Two colors nails

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Simple Ombre Nails Using Only Two Colors!

25 974 views | 24 Jul. 2013

Hey, Guys!

I decided

Hey, Guys!

I decided to film this tutorial to show you how I get the Ombre look on my nails! It's great because all you need is a white nail polish plus any other color you desire. I used pink in this video. Also, sorry my hand is blocking little bits of this video... it was hard to film, I was in an awkward position lol... but anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching! xoxo!

Products I Used:

up & up Acetone (from Target)

Revlon Color Stay Base Coat

Revlon Color Stay Top Coat

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Polish in I Pink I Can

OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish

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Instagram: Kathleenlights

Twitter: Kathleenlights1


use brush


aww thank you so much!!!

Khajista's World

Wow too gd


Great idea, thanks!

America Diaz

Love it!

Rachel Martin

Been wondering how to do this, can't wait to try it out! Thumbs up! (:


Thank you SO much for showing us your clean up trick. I have struggled with messy nails for a very long time and couldn't get q-tip cleanups to work without ruining the whole nail. As for the ombre, amazing! Now I need a white nail polish.


Really creative, I think a nice bright blue would look wonderful


I absolutely love this video your nails look amazing and I will defiantly be using the thumb tip for going around the edges


Love it !! I'm going to try it !!!

hazelina lee

Awww I luv it n the tag u had wit danny it was too funny I luv it... hugs n kisses miss ya its iris emy cousin

Krystine Millares

Definitely doing this. Love the video :)

Sajida I

Omg i am so going to try this its lovely

Alondra Andrea

I know this is a very very very old video but somehow I found it and I love it. This is the kind of video you should do on your KL Polish channel or in a Random Rambles video. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!! ??


awesome. will have to try this.


Great video, thanks (:


Love it! Great idea :)

Sophia Izquierdo

Yay ! Going to try this

Saloni Sharma

"Left handed problems".. I feel ya ???

Milly Jones

You need to now up already !!!! You are awesome !!

Melanie Oliver

Literally going through the your YouTube and watching videos I haven't seen yet ? but, I'm left handed too ?

Kira Renee

I'm surprised you don't have more subscribers. Your videos are amazing! (:

Victoria Mattiello

Very helpful!!


Love it

Two colors nails

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How to DIY Two Tone Nails. Nail Art done easy!

23 462 views | 28 Nov. 2012

It is so easy to get this

It is so easy to get this two tone nail look! DIY using scotch tape and two different colors of polish. In this video I used "wicked" by Essie, and "rage" by Orly. You can also use this technique to do a french tip manicure. Thanks so much for watching and please don't forget to subscribe!

Royalty free music courtesy of http://audiomicro.com and http://www.purple-planet.com

Remika M

Love this thank you so much for sharing! I am going to try this with a royal blue and gold colour :)

javeria talpur

I apply tape when remove the nail colour also remove


Perfect! I'm going to try this! Thank you!


You make it look easy! Lol makeup i can do but nails eh .. I'll give it a try :)


I cant wait to try this

Nicole Clayton

I applied the tape diagonal it came out perfect

Blood Rose

Does it work on short nails??

Isabella Bonjour

Thank you so much for sharing!!! ? ??



Two colors nails

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How to Chrome nails tutorial ombre gradient fade

480 725 views | 25 Jul. 2016


http://www.luxapolish.com NOW OPEN!! High quality chrome and long lasting no wipe top coat!!

LUXA CHROME: https://www.luxapolish.com/products/luxa-chrome

LUXA SHINE: https://www.luxapolish.com/products/luxashine

How to chrome nails ombre/gradient tutorial.

Halllooo everyone! I listed the products I used below. Tage me on IG: @luxapolish and show me your chrome ombre / gradient nails! If you have any questions comment below :)

Thanks for watching!


Difficulty rating *** 3 out of 5

For the ombre this take a steady hand and a light touch when it comes to the blending part.

Time rating **** 4 out of 5

This does take more time as you are doing a double art service so plan your time accordingly with your client.



In this video: chrome pigment is by daily charme

Gelaze - Peachy Keen http://chinaglaze.com/Colour/Collections/collections_93/sku_81808.html

Gelaze - Bottoms Up http://chinaglaze.com/Colour/Collections/collections_93/sku_82222.html

Gelaze - For Audrey

Gelaze - Bottoms up

My nails are CND shellac. Color: Wisteria Haze https://www.amazon.com/CND-Shellac-7-3ml--GARDEN-Wisteria/dp/B00TTABE7U/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1469465403&sr=8-1&keywords=cnd+wisteria+haze+shellac



IG: https://www.instagram.com/luxapolish

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LuxaPolish/

Polished To Perfection

great vid :)

Willow Johnson

What nail colors did you use on the 2nd nail?

