How to get hair untangled

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73 171 views | 18 Jul. 2018

Hi! My name is

Hi! My name is Shazia!Welcome to my Channel!

In this video i'm going to be sharing with you a hack that will change your life forever.Most of us must have experienced being kids or as an adult of accidently stucking our hairs into round comb which is sometimes so bad that we had to chop our hairs to get rid of the mess but this hack can help you to release them without any pain and without breaking hairstrands.You need to be little patient and work slowly.





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Thanks ! I was at the brink of almost cutting a big chunk of my hair off !!

Shreya Srivastava

You saved my hair
Thank you sooo much ❤❤❤

Abdul Azeem Ahmed

Oo sorry not comb what if you don't have a metal comb

Z2 Cubing

Thank you very much u really saved my hair today I thought that I would loose my hair today . Thank you ???

Ayesha Shakir


Doctor Minion 57

Thank you so so so so so so so so so so much mam...it is really very useful.. You tip saved my hair...??

Cloudy Raindrops


Diya M

Thank you very much.... no words to express my gratitude.... U saved my hair

Audrey -

Chopped my hair off now I have bangs

jacquelyn deal

what if ur hair is wet? :(

Arsh A

Helped me alot.

Yakaiah Erra

I used that trick
I successfully completed that trick
you saved me from my hair struggle
thanks to your channel

rock band

Just saved my hair

Shridevi Biradar

100 % success

Gotti on 144hz

you saved my friends hair thanks

Mimosa Pudica

Thanks for the great solution, my hair got stuck on the brush while i blowed my hair. I was about to give up after 10mins. But suddenly the idea came to check on YouTube life hack. I found your tips is very helpful. You saved my hair ?‍♀️

Sana Javed Janjua

Happened with me today and then my brother de tangled them but some of them broke

Sabrina L

I got my hair stuck on a brush and I had to cut my hair and I was crying because it looks so bad ,my eyes are still red but it's too late to watch this

Nikhil Yadav

There has not been an invention as evil as this brush


I’d use a metal end comb but I need to find a video to get that comb out of my hair

Grace Stephanie



I removed half,I'll let u know when I remove completely

T Flower

what about if you have. a brush that's like different it's still stuck in my hair omg plz help

Azam Talpur

Falto hai

Joely -m

saved my life and hair, I was afraid I would have to ask my mom for help and she would cut it off and yell at me lol.

Emily Roberts

Thanks, you saved me!!

Onceu 17

Help me....


its heppend with me now only thank u so much

Kriss And Aish

Thank you so much this saved my life and yes I’m dumb I thought I had to cut my hair


You just saved me from becoming bald

Abdul Azeem Ahmed

What if you don't have the comb to remove the hair


Just saved our life. My wife stuck her hair and been trying since last 1.5 hours but failed. Thn watched this video. Got free in only 20 minutes..


Idk how to thank u , i finally remove my hair.The funny part is I had to sleep last night with the comb stuck in hair cuz I wasn't able to remove it by myself.the next day which is today ,my aunt helped me .lol


a lifesaver omg

Lola Cola

Who is sitting here with a brush in their hair?

Kajal Gantaan

iski vjh se muje apne hair cut krne pde ???

Harleen Kashyap

Thank you so much it helps me alot

rajeshwari patil

It is really a helpful video..Saved me from cutting my hair.. Thankyou so much..

mind power Chettri

Thanks for the hack it actually works ??

Emily Wilson

Works like magic, I love you. THANK YOU

Sawyer Spatara

oh my god thank you so much i’ve been sitting in the bathroom for an hour

Kate Natalie Yasul

Thank u so much i dont know what would i do to save my sister's hair

Koi Fish

This saved my sister’s life

Vladimir Perez

Greetings from Colombia ?? South America.

Raji Prash

This tip just saved my day. Thank you for the lovely tip

Raffem21 Channel


Srinidhi Madurai

you just saved me from potentially loosing all my hair

Indu Bala

Thanku so much saved my niece hair

Piyaras Uboldejpracharak

You saved my life!!!!

Sadhira Khirani


Ilahi Palace

Thanks for the video

Error 404

Thank you for saving me and my hair ??

Rosa Hämäläinen

I have comb with metal end stuck in my hair lol

victoria nimmakuri

I used a toothpick and it worked. Thank you

Kumi Cruz

Your a lifesaver

Celeste Thompson

I hate those brushes grr

Happy Girl

Omg i was a bout to cut my hair tgen i wwtched this and it actually work tysm i cant thank u enough

Nitika Singh

Thanks for this??

