How to put in curlers

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How to use Hot Rollers to get Classic Curls

69 861 views | 8 Oct. 2018

In this video I'll be

In this video I'll be showing you how I obtain Classic Curls using my Hot rollers. Subscribe for more videos!


Your hair is too cute
You are so beautiful

Parveen Banu

Mam price


What is the name of your roller set? I’m looking on Amazon but like to watch these videos of what works

Sophie Acapella

Wow! You hair looks amazing! ??

Elli West

Do you think they are damaging to hair?

Khushbu Chaudhary

Behen aaram s krlo

Asha C.

How often can you use these without damage?

Varvara Petrova

Wow, these curls look wonderful! The only minus of this method is that it's impossible to sleep with such things on your head.

Loydi Carrion


Scorpio Mama

Where can I find these ??


Great video! Thank you

Kamikazi Yown

Did you put water on the steamer ?

Norena Arias

Do most hot rollers give this classic look? I’m considering buying some hot rollers but does anyone know if the brand makes a difference?


Your hair is stunning!

Sylvana Turner

They worked so beautifully thank. you’re the best

Martyna Knell

Faboulous hairstyle! You look very classy?


Ah fab! I have these rollers I just got off line. Does anyone know the date they were released?

Berly Bosque

Thank you. Now I know how to use my new Conairpro rollers.?


Ur perfect


Looks chic on you!!! ????


What's the exact product name of the hot rollers you used?

Eunice Mendez

Hello did you heat the rollers first? I’m really confused cause we have the same brand of rollers but I don’t know how to use it ?

Paola Ramos

How long are they supposed to be hot for v

How to put in curlers

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How To Use Rollers

5 434 777 views | 17 Mar. 2010

Richard Ashforth from top

Richard Ashforth from top salon Saco shows you how to use rollers to curl hair. Check out http://www.videojug.com for loads more beauty tutorials

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Eduardo Huete

I’m Dominican soooooo ya know watching this hurts smh lol

Momshie Jan vlogs

Patapik din po sakin Lodi.

Mix Breed Kayla

Who's watching this 10yrs later? (2019)


Wtf… why would you do this on dry hair?! Those curls are gonna die in an hour!

Rita Ronad

Tq bro. God bless u.

Negaless 1

Besides getting pay for doing something u love I bet he gets all the ladies to.)

eu Geny

Cioè non servono a un ca**o xd

رحـاب عبد الرحمن

م اعجبتني النهايه??

A Non

Doesn't show how to roll the top.

Lian De Leon

Remember kids hairspray ruins the environment

Sweet Honeychurro

By looking at the thumbnail I thought this would turn great

Frat Gonzales148

Where are the curls?


Hello it's 2020


My sexual fantasy is a woman wearing hair curlers. As a matter of fact, I just watched a porn in which there were lesbians wearing hair curlers

Maggie MacNeil

Miss girl looks TERRIFIED

Michelle DiMaria

I'm surprised how uninteresting the result after all this trouble.

Reem O_o

These rollers are damn evil ! They will Not let go your hair n you’ll end up bald , shitty rolled hair n crying TRUST ME

Durgyala Govardhan


Ani Mkrt

Пожалуйста подпишитесь взаимно ? ? ? ? я тоже подписалас

Shailesh Kamble

Name haire sprey

jomana Mo

Please what was the first spray?

asma Bey

2020 ehmm? only me alright

Amanda R

Shouldn’t he have sprayed her hair with water or something??? Is her hair even wet?? Why would hairspray on dry hair lock in a curl done on straight hair

sharee wert

Ill pass on this. Her hair was flat. Not The look im going for after all that heat. It looks dead. Theres another lady on here and what she does the end result your hair comes out looking like a wig on a movie star its so fluffy!

Jackie Castaneda

Some people watch it

Alia Rizvi

Well its good but not excellent ???



Opal Earick

all that work and nothing good in resultd

adiah goorchurn

every nice

diana arregoces

Hola se hace una hacia un lado y la otra hacia el lado contrario

Gofaone Maxwell


Archi Dixit

Nice superb....

angry marry



I love this tutorial!
Thank you :)

kathy bates

Should not have brushed hair out after rolling. Have her turn her hair inside down and shake. Style with hands. Lots of volume

mr&mrs Watson

Looks so stupid and still flat that not how you do it lol

Tere A

...OR use hot rollers!

Radha G

Initial minutes of this video..I was ?? after a few minutes ????at the end??????

Tracy Lloyd

Why didn't he shampoo the hair first

جنات جنو

ت اةةةوحهغعطظنه9

Endiah Harrison

I was nine years old when I watch this video that year.

Chenell Walker

Thank you that helps a lot

soyo Severiche

I dont see any curls in her hair??

Westcoast Lass

Wheres the curls?

only one

Where do you buy those big rollers damn

lana gaga

damn the manual heater hat is so 10 years ago i live!!

Juss Sayin

Putting dry hair in curlers and then just putting on some hairspray and sitting under a dryer is not going to do much. It's exactly why her hair looks the same after the set. He should have done a wet set.

Prachi Shah

Which hair spray using you


Omg; all that work for nothing!! You should both be embarrassed!!

