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$53 "Make me a HANDSOME KOREAN MAN VIP Facial" ?? The full package at Nice Nails PATTAYA THAILAND 4K

68 987 views | 13 Dec. 2019

Pattaya Thailand


Pattaya Thailand

I went to Nice Nail salon and asked for the VIP facial treatment. They have a machine that is popular from South Korea that rejuvenates and tightens the skin I ordered this as part of a package, with a face massage, and a gold facial. You have to love beauty treatments in Asia.

Keep Jason handsome. Keep Jason making videos. It's not easy, but we try.

Some people will enjoy the ASMR facial beauty treatment experience in this video.

I love to travel and seek out the unique experiences the world has to offer.

Full package cost: 1,599 Thai Baht ($53 USD)



Thailand, Chon Buri, Bang Lamung District, Pattaya City, Thappraya Road 391/154 Unit 486/55, Royal Hill Resort, Floor 6th, Building B, Thappraya Road Banglamung, South タイ

+66 84 599 8684



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dontmisstheplane_jasonrupp/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Jason-Rupp-the-artist-actor-and-presenter-630293433717579/

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Join my Telegram channel: http://t.me/dontmisstheplane

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This video is co-produced by Carla Marie Rupp.

Thank you! ❤

Jason Rupp

Gar Nelson

From the mirror, it looks like you are using a smartphone as your video camera. Whatever you use, I am always both amazed and envious at the skill you use to frame your shots, without looking, and often with your eyes seemingly closed. Amazing! The subject matter is great but your camera work is just amazing. I keep thinking Noochi is there as your cameraperson but no, you are doing it all. :-)

John Anvil

Put cream on falang put flashy light on farang 53 dollars bet the Thais never have it done well not for 53 dollars anyway

muhammad abqari

Wow, make me feel going to spa.


This was almost like ASMR
i could sleep to this

Shilo Harrington

Jason, looks like you really enjoyed your experience! I hope one day to be able to do something like that for myself, lately things have been very rocky. But I am happy they were able to help you and give you a great package my brother. You look great as usual! Love to you, Mom, and Noochi, take care! Peace, Love, health and happiness too my brother! :) <3 Keep Jason handsome! Keep Jason making videos, please!

Ewa P.

Hi Jason! Wow,Super film and very relaxing?

Jazmine Anderson

Amazing video Jason, keep em coming ?

the dolsez

I'm in love with paula ? she's so kind and she explain every step

Adrian Carter

Your a champion Jason. I'm going through some tough times in my life right now and I must admit every time I watch your videos I get a sense of calm through me. Thanks Jason. For the record Prae is fine as hell.

Papa Fresh

Protect Jason at all costs


Why did you not go to nin barber

Kathmandu N

$53 is too much money foe Thailand, if it was $20 it would be fine but $53 is way too much money for a facial in thailand

Wladimir Kappes

Another ladyboy ?

Dan Livni

The women in Thailand are going to be upset, if Jason is now interested in dating a Korean woman. lol

Saku Thai

Keep Jason handsome, Keep Jason making video

Ethan Williams

Can anyone explain what the different coloured lights do at 42:12

Longliner 205A

Have you actually noticed improvements in your skin with these treatments, I have always wondered if they are just a gimmick?

Mike Abbott

Me Thinks Jason Needs To Relocate To Pattaya For Life..

Becky Dick

Hey ya Jason! I have been watching your videos for a while. I am currently sitting with my daughter in the ICU at the children's hospital of Philadelphia. I have 2 children with disabilities and a lot of stresses.. I just wanted to say to you that I live vicariously through you. We are limited in our travel out side of the home. But it's ok this is life. Your so positive and so kind. It's so refreshing to watch and listen to you conversation with other people.. I really enjoy your positive out look in life. So many things to watch online and YouTube but something special and relaxing about all of your videos. The sense of calmness and relaxation in your voice is comforting . I am so appreciative of what you do and you aim to please your audience. Truly truly genuine. God speed and many more safe travels. thank you Jason! ??? #KEEPJASONHANDSOME#KEEP JASONMAKINGVIDEOS

Adriana Arnold

Super star ????

Chris Bradshaw

8:42 Jason is so relaxed, he feels the need to de-toxify.

Matthew Gurley

I just found this channel and this guy is pretty awesome I mean I wanna travel through Thailand trying different barbers and nail salons for facials and even manicures and pedicures for those cheap prices and they seem to be on the more luxurious side like here in America those would be like $90-$150 depending on the length of time and skill level it takes to perform the work as far as extremely hard with waxing and/or threading which I have had a waxing of the eyebrows and other areas but never threading; never experienced a facial at a salon of any kind either the only place I have ever been offered one was at my regular massage parlor I go to on a semi-annual basis

Christopher McDanel

The Tao of Jason

adrian ricketts

Did the shop offer ejaculation or not??


