Is vaseline good for sunburn

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How To Remove Sun Tan Using Vaseline | Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies | 100% Effective

29 758 views | 4 May. 2018

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MixedRaceGirl AndProud

ThankYou So Much I didn’t Know Vaseline Could Help Remove A Sun Tan I Will Definitely Look Into This Again Thanks For Sharing I knew you would have to add something to help to get it to work the right way.

Najma Maxamed

fani wwwwww nice

Ammar Khalifa

You just said only with vaseline

Ayesha Tariq

Does it works ?

Priyanka Mayekar

Yeh legs par use kar sakte hai

Yangalasetty Sindhu

Did it work if we apply before we go in sun?

Lakshmi Mahadev15

How many days to use, can it be applied on hands.

Abu Sina Syed Tareq

Can I store it ???

rana nazim


Fatman khan Khan

How many days before effect..

Is vaseline good for sunburn

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Sunburn Treatment | Sunburn Remedies | Responding To Your Comments

234 540 views | 6 May. 2019

Sunburn treatment.

Sunburn treatment. Responding to your comments home remedies, aloe vera lotion to help sunburn symptoms and more.

One of my favourite notifications is your comments and as you may already know more often than not I'll get back to you with a reply and heart. If you'd like more information on any of the questions I've answered or have a question, then let me know so I can try and either dedicate a video to it or get back to you in next months responding to your comments.

A few of my favourite questions/comments from this video are:

1) Is that a wig?

2) Do you have any tips on how to treat sunburn. I live in Australia and have really bad sunburn right now - 00:27

3) I got a bee sting in my mouth while drinking cola what

will happen (I was outside).

4) I appreciate all your videos. Is it possible for you to tell me about blepharitis eye conditions. The doctor said it's reoccurring thank you for your video and blessings and greeting and hugs.

5) I always get motion sickness because I was playing phone on a car. Any tips on how to cure?

6) Dear Abraham the pharmacist,

Can you do a video about your everyday life? I'm interested to see what you get up to away from the white coat :)

Want to see more videos about everything health and pharmacy? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for new videos ▶https://www.youtube.com/c/AbrahamThePharmacist










Prescribing Media Pharmacist | Extreme Optimist | Bringing Science Through New Videos Every Week - Monday 4PM(GMT).

I'm a British - Persian - Iranian prescribing media pharmacist who loves science, making videos and helping people. I work in both GP surgeries and community pharmacy.


This video is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Abraham The Pharmacist has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.


I got sunburn in water world in my face. Should I get a bag of ice?

Jensen Stratton

I've been sunburned all summer well bye guys ?? I was at the lake for 3 days:(

Greyson Smith

I burn so much it is so bad

Harley Ward

My legs are fukin Burning rn??

Your Big mummy. •5 years ago

Ginger gang⬇️⬇️⬇️

Soft Soja

I hate how I look right now. I look like a tomato?

Lava 321

Thanks for the tip, got sunburn this weekend and needed a solution.
-Next time I'll just invest into sunscreen.

Carl Johnson CJ

What if you are slightly light brown skin but black hair and black beard. I’m from Middle East and when I’m in the UV index 6 or more I become red first time. No skin peeling but after I become red it turns to gold/brown color. And after wards I never burn again I just remain brown/gold ish color. I can’t use suncream because I work in outside conditions. Can I still get skin cancer or am I less likely ?

Ariane Lee

Omg I have sun blisters on my face because of sun burn!!! Please someone helpppp

malory baret

i dont get sunburn i just turn sooo dark


Yeah I have marching band.... so I may be getting sunburnt a lot throughout the season and if we have this every year, possibly every year as well until I graduate?

Evan O Neill

My shoulders are like a tomato ? right now ?

Yoselin Martinez

Thank you so much for the sunburn treat thing I got sunburn why I was at the pools

beyyy sa

I look like a lobster and my face looks like a stop sign

Karen Jones

i have sun poisoning


I don’t care about the pain my face is red af and I have school starts in 2 days help

Donovan Campbell

if you are still in pain, go get some pain killers.. lol thats a little far don't you think? unless you are seriously burnt. severely...


i got sunburn over 4 years n my whole body feel pain when i scratch my skin,but it doesn't hurt like getting a sunburn at the first time.my skin likely can't be peel of and it getting darker brown than before.Its probably i always swim on the pool while midday.my natural skin are clear white, is it possible? to get my natural skin back?

rip english sorry

Andres Mendoza

I literally get sunburned like 4 times a year??

