Normal haircut

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GETTING A HAIRCUT ?? - A Day in My Life during New Normal

23 508 views | 15 Aug. 2020


DOWNLOAD VLLO HERE: https://bit.ly/3iaiydc

A day in my life during new normal - getting my hair chopped off after almost a year of growing it out. I went to a Japanese salon (One Piece Hair Salon) to get my hair permanently straightened and cut. I was supposed to get a haircut months ago, but thanks to Covid-19, it's been delayed until now. Since a lot of you guys have asked me what I did to my hair, I thought it would be interesting to show you guys the process of getting my hair permed and cut, so here's the video!

VERSI INDONESIA: https://youtu.be/ceq1EbRj3M0

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Camera: Nikon D5500

Video Editor: Final Cut Pro X & Adobe After Effects


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Sanjana Desai

Y u dint upload videos from such long time , I was waiting alot for ur videos plz upload videos at least once a week

its shafana

I think many of your subscribers are indians.....


I still had to wear a mask at my hair salon

Harshita Tripathi

Any bts army


You are so cute didi

Alish Moirangthem

Hiii... RafiRaffee??

Doodlecraft With sia

You look very nice ?


I love your hair ??, of course many people would want it! I'm into curls more but who doesn't love a perfect straight hair? ??. My hair is crazy ??.


Did your father is with. You


If someone download Vllo, I would like to know your opinion ♥️

Sasi Kumar


Danamreddy Tejaswinireddy


KNV games


Lydia Jayapalan

Happy independence day rafee

Evelyn Gonzalez

Who else is in the USA

Sara abdulrazaq Sara

Where do u live?


Someone notice the way work spelling is werk

MArts Bts Ak

Happy independence day ??????

Byju Byju

The first picture like you

Narahari P

please make a video of study tip and tricks.???????

Krishan Kumawat

Rafi you are my barbi

KittyTube :3

You are so beatiful!

cry bwabie ୨୧

Am the only one who got excited when I saw cotton on . just me w


You look like the first picture

Muhammad Ayub

Please make "whats on my phone" video.✌✌??


Please reply me


4:42 ur soo cute

thekatmoka orig

Omg! Is so fun!!! You are my jennifer!! ?


Amazing haircut ?

Aditi Ananya

Hi Raffie I am from India can I talk to you

Rahamath s


Lydia Jayapalan

Hi how r u

Ayush pandit

But you look preety in your long haid


Hi Rachel I love your videos very much especially the study ones. ????❤❤

Royaa Kobir

Hey Rafi how are you??? I am from Bangladesh and I want to see your vanity table tour


Sister u look like dora ur now sooo cute

Diya Tripathi

Plz make a video of on-line class plz ?

Kima Pawara

What's your real name


Hi?can u put routine videos. I am seeing your videos again and again . I love you? . Why your taking many days to make a video? Please put many videos dast pls.. LOVE YOU???

Venkat N

Are you indian

Khushi Sushma

You were so cute I have seen your all vedios ?


Sister happy independence day

Nurul Nurul

Kk buat a week in my life


Sister do u like Pokemon

Biju g pillai

Lots of love from India

Smriti Singh

Where r u from ?? U look so cute



Pooja Jani

You are very cute and daughter have hair like you and your is also cute god bless you

The dazzler oueen

U r looking like the picture in first

Paavani Shrivastava

Hii I am from India love from India


Love you dora

Shalini Hinsari

I am fond of speaking with you????

anweshaaa._ gurung


Thomas Groves

no 1

Durva Ankita sahoo

Subscriber from India

Dharani Singamsetti



after soo many days i see ur video when upload the video please like my comment sister

Balnur Ongarbaeva

your haircut so cute ?

Mehreen mehreen

Where you live

Get into It

Can u PLEASE make more horror experience video?? ❤️ u rafiii!!

Nona Hazel Dhakal

You should do more lifestyle vlogging. Routines, day in life, trying on clothes and stuffs. Loveyou from Nepal ❤

Byju Byju

Where is your place please

Ananth Nag

i n hsggdh

Suhani Tripathy

Love from india

Shreya Sharma

Can you pls make a video on online school morning and night routine????pls Rachel!!!

