How to heat coconut oil for hair

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hair oil for hair growth|Curry Leaves Oil to Grow Long Thick Hair fast with Ajwain Seeds&CoconutOil

1 652 020 views | 11 Apr. 2018

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Kolombo Abdulahi

Can I use dry curry leaves? Plz reply

Nature and Healthy Life

Good video


Can I use daily?

Simran Chhibber

Can we add hisbiscus flower to it?

Anil Kumar

Is it recommendable for beard growth


Sorry,naan romba thittytan,daily we can use this

Harinya Murthy

Omg... I can't believe it I tried this.. It really works.. Tq team

Srikanth Shirisha

Is there any side effects and is it works really

Sumaiya Zaki

It's not selflife.. ? it's shelf life

Dr. Pratibha Miranda

What's the use of ajwain??

Sravani .l

Whatis ajwain ,is it mandatory

Joel Jilvestar

Sir itha epdi prepare panrathunu konjam massage sollungalen please enaku Nara mudi neraya iruku

priya g

Anna ajwain means???

Beaula Soma

I used this remedy, since 15 days..earlier I have thick short curly hair.. When I used to start this remedy hair fall increased alot but the thing is hair was growing like long thin .. How can I get back my thick hair pls give me solution.. Pls reply me soon..so much of hair fall

Hema kumar

Have to use only cold pressed coconut oil? Check la aatuna coconut oil use panna kudatha for mixing with curry leaves?


Does it prevent hairfall problems..?
Please reply

keerthi K

It's it real

all time talks

Can we use it daily as normal oil


Lol...did anyone try this?

Poonam Khandelwal

Bhai kuch bolna

Ambika Arumugam

How to use Anna?

jothi A

First comments ku reply panunga...video la dhan pesamatringa,reply kuda pana mudiyadha


That oil droping sound☺️☺️?

T .murugesh T. MURUGESH

Nice home remedy


Hi sir ... super... and
Headache varuma ???


Should I use curry leaves (kadi patta) or neem leaves (Azadirachta indica)??? Please reply

Karri Sujatha

Please talking telugu

aashima prabha

Kadi patta sauté....?

Srigowri TN

Many people say we should not heat any oil directly on the flame. It will loose it's good qualities, . Please clarify as you heated the coconut oil directly.

Riya Uikey

Daily use karna h

Soni Kudi

Isse Baal kaale ghane lambe honge kya

My little Swarga

Thanks for sharing, really appreciate. It's helpful :)

Profsarika Sarika

Tadka lag gya

Murugan Kumar

Iron kadayla tha panna numa

Jyoti Kumari

Kisi ne use kiya hai kya, please btaye na koi asar hua hai

Sanuki Nehara

What is ajwain

Ashok Ashok


Ash Kumar

Can I use coconut oil in winter or suggest me oil for winter to use curry leaf

Sam Choudhary

Is any spacfic time to use it...? Kindly recommend us which time we can use this oil ..?

Sree Lal

Netti kayarunu anna .what solution


What is ajwain

Remya C

Anna,, is curry leaves only needed??
also, is there substitute for ajwain?

saima khan

Kitni der cock krna h??

Fatima Kalsoom

Yay bazar sy mil jatay?

Sheetal Menon

Any other ingredients can I add for good smell as the curry leaves smells is Little bit strange. Pls suggest something.

Ajit Mishra

Bhai Ajwain kyun????iska kya laav

Rathod Jyothi

Hair fall use avutundha

persiya persiya

brother we can apply this oil in night

Sarmistha Dwibedi


Md Sahil

Mujhe chahiye.kaise mile ga plz

Priscilla Kagitha

Mudhuru akaulanu use cheyakudadha jiii

DANCE EXPOSE YouTube channel

AApne to tadka laga diya,it's wrong way to show


Then start put in your hair right?

Sruthi sarang

what is ajeain


Daily use pannalama ila thalai kulikum pothu matuma sir ???

Rathod Jyothi

Evarana use chesara

Jayanti Debnath

It's asmr?