Max Grice

I’m so lucky I was watching this video and I asked my grandad if he had ala vero and he just happened to have loads of the plants in the garden and IT WORKS

Mercedes King

Use vaseline guys it helps so much


Do you know how to get my dark sun tan lighter?

abby f

I’m burnt from band camp

Donald Cunningham

I get constipated. what do i do?

debra ramdharry

i have sunbun can i u aloe as a sunscreen


On my back there's a very very bad sunburn it burns so much and its itchy ? i haven't been able to sleep or walk or do anything for about three days???? my papa has stuff but it burns my back and now my back is blisterd

Sajida Khan

M living in pakistan Lahore, can I use sunblocks in night time also

Krista Shoemaker

My nose is purple cuz of my sunburn blisters


everyone who is hurting bad i look. like a lobster rn. USE SOLAR CANE SPRAY, and take 2 ibuprofen(advil)...

Nur Zahirah

How am I going to prevent sun straight to my skin. My classroom is wide open with window and bring ton of sunlight. When it come to afternoon everyone sweating so bad even though we have three fans in our classroom. Weather in my country is hella 30°C or more every day, month, year and for whole entire life.

Mauricio Rodriguez

Who else forgot the sunscreen?

Official Covers

My face right now is a legitimate tomato, i live in Australia. ???

Purple Dragon

I have sunburn right now and it hurts ???


how to prevent sunburn

Apply sunblock

You’re welcome

oliver Donoghue

I wore suncream, just not on my body, so my arms face and legs were fine, just my shoulders are red


Is just light red and not peeling though is like sharp object poking me i need answers; -;

Fay Anilao

Um so i am looking like a whole tomato cuz i just got out of the pool and mah face is Like TOMATO help ;-; i have to get ready for my christmas party which is in 2 days pls help meh?

Gonçalo Formiga

Been on quarentine for a month and a half, and just caught a tremendous sun burn in the first time I go out for a walk in the wild in to a beach. My shoulders, face and arms are on fire. Thankfully my back and abdomen its alright because of the backpack I had on top of my shirtless body. Taking cold showers, putting loads of cream and drinking lot of water. It seems I hate the more sunburn i get, the more i hate them.

Egypt Salimah Saleik

My boyfriend is tan and he got a severe sun burn what should I do I am starting to put ice cubes on a bag is that good please help


For those who had a bad sunburn with extreme pain in the first 2 days and swelling after, how long did the swelling last? ? I feel like my legs are going to explode

Rosa A D

Who's watching this this because they have a sun burn? My family is suffering because my dad forgot the sunscreen in the car

Archana Singh

I m a guy with beard how do I get rid of it???

Joseph Gitau

Hili havebaad sunburn on my nose

Mandalorian __

This help very much thank you

Eat Your Cereal

Mom: Son come here for sun screen.
Me: No I don't need that "Goes into beach waves".
Me: Gets sunburned
Mom: I told you stupid fuck.

Beatriz Lontoc

if your face is swollen is it still a sunburn?


I put a crap ton of sunscreen on and I get a sunburn. Even tho I have dark skin


You have red tan and I have
dark tan
We are not same bro....

H i

Me wearing slip on vans and getting a sunburn ?


(PLEASE RESPOND) so i went to the beach and got tanned all over my face besides my nose and under my eyes, my nose and under my eyes got sun burnt and started to peel, NOW ALL MY FACE IS BROWN, AND MY NOSE AND UNDER MY EYES ARE LIGHT, what do i do!!!!


Hello do u know how to treat sunburn on the eyelids can u reply here plz

Purity movies production

I have sunburn it's not red, not pulling but black and I want to move it how can I

Taylor smith

Im from Australia and it's summer and im really white and I get sunburnt at least 2 times every 5 weeks

Savannah Feltner

I'm like Larry the lobster RN ???

Ijeoma Justine

I HV sunburn on my face,what will I do.

La’Vitra Rolle

I have it on my face sighhhh it hurts so baddd❗️.

Y b

How to recover my skin color after a long time taking sun ?


wow i didnt think of preventing sunburn

Bini Feet

Who else is watching this but doesn't even do it...

tanjina rahman

?? thank you for ur nice solution ??

Antonio Turbes

gets sunburnt while swimming...
Goes swimming again and starts getting called a lobster


I just used a straight up aloe vera plant

Katelyn Huff

my nose has blisters on it now. never had a sunburn. I’m trying everything :(

Chleo Walrus

My sun burn is really bad and my sun burn is making my face swell by my eyes ??

Defined Dragon

I used 50 sunscreen twice over and I'm still in pain rn

Benson Thomas

My body color is white and my face and hands ,neck color is little dark reddish how to get my original skin color ??