Chanchal Rathore

Thank you for this amazing video

Mithun 5th c

R u going out

Tiffany Charley

I met to say rafirefee tiffy

Itachi Uchicha

You are so funny ??

Sakura Sakura

4:36 Me as a kid looking into the mirror and talking with my "friends"

robert fraginal


Wendy Natasha

U looked to beatuful when your hair was wet

Kamala Meduri

Your from which country can u say me please...........

Brioa Z.

Omg I saw that your hair is wavy/curly! You should totally wear it natural and do CGM! your hair will be so much healthier but it takes time

Songs Favourite

Jihyo hairstyle for sure!!

Noor ul Ain Kazalbash

Why all indians are saying today is indian independence day yas we all know why are u being so selfish

Haneena Rihan

On those 3 u look like jihyo...,??

Kamala Meduri

Omg i want to start a new you tube channel can u show me how u edit your video

Jess ica

Ur food makes me hungry-

faith tan

it's jihyo omg

Sheetal Dixit


pi hu

Plz do afternoon and evening quarantine routine plz plz plz my request you will do tell me in coment plz i am your biggest fan tell me fast

Markdon Mwirigi

Hi, please shoot us a video about a routine on how you
manage to stay active the whole and also how you study
and manage to do all your work chores on time

Lav Pandey

Nasi Goreng Bagus Sekali

Rishita Singh

Please give your heart rafiraffe

Nattie G

You do NOT look like Dora, Rafi!! Be nicer to yourself! <3

Shagun Sharma

In which country you are living


plss reply too mee sister

MArts Bts Ak

Hi rafiraffee can you make quarantine school routine and night plz coz our school is opening so you can make I really need plz...???????

Monica kumari

India independence day is also celebrated on 15 August

Shruthi Shiv kumar

Are you japanese

Joel P charles

Your voice and you are so cutee


Happy independence day ?????? guys

Hari Radha

We want more video rafiee ?

kabita biswas

Where do you stay?

minchu shree.A.P Papanna

Hey look who's back

Caroline Gaffney

The day tto cut our hair shall all come evantually!

Natalia Andrea Restrepo Gómez

Hi! It's so nice to see you, and pretty nice hair style by the way. Would you make some videos about your recipes, please?

Olivia wierd Tomlinson

Hi.... U r a Directioner aren't you??? I saw your comment of being jealous of the tree Zayn flirted with in the teenage kicks video.... I love 1 d and Zayn

nagamani veede


Normal haircut

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Regular Haircut.Scissors on top and a 3 guard on the sides.

1 951 423 views | 6 Sep. 2013

Click here to purchase

Click here to purchase Andis Master clippers



Here i am giving a haircut with scissors on top and a 3 guard on the sides.In this video i will talk through the whole cut and give some tips for beginners.I did forget to recore me using the razor but it should be fine because the main focus is on learning the haircut and the techniques.I used my canon 6d to record and the rest is history.Thanks for watching.Like,comment and subscribe.

Nicky James

so quiet

Rodrigo Nogueira

Nice haircut.

Johnette McInerney

I do want to say however I feel TOTALLY confident to cuty husband's hair now


this dude needs a better hairstyle for his hairline

eye-make up specialist Preeti

Which trimmer did u use to shaped the beard and ear side pls help with the link to buy it

Jane Thomas

What about cowlicks? Can I still cut this close?

Lindcey Romero

Great work! Fundamentals of a basic men's cut!

Zenaida Silayan-Lidström

your shears is it swivel type? what is close and open? :)

Devinder Kumar

Kabir is God visit us at www. jagatgururampalji.org

Doug Brewer

How would I ask my barber for this haircut?

Mister Pro

I use number 5 or 6 I don't like it too short tbh

steven pham

Thank you , I’m beginner so this help me a lot

Mourad Soukeur

thks you the top

Зоряна Левчук


Muddasir Siddiqui

He is using clipper with left hand and doing scissor over combo with right hand nice

Watch Me

I’m confused ??‍♂️ you used 3 them u used 4 and half why ?

