How to wash natural hair without shampoo

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Wash Natural Hair No Shampoo Method

4 737 views | 18 Aug. 2016


Hey Queens!

My detailed wash day regimen! I've rekindled my romance with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and things are better than ever!

Disclaimer: You do NOT have to use the cleansing clay. You can use whichever Shampoo you'd like, just be sure to shampoo first followed by a deep condition.

My Favorite Hair Products:

Bentonite Clay: https://amzn.to/2SCHa18

Apple Cider Vinegar: https://amzn.to/2SyzrBb

Denman Brush: https://amzn.to/2GSo9Gz

Favorite Deep Conditioner (For Now): https://amzn.to/2XtCYER

Steamer: https://amzn.to/2Ubl3kc

Gear Used:

Canon Rebel T6i: https://amzn.to/2tTntsh

Rode Mic: https://amzn.to/2Emy2Zv

50mm f/1.8 Lens: https://amzn.to/2XxfIFR

17mm-55mm f/4 Lens: https://amzn.to/2VyfL2t

Tripod: https://amzn.to/2IN1Js9

Lighting: https://amzn.to/2Sx1SQ8

MacBook Pro: https://amzn.to/2NA7Vmd

Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2EznZk7

Alternative Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2ILhlfQ

?: CRZY by Kehlani

Bag Lady(Instrumental) by Erykah Badu

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i'm pretty ignorant but what's the point of deep conditioning? does it have something to do with moisture? i only use water as a moisturizer (for now) and i wanted to do this process today but only have the stuff to make the clay :(

Natalie Urquhart

That is the single most amazing bowl I have ever seen in my life!!! I might have to give the clay a go, great vid ladies :D

B Will

Sorry I have been binge watching your channel all morning. i was looking for which shampoo you use. Do you only use the clay wash.? Thank you


i use my wife pomegranate body wash... leaves it a little dry but i get by!

Tiysheyah Ayers

Love love love your channel


You two are so beautiful I'm subscribing to your channel subscribe back"!!

Dominique Perkins

I absolutely love you two! Does Riley also not use shampoo? Please advise guys!

Theresa Ragland

GEM Naturals beautiful Natural hair love this video ????

Liz Poison

Im scared to do this... So darn scared lol I might try it...

Anna Martin

I love how you guys talk throughout the video and answer each other's questions please keep doing this !❤️?

Mommybear 2020

Very interesting. I like. Your hair looks so healthy & lovely :) New subscriber! I hope that you can visit my channel as well when you get a chance!

La Tanya Wright

It's my understanding that you need to open your cuticles with warm water so that the products can penetrate the hair shaft.

marlon foster

can I get one of you girls lol but seriously try watercress juice

tiffany thomas

how often do u wash ur hair

Leila Dennis



Hey good day, new to the channel which I am ecstatic that I did stumble upon your channel.. I have many reasons why I chose to subscribe.. that's a story for a different day and I don't want to lose why I started commenting.. anywho where did you get the face bowl??? its so cute and I love your channel

How to wash natural hair without shampoo

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How to PROPERLY Moisturize Dry Natural Hair (without washing) | 4C/4B HAIR

6 238 views | 20 Apr. 2017

This is how I moisturize

This is how I moisturize my hair when it's really dry, and I'm not quite ready to wash it. It leaves my hair feeling thoroughly moisturized, more manageable and not weighed down(as I don't use too many products). Its QUICK and EASY too!

The products I used:

Water(in a spray bottle)

African Pride Olive Miracle leave in conditioner

Extra Virgin Olive oil(any organic brand)

Of course, you can use any oil or leave in conditioner of your preference.

P.S: If you want more stretch, braid your hair instead of twisting it after moisturizing.

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, please do leave them in the comments section down below and I would definitely answer them. Also, please don't forget to like this video if you found it helpful, and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss other videos :)


Instagram: @kamsiasuzu

Snapchat: kamsii_a


What's your nationality?

Shenelle Taylor

Love it, i'm still learning myself to moisturize my natural hair

Natural Cee

nice video!

Williams J

Hello fellow natural i enjoyed this video so much. I love your hair. I love keeping my hair moisturized too. You are a BEAUTIFUL sista. Look forward to seeing more videos about haircare?❤

claudette page

love your video u have beautiful hair and beautiful skin.

Jasmine Marshall

Definitly subscribing! Finally a 4c natural who doesn't wear ' protective' styles all the time! Love your videos !

Cactus Flower

Girl your hair is giving me life!! #hairgoals

How to wash natural hair without shampoo

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I went 2 months without washing my hair ? Reality of Long 4C Hair...Let's Chat

8 218 views | 25 Dec. 2019

Let's chat about the time

Let's chat about the time I went two months without washing my hair. I wanted to share what happened to my hair and my realization that the reality of long 4c is not always as glorified as may seem. It's takes sacrifice, patience, and letting go of your attachment to your hair.

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/muzednconfuzed

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muzednconfuzed

#naturalhair #type4naturalhair #longnaturalhair #eritreanhair #habeshahair

EmLill Things

I came for something gross, and leave with a desire to pull the curly hair of strangers to see how long it actually is.