Chocolate Fudge

Soooo pretty!

Carol Sharma

amazing looking nails! God, I wish my nails came out looking that freaking hot! great job! I wish I could train with someone as great as you! I'm a Cosmetologist, but I'm just not that experienced in nails as I'd liked to be.

Deborah Thorne

This is just gorgeous - very clever - it reminds me of the mother of pearl inside a shell.  Keep creating, its fabulous!!!!   Deb xxx

It’s Jess

How would I even begin to use the chrome pigment powder? Like for a beginner, what kind of stuff would I need to start out. Kinda like a kit for a newbie :) This looks really beautiful and I'd love to learn more. I do see in most vids everyone using gel polishes. Also I seen so many use a light for the cure & I know with gels now the light is no more..lol. Can I use a regular nail polish with a base coat then use gel top coat. I'd love your input , on tip, tricks , what not to do & brands. I'm looking to do a rose/gold. Thanks so much. Jess

Jessica Gemma

What blue polish did you use for the other sample nail?

Victoria Andrea Mohr Alba

Wonderful nails!!

Alex l

me fascinan estas uñas
I am fascinated by these nails
Я очарован этими ногтями
Eu sou fascinado por essas unhas

alie k

What paper towers did you use that don't have any lint? Mine always seem to leave a fair amount. :/

Maureen Kim

where do you get the nail stick holder from?

Andie Grace

?... no problem, I just got my UV Lamp, hopefully I can do this lol

Kristi Daemon

i tried it, but it only rips off the nails polish or do nothing when i use brush with alcohol :( what is the trick?

Charlotte Forrester

Best ombré/chrome nail video out there!


This is so pretty omg ?


Omg, these are so beautiful! Such a great trick to get the flawless blending of colors, too. This video was actually incredibly helpful.


beautiful hun what are the names of the colors on 2nd nail the blue/pink one


gr8 tutorial. love this look. i've only recently got my hands on chrome powder, love the mirror chrome look, i've totally got to try your technique for the ombre. Ive subbed to your channel, cant believe i've only just come across it. Thanks for sharing xoxo


how come u don't use alcohol to wipe the tacky layer before u chrome?

A s

when you apply the top coat after the pigment is added, do you wipe that one with alcohol or dry wipe it as well?

Sandra Lutz

very nice!


Please let us know what gel color you used for the silver and pink ombré! In my opinion the prettiest one of the two!

alexis ledoux

Chrom'bré nails!?✨

Becky Robinson

How much are you charging for chrome nails at your salon? I just purchased both the chrome and the holographic chrome from daily charm. It's absolutely gorgeous!!

LeChat Nails

So simple, yet so gorgeous! ?? We love seeing gorgeous nail art!

MsChuex LittleChuex

This is the first time i see this i did a color change gel polish look n i love it u can see the color change thru the mirror look looks fabulous thanks for ur video is lovely

Iliana Q

Could you please put subtitles

Katie Reed

I can't get hold of that alcohol rub, would 100% acetone work?? Tia. X


Hey Beautiful.


 I`v heard about Peach / Orange ?

Best Regards Ingrid, Froom Norway !!

Mary Joy Atos



wow ???thats awesome love this. im deff gonna try this. thanks for sharing

Deborah Culp

Stunning!!! ?

Song Bird

Very nice thank you ?

Vicki Kroupa

I know it was a while ago but do you remember what colors the pink and goldish color one where hot pink and what other color

Moki Me


Tracy Starling

Your sound is not good. Commercials are really loud then it cuts to you and I have to turn my sound all the way up. When you are doing voice over it sounds fine but when you're talking to the camera, it's very soft. I've watched 5 of your videos. I like them and I subscribed. I know you're new and will get this down but wanted to give you some feedback. Tutorials are great!

danna princess

this helps so much! ❤ new subbie! ??thanks girl, love it so much. godbless!xoxo.

Warm Suga NP

Very pretty

Gypsy Castro

son geles?
Are they gels?


Can you do this on regular nails with regular nail polish? Thanks love your video thanks for sharing!!! I am so jealous!!!

UNik S2

Hi. I confused about when you applied chrome, do you need to cure or do something else to dry or stick it?

Martina Hudson

+Luxapolish is there a color powder you have to get in order to make the color like that or do you just get regular silver look glitter?

Evita Ajikobi


Nails Art 13

Saludos desde México..

M. D. B.

I want this done for my birthday! Gorgeous!!???

Melinda R

great video

Plentiiface_ Young

after i get to the link for the chrome.... which option is it? no.2 or no.3

Manda Moo

New Subscriber ?It's nice to see this chrome look with light bottom colour. I don't like the black Base coat. Thank you great ?