My skin is peeling on my back I got sunburn but the skin under is looking pinkish? Will it stay this color or it will it go back to my old skin color? Thanks


Literall just finished the first week of Marching band and my neck look like a freakin tomato

Brianna Wiles

I’m sitting her lookin like a lobster ? and hurting like I got a 3rd degree burn ?

Kayla Stanshall

I was out all day at school with no sunscreen and I woke up this morning looking like a tomato I can’t go like this


Great so ur advice for treating sunburn is to not get sunburn

Waco TX

Could please tell me how to get back my natural skin colour because I look like zebra white and black

Braham bah tok

now i am putting my head inside the freezer to decrease the temperature

Fist Master

Just swan for 8 hours look Like a strawberry

Hannah Mendenhall

To be honest I don’t care how red I look my skin is just stinging SO BAD. It’s so bad and I look like a lobster. I wish everyone could see how bad my WHOLE BODY is (back, shoulders, thighs, some of my calves, face, neck, and some of my arms) IT HURTS SO BAD AND STINGS


It's to late if you're reading this comment... just take cold shower and wait ?‍♂️

Itz Kittie

Who is sitting here itching like mad, looking like mr. Crabs and has skin like snakes...

Jess Durham

I have the worst sunburn on my face and it hurts and you just tell me to prevent it and take a shower and cold clothe and cream don’t you think I already tried that??

lakshmi s

Hiii please help me I am from India ,I have keratosis pilaris what is the treatment I really wanted to get out of that

Hey You

Five minute for the answer to be in like a minute.



You seriously recommend taking pain pills for a sun burn? Maybe if you had blisters the size of small balloons.. but if it’s that bad you need to be in the hospital.

It doesn’t hurt that bad and not feeling the pain does absolutely no good towards the healing process. And you’ve also got a country in the middle of an opioid problem.

Miranda L

I have two red patches on my back where I can't reach with sunscreen and I look like an angel that got its wings clipped


My legs peeling what do I do? I'm skinny so it's like I can feel my bone


It’s not pronounced padraich it pronounced padraig like the gggg

lexie :P

My face is all red...and only my face it’s starting to blister

Dance with shona

Plz suggest a best cream for pigmentation for sensitive skin.


im glad i got melanin


Does the peel skin grow back tanned?

Gacha_life _jess

Who else searched this up cause they look like red tomato

g man

Its pournuced pad-rig

yf G/-/OST

i typed treat not prevent..

brindha Dhakshna

I was a volunteer in zonal ...i was there from 8.30 to 6.00 with no sunscreen..now I'm having sunburn behind my shoulders...it hurts me alot??

Shara Libres

Thanks I was concerned because my skin was way darker than usual, I’ll definitely recommend you to some of my friends.

Sam B

Who else is sitting here looking like a whole lobster? ?

Festivized Seasons? How odd!

Been sunburned about 6 times this year so far, soo I guess I’m getting skin cancer.

(My skin is special, apparently. Sunscreen doesn’t work. After about an hour I get sunburnt even coated in the stuff.)


I’m 17 and I just got sunburnt! I hate it, I’ve never gotten it before. My mom wants me to tan but I’m terrified of skin damage and I’m beating myself up for not bringing my bottle of sunscreen with me ?

Angelina Filatova

I’ve gotten 4 sunburns this summer I wanna die. I’m not even tan?

Hotaru Shidare

My face is peeling, help me

Deeptesh Mitra

Do you have any tips on tanning.!! I live in INDIA and i have got a very serious one.!! Please help me out

Rishma Mohammed

I have a sunburn on my nose and it is peeling how long will it take to go away??

Is vaseline good for sunburn

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HOW TO: Get Rid of Sunburn FAST!

875 587 views | 17 Jun. 2015

Summer is officially here

Summer is officially here and sunburns are bound to happen. Here are my 5 TIPS on HOW TO: Get Rid of Sunburn Fast! If you tend to burn easily or if you’re looking for sunburn treatments, watch this video! Enjoy and stay sun safe! xo Jen

Missed my last videos? Watch it now!

- DIY Breakfast Ideas & Recipes: http://bit.ly/1Gg1yrb

- HOW TO: Remove Makeup Properly: http://bit.ly/1Gg1F6c


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Glaxal Base (the best sunburn treatment ever!)

- http://amzn.to/1HUjgpM

Peppermint Oil (I use the Calista one, and I think it’s only available in Canadian stores, so here’s another alternative!)

