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Christian the Comedian Without Eyes

13 201 454 views | 24 Oct. 2017

Christian is diagnosed

Christian is diagnosed with Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate but is better known for his excellent sense of humor. Watch the follow-up interview with Christian at https://youtu.be/wXg0Mzcc5U8.

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No eye

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a true "no makeup" makeup look & under eye concealer trick

169 439 views | 22 Aug. 2019

i feel like i've perfected

i feel like i've perfected the "no makeup" makeup look, especially w this under eye concealer trick i'm sharing with you guys today :)

my review on the ordinary https://youtu.be/-M7hQ22_bHA

my glossier rep page!

https://www.glossier.com/reps/chessie get 10% off and free shipping when u shop through my page :)

Instagram // https://www.instagram.com/chessiedomrongchai/

Twitter // @captainchessie

follow my dog on instagram @willienilliebobillie

products used:

the ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

the ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

the glossier invisible shield

the ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

the glossier stretch concealer

becca shimmering skin perfector in opal

glossier cloud paint in dusk

glossier brow flick

colourpop clear brow gel

buxom plumpliner in hush hush

glossier balm dot com in berry

S. W

hi! can I ask you which shade you use for ur concealer? btw this look is soo pretty ! ?


The azaleic acid is chemical exfoliator


What's your concelor shade, I'm thinking of buying one but I'm not sure if it's the right shade and I'm almost as tan as you are

Hira BVB

Yaaaaaas love this

Shwetha Abraham

Girl, we need a SKIN CARE routine ! You're glowing ?


The ordinary please ❤️

Darcy McSwain

pls do a skincare vid!!!

Sara Martinez

What shade are you in the glossier concealer?

Mikaela Kellogg

Please do an ordinary video!!!!


You sound such a bitch yikes

Joud Faisal

i actually thought before picture was the make up look I----

Andrea Laksmirani

Love this, I think I'm gonna recreate this look ♥️


And like.

N xo1

ik ur lashes DID not just get that lifted by just touching them OMFFFGG HOWW

missj Stephens

Now this is a true no makeup makeup look ??? exactly what i wanted

k teehee ;3


Sumaya Liya

But the outer corner /is/ where my creasing is :(

Filzah Mahmood

Step 1: have a beautiful face


When you have pigmentation and acne ??

Greer Bennett

This is a true no makeup look. Thank you!


finally someone with similar skin color

BSBA-1A Galindez, Kimberly Mayumi A.

Love you

Brianna Keys

Gorgeous well done!

Nina Phatak

do a video on The Ordinary!!


Really loved what you said about dark under eyes. That’s so lovely and confident ❤️? I Stan this queen ?

UnknoWn Walker

Sis you're so pretty :( ♡

Alrakita S

Best no make up make up tutorial ever. So real and true.


I agree about dark under eyes looking beautiful! The colors, it’s just so natural and nice

Iram Rahman

Hi. What shade are you In the glossier concealer? And mac? As It would give me an idea in what shade to purchase. I'm a nc35ish in mac

Potato Salad

Thank you so much for the concealer hack! I've never been able to wear concealer because of the horrible creasing and finally when I applied it the way you recommended it totally worked!!! ???❤

Cheri Zagoz

This is the best i’ve seen for this look also i’m the same skin color so i was searching so longggg for this video thank you so muchhh!!!


Okay forgive me if this is already mentioned but what shade did you use for the concealer and skin tint? Love the video thanks!

Giulia Longoni

I'm sorry I'm late but whatever ahaha Believe it or not, I'm actually a huge fan of dark circles, especially with mascara and no eyeshadow, idk they add a touch of sexiness to the look. I use concealer just to cover spots and redness around the nose. So, long live to dark circles! ??


You seem like such a cool and kind friend idk

Mi Mi Tran

Thank you for that concealer tip, gotta try that. My underrated are soooo dry that my concealer always looks cakey and creasy when I try to cover my dark circles


U look better without makeup

Pardis Barouni

which shade did you use in the concealer, sorry if I missed it! You look stunning <3

Nina Gapusan

What color in the stretch concealer do you use?

Angie Garcia

I really liked what you said about dark eyes. I'm learning to embrace it :)


love this tutorial! what shade do you use for the stretch concealer?


Hi, what is your nail polish color in this video?


You look absolutely stunning


Wow ur so pretty and your concealer hack is amazing

Rexy Asdfghjkl

ive been eyeing the glossier stretch concealer, looks like i have to get it now! what shade are you on? i think we kinda have the same shade :))

Zarine Anan Khondoker

Love this look! Which shade are you using for the stretch concealer?

Mikaela MG

says sexy ""makes me feel a little uncomfortable"HAHAHA I died you're amazing

jjrs 14

My god. I fucking love you

kimberly jackson

bruh you're so pretty I automatically subscribed


What shade did you use for the glossier stretch concealer!! cause I'm close to your skin tone and that seems like the perfect color!


