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Ingrown Toenail and Impacted Toenail Relief and Prevention

1 006 209 views | 25 Jun. 2019

Ingrown Toenail and

Ingrown Toenail and Impacted Toenail Relief and Prevention

Hey! Today I decided to show you how the "Ingrown Toenail and Impacted Toenail Relief and Prevention ", and also talk a little about It with the material like sock fuzz that gets embedded into and under an ingrown toenail and in the sidewall, the body creates layers of excess skin cells to protect the area when it gets irritated.

Press play and enjoy!

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Cynthia DeCesare

What are the little black lines on the toe from?

Allie Lichter

this is beautiful

A Cee

Mother of pearl!!!!

Daisy Dew

Why am I watching this at 8 am

Lisa Finn

Want this so bad. My toe nail is killing me! It’s swollen and dried up plus I’m pregnant and can’t get down there. ?

Ujas Panchal

Does this hurt?

Cristian M

Damn hes smooth with it

Henry Navarro

I do this but I just rip it out using my fingers.

Pau Iglesias

Im not really sure but Im insanely weird watching things like this and it is so damn satisfying @ midnight

Joseph Medina

Do you use anesthesia for this?

ollie !

I felt this person's relief on so many levels ?

Mohit Sinha

U came for 1:46 and stayed till 2:39

Sanad Amad

Wtf am I watching ???

Connie Rivera

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Is it just me or did the video changed

Petra Karlsson

Good works and so Good moveis you have i Love your movise forever and so good sleep of me

Spencer Matheny

What was that music

Lorena Amasol

An dimagine you just say oike a bad word at him like rhis friken word

King Gemini

I bet this feels like a whole new foot

Tytiana Darnell

Watching these videos reminds me of like when you have popcorn stuck in between your teeth and your tongue FINALLY getting it out??

Clementine’s Corner

What’s in the spray bottle? Water?

Ismael Lopez

that has to be the smelliest job I swear. Cheesy rankiest shit.

Natalie George

Did you numb first?

How To Tell

Such a nice clean removal ?

Sage Z

What can I use to soften the skin?


I have ingrown too

princess camile

what a relief


The relief this guy must have felt-

retarded donkey

what is that liquid coming out ??

Lorena Amasol

Im to hungry then an add came it was mcdonlads i sed to mom mommmmm cn i get mcdonlads and she say yes lol do that guys

la lina

its 2:42 am.. i have a final at 11 am and nowhere near done studying..

Kane Lewis

If this was done at a doctors or podiatrists, would they use any anesthetic on the foot?

Godzila GaminG

Nalis mai dard nahi ho raha kya pura ghusa de rehi ho

Prince Echo

Do those things ever grow back?


um... does the person's toe need anesthaesia or however u spell it because this looks rlly painful

kaia posner

it’s 1:44 am.... i think i need to go to bed

A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz

Woo, I guess I just got a sowllen toe then. What a relief

bladez_ commentaries

why is their jizz in the toe?

Chris Weeks

Guys it's obvious he numbed the toe. Also since he didn't use acidunless the person getting their toe fixed does proper toe care the ingrown will be back

Madison Miller

I just got mine removed hurt bad as hell

Keanen Braaf

02:03 am on a Sunday morning and I have no Idea why I'm watching this but this oddly satisfying...send help

Mike Oxslong

I removed a ingrown toe nail on myself today it felt so good to finally come out

YouCuber HD

At 2:09, how did you not need a injection to numb the pain? Isn't that painful? I always had injections to numb the pain 6 times

Naomi Gomez

Does that hurt a lot

Hannah Palmer

Both of my big toes are ingrown on both sides and holy god, I could practically FEEL the relief while watching this video.

hayley Fraser

i really need this omg

Anna Shirley

This seems very very painful, i feel bad really ahah


I'm pretty sure I have a ingrown toenail on both big toes and it's srsly irritating as fuck

No cap Lava

The pain she/he was going through before it got taken out was probably so bad


Drinking iced apple juice while watching

Kyuryos Cat

Currently 2 am and I'm watching this. Lmao

Lorena Amasol

And when i found a ded person we tried that at our forest so ic an learn math lol try that to

Melody Tanimonu

How do you know if u have them ??


Is it weird I smelt the toe cheese

It's me Gwen

Watching during quarantine where in all salons are closed..

All i could say that it is indeed very satisfying and relief... I miss having toes a good foot spa and pedicure. ?

coldburns does art

was trying to find relief in a video showing me what would happen if i got my ingrown toenail removed, it semi worked but also didn’t.

Shonta Taylor

That’s exactly what happens to my big toes regularly

Narsing Ko Po

suddenly crave for cheese

TMB_mythic1 On tiktok

Let’s be honest you searched this

Katherine Gomez

Why can i smell this video

Alpha Sierra

What's the name of the tool they use to dig and clean under?

Eizlan Farhan

Is this painful? Cuz i really want to try hahaha

mario salazar

This song is from Jon Bellion


Omg this is a good one!!

Alt Gaming

imagine the smell....

Andrew James

Cheese is a type of meat
A fluffy smelly treat
You'll find it in my feet
Oh cheese
Oh cheese

Rikkie Dene

I dont miss that at all I have had three ingrown toenails on the same toe not fun


Oh gosh i can't imagine the smell

Regino Tagulao

I want to do that but its so painfull ohh i want but so verry painfull yucky


Do they numb the toes? Or what the fuck


That stuff must've smelled gnarly


I had an ingrown nail not so long ago and the instant relief i felt when the doc removed it was amazing


I don't know who needs to hear this but DO NOT have your nail artist take out your ingrown toenail! If you can't easily do it yourself see a pediatrist!!!


