Not bathing for a week

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What Happens If You Don’t Leave the Bathtub for a Week?

2 097 460 views | 18 Dec. 2019

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After a long day, isn't it nice to hop into a warm, relaxing bath? You can soak up some suds and spend an hour or so in there. Now, what about spending 167 hours more? What would happen to your skin? How wrinkled would your body get? And how long is too long for a bath?

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Chris Torres

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Is it bad ?

Gospel Kasongo

I have a question what happens if you don't clean your ears for the rest of your life

Jasmir Ibrahim Abdurahman

facts: at 0:01 Guava Juice was shown at the video lol

HB Plays

WOW Guava juice

Supreme Dreams99

Ummmmm 2:09


I'm eating pudding while watching this, PUDDING! I'm gonna throw up lol


Okay what the hell is this

trisha gocotano


Brobrox Games

Why the hell he showed guava juice?

Raša Stamenković Bukvić

You just making people to worry.?

What If

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santhi sree


TheQuiet Bear

Being in the future be like:

Fatna Frahna

That was guava juice In the black bathtub I like his videos like jelly


What are those images. xD

Nevaeh Rodriguez

What if you spend a whole week on your bed

Syed Ghani

A incredible way to death

TIME Machine


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BTSER0223 Bombardier


Britney Gervais

Omg the Dolan twins ??

Infaxra Crafe Traemard

Lmaaoo his body is similar to Shrek?

Waling-waling etc

Me watching:I would probably look like a grandma this is interesting!

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Khaulah marissa

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Lhen Ramirez

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Ken Shin

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So look at this what if unspeakable do a challenge to stay 24 hours in a bathtub full of cheetos


Who said you were supposed to sit with water in the bath


You put Guava juice in the video cool

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Lil Gusher

Who’s going t flush the toilet?

Lewis Jackson

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I stay in the bathtub for 10 minutes I leave my bathtub fast And my hands always Turn like that

Abrahm Bindal

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Ashley Aguilar

i stay for a weeek nothing happend...

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Blackhole supernova

If you stayed in the bath for 2 weeks your bathtub which will Super cold really really really cold It will be that cold and your bathtub if you stays in the bathtub for 2 weeks

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sans the skeleton

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Blackhole supernova

If you stayed in the bathtub for 2Week Your body You get super wrinkly like her ' your hands Everywhere On your body

Jude Cole


Naruto Uzumaki

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PlayToys with Sara and Qader

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Mr. Beast: Last to leave the Bathtub keeps 1Million Dollars

Anime cat

Me: watching this in the middle of the night

My new nightmares:




Thanks, I hate it.

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Guava juice lol the first I saw

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sentient tree

1:49 was that really necessary ??

Mariah Harris

What if you stayed in the bathtub for year

Adrian Grainger

The longest I’ve ever stayed in a bath tub was 3 hours

Camden Henderson

The sound effects in this video dont belong. They make the video unenjoyable and disturbing.


Pleas do a what if you broke every bone in your body

Abrahm Bindal

Hey but the one in the bathtub was actually a youtuber


Who ever edited this has some weird slime and putty sound fetish


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Kerryann Panton

Say what???????

Not bathing for a week

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!!Not BATHING For A WEEK!!!!!Challenge!

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Adithya B

How can I know didn't u bath

Beniamin Q

2:55 nice montage homie

Beniamin Q

I'll see u tmrrw ,'if there's a tmrrw for me
- Mr.Hype

Badum tsssss

Joji James

How could u??


Vendaa mone vendaa mone ??