Props to the camera man/camera woman staying steady with his or her arms all the time.Very proffesional

Deden Julyansah

Wow you look younger like a baby just born.

Adriana Arnold

Jason you are funny telling the girls : make me a super star ⭐️ ??? and we are wearing the New York Dolls shirt ?

Kill It and Grill It

That facial looks super relaxing you lucky dog you.

River Smith

Paula os so cute I enjoy a lot watching these videos

Jnic TV

Keep Jason Handsome!!


Nice patin

Kurosake 2290

31:50 jumpscare noise (boxes or something fall, I thought it was in my house LMAO, I'm half asleep sitting here...)

Pam West

You have a great job Jason.

Stowaway Monkey

Jason listens to Yoakam who woulda thought!

Luis Peregrina

I almost dropped my iMac on my face.

Gwen Hernandez

Great video

Alain Gaudreau

Another great video my friend !! My home base is Bangkok, but on my next trip,I'll definitely visit Pattaya for Nice Nails and NinBarbershop. Binging on your Indonesia videos now.


Did someone rip a fart at 8:42? ?

ayah atta

Is this the same treatment like nochi did in jakarta?

Choco Chan

sweet dreams

Tommo Hughes

They are very friendly and they done a good service there

Marcin Stachurski

I was just waiting for the moment you would start to fall asleep and that camera comes crashing down ???...kudos for staying awake! ?


Jason it seems so relaxing how do you not fall asleep?

Mofazzel Hossain

I like your all videos


Paula is so great. I love how she explains everything, very professional. I hope they get a lot of business, they deserve it. ??

Kurosake 2290

Sorry you have to hold your camera there for so long >_< you need an assistant lmao

Wladimir Kappes

What the hell is she mixing. It's like Walter from breaking bad


You got click bakted man, it’s a Handsome Korean Man VIP special.

You haven’t turned korean yet, your rank in League isn’t Challenger yet to prove it.


NICE.... and the treatment looks good also

Ryan H

Change the name of this video to “They put a bunch of shit on my face and charged me $50”


I don’t know how you keep the camera up Jason I would’ve fallen asleep ?


You inspiring me.. Thank you


Why are you not in BTS ? ?

Carlos Guerrero


ed Straker

At 4:50 I thought for a second that bulbous item was a German inspired enema kit. Stick that thing up your clacker and you really would look like a K Pop star, Jason.

Ilham Saeed

you are really handsome

Randy Moran

Your such a purty boy now !

Laura Austen

I'm getting some serious asmr from this one. Was you very relaxed after Jason? The ladies are so nice and friendly! xxx

Florida Paradise ?

Wow that was a long video. I call BS on the light thing but it was cool to watch ?. You do look refreshed

Napturally KPT

I always end up binge watching your videos when I should be studying ?

Selva Mani

I am an Indian ill watch this suddenly while swiping but i love this so pls give some remedy

Bobbi Ngo

Who’s singing at the end I don’t think it’s Marilyn Manson I love this song by the Eurythmics

Marjorie Gunn

Omg I totally fell asleep watching this video lol, im training to be aesthetician and this lady really knows her stuff! Shes completely correct and professional. Her education is highly advanced!! Great job!

Roman Gashi


Will I am Beau

Way 2 much $

Zerv Hesh

Jason gave me a facial ?
Why he so cute
Why the fuck is Jason so sexy


Jason 2020

Kurosake 2290

This is probably one of the best facial massages I've ever seen... holy smokes. And I've seen hundreds of massages. This one is so meticulate and precise... and has clearset and laid out goals (as explained by Paula).That was incredible, I've never personally had a massage... but this. This is something I need lmfao.

ItchyHairy Crack

Sorry Jason got to say bit unsure about the standard of professionalism with these ladies, long nails the so called gold face mask stuff in the original pic looks way different to what you had, and the switching of the same jacket, the way she tries to balance the infrared light around you mmmm?? I have seen better for the price....
As always love the vidz ❤️

Naveen The Incredible

Keep Naveen TheIncredible Happy.... Subscribe my channel to follow my comments ?

Trisha Meloling

they seriously using hospital pans you throw up in usually to mix the mask in?

Michael Chojolan

I don't know about those lights on your face Jason am ok with letting them make you handsome but am sure you got microwave for a few minutes ?

Gay Chicken Nuggets

Dude for $53 that was a steal. That would cost you at least $150 here more so for the sea weed facial.