Oriflame _ Products

It’s actually worked Thanku so much u just saved my hairs thanks gonna subscribe ur channel thanks ❤️❤️

Holly Morgan

Excellent! Thank you for sharing this!!

emily wagner

i threw some conditioner on my hair and the brush a little bit of pulling helped

Rahat syed

Thank you Soo much. Your video was a life saver

shalini G

Omg thank u very much....it worked....u saved my hair

taiba malick

Thank you sooo much it literally saved mylife.i had been stuck with brush and my in laws and myhubby had been about to get home


I have a comb stuck not a brush how do I fix that

Savouen Ven

But I don't have any how I get it out

udisha Bhatia

Thankyou ??????. You saved my hair

Kotryna Poviliūtė

I didnt have the metal comb so I used wooden paint brush. thank you! saved my hair

BubblyBlue Online

help I
have school tomorrow!

Anand M

Thanks ....?

Monica Stone

Thank you soooooo much!!!!

Linny Ng

Can u use a chopstick instead?

Rachelle Bautista

Huhu brush is in my hair


its stilll stuck-

Ivy mae Baculio

Thank you for your help it works

Jaya C

Omg can't thank u enough • we were ready to cut both hair and some bristles from the brush before we saw the video • It really works thank you so much ❤️

Emkcor Yo

You just saved my hair! After an hour of trying, I finally got it out!

Deepti Kullu

Oh Thank you so much for this video!! Almost cut my hair now . Your video saved me ..

Maya Mayoosh

Thank you? you have saved my life.

Reddypogu swetha

Just now I can remove me hair. To roller comb tqqqq so much

Muniba's world

Wow i am watching this after cutting mu hair i am dying ???

Eca De Guzman


Zsiksen :3

i justcut off the bristles i can lose a brush but not my scalp and hair. yes it was that stuck

* p̥ͦ0l̥ͦy̥ͦs̥ͦi̥ͦ *

My brush got Stuck in my hair rn

Amber Ann

Thank you

Stories Kit

33k ppl watched this vid while maintaining a panic attack that’s slowly building. Your doing a good job! Don’t lose hope!

Edit: I wish I saw this instead of panicking, trying to untangle the brush from my sisters hair 4 years ago... ended up cutting her hair :/
To be fair the hair was long so the untangling was too hard. Am never allowed to touch her hair again and it may caused trauma for both of us ?

Elizabete Jansone

Thank you! I thought that I will have to go to my graduation with a comb in my hair

nak raj

Really super


THANK YOU! I thought I would have to cut my long hair but this save me! Wishing you the best!

vaibhavi dave

Omg I just cut my hair ...i wish I had seen this earlier

Lisa Manes

Thank you, you saved my hair!


You just saved my daughter's hair
Thank you ?

Anjum khan

HW www ..I cutteed my hair from roots ...what to. Do please btayiye

chan coper

Thank you so much for sharing, you saved me from cutting my hair

error code: 1733934

You just saved my hair!! I was about to get scissors!! You are amazing!!!

Syeda Sheeba

Thanks a lotttt, saved my hairr

Cariza Asuncion

Thank God for this video,
I saved my daughter's hair..

Neeraj Sharma

This trick really works

Roland Jacobs

This video saved me. I tangled my daughter's hair really really nasty. I was panicking because my wife was coming home soon. I threw her in the bath and dumped conditioner on her head...and nothing happened. Until this video!!! Thank you!

chimeg magnai

Thank you for your video

How to get hair untangled

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How to Get a Stuck Hairbrush Out of the Hair : Hair Care & Styling Tips

124 717 views | 6 Mar. 2013


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Getting a stuck hairbrush out of your hair is sometimes a bit easier said than done. Get a stuck hairbrush out of the hair with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video clip.

Expert: Claire Coleman

Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: No matter how long your hair is or what color it happens to be, there are more than a few hairstyles that are going to expertly meet your needs in a really interesting and gorgeous way. Get hair tips that you can use no matter what situation arises with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video series.

kikikiw Roland

this did not work with me

Gvhbhbjnjn Hbhbhb



ummm i need how to get a comb that you made a knot on.... I NOT CUTTING IT

Hannah Shaikh

omg..can't find a solution for my hair!!!! someone please help me!!! my brush is downstairs next to my mom who doesn't know and if I tell her she'll freak!!! Can't get my brush and I'm screwed!!! Someone please help me!!!!