Emily Chiverton

what does fade down and fade up mean?

I Salazar

You rock! You did it with art!

Cosmo Girl Sophie

What technique did you use on the top of the head to cut his layers? That’s all I need.

adambelly custardpie

Does it same number with number 3 of wahl

Alex G.

Thank you for this there isn’t many out there like this one

Johnette McInerney

He explains a lot...but I wish he'd show what he means by "opening up making it a 3.5 or back to a #4 I found that to be confusing...


Aaron Rodgers is that you?


i love this video so much. so so helpful


Hi What do you mean 4 1/2 and 3 close and open?

Gerri Crelot

Thanks for this video. I have watched it several times. Now I give my husband regular haircuts. The cuts look as good as some barbershop cuts. Very timely during this COVID lockdown. Thanks again.

Tanya Ellie’s

Thanks fella you done great ??


Best video. Working at great clips, I needed something like this.

Ben Hardy

Really nice

Dr. Skillz

Mr. Ricardo, you're an American hero.



pimrada janthon


Nai Guambo


Stacy Rodgers

Thank you for this video. I am a cosmetologist transitioning to barbering & I have been searching for a clippers and shear technique that I can use and master and you made this sweet. I have been using my majic clips or 76ers, but Imma do Just as you did till I master my tools. Thanks again. I subscribed ?


Very good ?????
From kuwait


That headline tho



Selo Kuvuna

You are an awesome instructor, great cut as well, just picked up another subscriber! ✔️

Eduarte Perez

WOW. WAO. Que maestro mil felicidades wao


Just cut my son’s hair for the second time. I used a 3 & 4 on the sides. Shears on top and cleaned up with the blending shears.

I’m going to try the comb and clippers next time.

Thanks for the video.

Angelotti Flycolombian Guy

The model has the perfect hair



Il Barbiere Del Quartiere

Follo my Chanel

Aabeed Shaikh

O oh uh Razor round Eyebrows, Well ! I don't think its professional.

Harol Moises Gonzalez Agamez

Yo me pasara la 3 en los lados si tuviera el pelo liso naci cabello liso pero se me daño si se me pone liso de nuevo me paso la 3 en los lados

Rameshor Kumar

Good hair cuting

Ricardo Rojas

Very educational video on hair cutting. I learned a couple of tips. Thnks.

Lima Viagens Diversos vídeos

Escrito aprendendo ótimo vídeo


Very good video...very bad audio :(

America Aguilas

That's a bad haircut

Martha Laguna

Thanks for you video , so for the front you just cut off the longer pieces ? You didn’t do any square line up? What about if the client wanted to?

No1 Cares

this guy has alopecia areta how he can get any haircut he wants

Kudret Bey

lego haircut

Ni Ma

great work. Could you tell me where i can buy the machine you used for lining around the ear? what is the model? Thank you

Galactic Stardust

You did a fantastic haircut. Thank you for this tutorial. Nice to know how to fade properly.

Nicola Francis

Thank you!! This video has been great! On my course they teach you how to fade up and i just cant get it! Im much better doing it this way! Thank you!

Stacy Rodgers

Please show how you get around ear next time. Hard for me at times. Thanks . Awesome video

Antonio Arellano

You know what you're doing ...Ricardo. Good job.

Paul Montera

Doesn’t anybody know how to do scissor over comb anymore?


good job

Mykala Mejia

Gonna attempt to cut my dudes hair... hopefully looks good as this lol



Nice cut?

Chelsie Stephen

My son just got his haircut and unfortunately it was not by his usual stylist. the girl did a 2 on the back and sides and fingerlength scissor cut on top. The problem with it is, is that the scissor cuts are horizontal and not blended! you can see every cut she made on top of his head. Looks like a bunch of lines! How can I fix this myself? Any videos?

Jason Reacts

Ricardo? You MAke Youtube Videos? I use to Live NExt to U 4 Years Ago Man... With Cylus and Mira


This is what I get ...now I have a name to it lol ...great video

abhishek sharma

Perfect video & explaination! Good Job

laura trejo

Very nicely done ??

