Ldi skin tightening

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LDI 2017 1

177 views | 23 Nov. 2017

LDI is off to a great

LDI is off to a great start. See The Future and the beMatrix° USA staff in the Infiled Booth 645 at LDI 2017. The new @beMatrix LEDskin™ video cabinets, so innovative it they were awarded a coveted 2017 Red Dot Award.

Ldi skin tightening

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Lisa Facial Rejuvenation | Dr. Kevin Sadati

352 views | 28 Aug. 2020


Facial Rejuvenation

Lisa a wonderful 52 year young lady, was concerned that her face started going “south” in a way that skin creams would no longer help. As a known actress it was important that she did not change her look or look “pulled”. She looked to Dr. Sadati to remove her excess neck skin laxity and refresh her face. She chose Dr Sadati not just because he is a top surgeon, but because he is an artist who truly understands beauty.  

Dr. Sadti performed a custom-designed facial rejuvenation as there is no such thing as one size fits all. He started with a face and neck lift using his triple C plication technique, tightening and defining her neckline. This technique uses a gradual plicating of the SMAS and not just lifting everything all up at once. This results in an extremely natural and untouched look. To reduce her under-eye wrinkles, he used the C02 laser to tighten the lower eye skin. As a bonus, he also lasered her Décolleté to remove years of sun damage.

She is 1-week post-op and is loving the results. Lisa will very soon be able to return to her tango dancing and show off her new gained confidence! The redness and swelling from suture removal will subside shortly and she should be all healed in only a few more weeks.

A highly sought-after facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati is renowned for his vast experience, expert surgical skills and stunningly beautiful yet natural cosmetic results.

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Guided by his unique artistic eye and extensive medical expertise, Dr. Kevin Sadati has helped thousands of individuals achieve their cosmetic goals and discover renewed confidence.

Always striving for perfection, Dr. Sadati is committed to providing each patient with exquisite results and the highest level of personalized care. As each individual he treats is unique, he gets to know his patients on a personal level to best understand their needs. After carefully assessing their goals, concerns and facial features as a whole, he develops a treatment plan that enhances their natural beauty and delivers the precise results they desire.

"Natural cosmetic results—especially on the face—require a highly skilled surgeon with a deep understanding of the human form. Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to perfecting my technique and delivering beautiful and natural results to thousands of patients in Orange County.

Ldi skin tightening

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Non-surgical (Liquid) Face Lift

242 views | 25 Aug. 2020

Facial Assessment with

Facial Assessment with Dermal Fillers

This treatment addresses the full face including areas such as Tear Troughs, Temporal Hollows, Cheeks, Lips and Nose.