Pure spark elite lighter

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Pure spark elite lighter

6 712 views | 18 Sep. 2015

Pure spark elite. Bong and

Pure spark elite. Bong and bowl friendly. Use discount code: Munkey8081 and save 15% on your order. Use discount code: Munkey808 for orders 15+ units(bulk) and save 55% on your order and FREE SHIPPING. Www.elementiumlighter.com


Are you Canadian?

Crooks GG

Just picked up one and used your code.

Pure spark elite lighter

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Pure Spark Elite (bong friendly) lighter in action!

4 821 views | 23 Dec. 2014


Product Description

The Pure Spark Elite is the newest, baddest, only water pipe friendly, USB electric lighter on the planet! So what new features/upgrades are on the new Pure Spark Elite?

After over a year of development and 100s of tiresome hours, setbacks, and designs we are proud to offer the one-and-only lighter built by our customers for our customers!

You guys/ladies wanted a water pipe friendly lighter.. we built it, you wanted an LED system and lanyard leash.. we added it, and you wanted a stronger coil.. we developed it. Get your hands on the NEW Pure Spark Elite now before they sell out!

#1: Water pipe/hand pipe friendly! That's right my friends with our new cylinder design now you can light up your pipes, get down into bowls, and light up without having to have your bowl fully loaded!

#2: 4 BLUE LED Battery Level indicator (letting you know how many uses are left: 1 LED= 10 more uses 2 LEDS = 11-75 more uses 3 LEDS = 75-100 More Uses 4 LEDS = 101-150 More Uses

#3: 5X thicker heat plate!A thicker plate = more durability and surface area to light up your items!

#4: Keyring attachment!No more loosing your precious new Pure Spark Elite Lighter my friends! With the new key ring attachment it will be alot hard for your friends to "pocket" your dope gear!

#5: High rate USB rechargeable battery!A more powerful battery = more heat, how about 450 degrees of red hot power for you!

AdrianStoner. com

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Interested in selling your own rechargeable pure spark elite lighters?

Use 'DealwithAdrian' (No 1) to get 55% OFF + FREE SHIPPING!

Tony smoker

this is shit. doesn't even light the whole bowl

Pure spark elite lighter

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Pure Spark Elite Bowl Friendly USB lighter!

1 982 views | 2 Aug. 2015

The Pure Spark Elite

The Pure Spark Elite electric lighter takes rechargeable lighters to a whole new level. We took the Pure Spark and made it even better by giving it a more powerful battery, a 5X thicker coil, a battery indicator, and a keyring attachment.

Completely flameless, Pure Spark Elite lights with a durable, state-of-the-art coil and recharges via USB. Plug it in for only an hour to receive 100+ lights, each with a heat output of 450 degrees. Water pipe and bowl friendly, Pure Spark Elite lights anything and gets down into bowls even when they're not fully loaded. It's windproof, water resistant, TSA approved, and good for up to 50,000 lights. Never be caught off guard: Pure Spark Elite's battery indicator ensures you'll always know how many lights you have left before you need to recharge.

Help save the environment & your wallet. Pure Spark Elite is butane and chemical free -- in fact, it contains no fluids or gas at all -- and is equivalent to fifty disposable lighters. Never buy another disposable lighter, lighter fluid, wicks, or flints again. Be part of the movement to reduce the 1.9 billion disposable lighters trashed every year.

150mAh high rate battery.

3.7V USB rechargeable.