Kendall jenner plastic surgery list

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Kylie Jenner Transformation 2019 | From 0 To 20 Years Old

3 545 868 views | 9 Jul. 2018

Kylie Jenner | From 0 To

Kylie Jenner | From 0 To 20 Years Old

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No Name

Please tell me which app I can use to make such a video

Danielle Smith

For real tho - that’s not lip filer - more like a lip transplant


Wtf tumpnail edit??

Josephine Reeve

Did anyone else notice that picture of Kendal cheerleading when kylie was 13

Genaro Barcenas

Wow she changed ?? a lot ??


Music name ?



james carter

Remember you aint ugly you're broke

Joel Carnero Rivero

We are not ugly, we don’t have money

anan girsin 40dk derse

I find we weren't ugly we just didn't have money

Carolyn Wright

Too young to keep transforming her body, but when you got the doe you do crazy things, when she’s old she will regret it, guess she’ll buy what it takes to keep the body up. You go girl!!!!!!!


I was born 2010

Lean 2200

I think shes the prettiest mostly because shes like awkward and not stuck up

Alvin Caster

some people really are pretty without plastic surgery

Debojit Dhar

This video increase my jealous sins

Dottie Farmer

She's like the plain ugly step sister. Had to have an enormous amount of plastic surgery just to look like a cheap copy of her sister Kim.

Aradhana Dubey

7:50 to 7:54 that transformation from older to smaller lol ????


guys. if she likes how she looks and feels good with her body thats fine, if she likes plastic surgery thats fine. you dont get to decide how she looks better, because she looks better when she feels best with herself.

tuleen ameen

She 23 she looks 43

Bristi Majumder

she's so plastic....but I like her


What she did to her hips???? Looks do fake obviously

trish _lalts

my sister looks exactly like her when she was 4 omg

Bitch, No

Music name

alexis sanchez

Facts the real her was better asf

Brenda A

The damage money does...

Emanuel Brown

She looks shy at first around, 13-15. She wasn't ugly but she was petty either.


i think that she was so much prettier when she was "natural", not that now she isn't pretty... but that "real" look is better i think ?

Kelli Favazza

So she started getting plastic surgery at 15 years old and has never stopped. That's sad actually

May Dude

What was ugly about her ??

All I see is a pretty little girl

Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now

November over

Serhat Balkis

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keikko coco

does she born agust 1997???? and her age is 20?? is that make sens for u guys?? ughh please?!

Rebecca Jeonpark

Kendall looks exactly the same

Kaambe Mioko

Half of these pictures are Kendall

chandi bhajan mala

kendaal is looks like she's now

Dxisy xX

Bruh she looks to old to be 12 3:43
Y’all just got click baited

Ashley Tauzene


Nicole Xoxo

if kylie hadnt gotten so many surgeries and only got a little bot like kendall she couldve been modelling with her sis

jocelyne Rodriguez

Las edades de las imágenes están mal es muy obvio....

Kaj Te Briga

She really aged herself with so much makeup everyday.

Daniel Alexandre

We all no kim got the good looks...

James Kenobi

Kendall was always pretty since a kid

Funky Funkos

She started wearing make up at age 11 and dressed like an adult by the time she was 15...... yea fuck that she was never told no ? my daughter would get her ass beat.


5:17 how was she 14 there?!!!!!!

Gloria Garguena

She looks. Ssssooooo. old now. Why too much alterations?????

Crazy feverish girl

Okh I wanna say only one thing every artificial thing has one expiry date... Who knows there comes a time people who have cosmetic surgeries they look wose than earlier they think they were..

Toxic Butch

How did they go from super cute and normal to 100% plastic?!!!

Mariam Amgad

Power of money and once I get that money , Kylie could never..

Joolin Joolin

?now the real "normal" not so good looking kylie jenner... grouse ?

Alexandra Connolly

she looks like stormi awwe

Dani All

Eu sou trilionaria ?


all my life i was thinking that kylie was big sister of kendall ?

E 3

Creepy! She looked better before the head to toe plastic make over.

Gio Axe

Man... American seleb life damn. I wonder why FBI so busy

Erica Serwaa

This is boring to watch

Phoenix Girl

This is so awful transformation i 've ever seen.... showing the same picture multiple times in diff. time frame and the older pic is shown prior to the younger one... anyway the fact is she's a complete diff. person now...

Andrew Wernert

Looks like she has really bad hip problems & it hurt 2 walk

Rebecca Anne

???This video is all messed up. Showing wrong pictures with the wrong age and repeating pictures. And at 4:35 isn't that Kendall? Just too many mistakes

Zu Zu

More like plastic surgery transformation lmao

_rachel Murphy

Her eye colour is the only thing that’s the same. Sad

Alka Heer

She’s totally silicone


me: sees that kylie is born 2 days before me (but different year)


shafiek adams

It's so weird of where you have this photos?

