Owen wilson hair

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Documentary Now! | Hair Interview | IFC

26 632 views | 19 Oct. 2016

All thanks to a hair

All thanks to a hair piece, a mogul is born. For more Documentary Now!: https://goo.gl/nuxxAl #DocumentaryNow!

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Documentary Now! lovingly parodies some of the world's best-known documentaries. Starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, each episode is shot in a different style of documentary filmmaking, and honors some of the most important stories that didn't actually happen.

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Abby Hayes

I'm sorry but Bill is just so hot

KK Akuoku

For someone who loves a heavy attention to aesthetical detail in parodies, Documentary Now is porn


Would you let me finish the f*cking story?!

Linny Crocus

This program shows off Bill's talents a helluva lot better than SNL ever did.


“I got the job!!” ?

Sean Ramsdell

0:00 I thought Sirk worked for Universal

Boiling Bacon

I'm so mad my DVR is broke and I can't record these or catch them at the right time :(

Owen wilson hair

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Owen Wilson Hairstyle

1 360 views | 11 Jan. 2017

This Channel Video

This Channel Video Presents A Wide Variety Of Hairstyles, Be It Hairstyles For Men

And Also For The Women There Are Also Videos Of Hairstyles For Women

A Wide Range Of Long Hair Also Hairstyles For Long Hair

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For Those Who Have Old Hairstyles For Women Over 50

People Who Have Curly Hair That Should Have Special Care We Provide Video Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Marriage Also Consists Of Hairstyles With Bangs, And Hairstyles For Wedding

Hairstyles For Prom Is Very Important For The Future Of The School

And For Black Girl Come To Our Attention Hairstyles For Black Girls

Bernard David Davidson

gonna tell my kids this was cscoop

Owen wilson hair

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Full Episode- Jemison vs. Daniels: Pink Matter

1 136 260 views | 6 Nov. 2018

Kristie is fed up with

Kristie is fed up with Devontay’s free loading ways and wants reparations. She says Devontay doesn’t work and acts like a child. Will he “man up” and save this relationship?

Subscribe to channel http://bit.ly/1fj2ql1

Check local listings at http://www.divorcecourt.com/where-to-watch/

Newscastic Vevo

the white girl in the back facial expressions ?????

Tony Molatto

He must be doing xxx stuff to her that's why she's probably with him. He's on some thot stuff. Wait she said her biggest issue was the lying? He's a whole issue. It's not how he looks now it's that he's perpetuating a stereotype inside & out. She needs to get her some business. She has too much time on her hands.

Kira Phillips

I actually like dude

Takira Branae

It’s crazy how easy it is for me to tell if people are from New Orleans

Tania J.

Looks like he bites and plays with matches.


He gotta be under some type of the influence.

Hadar Cohen

Shes to good for that bullshit, sorry yall

Alchemize with Morgan

As a mental health professional, this is hard to watch. This appears to be an individual that has experienced severe trauma and has not had the tools to cope well. His mannerisms, change in appearance and inability/willingness to secure employment are all symptoms.


Bruh I was so upset to find out that she was acting. So these shows really scripted huh? ? I need to stop snooping around man...

Rizz Ali


Khole Triplett

15:40 I’m now a full grown man !! The Flex what killed me .. like he forgot where he was ..


You can’t be mad at this guy... never ????????‍♀️

princess peach

For some reason I like him ??


“Golf wear” vs “barbecue wear” ??? omg this is pure comedy

Vanessa Bell

Is she Jamaican?


1:26 Lady in the background is here for the tea


Old school with that hair ? pure bs old timers don’t look like that ?


Nick is a fucking Adonis.

K Lee

He's immature what did she expect??? A bomb as she said...


This man needs his own show lol. Also she's drop dead freaking gorgeous

Amber McEntire

I like him! He seems interesting

Winner Winner

The tattoo story??? my reaction was the same as the judge. What do you say to that loool. This episode is jokes?????


Oral Support.....lol


Lmao the people's reactions in the background are hilarious

koby Tate

Is he a rapper or just look like that

Alizah Israel

Looks like he’s from Oak Cliff......

Latonya Jones

He makes her laugh. ?Laughter can be a dangerous thing to a woman. Watch your giggles ??

Zoey Gillard

ok yes i would want my boyfriend to ask before getting a face tattoo but i’d never tell him no :(

Sara Franklin

Bum fest ??

Alexia Daniel

this man sounds just like he looks. ........stupid.

TshaePixie Blue

100% fake.... check out pink mattdf& straddling tbe fence, it's the same guy, but different fuckry. Fake!!!!!

Renee Browning

Who paid for the transformation?


he funny & probably fun af at parties being his friend would b nice not a boyfriend tho she crazy

Jason X

I dunno why but I see a future star in him and I'll be happy when he makes it big , GOD BLESS! ??

furious _115

His Rap Name: Lil X Uzi Baby

Whitney Mccurdy

He's hilarious I swear lol but he's not stupid he's just like idk?but I guess she can forgive him with his 3/4 pants and his pink hair lol


I can actually feel for him about the motivation part. He’s also young


I wonder how he is off camera.. He’s pretty meticulous at choosing his words. I like that. He didn’t have it together, but hopefully he does now. Also, sis is SNATCHED. Very professional, and her accent is ???

