Orgasm faces

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Ruth Wilson And Stephen Do NOT Show Their Orgasm Faces

304 704 views | 3 Oct. 2015

Stephen and Ruth strike a

Stephen and Ruth strike a blow for equality but showing their "I just found $20" faces.


I think he did a better job at that than the 'professional'

Oceanic Whale

Watch her face at the end. She went: XD to :I


With all due respect - pornography, in video format or simply in still pictures, is chiefly consumed by a male demographic. They want to see the woman, they want the focus to be on the woman. That's why porn that focuses more or just equally on the male actors in the porn, isn't made - because it wont sell as well

Maria Eduarda

Imagine stephen and steve carell doing these NOT orgasm faces......


She looks like Michelle Monaghan


Did anyone else notice she was tightening the jar?! Just saying, in real life making that much effort may give you an orgasm.


Hahaha the texting one about canceling plans is pretty damn close though, I mean honestly that is about how I look when I get that cancel text.

David Aleister

the British should stop with the inbreeding


Jimmy Fallon-esque


She is such a beautiful woman.


it just makes it's own point, though.... when a dude makes the same face its seen as funny and when a women does it its seen as sexual. its not her fault.

Dan Iel

Opening the jar seemed to be another face.

Yalidys Peña

They should have had a "when you step on a Lego" face!


Colbert's ears are weird

Randy Savage

She didnt actually get what Stephen meant. She took it literally.


I cant breathe! Stephens face! ?

simon makinde

She's really straining to get that jar of pasta sauce open!

Obak Illabaka


Vaibhav Gupta

thats the stupid rule in my opinion.

John Doe


Kurt Sudheim

I'm guessing the reason is that a woman's "O" face is prettier than a guys... At least that's what I'm told, I haven't seen either!


haha that was so funny

Sixth Jayhawk

Ruth Wilson was my favorite Jane Eyre. She and Toby Stephens were magnetic together. Her and Idris Elba, too, in "Luther." Now, her and Stephen Colbert??? Dang, that woman could share screentime with a potato and they'd have chemistry.

Magical Africa

like that 20$

E Bryant

Alice is so hot. Yeah I know she's Ruth but she will only be Alice to me ;-)


jars are much easier to open when you turn the lid counterclockwise

Gyuri Lee

colbert''s faces beat her's


I'm not seeing this


i am WILDLY uncomfortable and amused


I adore this woman.


When you have a super krush on a woman then you find out she has one for you... ?

ancona mariah

What a waste of airtime :(

dawnna Avelino

Lmfao ??? she funny she seems 2 b down 2 earth

ben kennedy

They should have had them read the cards to each other and do the face they hear


she's still so young yet looks so old it's weird.


I fucking love Ruth Wilson.

Queen Elizabeth III

Stephens ear on the left is sharp on the top like an elf while the other one is round

You can't unsee that!

By the way he outsmarted the director of Lord of the Rings many times, and was a special guest during filmings years back so it's appropriate he has one ear that's elvish.


That's the most difficult accent to understand. She doesn't distinguish between most vowels.

Miko Philo

Press 9 for "I think she broke it"

Foggy Narcoleptic

This is my face when I see another Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert upload


cj may

So many Kreygasms

Alekhya Das

hahaha :D fucking hilarious.. upcoming gif!


Stephen, you are the best !!!!!!

Rafael Oliveira

She is sex... She's the reason this word was invented.

Paul K

Steve's were hilariously accurate. Ruth's were honestly sort of cringey xD

Alana Miller

This is hilarious

David Aleister

the British should stop with the inbreeding


I'd imagine a lot of guys orgasm face is the same face you make when you have a hard poop and then finally gets it out

Gyuri Lee

please act too colbert. youre amazing

Piesho Nais

The jar-opening. That's the one.

The Ark-Ham Sandwich

The face you make when you take the biggest dump of your life.

Chase Dorman

I'm a big fan of Colbert, but this was just not funny to me at all.

Hairy Potter

this should become a regular thing....

Joe Favela

Keep pressing 9 for repeat battle cry.


She didn't get it, did she.

Iam Michella

she's the best


The way she said pasta sawce.

Iron Fan

Not gonna lie... she is quite sexy.

Art Silverman

Did anyone else notice Ruth Wilson was "tightening" her imaginary jar of past sauce?


A friend cancelling Before you do is Literally one of my favorite things! I never have to be the bad gal ;)

Barr-Nunn Tech

He has to do his show stoned one day


so many british actors playing americans lol


Judging by the comments the fans of this show must be extra sarcastic pseudo-intellectual smart asses. That's fun..

Edgy People Theater

Poker face for CBS-TV


Finding pleasure in everyday things...rated PG.


Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Billy Bowden

Stephen Colbert kind of looks and has the aura of Robert Downey jr.

Crystal B


Alyssa Kate

please post the pewdiepie episode

Boo Uno

when you want to cancel plans with a friend but you don't know how to tell them, but then you get a text from your friend saying they have to cancel first
that is extremely detail


This show has already blown conan and both jimmys out of the water xD

Alex Moran

No clips of Bernie Sanders :(


Triggered! Orgasms are sexist!


Lmfao Colbert faces were priceless


i'm arriving! i'm arriving!

Wounded Ego

She was tightening the jar.

Joran Nakarak


the escapist

Ruth Wilson is the best


She didn't get it. It would have been funnier if she got it.


Brilliant idiocy.....

i. Cali559.

lol colbert is hilarious


Colbert's 'o faces' were much better...just sayin'.



Gonna have her on and show her my O-face. Living the dream Colbert.

Joe Favela

Love how Stephen and his crew always figure out a way to get around censors and limitations - from the Report to the Late Show. Always makes those moments that much funnier when they do.


Ruth wilson is a beautiful woman

Lou Alcaraz

I found forty bucks in my old jacket last week and that’s absolutely the face I made.


His O.....I mean his " when you find $20 you didn't know you have in your pocket " and " when you want to cancel plans with a friend but you don't know how to tell them, but then you get a text from your friend saying they have to cancel first " faces are hilarious and are much better than hers.


Might wanna check your description proof-reader, guys.

Leo C

She is so unique and lovely.


press 9 fast for link swinging his sword in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Justin Trovrt

I dare you all to hit 9 while watching.

Jhon Alexander Padilla Cardona

ruth is hot

lynn pabon the elite hero

pls Stephen don't invite Miley Cyrus on your show.

You will lose brain cells and end up like Fallon.


The Memes, My god the memes


Press 4+8+9 lol

Yasmin M

oh my GOD stephen. can't not think about his reactions now good lord

Abnormal Wrench

She didn't open that jar, she ripped it in half! What an animal!

Medeline Jayasaputra

What tv series did she mean?

Dana B

If my girl ever grunts like that during sex I think I'm doing something wrong...

Smurfiest Smurf

1:54 OMG ?