Rose gold hair dye for dark hair

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Pink Hair Dye On Brown Hair Makes Rose Gold?? || Garnier Olia vs. Schwarzkopf Live

42 931 views | 5 Jan. 2019

Millie just wants to be

Millie just wants to be able to express herself!! but the evil corporations won't let our generation have piercings, tattoos or fun coloured hair :( :(

We think rose gold is nice in between that she can get away with at work whilst also feeling F R E S H.

We try two brands, Garnier and Schwarzkopf, watch to find out which one wins our tick of approval.

Find us on insta @marshmallowgals :)


"Disco con Tutti" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



You should do a review of overtone!!

Elli Elli

2 boxes!


The first colour may not be what you expected but it totally suits you!!

rainbow wig

Love love love these two, only ended up watching because of pretty pastel please ?

Jake Standing

One has fawn/baby brown hair and the other one has black/brown hair

Laisa hh

strawberry blonde

Crazy Aussie Pagan

Have you tried "Brite" range of colors from Woolworths? I use the darkest purple and darkest pink on my hair and it takes nicely. Naturally, my hair is only a touch lighter than what your hair was at the start of the video. They are only semi permanent but I find they last long enough. The Napro live ones just are not long lasting enough compares to the "Brite" range as they last maybe 2 weeks on my hair. But I generally top up the bright pink and purple layers of my prefered brand every 3-4 weeks.
Every couple of months I use the L'Oréal Colorista paint in Rose Blonde. It lightens my regrowth and because I leave the top without the "Brite" pink and purple colors, it looks nice giving my hair a nice rose blonde ombre through to the bright pink and then the purple.
I do the rose blonde about a week before I do my bi-monthly refresh leaving my hair a pastel ombre for a short while. But the finished effect is worth it.
Plus I make sure that I use a toner once a week to cancel out the orange that happens when I lighten my hair.
BTW, I am 46 and a creative, artistic person who only in the last 2-3 years finally took the plunge to step out of the boring conservative rut of appearing like others that my family prefer me to be. But screw them. I love having fun colorful hair that shows my personality. ..lol


Tiasha did a great job. You look stunning! I wish that was the color they used for Mera in Aquaman. You guys look fabulous in that montage! And yes Dr. Horrible. Now I need to go watch that.

Janet Evans

Love the colour with your skin tone


youve heard of millennial pink
now get ready for CORPORATE pink

Bailey La

I’m number one ?? ps I wear wigs because adult job won’t let me live my best life ?


Well I'm bummed now ? I literally just bought the same garnier olia because it was reduced and I'm a sucka for hair dye ?. I'll try to get my hair super bleached up though!! ?

Kim Siero

Wow! The result is amazing! ;-; I also really like Millie's nailcolours :3

Jessica Hoyer

your hair turned out so good! The colour fits you so so well omg. I personally had so sooo many hair dying Fails whit box dye.

Stormy Templeton

I just want to know if her work flipped out or not haha

Cassidy Forsyth

Wow, that’s a beautiful colour, so glad it worked ??

Carlota Correia

Looks more rose gold when u got blonde hair x

Elena Castellanos

Look so pretty!! Wish I could do it too but my hair toooo dark??

Noemí Montes

Can you put the name of the second? This is permanent?

Slink Holmes

That is the color that every anime character with brown hair but also wears a lot of pink has. Like that one chick from bnha.

pelo_chicle de_fresa

Love the hair colour, love the quality of the video, and... are those Harry Potter books on the background? Loviu girls

Rachel Robertson

Splat makes excellent bright color dyes that don't require bleaching first. I used a bright purple color that came out awesome on my dark brown hair.

Laisa hh

i love the live ones

Laisa hh

subscribing , yall so cute

sisi T

You girls are so cute,very fun video!
p.s. hairdresser tip: try not to brush your hair when you have dye or bleach in it ,because it damages the hair SOOOO badly .
Also ,after you rinse it out ,do Not be harsh with the towel, try to just pad it with it :)
Lastly , the more dye you use the better the color will be ;)
LOve you girls ^_^

Cyndi Is Me

With your porcelain skin that color looks stunning! When does your salon open? My WORST hair dying story involved Sun-in. It's from the 80's (I'm old lol) you were supposed to spray it on your hair & lay out in the sun. What I didn't see was the warning about what color hair you should have. Light brown or blond. I had med/dark brown. I sprayed my hair & sat in the sun several days in a row. Not only did I have a horrible sunburn (I'm practically transparent usually) but I had Ronald McDonald orange-red hair. It looked horrible! It took forever to go away too!


Was i the only person that got alex from "prettypastalplease" vide from the turn out of the first box color? Milie i think you look amazing

Debbie B

Best video yet! You 2 are so much fun to watch.