Anu Smily

After applying oil head bath necessary or not plzz rplyyy

shreya roy

I don't know why he is frying curry leaves paste it should not be fried like this

Nanthini Nagaraj

Vilannai serkalama muti vuthirvirku

Parm Sandhu

dry leave use kr shkte hai

Deepanjali Yadav

Isse toh mera hairfall ho rh hai????

Saba Fatima

Thank you so much sir ye hair ke liye hai na sir I will try it thank u sooooooooooo much sir


Ajwain is actually hot, can it be used on head?

Navin Saradha

Ajwain seeds podavae ilayae bro

Maheshwari M

Nijanga na namochaa e tip ne

Roslin machahary

Does This is really good for hair


Everyday can we apply ?? Or 1or 2times a week ??

Sree Lal

One day 7,8 hair koziyunu

esther hephzibah

Adhu Shelf-life bro.
Not self life

Mangesh Shinde


veerendra patil

Super ede

Raja Mohideen

Enna Oil vena use pannelama mam

Murugan Sandhiya

Enna podi potinga tamil a sollunga

dhanya sreedharan


Gajalakshmi M

Sir whether we can add dried curry leaves in oil preparation?

Sarmistha Dwibedi


Anu Singh

Can I use this mixture one day before doing shampoo?


Can I add Fenugreek with this oil nd when to add tat pls rply sir nd it can be used as a regular coconut oil daily r immediately wash of aftr using it rply sir

Aarthi Sandhya

What is meant by ajwain

Prerna Kumari

Baad mei 150 ml coconut oil aad krna jaroori hai??

manoj A Aravindhakshan

Very very super

Divya Reddy

How many days we can store it

Siva Sailini Rajendiran

What is mean by ajwain

Aarti Sharma

Oil dusra la skta h ... sarso ka tail ya nhi

Glory Priya

Can i use parachute oil please reply

20PCS507_ Vaishnavi

I got good result? thank you so much???

mabila baby

கருவேப்பிலை வாடை வராதா. நல்லா முடி வளருமா

Eswararo Allam

Nijanga hair perugutunda

shruthi Jooluri

Wt is cold pressed coconut oil
Is it same which we use daily

Ketan kumar

I tried this tip but instead of Ajwain, I added Fenugreek seeds . But while applying the oil on my scalp and hair, I faced hairfall . But after using shampoo, it was normal . Please help me out if it's normal ,suitable or not.

Aasma Saifi

Mustard oil use kr skte h

bhavana bhalerao

Kya isme onion seeds milaye to chalega

Vedantham Niveditha

We can use dailu

Sijin HrxCgn

This is best hair growth oil ?

Sonal Mishra

Aise nhi bnta. .....aise to tel jalta he

Pendyala sneha Chary

Plzzz reply

Sree Lal

Netti kayarunu anna .what solution

Jyoti Singh


How to heat coconut oil for hair

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Homemade Curry Leaves Oil to Grow Long Thick Hair fast with Fenugreek Seeds & Coconut Oil

3 964 224 views | 23 Mar. 2017

This DIY oil is a

This DIY oil is a combination of Curry leaves , fenugreek seeds & coconut oil is an extremely useful remedy for fast hair growth. This homemade herbal hair oil will solve all hair related problems like hair thinning, hair loss, bald patches, give you thick hair, stop hair breakage, fast hair growth and many more.

Disclaimer : These contents or videos are only intended for informational purpose.Any information associated with these videos should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and health care professionals.Viewers are subjected to use these information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this.


Can the oil can can be apply at overnight in scalp?

ChamRan House

Use these 2 ingredients only. But what I did was mix the mixture into a castor oil. Within 2 weeks it worked out. 4 inches has been grown up.

Bloody Mary

Will this oil helps to cure the baldness above forehead? Please rply so that i can prepare this oil

Ujjwal Dubey

Is it helpful to reverse premature greying (premature canine) ?
Just Fenugreek seeds and curry leaves without using any powder to it ..
We use powder just to darken the paste na ?
So if we will just use Fenugreek and curry without powder will it help reversing premature canine (Premature greying of hair (16yrs.))