Karen Rodriguez

Wow you also made it so simple thanks

HipFit SoooGood

You did such a great job demonstrating this, thanks! I just did my own gel nails at home and made a video to capture the moment. They did not turn out perfect since it was my first time, and since the polish was defective. It was dried out and lumpy. But, I'm not giving up! I'm subscribed and liking. A lot!!


love it!! your videos are very helpful
I watched a few that were very great quality and lighting but the lacked what you have..
your helpful and explain it properly , with getting straight to the point
thanks for that :) <3

Aubrey Poon

The baby blue and pink looks so pretty!!!

Bethany Caldwell

I had never thought of using alcohol to blend the colors! great idea, thank you! I'm definitely going to do this on my next mani! ???


ur welcome


Thank you for showing us how to apply nail powder over top of regular gel top coat, I wanted to try the powder nails but I didn't want to buy a new top coat to do it. ( I just graduated so I'm crazy broke bro.) I also loved your gradient technique.

Boca Emilia

so cute

Holly Lanagan

Wow! Great job!

Laura Vaicekauskaite

Hi I love your nails, I would like to do my nails, but what nail varnish do u use

V Martin


Pauline Shaw

Just found your channel - great tutorial, thank you!

Plentiiface_ Young

which did you use in this video

Alice Sanders

thank you for the great video! totally gonna try this ?


Hey Luxapolish, how do you manage to stick the fake nails so firmly on the wooden stick? I use blue tack but whenever I put a little pressure on it, the nail moves so easily. That really drives me mad ;( Please reply to this comment ;)

Angela Smith

Cool nails

Johanna Dominguez

beautiful! great tutorial!?

Natasa L.

Very elegant, wonderfull

Seneca Burr

So pretty!


where is your brush from?

It’s me, Charlie!

LOVE IT!!!!!

Siwoo Nami

Can i ask why my plastic nail for practice is not cure?

BlEu Art Channel

I love it

Isabel Bimberg


Susan Lecerf

Fantastic looking ombré Chrome! Love your channel???


Do you know where to find an affordable water based top coat? Some don't specifically state that they are water based so I'm not sure if they are or not. Please let me know, thanks!

Melinda Szabo

Beautiful!!!! :-*

Myishia simmons

Absolutely beautiful! I love gradients and am totally new to gels, so now I know how to achieve a gel gradient thanks to you Hun!


This looks really nice!

Judy Bicknell

pretty pretty pretty!

Jessica Arreola

can u order that on amazon??( chrome looking thing) silver thingy

Linh Le

look good


와 내가본미러파우더네일중에서제일이쁘다

DeAna Williams


Janet Marczyk

Love it! Going to try this!

Alliesblog Nail Art

Love this! Very pretty thanks for sharing!

Souli Paspaporn

I came just to see how you do the gel polish ombre because there are no videos online that do as good a job and as easy a technique as this. Thank you!!!!

Daisy Nguyen

Is that regular polish?


The chrome powder technique is only used on gel nails?

Xo Makeupjunkie_x3

Hey I have been meaning to ask u.... Do you think daily charme holo nail powder is better then oceannailsupply holo powder?? I'm trying to see which brand has a better holo that's more transparent so you can see the colors underneath but can't really find any videos using oceannailsupply holo pigment ? please help both companies sell the holo powders at $40 each for 1g

MindOff Liv

my chrome powder seems to be too opaque to do this can you help me with that?

Katharine Wearing

We have tried the chrome powders at the salon where I work. Literally feel like we've done every application technique and it still wont last on the nails :( We used cheap basic chrome powders and then when it wasn't lasting we thought maybe if we invest in the proper ones but still it isn't lasting. Do you find it doesn't last long? Or are we missing something. Thank you! :)

Drea Clark

??so dang G?RGE?US!!!!??


Wow! Her nails look beautiful! What's the model's name and does she have an instagram?

Tammy Perez

After chrome application did you wipe after topcoat curing or before topcoat curing?

Maria G


tammy le

I did the same way , but they don't look like your , your is more pink and blue , my is more grey from silver chrome . I tried few times and disappointed !

eriny hanna

its great video - really nice work - now i can find the brush - but for the Alcohol - its white one ??? also can i buy it from the pharmacy ??? or what kind of alcohol ??? thanks in Advance :)LuxaPolish

Shanda Gibbs

Thank you cause I have been trying to figure out how to do a ombré gel look horizontally. And I haven't seen a tutorial like this. So easy. Awesome thanks

Desiree Stevens

or u can sponge it on...

Danielle Louis

I love you channel... you should have way more viewers. your videos are vary helpful...

Kiki MAC

Very pretty!