Jessie Martinez

Its not working like you said

Signe Koksbang

Hah ha i have done it twice and had to cut bouth times :) im so stupid :)

Marlee Meadow

As soon as I saw that first piece of hair come off that brush I knew this was a joke ?

X Cloudsisters

I got my hair stuck in a brush when I had to go out for dinner and my dad had to get it out

Lovlnqsuga Bts

My hair is stuck on the brush I can't get it out


Tbh there was only a little hair stuck thats why it was easy to get out but anyone elses is like there is lots more.

Isabelle Todarello

my bootofool hair is stuck around it:(

Sm xo

This helps so much NOT


Lol I got my hair stuck in one of those today not fun but my mom got it out so I’m okay

Yannes Yannes

Why I cannot take it out ?


I'm so glad I'm watching this 4 months after I had to cut off my hair because of getting it stuck in the brush

Lisa lini

Guys this also helps https://youtu.be/spUfzL9FZ68

Kristen Naidu

No wonder why this video has more dislikes than likes.

Sheena Roberts

I know how to get it out. This video didn't have enough hair in the brush. Trust me. I just got my hair out of that type of brush and took an hour. The tip is to use detangler. Use as much as you need. Then pick at it. Make sure you use a comb. So you will use the comb as if you were cleaning after hair out of the brush. Then you will have all your hair at the top. Slowly pull it out use detanglar while doing this. It would have not of taken me this long to get my hair out if I did use theses steps. Hope it helps you.

Alicja O'Keeffe


Tamara christian-lau

this does not work I got my hair tangled and I tried to get it out for 4 hours until 3am and in the end I had to cut my hair to get the brush out ??

gaming with xuanics

My hair it till stuck it did not work it fake ?

historiaa !!

Me too my hair stuck in a comb

Alice Kenly

Anyone else watching this with a hairbrush stuck in their hair

Sarah Minifie



Currently sat here with a brush in my hair ??‍♀️

Ph0enix POP

This didn't help me me ????

Sophia Hgb

Omg it did work


Thank you so much this video saved my day!
I was playing with my girlfriend’s hair with a comb and the comb got stuck in her hair real bad ?
I thought we had to cut the whole thing out at first but then i found this video and it worked (although it took hella long)

Many thanks!

vedo lng

daang that girl brushing is so rough ahhahaha


This doesnt work my dad ended cutting my hair put it didnt change anything because my hair is thick


I have an issue so basically I have long hair I’m a male and basically I don’t brush my hair my hair is about to my neck like half way basically on the back I have nodded hair like all together I need help it’s always like that

Crystal Ashish Chalakkel

I just ended up cutting the tangled section of my hair...??

Mahfuza Mizan

This video is a lifesaver!!! Thank you!!!!

Colleen Hunter

There's more dislikes on this video than likes...that is how you know it is bullshit


oh my goodness this is amazing! thank you. i had a bad hairday today so.. this helped me a lot lol. tysm!

Sophia Hamlet

How have I never gotten a brush stuck in my THICK LONG hair?!

Mary Godfrey


Eileen Yost

For anyone looking for a useful video https://youtu.be/spUfzL9FZ68

Vanessa DeBoe

Her face is like... kill me now.


Just got my hair caught in one today. This video is nothing but no help. I rolled my hair up to the top of the head and got caught that way. What i did took me just 5 mins. I used rat comb with the pointy tail - Insert it between the brush and your hair Start yanking your hair off a little bit while pull down the brush by trying to get the hair off from the top of the brush. Literally took me 5 mins and my hair was way tangled up in the brush too .. I did brake some hair at the end but better than to cut it all off.

Ed Morrow

Seriously that wasn't stuck

Vaishnavi Tripathi

the Girl Who is sitting is looking like a doll

ellen h

I agree! It looked so easy in the video, only because there was a tiny amount of hair not EVEN STUCK to the brush. And here I am now with a brush stuck to my head.

Abby from wii sports

Spend 20 minutes trying to get it out and just made it worse. It took my mom an hour to get out, and a lot of hair came out. Luckily you can’t even notice the difference, but the video didn’t even help

Wishfxl Gacha

Guys don’t do this it’s just pulling out your hair take a hard brush then brush the the put of you hair that’s in the comb and just try to take pieces out or just use TONS AND TONS AND TONS Of conditioner

Jannatul Shefa

Doesn't work ????. Time waste

Srija Lama

i tried curling my friends hair with the same brush it got stucked up on the head i though i fucked it up so i searched n watched ur video it saved our life THANK YOU

Donald Walker

In going to a dance and my hair got caught in my stupid brush

Under Theory



how did we manage to get in this situation? i tried blowing out my hair right before picture day :)

Huchu Baba

Thank you so much mam you have saved my wife's hair

Thank you for you invaluable support by your channel



Thank the lord got a circle brush stuck. Merry xmas

Snigz Banerjee

Thanks really helpful!!!