- http://amzn.to/1SoSZmI

Baking Soda (which you probably already have!)

Plain Priobiotic Yogurt (you can get at any grocery store!)


- Jouer Primer


- Laneige BB Cushion in SPF 50+


- Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer


- IT Cosmetics Complexion Brush


- IT Cosmetics Poreless Powder


- Sigma E25 Blending Brush


- Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush


- Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush


- Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki


- Sigma Winged Liner E06


- Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara


- Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick Natural Mystic



Camera & Lighting

Canon Rebel T5i


Stellar Photo Ring Light



Clothing & Accessories:

- Floral Dress

Ginger G

FTC Disclaimer:

All items were purchased by me. None of these companies are paying me for this video. All opinions are my own.

Iasmina Lipovanu

i got sunburnt on my cheeks, it’s not itchy anymore it kinda just turned like brown dry skin, what should i do??

Mairo Saar

I am a tomato


I really wish i had the ingredients for my sunburn! Im from the Philippines can buy them??

Happy Couch Potato

Watching this vid because i have sunburns all over my body. Hahaha

Nani ?

Ahhhhhhg I forgot to put sunscreen on but I was going to school so I didn't think I needed it

Silenced Virtue

Lobster man lobster man yeah that’s meee?

Fateh Singh Chouhan

I have got sunspot on face because of UV rays does it helps to remove them also from my face the moisturizer cream that you are talking about

Emily Holland

So the baking soda and cold water burns.

Jedz Domingo

Iam going to swim today because bday of my classmate

Shenylle Visca

I got sunburn because of two days practice for our cheerdance,all of my classmates got sunburned

you want a cranberry sprite

I'm I the only one thats watching this before the first day if school because they forgot to put on sunscreen ://

Katerina Rose

Well, as an asian, our sunburn are in black colour,not red ?

letecia lagahit

Oh no.. I just got sunburn yesterday, need help. School is starting.. Please help...:-(:-(

Samantha Jenniker Brown

my son

Anna Muyangwa

I have sunburn and I applied aloe vera but it became worse

ineffable seraph

Can we use after shower?

Million Girl


seventeen teen teen

she looks like silvermist from tinkerbell


I have many sunburn because I go for swimming so yeah.

Aloha Zylah

Bruh it’s on my face and it hella hurts to touch or even put aloe gel and medicines???

Arissa Faizura

Lol I'm going to school in 2 hours with ONLY my nose's sunburn peeled so.. wish me luck

Areeba'z Planet

So I stupidly used veet wax strips on my face and it got slightly burned, the layer didn't come off but it's red compared to the rest of my face, any tips on what to do because I have school coming up ???

prod. Cypress

Every year, smh


My face got sunburnt but it doesn't hurt. It has been 5 days. What can I do? : (

Sarah Hollermead

i need it

Rouge Ghost

Who else has hells itch?

Blade Of Despair

I dont have sunburn in my body i have sumburn in my face what to do pls help

Delux3 Xoxo

In turkey right now dying looking like a lobster I can’t put even touch it BECAUSE IT KILLLSSD

Marie Anastacia

I burned my face ?

Kim Matthias

I нave it

Olivia Montes

You sound a lot like Ryan Higa! :)


I have oily face and oily skin... And easily get sun burns all over my skin within 5 minutes, too sensitive...
it take over a week... To heal...
Any short cut....


I have a horrible sun burn and i have to go to school and my skin is peeling off and i dont want to look like this on the picture day????someone help mee!!!!


my whole body is covered in sunburn

AF Bamboozle


Lima whalien 52

I'm from India and dude i wasnt always yellow tanned

Neil Adrian



When people ask who else is here for the soul purpose of this video

scarlet mcqueen


BadGalGabriella Laban

I have such a hurtful sun burn on my face

Annie Galve



I have a sunburn on my face and it looks like I’m blushing a LOT


Or you can put a cold pillow at your neck or put your head or part the freeze

Riley Barbieri

Man I’m looking like a whole ass stop sign right now

Vieve stary

I'm watching this while cringing. My face is burning

Katelyn Grannell

My aunty put yogurt on are skin years ago we started licking it

Easy Diana

if you have a sunburn will your skin peel ??

Scott Nilsson

Who else sitting here lookin like a lobster

Eddie The gacha man

Well I’m black so I don’t get sunburn lol

Hi Stay happy

For tip 3 imma need a lot of towels

Love Gypsy02

I went swimming today and my shoulders and my face are completely burned now and so now I'm trying to find a way to get rid of it ? as specially because in 2 days I have my graduation ?