Sonali Singh

Awesome its work

Anu Singh

Can I use one day before doing shampoo?

Ruchitha Yadav

If coconut oil only use another oil like aswini oil use

Anand Anan

Suprrrrrrr akka

Foods and Flavours

After washing my hair ..my hair become very freezy plz guide


Does anybody know how to remove the curry smell from your house?

Tina Games

How many times a week should I apply to my hair

Swapna Sharma

Is it good for dandruff oily scalp

sameera ram

How Long we can store the oil?

Pooja P

Can I apply this overnight or not?give me reply

Md Moiz

This smell is not suitable to me.. So wt can i do.. Plzz tell me

naqvi syed

Can we use dry curry leaves

Soniya Suresh

which shampoo and conditioner r u using

Yesha Rathi

Heat krne pr to inke benefits kum nhi honge?

Dido Dido

Please tell me we can put the dried leaves here they have not leaves fresh

Natasha Ramdeyal

Has anyone tried this and did it work?

Faiza Jaseema

Can we leave it without washing?

Pearl god

How many days we can store this oil please reply ???

Srinivasan Palanivelu

Did it work for any one ??

annapurna cs

Good video shall try.. but I know already this process. ?

Divya Shikha

Can we use this remaining paste after some days..or can we store it in freeze?

Shringar Jha

the leftover material in strainer..after applying it with yougurt.. should we use mild or normal shampoo.. anything specific

Ritu Gaffar

can i use mustard oil instead of coconut oil ???? ...
plz plz ma'am rply


What if by mistake the oil has turned brown due to high flame and the leaves became burnt brown.is it ok?

Shire Sha

Can we use vitamin E capsule? ??

Honey Honey

Can we use doubor amla hair oil instead of coconut oil

Bharkar reddy Divya

Is this really working or not

Papa Papa

mam it will stop hair fall

Noshin Baloch

Can I use almond oil instead of coconut oil

Jyothika Kolli

can we leave it over night

Dilini Upamali

How long after pouring the oil should the head be washed.

gaurav kumar

How long we can use this oil after storing

Sharmili Jeganathan

In how many days we can see the difference

Maheshwari M

Is it true.. please tell me .mam
After using this oil hair growth vosthunda please tell me
Please reply to me mam..... ???

katheeja abdul

Can ve add more oil with same mixture

nisha B

Ye remedy se head top pe hair regrowth Hoga kya ...mam plz rply

Aishwarya kc Revathi

Oil apply madida mele hair wash is neccesary


At first I used only coconut oil I had lot of hair fall........ Now I'm using coconut oil with curry leaves and fenugreek seeds oil now I had less hairfall

anithaanitha anithaanitha

I will used it my hair was very long

Sarvamangala.N Sarvamangala .n

Oil tumba kadme aytu ansutte

Sahana Gowda

Can we rinse after 1 night
Mam plz reply

Kashish Khurana

After washing hair any other oil is required to apply on hairs like coconut oil or amla oil or this oil is to applied on rough hair(without amla oil)before washing hairs.
Powder is to be directly added to yougurt for hair mask.


Guys I tried it

shailendra maurya

In replace of coconut oil we can use shanti amla oil ???

Deepti Joshi

In how many days hairs will grow long ?? and can we use castor oil+coconut oil+Almond oil ??


Should we wash hair after applying or not necessary?

Ramna khan

What if fresh curry leaves are not available? Can we use dry curry leaves?


Should I use curry leaves (kadi patta) or neem leaves (Azadirachta indica)??? Please reply

roSh ViNI

Can I store it???

Thilakarathna Dhammika


jeyanthi jkl

Normal ah pesu தாயி, neenga style nu nenachi pesuringa but siripu dan varudu?????

Pradnya Waghmare

Thank you dii..

Pallavi Mehrotra

Do it can be used in summer?

Nandini Prasad

It will suit na?koi side effect to.nhi ?