Nadine Acocoro

Gosh, Kendall never experienced being 'baduy' smmedmdkdk


4:50 why????

Saltie Mae Pringle

Kylie was actually the cuter one when they were little. Kendall grew up to be the prettiest one of them all.

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Kuch bhi 12

gewoon ikke

just as fake as the rest of that sick ass familiy

Çınar Aslan

Kylie Jenner is bitch

Luz Ceballos

Their curves are not natural

Ikhlasse Mehadji

19 ? she Was so pretty

Crazy feverish girl

My friend asks me do you wanna look like Kardashians.....
Me in Rachel's voice: Nooooooooo....
She in Monica's voice: I know??

AREyouDUMBstupidORdumb HUH

She went from 100%human to 50 % plastic

Mehak Mahindra

its so sad that people cant be original....then what are we praising them for???!!!!

Girl Grown

I just dropped a video on Kylie and her rise to fame, various scandals and her crazy/ scary/ powerful influence on culture. Check it out if you want to learn more about the shady side of KJ x

Bethany Tatsey

Seems like you guessing


2:30 That’s not 7 years old omg

Tracy Lowe

They hate the true children of THE MOST HIGH but do everything in their power to be us.

Thelma Nwabia

Hehehehe..me watching dis video and yawning..cos d pictures and age were placed wrongly???

Bethany Tatsey


Toodles Again

behold the power of plastic

Fadina Bastawi

They re both so adorable

Yoga with fun

Kylie when she was 14??❤❤
Me as 14 ??

d i s c o / / p a r t y

Natural is always the best.

Ariel robles alvarez

I don’t know why I’m watching this

Chairman Joe

With all that plastic I hope she’s not buried. Gonna pollute the environment

Finding Something

She was cute and way good looking...what did she get this surgery ☹️

Crystaline Blue QQ

Its funny how my younger brother also born on 10 of 8

Tracy Lowe

Freaks of nature. Ha ha ha devils.

Murad Aslano

FUCK armenia

Rhine Cagas

Kylie is still prettty with or without surgery

Nuala Harris

I was born on the 10th of August

Blsmsxy Gaming

Kendall did not change at all but Kylie is much a different person now.

Sitora Sattorova

The ages are fake. They show the pic of her older than younger! People don't become younger year to year you know, I think it's fake age there


she look cute in her before transformation

Bitch, No

Jaden: "Bitch, No"

Basil Ahmed

Hit that hard then get a flashback from 80 surgeries ago and go limp af,LMAO.

gino go

Before the surgery she's ugly as fuckk

Kat Thomas

She stops looking happy around age 10.
A testament to how hollywood forces children to grow up too fast and inflicts terrible standards of beauty

Kendall jenner plastic surgery list

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Kelly Cutrone's Thoughts On Kylie and Kendall Jenner's Plastic Surgery | People

10 813 views | 18 Feb. 2015

Fashion designer Kelly

Fashion designer Kelly Curtrone takes us behind the scenes of NYFW and dishes on the Jenner girls as models.

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Kelly Cutrone's Thoughts On Kylie and Kendall Jenner's Plastic Surgery | People



Kendall is not plastic

Stafford Stafford

pop should derive from fashion, not vice versa

Kendall jenner plastic surgery list

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Khloe Kardashian: Plastic Surgery (2020)

670 964 views | 25 May. 2020

Hi Fam; I rushed this

Hi Fam; I rushed this video out due to your overwhelming encouragement of it. For years Khloe Kardashian's appearance has sparked plastic surgery rumours. lets go on an analysis journey to find out if she's had plastic surgery or not.

All of the views expressed in this video are my opinions only and are not based on facts.

#khloekardashian #khloekardashianinstagram #newface

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

CELEBRITY PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFCL2GaN5fwOlvFB8h3JTn7xtiYU4UrM7

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.

MUSIC; https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/5MhlgZGN2L

MUSIC in background: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/7W8GRKFBWq


BUSINESS INQUIRIES:[email protected]

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnClOuzfbOj3ZcUKs2GahjA

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lorryhill/?hl=en

BLOG: http://www.lorryhill.com/

Wu zi Mu

Are you Tati

Jessiica R

Lorry, khloe keeps saying her transformation is from lasers. What lasers is she using? Lol


She literally wants to look like Beyoncé in the face. Pretty obvious lol. The issue is the back side dont match the thighs or legs. U have to have a butt to thigh and leg ratio that is in proportion. None of them have this and that makes it look obviously fake.

karen renken

i saw a commerical for a migraine medication i recognized the voice but it took a a bit to figure out that it was KLOE she overdid it big time if you are not reconizable what is the point? are you not supposed to look like yourself but fine tuned?

