How to shave your legs without water

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How to Shave Without Water- Safely!

77 195 views | 15 May. 2015

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1.Q- Is Bindle your real name?

A- No, my real name is Bryn!

2.Q- How old are you?

A- I am 16, and a junior in high school.

3.Q- Where do you live?

A- California!



AZ Dreamer


adriana moreira

is this sponsored?

Erika J

I'm 12 and I shaved about 5 times and I never cut my self next time I save I'll cut my save I bet ?

Amanda Rose

Very helpful video! <3


Under 100 views club! Yay! :)

Yoonji Min


wholesome howell

This was useful, but FLAVOURS of SHAVING CREAM?!


0:36 "Really yummy flavors!"?!?!


Seriously pointless video

Sarah Kate Cuthbertson

Awesome video, very helpful for camping!!

Chelsea K

"Evolution of smooth"
       More Like
   Evolution of shit

Isleana Johnson-Zaragoza

Instead of yummy flavors you mean yummy scents? 0:36

Maddie Davis

I love u bryn!

Bless your soul for making this video ?????

Nicole Locke

What days do you upload? xx

AZ Dreamer

301 under


2nd like ily?


you have to get your legs wet anyway though to clean off the shaving cream, so what's the point???


I love shaving without water- I thought it was just me

Lucero vasquez

This is such a great idea and your so pretty:)

Rick James

yeah, Im sure we all like to see her shave.

Jens Reimann

freaking gorgeous ilysm




Last minute shaving is me every weekend tbh

smosh lvr


Maddie Davis

Haha I'm 11 and I shave ?


Omg! My name is Brynn, lol it's almost the same..

Angelica Vargas A1j2k3m4

the video of you using the eos shaving cream please♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Would lotion work instead of shaving cream? Or conditioner?

Kenzie Forbes

Very helpful!

Audra McClain

"How to shave your legs without water" uses water to rinse off razer

chasie stokes

Okay, I followed the instructions and still managed to get cuts all over my legs! I don't understand how this happened; I wish i didn't click the video and just wish I jumped in my tub and shaved. ?? (sorry for being so harsh just trying to be honest.)

Aja Connelly

Did she say yummy flavors?


how's was it without water u cleaned ur razor the whole time with water anyone can put shaving cream on their legs without water nd shave .... nothing new but ur not opening ur pores when u shave u shud its actually a lot better with water

Adelina Mustafai

You do get razor burns from it lol

Ashley Moore

i never shave above my knees its too much work lol my hair is naturally light anyway


Love this:)


thank you I didn't know how to shave. -___- #sarcastic


Some of you are so rude ? she means you don't need to actually get into the shower, not shaving with no water at all

adks biomed

U have no hair, what r u shaving

Skyelar Edmonds

I love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ? ?


I don't understand. you technically do need water to rinse off your legs and you said that this is perfect for when you're in a rush. but you said don't rush when you're shaving and to take your time

Tooba Ahmed

Quick question: where did you get the razor and the shaving cream?

Phoenix Alliance

How do you get cuts? I never have.


.love it??


Wow. You know ur lucky when ur mom lets you shave at the age of 12 im 13 next month mom only lets me wax, or use hair removal cream. Lol

Kristina Bati

Ur so prettyyy!!! ilysm❤️❤️❤️

Madelyne Grimmett

Yummy flavor ?

heidi pico


How to shave your legs without water

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How To Shave Your Legs, Knees and Ankles - Detailed Description, Step By Step! Swimmers/Beginners

184 189 views | 20 Jan. 2013

Requested Video: Detailed,

Requested Video: Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to shave your ankles, legs and knees. Great for swimmers that need to smooth skin before race day! Or if you're just learning how to shave and need step by step, detail so you don't cut yourself! Includes: What shavers to use, what shaving scream to use, Ankles, Legs, Knees, After-Shave Routine. Good to watch for beginners or someone who has been shaving and experiencing darkness, bumps, razor burn, or skin irritation after shaving. For the men/male swimmers, if you're not sure what razor to use, I recommend Schick Hydro. If you have lots of hair then do first coat with disposables if you are on a budget, and do last shave with better, smoother blade. Just remember to keep warm and keep moisturized with alcohol-free lotion or aloe-Vera!! Thanks for watching!

Products and Information below.