Absolutely love this, best natural makeup look I've seen!

Ego G.

Be very careful with vitamin c! I brought out when I mixed it with my retinol

Rachel Taylor

that nail colour is so perfect on u

Izabella Quinn

Where is your necklace from?! I love!!!

Sara Hassan

she's so beautiful <3

Nikki Harris

nail polish color ?! .

i_bleed_ makeup

1:31 "you know, oil happens". Bwahahahahaha ???? I LOVE this ❤

kryztyna williams

Azelaic Acid is amazing for acne prone skin. It’s pretty much a cream acutane! It is a skin brighter too! 20% needs to be prescribed but 10% in a moisturizer sounds good! ??????

Sazi Marroquin Romay

Which shade of the stretch concealer did you use?

Tashnemara Upama

I’m thinking of buying ordinary products. Please make a video. Would love to see products that helps with acne scarring.


Definitely going to try your concealer trick! ??


Where is your necklace from? It's so pretty! Love this look!

gre guac

what shade in the concealer did you use?? :)

elizabeth reyna

i love how moisturized you look because my eye cream dries up so fast and when i apply concealer i feel so dry ... will definitely be trying out the ordinary products ! also, have you ever dealt with darkness on the corners of your lips?? i don’t know how to brighten that area

Aliya Cxopp

What shade is the glossier concealer??

Hailey Betancourt

Gurrrlll your under eyes aren’t even darkkkk. It just looks like you have A TOUCH of mascara under your eyesss. Also you look so GOOD without makeupppp there’s barely a difference lol


Step 1: clear skin
Me: ?‍♀️


This is a great look

ave !

i rlly need glossier to change cloud paint packaging though, it causes me to waste so much product!! if they kept the tube shape and used a big doe foot i'd live for it

Nashrah Dabhoiwala

I love this look! Also, maybe you already have it, but you should try The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1% to control oil :)

noemy emma

You’re so beautiful! I wish I could do natural but I have too many red blemishes on my face :(

Maria Hernandez

how many times did she say “like”

Silvia Joni

you look like Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber !!! super beautiful ?

Megan Aquias

I’d love to see a video on The Ordinary!! I’ve been thinking about trying it for the longest time!

Pooja Dussa

I don't really know why but I seriously couldn't take my eyes off your nails! They're looking so pretty!!

Caroline Sagebiel

1st of all, like the title it’s so helpful to see an actual no makeup makeup look! 2nd, would love to see a review/video on the ordinary!


Idk what to do with my dark cirkels like i use the catrice foundation for it but it doesn’t do his job. I’ve bought soooo many concealers but none of them is good or works for me?

Rebeca C.

omg so i just watched this vid last night and tried the concealer trick this morning and OMG. it looks so natural and good !! TYSM!!

Rajni .r

Now dt’s wat i cll an actual no makeup makeup look

Magda Otero


Leah At Home

That dark circle tip was IT for me.


Yesss to the ordinary video please!!

Jenni Vee

love this look!

Araya Rutherford

LOVE THIS! Also I use the salicylic acid from the ordinary and it's completely cleared up my skin.

Sophia Herley

So like....... ya lmao ??

Sadie Asbridge

i feel the same about a little bit of a dark under eye! it makes you look human

Asia Holland

Girl thank you so much for the under eye hack !!!!!!!! Putting the concealer on the corner !! Great recommendation babe!

Tori Uptown

i used your code recently, I hope you got good kickback from it ?

Amna Baig

what shade are you in the glossier concealer x

Stella Shepherd

I say dark under eyes looks “romantic”. ?

Erica Taylor

Idk if you'll see this, but I just wanted to let you know I first saw this vid about a month ago and have done the concealer trick and it has made a HUGE difference. I will never go back. I love applying my concealer, without making it look like I'm wearing concealer, if that makes sense. Thank you for the vid and the tip!:)

Alden Raisa

What shade of stretch concealer did you use?

que anh nguyen

thanks!! this is so helpful ?


i am totally going to try the under eye concealer trick!! it looks stunning on you ?


I've never had dark undereyes. It's weird how obsessive people are with covering up something that's really just genetics.

That said, I have blotchy red spots, acne, a unibrow, small eyes, a mustache, huge pores and a moon face without cheekbones or a jawline. So I'm not saying that I am pretty or anything just because I didn't get the dark undereye circles. I've been cursed in every other imaginable way. Eh.


Do a video on the ordinary please ? it’s hard to figure out

CurlyGurl Kay-Kay

I love the ordinary


This is hands down the best and most useful no makeup look. And that under eye concealer technique is amazing.

Marjorie Judal

You're gorgeous. The best no make up make up look for me ?

Care Bear

My dark circles are bad af like I can’t do a natural look without full coverage concealer or else it will look grey

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