How to get oil off your face

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Olive Oil Face Wash

150 918 views | 9 Mar. 2016

If you are looking for an

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get beautiful, glowing skin that's PH balanced, look no further than your own kitchen cabinet! The new fad that's sweeping the beauty industry is using oils to wash your face. Sounds crazy, right? Oils? To clean your skin? Yup... I am here as a walking testament to the powers of using oils to take off makeup, clean your skin and leave it feeling fresh and beautiful!

Want to give it a go? You can truly use any olive oil you may have lying around but I've looked into which is considered one of the best and California Olive Ranch Everyday Virgin Olive Oil has come up over and over on the top of olive oil connoisseurs lists! In fact, it's the only one we use now in our kitchen... AND on my face!


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blushing beauties

I leave it on my face until the next morning & then wash it off & then go. About my day

Tre Hazel

Great vid.., amazing skin, but please don't mislead the ones who are searching for an answer about the moisturizer, olive oil does not clog your pores, it actually does the opposite, it's the only oil that's the closest to the oils you produce out of your skin. It does not clog your skin or create breakouts!

Tsega 2012

thanks guys it's beautiful ♡

Raju Chauhan

Is it good enough for every day cleanser

Robert Spies

I had horrible acne for years and doing this gave me perfect skin skin.

H&k adam

For dry skin dont use soap never ever

Julia Shaw

I used to use olive oil on my face, and I loved it. Then, I read that it breaks down the moisture barrier of the skin. Is this true?


Add sugar to it and you'll have an excellent sugar scrub exfoliate that works fantastic!


Can I use any olive oil?

Jesus is the way

maksure it’s (extra )virgin olive oil I use it everyday morning and evening as moisturiser ??


how much is it?


I started doing this a little over a week ago. the first few days my skin for worse but now it's better than ever

Ârrâyânn Kêênøø

it really

Lal Khan

stop making stupid videos

Patty Beltran

You guys make me want to go try this .

River Gallery

Hi, do you wash your face with soap based product after?

hector bossio

silly and ridiculous

Baban Pramanik


farooq khan

dont rub ur eye circle stupid

More than just Mom

Haha, wouldn't it be fun to cover yourself in oil and wrestle bahaha I have honesty have thought about it before make for some good laughs with the significant other ?great video ladies


Hi! I use sunflower oil cleansing. Then after i use vitamin C Serum and argan oil. So far it's great What i want to know is how i can have a glowing skin .Do you have an advice? Btw i am 50 yrs old Asian mom(brown skin).Thank you!

Susie Dicker

What do you use to moisturizer when you're done?

muhammad arshad

can olive oil remove birthmark ??

cathenia kristine mercado

olive oil is good for the skin I believe that I prefer to use organic than expensive product.

Jb Oretna

omg you guys are funny,,,now im gonna try it too...LOL.... now this make me think might be good for your hair as well then cover it with hot towel....hmmm

Manshi Dwivedi

What's the name of product that shown??

Lydia Almodovar

nice face girls good job??

fatim sheriff

I always used olive oil at bed time my face is awesome now

Tahsan Rafique

two mad women

Yasmina Yasmina

qu'il qu'un peut me traduire en français s'il vous plait merci


awesome...I use coconut oil and also oil pull. I love your videos :)

Zasha Lugo

it actually doesnt clog the pores. its great. as a cleanser and as a moisterizer

Ms Fortune

Wont it grow facial hairs?


i have dry skin, should i moisturize afterwards?

Lal Khan

olive oil is bad for face dont use

Alpa Rao

are you serious I don't think so!!??????

Amber Heimann

Do you do it every day? & you dont do anything after? Like using a cleanser or toner?

Brenton Akoname

is it okay to massage my face with olive oil starting in the morning? if i go out under the sun does it have any negative effects?

jose garcia


sanoo amer

Is it good for oily skin?

Roxane Bidlack

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is what works. Not all olive oils work.

Fit n Fab

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I only use olive oil since I was a kid. This is nothing new. Depending what culture you grew up into. And it does not clog your pores everyone. Theres is so much misleading info, almost about everything.

sumit gupta

mam which olive oil is the best for face extra virgin olive oil or olive oil??

Valsai Fau

Thanks for Tips.

Alberta Middleton

Thank you for your video. I started using it on my skin about two days ago and I use it with a shea butter soap. I can truly see and feel the difference in my skin. I'm going to try it on my body.

Maxwell John

Every morning or every night?

Apple Slices Unite

i use it as a moisturizer and I don't get pimples


i have dry skin, should i moisturize afterwards?