Bobbi Ngo

Oooh this would be a cool ASMR video with the sounds of your skin and the gel it’s so soothing to watch and listen

مستر فيرتيجوو Mr.Vertigoo

HI pro ???haw ar you

Maria Pereira

Esse rapaz está em todas. A pele dele, é maravilhosa.

Utsav Dey

Hey, Jason love your videos man.....when are you coming to India?

Dat random ass comment

imagine if we gave that much attention to another part of our body like our butts.... oh , i forgot


What kind of hair product do you use on your hair ?


Relaxing! BUT you still didn't shave your front chest hairs in Thailand?

Ryan Cooley

New York dolls shirt?!?! Jason I now love you! LUV

Kim Jong-un

I hate K pop but keep Jason happy and handsome ?. Keep uploading ?!

Habib Laidouni

Jason, did you thought about trying SAK YANT in thailand ?

Seattle Scofflaws

Another great t shirt.


Keep Jason looking like a handsome Korean k pop star and keep Jason making videos


No one would believe you're in your 60s

no name

Where is nin

Scott P

Lady with the long finger nails is very talented with her hands ?

miss camrynn

You can’t buy the manners you have Jason! Your parents (especially your mom] have to be proud

Manny Mendoza

They did a good job now you are one handsome Korean man

Deden Julyansah

Your expectation's so high to be k pop superstar. Lol. Funny.

Bloodys Carnival

Another good video stay handsome

Project Pat

Don’t get me wrong Nin is beautiful, but when I saw the lady giving you facial....I thought to myself Nin brought in a photo of that lady and said this is what I wanna look like.

Black Falcon

Finally!!!! A video I can enjoy without the non stop talking.


Jason I love the spa treatment videos keep them coming!


The looks very professional

Kurosake 2290

I turn my adblock off for your videos.... ANYONE ELSE?

Skyler falls

Please go to hairtopia or watch asmr conclave video it would make the best video Jason. Please go


wow looking scary lol cheers...Peter


The highlight “Asmr moment” was the girl stirring up the frothy green concoction

Nice facial

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Salon Style Manicure Pedicure & Facial At Home | Step by Step | Anaysa

3 229 253 views | 17 Apr. 2020

Don't miss your parlour

Don't miss your parlour when Anaysa team is with you. So today we are presenting a wonderful video with some desi tips or products so that you can do Facial, Manicure & Pedicure at home in few steps.

Agar believe nahi ho rha hai.. Enjoy kro video and try these out at home.

If you enjoyed the video Don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE. And do SUBSCRIBE if you are new to my Channel.

Target is 1,50,000 Likes


Produced By : SpiceUp Media

Creative Head: Shruti Anand

Scripted By : Pallavi Arya

DOP : Self Shot

Edited by : Shubham Raj Verma

Presented By : Babli, Bharti Singh, Anishka

Social Media : Komal Sharma

~ Love

♥ Anaysa ♥

NEW UPLOADS every Friday @5:30 pm


"Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)"

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should NOT be considered as professional advice.

#Facial,Manicure & Pedicure #Beauty #Anaysa #Fun

funny girl



Ab mdh ke uncle bhi chale gye

Khaleda khanom Rashid

You are very strong anaysa team you are so lucky?????????????????❤❤

Honey Upadhyay

Mdh wala

Aman Mukhtar

Legends are watching on 11 million

mribula Das

Pari my favourite

Prachi Jha

Chale gye ab MDH ke dada ??

sadhvi bhardwaj

????????????????????????????????? l love you anayasa

Santosh Behera

Last ma jo babli na bataya bo ap apni skin care routine ma bataya tha ?????????‍♀️??????


Give me your yonee

Rashmi Kashyap

Wow your feet while scrubbing and massaging

Rajeev Kumar

DiMaine yah manicure pedicure kiya tha per iska koi achcha result nhi mila hai

Sneha Choudhary

I am yr subscriber please make two videos on tennager hacks and tan removing pack

Chaudhari Monika

Mam agar masoor ki daal ka ataa na ho to besan use kr sakte ha kya

nukul Tambi

mdh ke uncle ab gaye ???

Honey Upadhyay

Ajj tho dada ji gaya


It 's very helpful

Sadiya Bano

Arey aap dance challenge bhi dikhao

lal singh rajput

Wo unkle to chale gye

kareena moond


Feroz Khan

bubli your body is so cute


U are the best ever

Izhar Khan

Haks Achha ha

Afreen Khan

Diiii Hindi ma bataao

Bushra Fatima

agar body lotion na ho to

online shopping


uma rani Etike


Shalini Gupta

Mdh is my grandfather childhood friend

Unknown Sender

A- amazing
N- nice work
A- awesome
Y- your kindness
S- shines like stars and sapphires
A- all at once u guys are Angel's

afaque haider siddique

Iski baddua lag gai bechare m.d.h wale uncle ko???