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Shaver/Razor used: Gillette Venus Embrace

Shaving Cream: Dove Winter Care Moisturizing Body Wash

Coconut Oil

Aloe Vera


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step by step how to shave your legs instructions shave shaving your my legs knees ankles without cutting myself yourself smooth smoother soft softer skin less irritation darkness get rid of while shaven what razor to use best detailed description swimmer swimmers male female boy girl model models athlete for men and women

rheanne kitten

Dose shaving hurt I'm just wondering I've never shaved and I'm gonna start but I'm scared if it stings?

cameron W

well for some girls they are very self conscious about them selfs and their legs and armpits I mean I am not but I am 15 and it has beenvery crappy having to walk around with hairy legs

Glamerous Cheerleading Chick

Ida Patomella

Thanks for this vid now i can do it !! :)

Niamh Leahy

im 11 and i have very dark hair on my legs and i feel insecure my friend said she used veet and i dont think my mum will let me so what do u think i should do?

Oliana Arts

You look like Beyonce. I know it isn't important, but I just had to say it.

Baldip Kaur

Ur rally pretty

deb sen

all these things are absolutely boguss. why are you so worried about hairs
.let them grow and let them show

Ray Mcdowall

Hi im 11 and been shaving for awhile since I turned 10. I find the best way to shave is in the bath. Be sure you do gentle under your knee. I almost cut myself every time i shave in that spot

S. Ize

Beyonce?? Is dat u??


when she was younger :)

The Survivalist

Miss pretty skin

M Henderson

My mom won't let me shave.... I'm in middle school



Phanic! at the disco


Jennifer Torrey

Thx it helped

Vung Niang


Ida Olsen

IM 12 and IM shaving my legs youre never to young btw when you shave your legs the hair will be drakter and grow faster

Alexia Kelly

I usually use conditioner to shave my legs. It is nice but don't use one that colorizes it just find one that simply softens the haor. My hair is hardly ever stubbly since I started using conditioner. It's nice in the summer

Cray Zee

how often do you shave? (all bodyparts)

Sammy Toxzik

i can't be the only guy watching this..



Raycheal xee

anyway i'm not a fan of shaving using mens razor anymore after i purchased the braun silk shaver for ladies... it's really really good, giving a clean and silky smooth finish and it's also easy to use... not advertising here but u girls should really try it to know it


Beyonce. U look so much like her

Angel Vang

Be too

S Khan

You're really pretty :)

Matt Caldaroni

How do you prevent razor bumps on upper thighs? I have to shave because of soccer and get bumps all the time on my upper legs, very irritating!

Leslie Corral

what if u have bumps on your knees bc hair is growing and when u cut yourself does it hurt

Thalia R.

Thank you!! This is my first time and I was worried of cutting my self ALOT. I'm a bit clueless.

Des Turner

90% of these comments are about how she looks like Beyonce and I'm like, "Does anyone else flatten their leg out completely when they shave their kneecap?"

Ashley Sexton

NO! Don't ever use someone else's razor blade. Doing that can lead to infections for yourself and your mum. your better off asking her if you can go get a new one.

eli reyman

(: (

Strawberry Kit Kats

Thanks for this video! I'm going to be shaving for the very first time tomorrow I mean, I have very recently just shaved my armpits for the first time without even any shaving cream and it was super easy but the legs is scarier so this makes me feel better thanks!


Thx for the help??????????? ^3^

sg bhatti

lovw ur video
reAlly helpful

Brooklynhead 1

I'm here for them pretty ass toes


omg this tutorial is what exactly I'm looking for! thank you so much! great video :)


this is very helpful, thank you :)

Karlee Doerr

When I shave my knee, I bend my knee all the way so my clad is almost touching my thigh! Anyone else??


Thank you for making this video. It helped me with my first shave. I have to use disposable razors for now though.


Damn, my gf said for me to watch girls shave their legs and I feel bad because guys like me take 10 mins to shave at the most

Jasmine Pantoja

What about your thighs


Girls Have To Do Some Much.. Its So Fucking Annoying D:

Gil A

I watched this for advice but your voice was so calming I fell asleep

E. D.

You look like Beyoncé

khaja khajaaltaf


spicy prisha

The first time I removed hair on my legs was when I was 10, I waxed it and it didn't hurt a lot but more near the ankle and knee.After that I tried other ways to remove hair on my legs I tried hair removal creams and shaving I find that the hair removal cream works well but stings a little when its on your skin and after you wash it off you feel like the area you put it on is really itchy and once you start itching you can't stop because it starts to feel extremely itchy and later you will have a red rash where you itched (this is how it worked for me and my skin but for you it might work differently)
I feel that shaving is best for my legs because it doesn't itch afterwards and you don't get red rashes I use the Schick extreme sensitive Razer and the Gillette shave foam
Thanks for the video
P.S hope this helped

Rojina Khalid

hey! that video is really helpful but i was wondering, do i rinse my legs with warm water or cold water after shaving my legs? and do you shave your thighs too?