Vera dreamie87

Hmmm :( i cant colour my hair... My hair is red and spots white (vitiligo)... Everybody loves it. But it would be fun to be able to changes it sometimes. Luckely there are wigs!!!


One of my fave videos yet ????????????you guys just keep getting better and better

Настя Іванцова

had the same story with deep rose olia =( only on my box - I bought it in October - they even wrote that it will be good on dark brown and black hair! can you imagine?


I used to use Garnier when I was younger, and it literally wouldn't show up unless you shined a light bulb on my hair.
(Also your end result looks super cute!!! )

Riah Bryson

I love you girls soooo much

Lyss M

I use both artic fox and manic panic in my hair to great success. I wouldn't recommend splat though, cause it can absolutely DESTROY your hair without warning.


Ahhhh your hair looks so pretty ??

Laura Sturla

The same happened to mee!!! SO DISAPPOINTING!


Advice guys : dont dye ur hair if u are on ur period

Carla Virgin

Use plastic wrap or even a plastic shopping bag over the hair to create heat and keep the color activating. In hair school we always learned “when colour dries, colour dies” you want it to stay wet and the plastic helps it do that!

Arianna Lee

you have to bleach your hair <3 for it to really work


I really love y’alls channel! ??


I’m so glad that it worked out in the end! I was a bit confused by the title of the video when you were originally applying the first, but it made so much sense when I saw the reveal. ? Hope you two are having a wonderful day! ???

Stephanie Louise

So I used the olia on my very light blonde bleached hair and it's only just slightly pink if I'm standing in the sun and you squint real hard

Abigail Michaelis

Hooray!! My worst hair dye moment was trying blue, that turned green, just before starting college at 16 (I'm in the UK). School photos had a green background. I blended :D that was 20 years ago. I've learnt. Having brown hair and loving colourful stuff is just unfair. I get the bleach done at the hairdressers now. They're very proud of their dye job, then I run home and plonk a pot of directions on it :D

j borrego

Sigh her hair is blond not brown

shenan igan

shieeet i've got the garnier olio deep rose sitting in my hair right now smh what a waste


This was super adorable! - I'd love to see you review Overtone Rosegold, the brand has lots of no bleach options!


I feel like this has been your best video so far, keep it up! ❤

Amelia Brooking

I love how much you support each other and build each other up ? can't wait to see your next video!

Mercie V

No offense I love you guys but this is hella cringy. The first dye was not pink or hot pink it was literally red. Also normal brands of hair dye/shampoo/conditioner like L'Oreal and stuff have shitty color colors like pinks purples blues etcs. All you had to do for her hair was put a good pink over her medium brown hair. Like crazy color pinkissimo or Arctic fox virgin pink or any other similar brands with a slight bit of dilluetor. Like you put red on her head and expected it to be pink or rose gold. Also your hair doesn't need to be "white" to be pink. Any level of light brown or blonde will achieve a shade of pink. White hair is damaged hair because everything has been lifted out of it.

Samantha Edge

I have used a lot of garnier olia's red/purple shades and they have worked well in the past, but this last week I tried their Rose Gold and ended up with my roots lightening way more than my lengths and thus I had blonde banding everywhere! Must have been something in the formula as I applied it the same way I always do and generally it works out well and everything matches in. I used some semi permanent red I had in the cupboard to temporarily cover my part till I could get to the shops and buy something else. I then decided to try a purple shade instead of my usual burgundy type shade and now my hair looks almost black unless I am in the sunlight. Luckily reds/purples fade, so in a couple of weeks it will probably be the colour I like. I also wear a lot of wigs when I go out, so it's not a big deal. I definitely prefer it darker and all one shade than red with blonde roots though, so I'm glad I dyed it again. Happy you achieved the look you wanted and here's hoping you got more than a few washes out of it before it faded away!

Cindy Snow

I really dont see how hair color affacts your job performance. Im considering doing rose gold again. Turned put amazing on you.

Laisa hh

i love purple n pink hair


My natural hair color is already a blond just darker one I actually want so bleaching it isn't exactly hard to do. I currently have very light blonde hair(as usual) and purple in my ends because I felt like it. Coloring my hair was always something I liked to do because it will either just grow out/I can cut it off if it doesn't look great or I can wash it out.

loveher hateher

I like the orange in her hair she looks really pretty with it I like it both ways

Rachel Jarrett

Max and I just watched this and we stan! Great editing and LOVE the colour ?????

Allison L

I was able to get rose gold on yellow blonde bleached hair using a mix of pink and coral from Wella. I used so much dry shampoo with that color to avoid having to wash. The fade is real with rose gold ? You guys should try Overtone. I know they make a Rose Gold for brown hair, it would be interesting to see.

Felicity Nicole

About to do this exact combo with my hair. Wish me luck!!!