Muskan muskan

MDH k Dadi ji to ab chle Gaye

Anshul Mishra

Ye jo bndi try krke bta rhi h....usko dekhke toh bilkul mn nhi kr rha remedy try krne ka


MDH ke uncle ab gye. ???

swastika Pandey

Milk boiled hai ya unboiled

Kajal Bagadiya

5:34 It is looking like chawanprash ????

Minahil Sheikh

Ya face pa Kar saktha ha ?

My parrot's life with punnu bro LATA

Bhagwaan ne apki sun li, MDH ke dada g chale gaye....

chef haani khan

Here's a small youtuber

pranav kumar

Mam ab MDH ke uncle nhi rhe

iffat mahboob

Background ??

Suresh Kumar

Mujhe bhi apke sat judna he please mam replay ?????

Zainab Siddique

Ab toh chle gye mdh wale uncle ???


Can I number

Pruthviraj Ingawale

Love ❤️❤️ you anyasa team

Rohini Mn


Mehjabeen Ansari

MDH ke uncle gye uper ?

Niranjan Gogoi Info.

Thank you so much Anastasia☺

Deep Singh

Nice gggggggg

Sumaira Saleem

Thank u

Munni Oo

Happy birthday

Gurmeet kaur

Me - ? this video

Also me - i am too lazy ? to do these pedicures and manicures ? ?.........
Who else is like me ??? ?

Tabiya Mallick

Mdh ke uncle chale gye ???

Ashwini Sharma


Prasad Arduino

These are saw awsome perdicures

saleha Begam

Anaysa mam AP kaha rahti Ho

Harikesh Kumar

Every balck m
My leg every balck

Mridula D

Jisse bhi anyasa channel acchi lagti hai vo ek thumbs up ????

Asmi Gupta

Di hum pedicure me honey ki jagah kuch or le sakte h

SGZ- Side Gamers Zone

I also have gonshons baby lotion

arsh khan

Potato juice kaise banate hain

Patel Alka

Please make how to make wedding eyering vidio

Saad Shaikh


Jogindra Dahiya

Di aapki manokamna poori ho gyi mdh me main honour khatam ho gye

Arif Zari

Fast. fast. give fase steps

Mridula D

Jise bhi anaysa channel acchi lagti hai wo please like kar do ????❤️❤️

Sanika Yeram

Please share 10 years girl fascial , Medicure , pedicure and face wash products ?

Prem Kumar

Very nice video

Arish Khan

School love Anisha teams hard work

Belief K

Massage cream coronavirus kya

Kamla Gupta

I try it ? percent work

Arwa insha Falkeen

12 yrs girls can use it?

Susmita Sahu

Hamare yanha toh unmarried bhi payal lagate hain

Dilbar Negi

I love anayas team

Pooja Mahto


Monika Hada

Me Deepal hada


Wow nice channel and congrats for 9 million

Annu Sahu

Di mujhe milk shot ni krta to Mai uske badle me Mai Kya lagau

R.n R.n.p

Thanks for facial at home. ????????????

Bhumika Kayasth


Dipak Sarma

Elbow grow hack sahiye

Barkha Punjabi

Yeh week or month me kitni baar karna hai?

ART with chetna

Kya hum patoto juice ki jagah kuch aur nhi lga shakte kya?

Agamjot Singh

Ye bache bi kar sakte he

Anshu Baghel


lovely singh singh

Hii mai aapke video buut day dekh rhi ho but aapko lag rha hoga ki sirf mai hi aapke video dekheti ho ji nhinmere total family aapke video dekhte hai I love yournand your my missnaanad .

hitesh soneji

Hi me hu swati meri gardan kali hai usaka hack batae merit Sean sensitive hai to muje koi eafect na ho vesa hack batao


and 11 million

Jaspreet Singh

Aap koi winter facial hacks batao please please please please

Sumaiya Sultana

why anishla left

Hina Patel

Aesa nahi hai ki shadi wale hi bichiye pehen sakte hai

Jyoti Khuswaha


Rudra Pandey

Congratulations full team??

Gudu Rai

Lengend watching in 2021

Raj Kumar

Iove you

Annu Sahu


Anita Gaikwad

Foot scrub hand pr or hand scrub foot pr use kr skte hai kya??


Congratulations for 11+ million family

Prachi Singh

Thanks dii a lot in Diwali I have done my mom's manicure and pedicure and facial and mom is loving it a lot


can we skip the potato juice

adeeba khadeer

Nice hanks ??

Nice facial

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