Omar Rodriguez

What's the make and model of the machine used to make those clean lines at 6:50?

Nancy and Joel

Where is your business?


Neckline isn’t the jawline stop shaving the jawline and go one inch about the atoms apple!!!!!

Gerri Crelot

Barber Shop is closed for duration of non-essential business shutdown. My husband's hair is looking very bad. I watched your video. I am going to give him a haircut this afternoon. Thanks for the lesson.

Rat Race

I like what you did


Nice video... thank you because we forgot those haircuts, we see only pompadour 0fade etc


I’m growing my hair back out because I messed it up but I’m wanting to get it cut to a number 2 on sides and back and number 5 on top and the sides like the guidelines what scissors do you use to scissor over comb to take the bulk and blend it?

Jason James

Great video. If I only knew where you are located, I would come to for a similar haircut. It would be a 2 on the sides though.

Johnny Yushvaev

They dead ass try to block out his forehead lol

Danilo Biccari

Ricardo these videos are great man. Thanks for sharing.


guys what is the best razor number to cut sides?

Agatha Bolanos

With Quarantine here trying to he a teacher and now a hairdresser...omg


Was the 3 guard closed when he first made his guideline?

Lamby 10

Great low maintenance cut ?

Edi Eddy

Subscribe and see my videos please ??

Conor Loughlin

The beard is a bit too high imo

Rashed 43

The worst hair cut i had seen

miran aktas

i cut this hair wiht close ayes

America Aguilas

no hater though

andrew kelly

It’s nice to see a good normal haircut video on a YouTube ?

Dean Salem



The rear part leaves too long

Peter Hunt

Very well done

Nasrin Davallou

Great hair cut, thank you for explaining every step,where did you buy the small brush please?????‍♀️

Barbie G

I work at Supercuts and on my days off this is what I do ????

Bri Fe

Indonesia girl.like.coment.subcribe.,???

Riah Lamanero


Liram Tassat


Studio V

Why the clips on the masters my opinion you cheated yourself out of your barbering skill I only use 2 tools my clippers and comb

Winsor House Models

Im a professional stylist...
This was straight to the point and spot on.. Good job


Whenever I get a hair cut I get a 3 on my sides and ALWAYS after a day or 2 there’s un even hair on my sides , some are long some are short, I don’t understand

Mikester Infinity

Very clean and simple dope

Daisy Hernandez

Awesome tutorial

Normal haircut

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S2E5 - How to cut a Regular haircut on top

273 034 views | 22 Apr. 2019

Last weeks Episode

Last weeks Episode (Disconnected Combover): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDOO59F3QLY&t=95s

The thing I see that's really confusing for barbers and clients is the difference between a regular comb over and a disconnected comb over. In the last week's episode I showed you what a disconnected combover is. This week we're talking about a regular comb over

Twitter: AndyTrvn17

Instagram: AndyTrvn17

Barber Instagram: AndysCutsBarbershop

Facebook: AndyTran17

I use this CAMERA: https://moment.8ocm68.net/o7MMe

My main LENS: https://moment.8ocm68.net/RkQQ2

My favorite MICROPHONE: https://moment.8ocm68.net/M9OOY

My full list of barber tools and video gears:


Molekule Air Purifier: https://molekule.mp4l.net/x7MdO

Viliame Fonmanu

cant see how you cut the back tho!!!!......but great content

Susan Heron


Pierre Edwards

Thank you. Great video


Thank you brother - you da best!!??

Mahesh Rughani

Andy thanks for this video, informative and clear instructions. Both videos I have seen are for the top, do you have any videos for the sides ?

John Cloois

On my feed four days later after video is a year old. Now, 4/26/2020.

Tony Stark

Tomorrow I have my first test subject ☺ I will use your tutorial from this video. Hopefully I get it done

Emily Bazan

Hey my name is Emily and I love how detailed but yet straight to the point your video are. I dont have alot of money to buy my boys good clipers so I've been using some Walmart ones and they be coming out ok. Thanks for your help.

Shelly Berry

You're a good teacher, Andy!

IGede Rudiarta

Awesome ,!!!!,,please teach me clipper over comb ,, thanks


You explained this perfectly. I appreciate this! Thank you...