Jessica Little

Dudes I watched this most of the way through and got a hankering to top up my colour! So I paused near the end of the video and I topped up. I have green balayage with my natural colour from the roots so it’s easy now to maintain the colour. I use Directions Apple Green.

Dorian Lysander

When I saw the final product, I was dancing a lil jig in my seat for you!! IT'S AMAZING YAY!!!!

Vanessa Lopez

Love how your hair turned out!

jessica scolastico

Tiasha you should do one half of your hair light blue and the other light pink!!!! Like color blocking!


I want to see the dark haired girl do it too ... to see how light can her hair goes?

Amelia Isabel

Tbf the gingery hair looks incredible on Millie

Holly Shively

Millie that looks beautiful! And it works well as a professional look as well!!???

K L Martini


Kimmy Jay

Ahhh it looks beautiful! As a brunette who has the exact same struggles of dying my hair I love how beautiful this turned out!! You look amazing as always and I’m so happy for you!! ??

Bo bo

I cant believe you did that in your favorite jeans!!! When we do mine it goes everywhere...

Gayle's BeautyCorner

Us dark haired girls have to torture our hair with bleach just for a temporary colour ?


I use Revlon and it costs about 3 dollars a box. But I go full black: hair, eyebrows, beard. It lasts forever too.


Theresa Huaroto has a whole series on hair dyes on dark hair. I think if you get the chance in the future check out her channel.



One of the hearts in the intro still says Bush did 9/11...

Rose gold hair dye for dark hair

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Rose Gold Hair Tutorial | Lighten + Tone Dark Hair | Color Short Hair at Home

50 920 views | 31 Jul. 2017

YASSSS! ? Quick, easy and

YASSSS! ? Quick, easy and affordable rose gold hair color for beginners!







♡Watch me in 1080 HD | Products and Step-By-Step details below♡

Hey guys! In today's tutorial I'm teaching you how to lighten your hair from dark brown to blonde using bleach and how to diy color your hair Rose Gold at home. I talk you through, step-by-step, how to bleach and tone your hair. To maintain your hair's integrity, I highly recommend waiting 4-6 weeks in between color services. The brassy color shown works as the "Gold' in Rose Gold; however, if you'd like your hair to be more on the blonde side, I'd recommend using an ash-based toner.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Like this video, share it, subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you soon. Thanks for your continued support! Xo.

Product Details

Non-sponsored, but you can purchase these products (or similar items) from my amazon store. http://www.amazon.com/shop/janerarose

♡Bleach: Wella Color Charm Powder Lighter + Color Charm 30 volume developer and a tablespoon of 40 volume; 1 Part (about 1 cup) Powder, 2 Parts Developer (about 2 cups) to create a thick, but creamy consistency.

♡Color: Adore Cotton Candy (Pink) + Adore Soft Lavender (Pink/Purple, Magenta-ish).

♡Shampoo: 1. IsoPlus Neutralizing Shampoo 2. Shimmering Lights Shampoo 3. FORM Beauty Hydrate Shampoo

♡Conditioner: PUREOLOGY Hydrate Deep Conditioner

♡Model: Courtney (@madly_insane_ on IG)

♡Step-By-Step Process♡

♡Bleach: Mix bleach and developer then evenly apply to the ends of the hair shaft (1cm to 1 inch from the scalp). Allow to sit for 25-30 minutes or until you've reached your desired shade. After reaching your desired shade, apply the remainder of the bleach to your roots, similar to a relaxer application. Your roots tend to process faster due to your body heat so always bleach that area last. To ensure eveness, gently work bleach through with a pick or the rattail end of a comb. Let the ends and roots process together for and additional 15-20 minutes.

♡Shampoo: 1. Start with a neutralizing shampoo to neutralize (stop the processing of) the bleach and balance the hair's ph levels. 2. Shampoo again with Shimmering Lights or brightening shampoo to counteract brassiness and richen the color. 3. Use a hydrating shampoo to restore moisture.

♡Color: Mix equal parts of Adore's Cotton Candy + Adore Soft Lavender, add an extra 1/2 cup of Soft Lavender if you want the Rose color to be deeper on the Magenta side. Optional: Add a few tablespoons of conditioner for extra moisture. Apply evenly, roots to ends. Apply a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes if you don't have a dryer.

♡Conditioner: Thoroughly rinse color and leave deep conditioner on the hair for 5-7 minutes then rinse. Style hair as desired.

Tech Equipment

♡Video Camera: Sony A5100

♡Thumbnail Shot and Edited: Sony + Canva (App)

♡Editing Software: IMovie

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SO pretty!

jahadah murphy

Can I just use a 20 developer to achieve the goldfish tone? I have nautical 4b/4C hair. My length is a bit shorter than your model.