Reyna Reyes

Thank u it helps alot.my mom got deported to Mexico so live with my bro and my dad. I only visit her in the Summer and I will have to do it alone. I am scared of cutting myself and its actually my first time shaving :P wish me luck xD


You look a lot like Janet Jackson!! :3

Mandy Boggs

I just asked my mom today if I can shave and she said yes so am trying to learn how and this helped a lot oh and I'm 12

Kirsten Ponticelli

This video was so helpful! From a person who just started shaving amazing job explaining, I didn't cut myself once!

Kassie Schmidt

Your so pretty! Thanks for the video :) it helped a lot

Glamerous Cheerleading Chick

I get u hope roks i'm only 11 and summer is coming up but,my problem is I only have a little bit of hair on my legs and I don't want to cut myself,I just don't get why they haven't made a tutorial on how to shave your legs if your a kid it makes no sense 10 letters b-i-g p-r-o-b-l-e-m!!!


Ahhh i dot have that much time! But the knee part really helped me

yee haw

This was really helpful c:

sg bhatti

lovw ur video
reAlly helpful

Lena Truong

Thank you so much!!!!! You've really helped me because this is my first time.Thanks!!!

laura elias

She looks like Beyonce.

Shamya Dillon

Thank you

Maya Isabella

Great video thanks ??

Hallie Barenz

you look like beyoncè!

Keecie Henry

@ntlrusty everdeen I thought tht to but I was 11 5o im now 12 but anyway my mom was like sre idc and trust me my mom is very overprotective so jst ask her its okkk and if she says no jst sneak if ur not sneaky jst try ur best with a pouty face and sad eyes


I find it hardest to shave the back of my upper legs and behind knee


I know this will be considered spam but PLZ subscribe to my channel if you do i will subscribe to you


I always wet my legs with warm water prior to shaving. . . good or bad?

Sofia Cristina

You look like Beyonce

Alexis Abercrombie

This was very helpful im 11 and its my first time shaving so YAY


puberty feels like too much work -.-

Malaika K

This is completely off topic but u look exactly like Beyoncé:)


Wow you look like Beyoncé

Ajla Kuc

You look like Beyoncé ?

Jazz Cole

You look like Beyonce

Shahiar Waisi

I look a little like BEYONCE... Queen b


Don't you clean the hairs out of your razor after every couple strokes?

clarice ng

Does it sting?

Loli Jone

Thank you!! This video helped a lot!!


When do you dispose your razors? Right after you use them?

zuleidy valerio

Alyssa Shinevar

How much did your razor cost and is it disposable

Sapna Deo

Ahh I'm just starting shaving like right now actually ;p aha I was a bit scared but this is helping. Now I hope this works wish me luck! Haha great video really helped :)


Is it strange but I used a dude razor and I works sort of better than other razors I have used...


Whenever I shave, it just gets hairier


i get dots on my legs how do i get rid of them?

Angel Vang

Me too

Debbie Ng

Can anyone give me some good advice on how to shave your elbows without cutting yourself?

Wolf Lewis

You look like Anne Hathaway in the face

Sofia Gutierrez

this is one of the most helpful videos i've ever seen!

jojoanne momolino

to me you look like beyonce lol


I shaved my legs today and cut my self so bad

Ida Olsen


Fatima Zohra

Okay now she is a complete look alike of Beyonce no offe11jqjqjqnqbbbbbbqqq

Inge Vandenberg

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this video! About 5minutes ago I shaved for the first time. My mom and I aren't close so, I had to learn myself. I came across your video and decided this was how I was going to learn. I just shaved and had no problems at all. I was really scared butI learned there was nothing to be afraid of. Thanks so much for helping me!!!!!!!! Xoxo

That’s the tea


chloe garrett

Lol i use the same thing

Kayla Simmmons

2020 anyone


Hey! I could really use some help. I don't really know how to and I guess I'll ask my mom but can I use her blade? I don't have one yet and want to do it today to get it over with. I would really appreciate any advice you have for my very first time. Thanks so much! Also, do you shave your thighs like your shins or what? Help soon! Xoxox.

Anna Silaghi

Every time I shave, I'm pretty sure i'm doing it right ( I even have the same razor as you ) I just get a bunch of bumps and you can tell I shaved. and no matter how hard I try, the hair doesn't ever come all the way out. its basicly just stubble.

eli reyman

im starting with the disposable razors!!!!

Mary Loteck

Thank you so much I'm just starting to shave and I am really scared this really helped!!!

How to shave your legs without water

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How to shave your legs without water!

192 views | 9 May. 2019

How to shave your legs

How to shave your legs without water!

In this video I will show you how to use just The Body Shop Body Butter and a razor to shave your legs :)

Let me know what you want to see next in the comments below ?

Also find me in these places...


SNAPCHAT itismeclaireb

INSTAGRAM @thatbodyshopladyclaire