me off so much, but I got a determination of steel. I'm going to cut down all the way 75kg I don't give a fuck.


I'm working in night shifts, at what time you will recommend me to workout in morning or after sleeping in the afternoon

Tom Vistro

I look like the fat kid in your thumbnail. Watching you, ogus, jones, Guzman and the twins keeps the dream alive tho. Appreciate the vids. Thanks bro.

Dylan Jones

This is not real guys... When I was 18 and 6 feet 270 pounds I started doing 90 push ups and running 8 miles a day. Got six pack in 4 months!


My body stores fat really oddly...

I am about 18 percent body fat, but I have a two pack. A lot of my fat is stored on my chest love handles and legs... Everything else looks fine. I'm really confused by life ?

Rav H

I like this video - more of a wake up call!

Noura B

Ok this might sound silly but is that you on the left side? If it is then OH MY LORD

unicorn poop

This is a really good video. i gotta show this to my friend cause he wants a six pack but does all of these?

Yoga Mandir

can I build muscle without taking supplement. ..Please reply Ram

Sickening Potato Depth

"Watch some tv cereal"

Johnny Singh

Awesome video ?

kennet jakobsen

i was kinda fat before, but i started going to the gym only eating green for almost a year
its possible, it just takes alot of pain and suffering if u dont enjoy it


"They gon love me for my ambition" the song itself speaks about being more ambitious and dedication idk if you meant to put it in for that. Great video!

Shrey Bhatia

can you tell which diet did you follow to lose love handles ? was it balanced calorie deficit diet or some special diet like LCD, ketogenic etc ? can you advice what should i do if i am not able to lose abdominal fat / weight even with calories as low as 1500 ( my maintenance is 2500 ( 170 lb x 15).

trevor payne

did you speak to your mate who did the amazing transformation. was he willing for you to do a video on what routine he did.?

Ambre Dujeu

Really good video ! Just, a lot of athletes have a cheat day ^^. But, it's their job so ...

Masihur Rahman

he is soo funny, I like that

Sam Verburg

Going to the gym is never 1hr... travel time, being exhausted afterwards, showering, changing clothes.
The nearest gym for me is 15 min by bike.

Aditya Barmate

Ram can u do a video on bulking diet

Connor Frawley

Would you say 14 is too early to start working out intense because idk if it will effect my height. If it's okay, what workouts can I do to get a rip


U look like Suarez

Ash WP

i think having a cheat day helps because your body is so exhausted of being in a deficit so have a cheat day every ten days to boost your metabolism and having a cheat meal is like tempting you to eat more for example who eats one or two slices of pizza and are satisfied hell no not me


Are you from east london?

Norm C

watch some tv serial ?

Atharva Walawalkar

Sir can you tell the ways or exercises to build the side chest, as my side chest is not at all developed instead of doing all the chest exercises

Aryan Fitness

visit my channel

Walter Silva

I work from 7 am to 9 pm and sometimes I'm at the gym around midnith

Vyrgil Ronson

I already have one bye.

Shaquil Njovens

Very true statements lol, no excuses "get your a** to the gym" lol. If you can, check out my Fitness Transformation and lmk what you think of it!! Still working hard on it and working on bettering myself, some tips would be awesome.

Keshan Persaud

I am 15 and I want to get rid of my love handles

Dragos Popa

nice vid man! greetings from Romania
What is youre height bro?

Kevin Kev

2:25-3:01 thanks u calmed me down I've been loosing weight I used to be 210 pounds now I'm 160 And I've been feeling kinda weak tbh,I was worried but I'm not now thanks again Dude!

Jamie Roberts

This video is true, however it's bullshit lol! Let me ask you something? Are you married? I didn't see a ring on that finger. Do you have children? Do you work in the medical field or just a high demanding career? (Like me), where you work sometimes 60-70+ hours a week? With a wife and children? I admit, I don't have a six pack, but I am in VERY good, athletic shape, and very healthy. These are your priorities and I respect them, however, you can't expect other people's priorities are to be ripped and they're just lazy. You're not in their lives... Dislike...