Teri Mullen

lmao That brush was not stuck! My friend literally just got a legitimately stuck brush out of my hair; you need tons of conditioner, and PATIENCE, and a good friend. :o)


You just won the award of most stupid youtube video ever! Congrats :)

Natalie Yount

I have a brush stuck in my hair right now I refuse to cut it because I'm donating it to cancer and it took three years to grow out and I'm getting it cut next week. and this doesn't work help someone

ko okie

How to get from a comb mine is really stuck


The dislikes? Still stuck in hair?


I never knew I needed this until now


Are you kidding me people?? This video literally saved a chunk of my hair from falling out!! Thank you for the video, you saved my hair(and life :) ) !!

Wie Gehts

Lol really that doesnt help. Shit video

Charly Maher

That wasn't tangled! Omg you should see the mess my 2 year got herself into. Poor kid.

Anthony Skeldon

So put spray your hair and brush it tada

Lola Cola

Not helpful

Anne Casey

It's Christmas Eve, I'm pregnant, and my 7 year old had a round brush completely stuck in her hair by her scalp. I googled how to get it out, watched this COMPLETELY useless video and started to cry.
How do you even have the nerve to post this and think it is useful???????? You had like 3 strands of hair caught be the end of the strand. You should be embarrassed.
I then looked somewhere else, that said to douse it in conditioner and pull. Well thank god it worked. I was ready to die.
I proceeded then to take a hammer and completely destroyed the brush. Made me feel so better.


Done this for many hours.. still not coming out

Kiwis In Bikinis

It didn't help at all I watched the video and it was so terrible I decided to yank the brush out of my hair


This is fucking STUPID! Useless video, because here I am, with a new fucking haircut. Why? Because all the videos I find on this stupid site are USELESS and UNHELPFUL. Stop making videos.

Alyssa Morris

Same thing happened to me and this vid makes no sense so this is what u do go in the shower and put ALOT of conditioner in ur hair then rinse it off this actually works it helped me


Worked for me. So I don't understand all the hate. It took awhile, but it worked

Juniya Tewari

This bitch had like 5 strands of hair stuck in that thing. "I'm a hairstylist and I just showed you how to get a brush out of your hair". No bitch you showed us how stupid people can be.

Natalya Veillard

you lied because it didn't work for my sister we had to try something else

kari c.

this entire comment section made me lmao until i couldn't breath, so many stupid people on tis planet omg

maddi m8

For anyone who has a comb stuck in there hair don't do this... You take a pointy type comb or tweezers and pick each piece out slowly and carefully, it might take awhile but if you truly love your hair you'll do it... ( I've done it before)

casey r

It’s 11 at night and i have a brush wedged into my hair, this is not helping


Are u serious?

Lemar Obeidat

Thank you I appreciate this hack that you just taught me me and my friend were doing our hair then I was using a round brush and then it got stuck in my hair all my friends tried pulling it but it didn’t work so I went to YouTube and I saw your video and it actually works thanks u I subscribed and liked and here is my comment

Equine X

My hair is stuck wrapped around the brush

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

Thanks lol my was a lot of hair but it will take some time

Breah Kutt

i had my hair completely wrapped around my brush and entangled and this actually really helped. At first i thought it was doing nothing but turns out i just needed a lighter and. You have to be really gentle with this method, not grabbing/pullinhg/gripping the hair but just kinda loosely almost not even there pull veryyyy gentle with it and you will slowly get pieces out



Glow Wooz

Okay, never done this before but I HAD to say this, one night before my prom and this happens to me and here I am, watching YOUR video. Absolutely nonsense. I would strongly recommend you to get rid of this video ASAP because hey, we're going to keep giving you hate comments. This made no sense to me, if what you showed is STUCK then either you don't know what stuck means or you just made this up to mess with our heads (literally, in your case .) Thanks to everyone in the comments section, you guys helped me more than the video itself...love you all heaps. (^o^)丿

Mona Ibrahim

Huhhh that fuckin brush doesn't stuck in hairs so gently the way u showed, it's just soo horrible


whos having a mental breakdown because its stuck

How to get hair untangled

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How to untangle your hair from a comb

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Chalese shows you how you

Chalese shows you how you can get a tangled comb out of your hair without cutting your hair