Tamia Jackson

Hey love the color I'm confused on the hair products because where I went yesterday didn't see most of what you use please help with the name of the products again thank you




So beautiful! I'm going to try it. I bought the dyes to do this but I realize I got Lavender instead of Soft Lavender. I need to change it.

bobby puta

Did she have curls before you put the bleach in

Kira D

Too cute, will this work if I dnt wanna bleach my hair ?


this is such a good video!

Shasay Coolay

Buffalo NY area?!


I was wondering did her hair have that much shrinkage or did you cut it after it had dried?

Eden Oyeoku

thank you sooo much ??? this video was super helpful you hav no idea !


This the best tutorial for this color thank you I understand now

• PrincessLayah

I would love to see that client with some finger waves!

joons whispers

hi!! i had a really bad experience at a salon in which they left me orange and charged a liver... now i want to try at home after 4 weeks of resting my hair, id like to ask, how long do u leave the bleach in long hair? what's too much. tysm

Zoë Wilson

That's my cousin Courtney? wasn't expecting her to be on here. It kinda scared me lol.

Kwiadeja Bates

Her rose gold turned out so beautifully great job ??

Mystery Coin

That girl is gorgeous ?

Indigenous Chippewa

I colored my hair rose gold last summer myself, I like this also.

Ashly Nunez

Did you dry her hair before using the dye?

Yami Yami

I want to use everything that you have but I don’t want to use the gold I want to use t18 toner for my back color so should I use the cotton candy and the lavender before I put the toner or after

Yami Yami

I want to use everything that you have but I don’t want to use the gold I want to use t18 toner for my back color so should I use the cotton candy and the lavender before I put the toner on or after

Cairo Kennedy

does anyone know the dye equivalents in the brand Wella?

Mary Rivera

Can I achieve that rose gold color with blonde hair?

Savannah Simone

hey i love this colour & the the tutorial is super helpful i really wanna try it, can you tell me why you mixed 30 & 40 vol together? and if i wanted the pink to be a bit lighter but still have the rose gold colour, could i bleach my hair once then tone, then bleach again in a couple weeks without toning and put pink on top?

Nicole Alston

Love it!

Rose gold hair dye for dark hair

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56 372 views | 16 Apr. 2019

Please Watch in

Please Watch in HD

Adjust the volume if needed


Hindi ko na-achieve ang Rose Gold perooo im happy with the results! at least nagiba pa rin ang color which is yun naman ang target mangyari heehe. thank you for watching!! love love ??

PS. It looks better in person. Mas kita yung pagiging red-ish ng onti hehe. SKLSKLSKL.

thank you for watching!! ???

BALAYAGE Hair color https://youtu.be/sJU1hcXtU00


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Claire De Lune

New subscriber here po, ask ko lang po kung may nabibili po bang ganyan sa watson?

Stacey Arago

U need to bleach ur hair if u want it to colour but it doesn’t suit our skin any way that colour looks nicer on u

lana gaga

hi! sa mercury po ba to nabili? tapos ilang months po naglast? nagfade ba agad yung kulay?? huhu ang ganda

I like Jungkooks But cheeks

Hi po ate I have that kind of hair dye po what would it look like with bleach po?

Joanne Ramirez

Hi! May I ask if nag fade ba yung color like other pink hair colors? Thank you


Your hair are too dark


How did tour hair lighten so much without bleach??? Wow! It went from black to light brown

Jouseign Kiefer

Before you apply rose gold mas ok if prelighted na sya kahit light brown ok na before ka magrose gold para kuha talaga

Annela Ignacio

You like an grown up francine diaz version

Noela Marie Ferrer

Di po ba nadamage hair niyo po? Kasi usually diba pag yung mga kahon kahon lang na pang hair color tas tayo lang mag isa sa bahay ang gagawa nakakadamage ng hair

Aliana Borado

Omgggg kahawig mo po si Francine hihi ?

Donnabelle Carabuena

Hm sya be?

kpoper Qualquer18


Gunther XX

Vhakla ka di ka naman nagbleach ng buhok.

Muhammad Haziq

kak baki nya bole simpan??

Nikko Lacson


Claire De Lune

New subscriber here po, ask ko lang po kung may nabibili po bang ganyan sa watson?

2 Girls 2 Sisters XOXO

Kahawig mo po si Francine Diaz sa thumbnail ?✨


Dapat nagbleach ka muna

Hazel Grace

Ang ganda niyo po ?


We have the same results. ? Dyed my hair yesterday and it just looks brown on me...

But it did say sa box na dark hair can turn to a rose gold color but idk.

Neri Hidalgo

Nice color Ms. Ck.. Your beautiful as well


kala ko si cazzieee ahahahaha

Ayesha layog

First ate ??

find me

youre so pretty! ?

Roderick Sy

Need bleach level 9

Its palanog Channel

nice color..

Criselda Lumberio

Ganda ganda mo, Pauleen Luna ???