1942 AiSHA is a sing lelady Ab

And now she have a new look!!!!

Holly Golightly

Lol....people who live in cities really are nuts. Priorities are skewed.


3:07 I'm disguisted

Veronica Vargas

Do you know who did her nose? Thank you so much!

Holl Mighty

The more I look at that infamous photoshopped photo the more lopsided her eyes get!!

Cindy Pastor

Olivia Munn!! Her face is so different!! ??


I genuinely don't think she works out as much as she claims she does.

M Green

They're never happy with who they are, sad

lisa finno

They don't even look like the same people anymore...it's so creepy

Chico Chiflado

Lindsay Lohan

Myriam Negadi

What about her eyes? I also notice a higher hairline recently, do you see it? Is it a facelift?

Carolineana White

I don’t see how you can get a whole bunch of plastic surgery and feel beautiful?

Xo MelOdy

Your voice sounded a lot like the kardashians. No hate just pointing out v.v


This is not flattering


The thumbnail Im seeing is a before and after of kylie then khloe. I know its not like that on your channel. Very strange

Julie Hall

OMG, I had never seen her butt. ?

Diana Stefany

Can you please do Eiza Gonzales?

Jose Garcia

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha still fat.... Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Mari B.

You remind me of Kim Kardashian!

MB Jackson

She look more like her father now now you look like a black woman


Incredible transformation !!

Muskan Febyani

Babe how can one be so beautiful.inside out..... u seem to be such a gorgeous person

Iced Coffee

Klohe wants to be sexy so bad she should’ve kept it real and stopped trying to competing with Kim


Her face looks almost crooked now, which is interesting because she wasn't 100% symmetrical naturally. But it wasn't a bad thing - I thought her smirk and nose were really cute! It was very charming. But the surgery to correct it has almost exaggerated the asymmetrical look to the point where it has lost its charm and doesn't look right. She seems like she's suffering from body dysmorphia - so sad.

OrdinaryADONIS 87

Lol I thought this was a weird Denise Richards pic

M. B.

Hope she's happy now? she's done a lot!!! I wonder what's she's searching for?

queen zela

What is wierd and funny to me is when people call them out for these procedures, they get mad and defensive ?? why are you ashamed of the fact you felt you needed to 'fix' your body SMH???


3:07 im crying that is so gross why would you want to look like that ?

Mystery gal

Can People just stop with these freakish looking butts already? I don't know who looked at the bustle and thought hey I have an idea let's put that inside our body instead of on the outside.


I've seen the original of that first photo and she looked nothing like that lol. The editing is off the charts. She also "lost the baby weight in record time" because she had a surrogate. She didn't carry that child. There were even meetings to decide if her new bigger moon bump should have a belly button or not! Fact right there. No magic. She just ripped off her moon bump. Easy as that. At least Kim was honest about using a surrogate for the last one or two kids she had!

Vic Ocean

Want to be black Kardashians


Yup, that pic look SO PHOTOSHOPPED. I think she just wanted ppl talking.

KittyBlues Pink Shoes

I’m new to your channel! Have you had surgery?

Sizzle Fizzle

Bet Khloe felt like such an outsider growing up.

She looks like the random friend that got to be in the family photos lol.


Poor Khole, really do like her. But feel sorry for the pressure she's on by her family.

Debbie Willoughby

I think Khloe used a surrogate

Ely Sian

Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Kanye

Jade Duckervil

Y’all what job should I to be able to afford this?

Alo S.H

I feel like it's ok to change what ever you want, but the moment you start lying about it saying it was puberty or some weird shit miracle then you should really be ashamed!!!

Plain Talk

"I think I would like some fat injected into my hips and ass" ~ Something I would never say.

Moniqua Christensen

She had a tummy tuck after pregnancy. Her butt looks disgusting. She is my fave Kardashian and looked better before butt job. I like her face now though. She does look like her dad OJ and that seems to be what she is trying to get rid of now, in altering her jaw, nose and lips. Love your positive channel.❤️???

Devin Vance

You should do kris jenner!


Her ass is crazy, and I don't mean that as a compliment

Zacharion Tab

idk why but her nose bothers me when i look at her... i love her personality wise

Chico Chiflado

Jane Fonda

Chico Chiflado


Chico Chiflado

Charlize Theron


the bbl looks so strange

Kaitlyn 22134

I feel really bad for her. You can tell that even now after all those surgeries she still is deeply insecure and unhappy with her looks


Did she remove fat from her arm/shoulder area? Is that possible ?