Amanda JT

You’re a king thank you man!

Meihua Chuang

hi could you please send me the link of
the first episode, thanks


Wish I saw this before I cut my fiance's hair :


Anna Medina

Best video I’ve watched so far this week! My hubby would be so pleased!! Thank you Andy!

Amrizn Hakimi

Handsome.. ?


Thank you! I have been looking for a guide to follow to improve. Since the lockdown, I've been cutting my husband's hair and hopefully he can go back to his barber soon!

Hamid Saifi

This is the best video tutorial.
I finally understood.
Thanks man.

Tony Tran

Your videos have really helped me. Thank you!

ابو هواش ابو هواش


Kays Play

Thank you, soo simple, and easy to understand
Can you tell more about clippers, shavers etc... thank you in advance


Bro we cut just alike.

Stacy Tran

Thank you ???

Wisnu Saputra

Great tutorial, thank you so much

Irfan Afdholi

godjobb. im from indonesia??

Ramon Luis Santos Lopez

Thanks for the lesson. It was great

chandra shekhar

Dude loved your video?? you should have waited for him to grow a bit ? cut someone who has longer hair next!!!

Tam Dang

Andy, I love my last cut. So glad I found you. Tam from.Seattle.


Love your videos, really high quality! What are your favorite YouTubers?

carmen Rodriguez

Thank you ?

tengku h

Everybody come here due to covid?

Prajwol Sapkota

How can make our hair side

jessica b

Thank-you so much! Of all the tutorials ive watched this week-- This was the most helpful ☺️ before I found your channel, i felt like i was going to wing it (he said if i messed up, he would just shave it all off lol, were in quarentine anyways he said) lots of complaints about his long hair. After watching more of your videos, i feel confident he wont end up bald ?

REDBarber Sports

Got Yah! Thanks!

Sri hariharan B

Excellent way of teaching, the way we love Boss, I'm from Chennai

lynn c

Can you show how to cut a woman's short hair?

My Huynh

Thank you for slow n step by step man hair cut I can try on my husband ?

Julie Roberts

You really are a great teacher! Congratulations! Keep the videos coming.

Athene Cruz

You make it look so easy bro

Tigre grande

Kool video really helpful now I got 2 practice this useful tips


Very informative. Thankyou idol

Sazza Mittendorf

Wow you have helped me a lot. Now take it to the person hair.

Laura S

Love your instruction and your strive for Perfection!!!


Great tutorial! Going to try this with my son. His hair grows so fast and really needs a haircut every 2 weeks but hasn’t had when since the first week of March. I was able to do a fade on the sides last week but had trouble with the top. Your tutorials are very helpful. We are going to try again this weekend. Glad this popped up in my feed. Thanks for sharing.

John Chiluiza

Are you ever coming to NYC and cut hair


Andy, thank you. Great explanation and tutorial. Going to cut my hair this weekend. Just needed some guidance. Been cutting since COVID started. Almost a year now. ?

jkt tgr

Andy..what do we call for your hair style?


Beautifully explained and I can finally cut my own hair now after 20 years of trying lol. Immaculate

Eman Tejada

very pleasant tutorials

lukasz herczakowski

Very clean explain all what barbers need,brill quality video,keep go and do please so more scissors technique Basic and more advanced including some texture technique,thank u!!

Sazza Mittendorf

I have the hardest time cutting around the ears because he likes side layered. Could you please do a video of layered cut.

JB Smith


Cecilia Dang

Super helpful! Thank you for sharing!

Under The Bus

Andy: Thanks for producing the very informative video. I watched Part 1and Part 2. If my hair parts naturally, am I a better candidate to have a disconnect VS blended cut/style?


asians should to take advantage of their good hair genetics and get something dope. white ppl get it cut like this cuz they're balding and dont have good hair genetics

Williams J

Loved this, love the way you explain it.

Anh Tuan Bui

bro, you deserve so much more views than 140ks. Very informative!


What is this haircut called?