I will never have a six-pack because I have three girlfriends. They want sex all the time, so I have to nail them a lot. Due to that, I can NOT exercise. After sex. I must have chocolate cake---all the time. Its fucking AWESOME!

Thee Adjudicator

A six pack has little to do with gym. It's more about what you eat and when you eat it. you are pretty much on point though!

Harsh B

opinion on carb cycling?

Dere Bakhtyar

Is it okey to buld six pack i am 12 years old or buld muscle not like a body bulder but little bit muscle pleas reply

Sahil Bose

stop discouraging people bro,ofcourse I can get abs if I work hard?

Ryley0 01


TRMC Master

the 155 people who disliked are fat and full of excuses

Bill Vrett

cutting is for sissies : (

Omar Imad

don't say gym is one hour or 4 % of the day. if your workout is 1 hour that doesn't mean gym took 1 hour from your day don't you need time going and coming from the gym? don't you need another hour to go home shower and eat? and afterwards what? you're exhausted. and you will sleep even more cuz you're too tired and your body will need to recover. what about before gym? preworkout meal? washing your gym clothes etc. for me? if a day has 24 hours gym takes 25 hours of my day honestly not to mention constant YouTube videos and bodybuilding articles. but every second is worth ❤

Matt English

Think about nutrition though it's not so easy. You can't eat whatever the hell you want. I have abs but if I have to much salt or retain water or get bloated then they are gone :(

Aqib Javed

Lol guy said go home and watch cereal ???

Freak Fitness

This is exactly like athlean-x's video...


Please do some more gym videos like working out?

Pete FHG

i get up at 7am i come back at 7pm, 2 a week i have a French Course in the evening so another 4 hours gone. I can only go to the gym on Weekends, but sometimes im gone with freinds and i miss out on the gym and than i lose my muscle and my fat Comes back :/

abs jasim

yo I like you dude but please get a tan on your body plz

Indraneil Lahiry

hey buddy how long should one cut down because i have been doing everything correct over a long time like in last 1 n half years i lost 35 to 37 kgs n have build significant amaount of lean mass but really don't get that y still i have that bunch of fat on belly n chest though i can see my ribs ? plzz help

Abdullah Elçi

is this suppose to be a motivation speech? Naah...

Stretch marks abs

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Mother-of-four, 23, sees photo of her stretchmarks go viral | ABS US DAILY NEWS

446 views | 19 Mar. 2018

★More ABS NEWS -

★More ABS NEWS - Entertainment Video►►

A mother-of-four who shared a photograph of the stretchmarks on her stomach says she has received negative comments from trolls.Doreen Ching, 23, from the Johor province of Malaysia, says that she shared the image of social media after finally accepting that her body would never return to how it looked before she gave birth.The candid photo, which shows deep stretch marks on Ching's stomach, has so far had more than 12,000 shares and 23,000 likes.While many have heralded the young mother for being honest about how pregnancy has affected her body, she's also faced hurtful comments, with some suggesting the marks were her own fault for having so many children.In the social media post, Ching recalls her fourth pregnancy, and how friends around her said her perfect physique would be 'ruined' as a result.She write: 'Only 21 at the time, I wondered how I would be able to accept my stomach looking like this for the rest of my life.'She adds: 'The first thing I did after leaving the delivery room was to look at my stomach and cry.' Share this article Share  In the emotional post, the Malaysian said 'no amount of surgery or money' would be able to fix her stomach.She also tagged her husband, Toh Yang Ming, in, declaring: 'Give me back my stomach!'Her photo, captioned in Mandarin, generated an incredible outpour of support from Chinese speakers in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.Both women and men called her 'brave' and 'beautiful' for sharing the snap - but she had her fair share of criticism as well.'Many told me I looked ugly and disgusting, and that they wanted to vomit,'Doreen wrote in a follow-up post, adding: 'Some men said it was all the women's fault for wanting to have so many kids.''Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who manage childbirth and still work,' she said.'Can you do that?' she asked in the post.The confident Doreen even shared an old snap of her in her bikini, which she took after her fourth child was born.'My stomach doesn't matter. I can still wear a bikini at home. I can only be as perfect as I can be,' she wrote.