Lana Thea

I live in Australia and today is like 40・degrees Celsius and right now it's like 36 Degrees right now it's 7:30

Panda Corn

I have hells itch and I'm freaking out right now and keep itching

Fasiha Official


McKenna G

I look like a fricken lobster?

xLøverr x

I have to go to a cookout today and I'm RED. My shoulders,arms,for head and nose too, now that crap hurts. I might just have to go looking like a lobster

Liam Roll

Have these been patched in version 20.18

Amani Sultan

I went to school today after break and it was birthday none wished me a happy birthday there were all just looking at my burnt skin and making jokes I went home and cried so thanks for this vid I will use it


I tried applying suncream to my shoulders but it REALLY hurts when I do so


Whenever I moisturize a sunburn it gets super fucking itchy ?


I have a sunburn it feels like my arm just broke

Hena Hamdard

I think that I little sunburn on ur upper check is pretty cute on girls it looks like their blushing which just makes us fall in love with them


So im sitting here with bright red skin with school photos in a few days...

Tessel Meulepas

I fell asleep in the sun hahaha...


Who else is watching this because you thought you wouldn’t get sunburnt but you did my face is peeling I look like a lizard rn and I have a trip to meet new family members

Coby Cartoonz



Can I use Cetaphil?

Maddie Teehee

Who’s watching this video Sunburnt but not bothered to buy any of this techinqal stuff??

My life as Lory

Does baking powder work instead of baking soda??

AF Bamboozle


Chocolate milk

I'm a ginger and on my face my cheeks are so red.

Yiming Yue

Where do you buy the cream for sunburns

i puh sticker on my carrier

i went to a BTS concert and I was in ground level and I didn’t know I would have to wait 12 hours outside burning up ? but its ok bc that was the most beautiful moment of my life


Solarcaine and Aloe Vera!

Katrina Cameron

I have sunburns on my two shoulders and I'm 11 years old it hurts so much when I lift my arm up I really can't reach anything

passion 28

This hurts sooo much ?? it's giving me nausea and chills?

Minecraft asmr Skertskert

I went snowboarding and got burnt to a crisp...help...

Okay nvm if you put a cold drink on your face it helps

Stiiizy Bryan

I got sunburnt yesterday my back is fucking hot

Rafael’s quintero

Been outside for 9 hours and I’m pretty burned mostly my back


Am I the only one here who sunbathed without sunscreen ?


Just had the most amazing long weekend... And my sunburn is totally worth it!!! Haha but yeah.. It hurts like a Motha! ?


I’ve never had a sunburn before until now and I’ve never realised how much they hurt ?

Jas Lee

I'm watching this i have a sunburn rn

Damian Peri

Is it more or does she look like dvas voice actor

Dorcas Bill

Nobody does hacking and account recovery better than Hex_hacker09 on IG he's really a genius when it comes to hacks

Jonatan Orellana

Thank you so much ?

Grace Smith

Mines sunburn aint painful it just i went to a pool party without sunscreen and well my face is like a cherry and my school picture day is tomarrow but what can u do.??

Amanda Finnegan

One of the best ways to heal sunburn quickly is that if you get a tissue and run it under some cold water and then soak the tissue in milk and then put the milk tissue thing in the fridge and leave it for about 5 minutes and then put it on the affected area and that will soak up some of the heat from the sunburn I hope this helps some people

Avery Hope

This is so helpful!!!

Joe Powers

My deck has sun burn

Maverick Gernade

I use Sunscreen before i go to the pool
But i Didnt Shower

1 Day Later

still got sunburn


I have sunburnt on my face like it’s so red since my face is pale, anyways I was touching it and this weird liquid was coming out of the top of my nose and the skin peeled an looked gooey it hurt so much I dunno what it is I have this massive headache and everything around me feels like it’s floating and I can’t read things without getting a headache .... I don’t know what to do

Judith Zambrano

Can I use Vicks????

Its the only thing i have Lol

Andrew Michael Charles SMITHYMAN

Is this the person for crazy rich Asian

Kristine Ann Malolos

I hate javing sun burn especially in feet and hands i couldn't walk well and eat i ja e it now..???

Dorcas Bill

Nobody does hacking and account recovery better than Hex_hacker09 on IG he's really a genius when it comes to hacks


Just had the most amazing long weekend... And my sunburn is totally worth it!!! Haha but yeah.. It hurts like a Motha! ?


I dont have any of these items except ice cubes. Cant I just use ice cubes??

Mystery Forever

Any one here from 2020

Remedy beauty house with Calista Ken

Comments first before video who else is doing the same here?