Is the patient asleep because i literally have ingrown

Amanda Palecki

That is not proper nail removal




this hurt my toe watching it

Nailz ByKay

I had a client yesterday I just could get her ingrown out. What nippers do you recommend

Elson Bonfim

Esse procedimento foi feito por uma podóloga brasileira: Nagel

N Rosario

Does anyone know what that tool is called???

Kumi Hearts

I dont really like this....I mean its satisfying but kinda gross to


Idk why I looked this up but shh

Marie Antonette Aniag

what the heck

James Sejam

Lets be honest everytime a nail was pulled we sighed a relief

Chaotic Fan Account

Jesus I can smell that from here

my joy

What did you spray to soften the nail. I need it for my mom.

Petra Karlsson

Good works and so Good moveis you have i Love your movise forever and so Good sleep of me


What a relief
That was relaxing for me
Love it good job ❤️

Kseirelle Hay Ramos

No one;

Me: watching this so that I can fall asleep

Petra Karlsson

Good works and so Good moveis you have i Love your movise forever and so good sleep of me

ariyaaa 69

this happened to me today and it didn’t hurt a single bit

Maryjane Romero

This kind of videos help me relieve anxiety


why do i not cringe while watching this?

hi _loveyourself

This is what I have


Watchin this while havin an inflamed ingrown

Jack Daniels

Scared that the blade will cut too deep by mistake.

Leisa Marie

Whew! I felt that

Claireabell Hayward

All the insomniacs come here lol. So painfully satisfying, I need this right now!!

/u!s hd

Hopefully they completely numbed that if not wow nerves of steel


I do have ingrown rn

Soft toenails

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16 226 views | 29 May. 2020




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Big up! Hope you don't Mind me watching. Also, I Would love to be Friends :D

Anjuliyah Pratt

I really prefer learning from this video because I can see what you did to the toes without telling me. The toes are really beautiful so keep up the good work ❤️❤️

Ashley Rodriguez

Well done ??

Tiana M

Love how this is back in trend growing up my aunties had their toes done like this and curved nails

Hennessys Valencia

Whoever disliked this has wack ass nails


Where you removing gel polish ?


What kind of brush is this

mumba chimpala



You should file after you applied the acrylic


GOD loves you all. GOD bless you all. Have a blessed day everyone.

Quashia Lasha

Right on time ??

Soft toenails

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Acrylic Set On Toes | Watch Me Work

18 235 views | 13 Jun. 2020

Let me show y'all how to

Let me show y'all how to do acrylic toes , my way! DIY

Im so glad you're back for another video! Im am doing my first acrylic set on myself for the summer time trend. Make sure to turn on post notifications so you don't miss out on future videos! I hope you like this video. Products used are posted down below.

$$$ Purchase from Amazon its the exact same :-) $$$

DUST COLLECTOR: https://amzn.to/3bDWS5K. UK£: https://amzn.to/3foA7F1

NO Lift Primer : https://amzn.to/30C6X1d

Young Nails Swipe: https://amzn.to/2B3HXW1

UV Nail Lamp : https://amzn.to/3hpEi5h UK£ : https://amzn.to/3e0Sf7N

Born Pretty Cat Eye : https://amzn.to/3e9BqHG

Monomer Liquid : https://amzn.to/2YtY4Ed


Acrylic Brush : https://bit.ly/2UEmXMy

Acrylic Powder : https://bit.ly/37tWsi2



INSTAGRAM ❤ https://www.instagram.com/shonailgalaxy

PINTREST ❤ TheeNailGalaxy





I personally purchased all of the materials and or products shown in this video with my own money, unless otherwise stated in the video. Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission.

Thanks for watching! Please don't forget to Comment , Rate & Subscribe!!!

See you in the next video




This looks so good!! Where’d you buy the tops from? I can’t find any tips like that for toes.

Jem Martinez

Loved it!

Miriam Ciccolini

@fabb.nailz does this in New Jersey ladies ?

Layla Lou

This is probably a dumb question but are the tips you glue on made for toes or are they just the finger ones ? ☺️? love the look btw!

Queren M

I could never wear a long nail like this ,I love sneakers lol

Armoni Babe

What color is this ?


GOD loves you all. GOD bless you all. Have a blessed day everyone!.!.


Girl Please Tell Me Were Did You Purchase The Little Green Trash Can I Want to Get One That is so Cute to Me Oan The Toe Nails Came Out Cute??


Crystal Blanco

These ar so cutee so happy I found your channel

Carlyy Cataleya-Dior

Where did you get the nail files from?


Why the pinky nail long asl


Those sexy toes look sweeter than jolly ranchers. ? yummyy!


plz no cut your sexy long toe nails ??

Nails By Billi

Please refrain from dragging my feet in the comments ok lol. As you can see I do try to be presentable. Also Im working on some audio issues so please bare with me :)


GOD loves you all. GOD bless you all. Have a blessed day everyone!.!.


I love them! But I also wear sneakers in the summer & hate my toe nails touching the front. I was thinking maybe I could do without the tips but the best ones I’ve seen used tips ? what do you think?