Roscko 562

This is all because of their mom! Always wanting them to look perfect! That’s why she allowed Kylie to get all those surgery’s while she was a minor!! So sad that their kids are going to grow up prob hating their looks because of the surgeries their parents got!! It’s going to be a revolving door for all of them.


I notice Khloe used to resemble Rob a lot, and Kylie used to resemble Kendall.

Rhoda Yackez

How about doing Courtney Cox


That thumbnail photo is COMPLETELY unrecognisable as her. It must suck that with all that money she can't do that irl

christie osborne

OMG how much plastic surgery can one have. she must feel so worthless to have to keep doing that i prefer to be living a "normal" life than to live like that. money isn't everything, although it helps, but no happiness there.

plinia poly


Nate Suzuya

I think she’s also had some eye work done. Either a Browlift by itself, or a Browlift with an upper blepharoplasty. Her eye area now looks a lot less heavy and more feminine.


she looks like she is wearing an adult diaper.


She literally has one eye higher than the other she photo shopped so much


Myhh but khlow now with open hair middle parted reminds me of James xharles with a wig for some reason idk


Great video! Why does she look.. twisted?

Chico Chiflado

Nicole Kidman

Lorry Hill

For Celebrity BODY Analysis join my Patreon $4 a month ! My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lorryhill

Grammar Police -

Hoey's father issues should not authorise her to deny tristan's son having a father. TRISTAN IS A DEADBEAT TO HIS SON AS THE BOY'S MOM ,JORDAN CRAIG,TESTIFIED IN THE COURT DOCUMENT. tristans father also called him a deadbeat. tristan, tristan's mom are trash for how they treat Prince Thompson. Imagine what he and his mom go through watching his father with Hoey's kid as they flood social media with tristan playing super daddy!

Myra Ntlatlapa

Here after seeing her new chin ?

Hanna Sandy

lorry you're so cute <3

Ioanna K

This channel is eye opening and also sad that hollywood celebs feel confined to attain perfection from internal and external pressures and beauty ideals yet deny any work done which saddens me even more that they are role models to so many people of all ages.


I never understand bbl.

Yang Yangs

The way you speak is so soothing and calming ❤️

ncc put

Plastic family

Conor O

When u get plastic surgery, it doesn't make you look better. It makes you look like plastic surgery.

s q

You didn't mention the arm liposuction for her and for Kim

MB Jackson

Chloe childhood pictures she look like she's mixed with black just saying look at her in them as kids like come on that girl father is black

Derin Tosun

is it just me or does she look like a different person in every single photo

Shubhangi Sharma

Do one with Kourtney Kardashian

Shruti Solanke

Ok I am sorry for saying this it's just my opinion everyone's beautiful no matter what BUT I still don't think khloe looks beautiful now she never was that beautiful don't get me wrong she was an below average girl if you are going to spend that much money on something make sure it's done well look at Bella Hadid she went from ?to? khloe needs to hire a good doctor she looks scary not beautiful!!

Alexandra - Lee Lambert

Khloe Kardashian watching this video
Khole: "Damn this girl is good ?"


No she looks worst


I dont get why women get bodies like that . Its doesn't look good to me .

Judge J

Have you done one on kriss jenner?

Jahidul Khan


nancy hill

Who cares leave her alone quit being haters


It is NOT normal or healthy to have that much surgery. She's clearly addicted to plastic surgery and fillers.

Deacon Dave Larrabee

Ooh! Just found this ! I hope its all good news for Koko::! Shes adorbs and delightful so i wish the best for her in all things!

Jenny Aunt Jenny

How is she able to find jeans to fit her? I have the same issue. I have a little waist and a big butt. I can never find jeans to fit. Mind you I’m nowhere as beautiful as Kardashians


she also most likely had kybella, given that she's the spokesperson!


Your channel is gonna be huge ? I was here before 1 million subscribers ?

C Ls

She forgot part of her necklace ?

minky cat

Those BBL's just don't look normal.

Leona Whitnee Cushion

It just goes to show you can have all the money and fame in the world but if u r unhappy with yourself u will never be happy and u can get all the surgery u want but u will never be perfect. Her body and face doesn't look natural honestly.

Always Busy

I love your necklaces!! ?

Nicole Schaller

I think you may have forgot a brow lift?

Carlos Dyer

They are all narcissists !!!!!

Summer Blossom

It is so crazy we never see them in recovery or with bruises or band aids ?

Angie Norris

So She herself thought she was a HOTT MESS

kc cassidy

Ah the kardashian diaper butt