Sayu & Dini Arts

nice video

Mansi Madhani

can we use sesame oil instead coconut oil?

Shradha Salve

Can we use vitamin-E capsule with it...?

Vidya Patil

I can keep in fridge

pranit mhatre

What if we wont wash hair after applying this oil...?

Kumu Sharma

It's nice without roasting it

Glory Priya

After applying Can we wash my with kunkidikaya to head bath

ashna kumari

Very nice

Priya Kanakhara

Can we put for 2 days

moon shark

How many days can i store

kalpana Gopalsamy

We use only coconut oil or instead we use olive oil naa

Uma Gedela

Amazing results


what is the exact amount of usage for each ingredients? And how do you store the remaining balance? Plz share the recipe in details... !

Sridevi Maridi

Mam before head bath we used but after head bath can we use this oil regularly plsss reply

aneem jar

Can we use in daily usage like normal hair oil ??

aneesh donda

How long can we use the oil once it is prepared.....i mean expiry duration

saif 360%

Curry leaves kothay pawa jabe please kew bolen

Saher Khalid

Please give home remedy oil for my frizzy hair I'm very much worried

Sunita Ramteke

Can we keep this oil till over nigh night


Can I do this method without the fenugreek seeds. Cause I don't have at the moment

Najeeba Aslam

Does it work

Pankaj Siyote

Ye hair fall main help karega kya koi bata do

Bhumi Gaikwad

Kya hum ise overnight apply kr skte ?plz reply mam..

Neha Rawat

Can I use curry leaves powder and methi seed powder

Maheshwari M

Nijanga na

Priyanka Patil

After doing oil do I need to wash my hair? Or I can do next day Mng? Pls tell me

supriya annamdasu

I made this oil but it became very dark because of over boiling ,is it useful to apply on oil now please reply me madam ..

Sridevi Maridi

I am sharing u r vedio to all my frnds they also asking the same question plsss reply

sunidhi varsha

Is it helpful in reducing white hair ?

Subodha Dilrukshi

Kondaya wawewine aniwaryen

Sithmi divyanjalee

can I get long hair and stopped hair fallen by this remedy on 1 month...plzzzzzzz reply me soon

Vinay Mehrotra

Hm is oil ko kitne din tk store kar sakte h?

Sushmitha R

May I apply it and let it without washing? Will it affect my hair? Plss answer


Mam please ingredients ki quantity bhi btayeye

Urvashi Sharma

Can we instead use curry leaves and fenugreek seeds powder available in market?

Atim Ans

I am using onion mix with coconut oil previously however due to smell quite strong, i only use for 2 weeks..but it works like immediately my hair falls reduce. Now, I am trying this recipe...hope it works.

jayam sagar

I made Curry leaves oil.... it's a lot can I keep it for 10 months or it's not good idea???.

Tejal Kulkarni

Mam can effect seen in. 30.. Days

Shaik kowsarjohn Ammi

Really effective it reduces my hair fall still waiting for hair growth ❤️

Sindhu Sindhu

Can we use it as regular hair oil?is there any side effects?

Ravi Gurav

How much oil

Sai Sri

Mam hair wash necessary

How to heat coconut oil for hair

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HEAT CAP FROM AMAZON | More effective coconut oil in hair

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HEAT CAP FROM AMAZON | More effective coconut oil in hair


Hot Hair Cap from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/LUCKYFINE-Thermal-Steamer-Treatment-Nourishing/dp/B01FDJMVAO/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=luckyfine+110V+Hair+Care+Hat%2C+Hair+SPA+Cap&qid=1594610575&sr=8-3

Coconut oil is from Costco

Camera: Google Pixel 3 Phone

Editing Software: DaVinci Resolve 16

For PR or business inquiries contact me at [email protected]

tavia S

Great video dope personality keep going ❤️

Anna Mani


Kanzuda Anan

LIFE-SAVING INFO. This is coming from a brown gal who has been sleeping in oil for YEARS.


I've only seen a couple of your videos, but I always love that you give scientific explanations behind how and why things work.