Luisa Barcelo

Love it you explain better than school bad teachers i have

Eman Tejada

so clean..

parthi thiban

Good lesson

Geo Man

My daughter and I watched both parts 1 & 2. Now my daughter cuts my hair ?? ✂️ ? at home.

Lily Chua

Super clear instructions!

Cristina Co

Easy ,ty

Helena Jake

How long have you been cutting hair your an expert

hadi ali zada

I think if you don’t wear the gray or black shirt it’s better for seeing the hair, because your shirt is black and the hair is black too so in some places it’s not clear to see. I mean the background of haircutting should be bright . Thank you.

Lingka Suri

please explain your hair dryer gear

Nancy Meece

Thanks for the video and for explaining in detail. My husband wears his hair parted in the middle and feathered. So would I stand in front of him and pull the hair toward me to cross check it? And will this type of cutting (like u are doing in this video) work for his hairstyle?

true FS

thanks to make this lovely video.. i love and i learn ....God bless you..
..i am muslim..from pakistan

Guci Kurai

Yo, that's pretty perfect haircut and precision bro

Hiran Sanjuka

Very good explain. Thank you very much.

Jony Juan

the haircut best tutorial! no bs! THANKS!

Sophia Surace

Love your videos


what detachable clipper is that


Nice tutorial.....##BARBERLUV from ohio????????

Jiju George

Any tips on cutting ones own hair?

ldg Ga

I loved your video. Very clear, very concise. You have the best video I have seen. You cover every point of the blending and the angling of the top of the hair.

Ramon Luis Santos Lopez

Explain your own haircut. It is really nice.

Jaciel Vargas


Tomatis 1999

Such precision

Steven Kim

Great videos man.

Eric Zaragoza

Best video ever ,detailed in your explanation
You have given me the confidence to cut my own hair at home,today was my second week attempting,so far not so bad I would say.

John Chiluiza

I have been cutting my hair for 20 years and I have asian type hair, i learn a lot from watching your videos. Thank you also I want you to cut my hair but I live in nyc. Hope to some day come to your barber shop. Thanks again.

Ryan R

I seriously wish that I could find a barber that cuts hair as meticulously as you. I feel so many rush to turn over customers.

Việt barbershop and coffe

U are Viet Nam

matt mostowicz

Times like these makes one realize how much we take simple things for granted. I live in Germany and have two teenage boys. Until yesterday they were starting to look like moldy erasers on a pencil. We are locked down right now and hair stylists are forbidden from opening their shops. I have cut my own hair for 25 years. Then again the military buzz cut I have sported since 1994 is not hard to do. This situation made me wonder if I could give my boys a haircut myself without turning them into the laughing stock of the town. I watched you videos and studied your techniques like I was back in college. I even took notes man! Two days ago I voulenteered my oldest (almost against his will?). The end result came out so good that my youngest went from scared to happy when it was his turn. Yesterday they went back to their mother's house. (We're split). She asked me where I found a hairdresser who was open. She still thinks I'm doing something in secret with a female hairstylist because she cannot believe I cut their hair. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have believed me either. I can do that now. I gained a limited skill set and an ability I never had before. It's actually enjoyable to do too. A lot more than moving freight and hauling cargo. And my boys now have cool points their friends are jealous of. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this wisdom with the world. It's so simple and common, yet so secret and mysterious to those who know nothing about it. Thank you again.

Thi T

Andy, U r sooo. Square


hey andy,do you have instagram:)


Great video tutorial ! Cause if you I learned to do this on myself.

Knn Bjkk

Pls support my channal..tq

Andrew Fortin

do another tutorial please

Alex O

Maaaan, by far the best haircut tutorial of 2020! Thank you for making it

Carbie Velez

Hey Andy, great work and way to boost confidence. I've been pretty good with the clippers and my blends are on point but always hesitated scissor work. Pt1 & 2 def boosted confidence!

LedZeppelin Rules

you re a life saver , subscribe

setha sang

I like hair style but my face not to similar like this so sad

Apples Bananas

damn VERY VERY nice!!!

Super Bedjho

Hahaha jabrik smua karna kependekan

Sarj Thiru

This video is so helpful man! Taking notes lol

Mike Samuel

Best top cut video.