Trini Girl Natural

Nice video


Apple cider vinegar makes my hair and scalp feel so clean.

MEDA ሰብ ብሰብ

You are just gorgeous and I love you.

De Shawn

You’re right. I’m at bra strap right now (4c), and I see that the longer it gets, the harder it will be to take care of it.

Abel Bereket

Shikorina haftey keep it up


You could go without washing your hair for a decade and I'd be too distracted by your beauty to notice so there's that

Professor Hulk

Why don't you make a short haircut?) It looks very stylish and sexy!)I think it would be great!)

Sheila M

I wash once per month, wait, actually I go see a hair dresser once per month where she washes and treats it. So I go all month without my hair being washed, my hair loves it.

Renos Dickey

Please react to Spiritbox - Rule Of Nines (Official Music Video)


C Foster

Most natural type 4 women i see on YouTube with super long hair like waist and beyond wash every 3-4 weeks. Even the Chadian women in the chebe videos said they wash monthly or less.

Mo Butter

Such a cutie! You remind me of my daughter ❤️

Damar Fulmore

Hello! New subscriber and I want to say that I love your channel. Merry belated Christmas

Ramen Man

I was thinking... a lot of places that grow out there hair don’t wash it often. They just moisturize and braid it up. After a certain amount of time they unbraid it them re moistures the hair then re braided it. Idk what they do for itching.
I’m finna see how long I can go lol

Rhode Alexandre

I should try that. Hmmm!!! ?


The one dislike on this video... that person needs to kick rocks. I just tried not washing for a month and it feels different. Do you deep condition weekly still ?

arts قناة منوعات

love your armpits

moss s

look at them arms and shoulders, for sure been at the gym

Aurora Jennifer.

I have definitely gone 6 weeks to 8 weeks without washing. Like you I was able to get away with it, but it wasn't for the best. My hair tangles just by looking at it wrong, now imagine how it was after all that time, Christ...
I am lucky I guess, I have no scalp issues and I don't sweat that heavy on my scalp, except at the hairline... I wash once a month generally...

ዝናር Eri currency

መማቕርቲ ዓለም ዝኾንኪ ጓል


Try that NASA no rinse shampoo.

maths mind gifted

Shkor haftey, love the way you're


Merci beaucoup My sister tu es belllllllle

Henog Wedi

Hiiiii honye how are you

Itsme Itsyou

every one like your video ,just keep it


You can wash it in the braids and redo the braids over the next day or so.

Grace Osas

Wow... I can't imagine not washing for even one month. But I guess I can forsee laziness with my 4b hair care routine when it gets long long. I mean bra strap length is long but doesn't 'feel' long. I also keep my hair in braids/twists (have been doing so for 8 months so far?). And yeah, it's no fun but I want long hair more than I want cute hairstyles anyway ??‍♀️


You’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure you know this. Carry on.

Tony Karim

Washed hair, curly hair, braided hair, long hair, short hair, doesn't matter - habby's the finest )

Andrea Hutchinson

Hi! Please can you do an updated wash routine? Thank you.

Selam A

Wow a habesha youtuber with 4c natural hair finally! Gorgeous hair!

Semere Tewelde

My beautiful sister keep it up,,,

Jean Gray

Have you all heard about the new hair stretching tools that were invented to stretch natural hair without heat? They are called AfriThreaders and are all over socia media. They look pretty cool. Here is the site- www.Afri-Threaders.com.

Taryn Michelle

rinsing it with water might help remove the salt, as long as it's right after the workout and hasn't gotten a chance to dry

Professor Hulk

You are a very nice girl!)

Leahann G

Locs would be gorgeous ?

dave farmer

I have the solution. I will wash it for you

Brichanise Terrell

I’ve washing my hair like three to 6 week of washing my hair it feels healthier
Romans 10:9
If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved

Old Man Jim H

cappapagoooo is right.

Mariam Kallon

How did you grow your hair so long

C Jones

Been a subbie for a while, but got vids stopped popping up so I had to search for you. Your hair is flourishing! I just went almost 7 weeks without washing because I was so busy with school. It happens! :) I'm 4c too but BSL. I'm good just so long as I moisturize, like you.

BTW, you do a great job handling all these, Um, interesting comments. Ppl are... special.

Ygermena Alo

ትግርኛ እባ ቁሩብ


It's all good. I've learned the same: the less manipulation, the better.


Beautiful woman I love your hair


Wow! I can’t even go two weeks before my scalp is itching so bad, screaming to be shampooed. I’ve often envied those that can go a couple of weeks, but two months...lol?? That’s a record. Your hair is very beautiful!!

Anakita Smiles

Tender scalp means your scalp is suffering. That's my tell tale sign that I have to wash my hair as well.

Miss Earth Angel

If she had locs they would be beautiful

Aynus Rugburn

Let's chat about the time I went 2 months without eating Doritos...


I haven't washed my hair and it's been 2 months

Can McKenna

So I’m the only one that does this? Eek