Maikon Marques

Dude was hiiiiiiiiigh!!!

Dwight 06

God bless have a good day

R. Jazmine

Is it drugs?

elisia statham

He reminds me of the joker?

Dweamy Kigz

Devontay sounds like the voice who reads audio books...omg


....Who hit this man with a shovel? & fucked up that hair...


I don't know what she sees in him. Maybe a strictly platonic friendship but never as a partner.


Lol...girl run.... don't waste your time

Unplayed Piano

“My Job Was Making Sure She Went.” Haha ? Outside Of That, I Really Like This Dude.

Mexican Queen

He seems like a sweet person, funny, chill. But he just needs to grow up and needs to show that he will change. And she is just in love with him, like really in love because I’m pretty sure she’ll take him back.

Martin Svejda

Man he's quite well spoken I like his demeanour and how it does not match his appearance

Ecem Selen Caliskan

15:10 hahahahahhaah noooooo

Parts shooter

At 6:30 is the funniest part?

Tanisha Henderson

She 's So Pretty

Tijn VonTier

This guy reminds me somehow mildly of Forest Gump in a positive way.


8:23 he look like he wanted to cry aww?



Marsha Williamson



It’s his face reaction for me ???‍♂️

Venice Louis

I’m scrolling looking for someone to say she sound like joseline Hernandez ??

Gee Lee

He’s gay...anyone has their gaydar raised when hearing his voice? He should just come out instead of covering up.

lejohn Bryson

I am surprised he did not go viral And become famous He has such a charismatic and drawing personality and behaviour

Nadine Dockery-Green

This guy is actually quite funny. I like him ?

Talise Witherspoon

I feel like she controls him and she feels like she wears the pants in the relationship and he has no say whatsoever but he has to start trying a little bit just so he can start getting his life together a little bit.

Sleeping QT

This really is funny.

aye renae


edrisa smith

This man seem so sweet he remind me of Forrest Gump. Smarter than people realise

Cherry Janes

Lady , " Run for your life '. His attitudes are just like how he looks . When he opens his mouth , its like a wall plug .
He doesn't respect you . Sell him .Even if you get a dollar, take it and fly .
Use him as your yard boy .
Two positive things about him , he speaks well and he is honest

maisha st john

hell no I ain't taking him back

Terrell Kittle

How did that relationship happen salute homie

Monique Moore


Whitney Mccurdy

Her they have a bumb fest lol birds of a feather flock together so they're all bums lol

Renee Browning

Wounded bird syndrome she is suffering from.

Aricha Richie

I don't know what she sees in him!

Nyaus Kobies

Ladies do not marry a man under 30 years even you as a Woman don't think at 30 you are not young. 30 years of age is a mature age for marriage

Patty Cake

FIRST of all....why u even want shit to work out with this dude!!

Audrey’s Universe

Lol this shit is funny as hell

Renee Browning

Pink Ambition has run rampant. Please help him.

Terri Dixon

What did she see in him. He is scary looking and seems like he should be with a man not a woman.

Prizms Magic

17:54 Mouth piece on a thousand.

Judge didn't even notice

Tylər crabhandsondeck

When someone says I'm sorry for everything I did that's a huge indication that they're not really sorry they just want to put everything in the past so they don't have to address anything specific it's grouping everything together at once so they don't have to go through things individually, meaning they're not really wanting to put in the effort, meaning they're not really sorry they just want something from you it's really sad how people have mastered the practice of words and how to misuse them in a perfect way so people can't really hear what they're truly saying& meaning


She's too gorgeous for this. Like what???

lejohn Bryson

He gets on her nerves but she loves that about him

Pierre PG squad


Kid_The_Dopeboii 213/404

I'll give it to ole' boy he funny asf but gotta pull his own weight but why shawty sound like a knock off version of cardi b


He talks so white...?

Asharie Norris

dogg i died watching this???


His voice doesnt match his face lmaoo ????

r uh

Don't be mean about the guy. He might be on the spectrum. Not everyone whos eccentric/awkward is a drug addict or "unstable"


im just wondering wtf the white girl in da back doin??

Lanika J

Maybe its just me but he seems to be missing some marbles

Sugar Potato

BBQ wear ??

Nc 5 shot

I thought you put on barbecue wear

Manifest Love

He funny af and that makes me like him! She’s so adorable as well!! ? it’s like she’s trying not to smile she loves him

Sabrina Bailey

????????he’s too funny

Tony Molatto

He's a f&^k boy. She needs to have a criteria instead of the superficial & going with what someone tells her. He's someone you want to do random stuff with not someone you marry or live with.

slash v1

Famous dex down bad

It's pizza Time

He kinda looks like he has tourettes sindrome...

Minnie D

He's hella cute and funny, he's smart aswell!

I don't know but she gives me major bad vibes...

Darlene Hill

That alter physical appearance i dont like dyed hair on MEN ????????????

shanice braxton vlogs

I be watching to get a view of that Bailiff ?