Be sheep who live forever or be lion for one day

My mother used to sleep with rollers, almost the whole fucking day with rollers, she only took them off when my father came, waiting for her outside rumbling the engine of his car, there you had me helping her to remove all the rollers as fast as possible :/ Not nice childhood memories

rajesh parochiya

worst and very long way??????

Keira Pickering

Im confused as to who puts this type of rollers on dry hair?

Brianna Blanchard

When the before pic looks better than the end result.... Wasn't her hair already curled at the ends when he started? I feel like this took those curls OUT, not put any IN ?? and since when do we use hairspray on dry hair with rollers? You want damp hair for those actually trying to learn the right way to do curls. ?



Pinky Rao


Ellie MM

Wha-.....? That's hardly a wave.

Breanna Smith

How are you in the past, present and the future in one clip?

Justine Jackson

I used to have these rollers and honestly I think my hair was just too long. Even with the max size, I needed to do like 20 small segments of hair to be able to and most did not stay in well, if at all and the curl was nil. Again, in hindsight my hair was too long to really hold any curl so I am interested to try these again now that it's just down below my shoulders. I never understand though when ppl put all this work into curls just to brush them out like....?? Not a bad tutorial but being that I would be doing this myself, it isn't as useful watching a professional who gets to stand behind her head seeing what he's doing. I started my online search just now looking for good old fashioned hot curlers and the video I had seen years ago. I'm a disco and 80s chick. I need heat and massive hair with well-developed curls that'll last a week.

Camryn Glanville

Hair curlers are so fucking tedious, and you really can’t do them by yourself.


Ten years on from when you created this video.... I just watched it, took mental notes (hair into divisions, lots of hair spray!!), and created a fabulous "do" for my 93 yr old mum - using her 1950's rollers & pins - during lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia. Thank You! We made her day!

Mireya Yim

There are many similar projects in Woodglut's plans.

jiii jiii

Who's watchin this on 2020??

Al Kabir

Thnx for teach me

Alem Yabut

Its 2018

Kennedy Law

All that hair spraying will have a negative drying effect on the hair due to it's contents.....


Bhahahaha! That is the worst hair ever. Oh man. I thought it was going to look beautiful, nope. Wow. In the future, I'm going to the end of the videos to make sure what I want to see is going to be the result. LOL. Oh my. That was bad. Poor girl!!


Excellent teacher✨✨✨✨

Abdallah Mohamed

Sfgtr jgliwf @djfn dod com h ygg

annie jones

Wouldnt want him cutting my hair if thats the end result with curlers??

Asiya Shaikh


Sameer Amjad

Its not good nd perfact curls justtt okkkk

StrivingFor Mindfulness

That weird curl next to the chin would drive me bonkers! It was introduced to the rest of the hair, and then said, "Nope! I'm doing my own thing!" ?

Jhansi ki Rani



Amazing work <3

lana gaga

i love stylist salons hair artists so much. like im obsessed anything with hair


why does this make me so sleepy


wow thats beautiful ;3

Moj B

I am watching 2020

LeAndrea Maria

Looks like a ritzy salon and using dollar store rollers

Nyxie Cloud

She looks so mad at the end and wtf did he do to her bangs that poor woman lmao


I really like how the 'after' looks, don't know what commenters are talking about


Bro.... 2019...

sara picasso

??? thanx

Beauty in saima vlogs

Zabardast ? outclass fantastic

Thor Lejon


qq ww


Brooke Wardle

Who's still watching this in 2018??

Google User

this fucking guy SUCKS!!!!! Smh

Jessica M.

What the heck did he put on her head?

aru love

wht about the curls n volume man ...??

Stacey Shaffer

I have extremely thick hair would I be able to use 3/4 inch rollers in my hair?? Could I use a regular hair dryer on the cool setting?? After you take out the rollers can you just leave the curls as is or do you have to brush them out????


OMG her face says it all after all that :'D

putri sukma

Well youtube knew that i using roll now

De Anna


Elizabeth F

This is not meant to curl it's more for volume and lift .
I like her hair .

audrey_playzblox921 Oof noob

That much hairspray with Velcro rollers is going to stick and pull out hair. Just use a few rollers without all the hair spray and then unroll rollers. Gives body. Not curls.

fatima gull

Shity man..



Maria m


StrawberryNinja Nibbles

“They should stay” then he clips them all in lol

How to put in curlers

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1 370 485 views | 10 Nov. 2015

Hey guys! Let me know

Hey guys! Let me know what you want to see next :)

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"A candle loses no light when lighting others."

Brylon Brown

Love the Personality ??? Cute hair and No Heat. Thanks for the Tip..

Simone Michelle

what’s the inch of the flexi rod?

Nkosi Porcentia

You are beautiful

Robin Ivey

Love your personality! You are not pretentious! Love it!!


who else tried doing this but gave up half way...

Michael Johnson

Very great video,three days ago I purchased the best quality one from newigstyle..com




Easy and straightforward!!! Loved you

Tee Tee

I know I'm late and you might not answer but how come you didn't use a foam wrap

Sarah C

LMFAO "Cause it's on a wiiig staaaand!" That would have been the biggest plot twist if i hadn't gotten spoilers from these comments!

God Hades

You are pretty


Wouldn't it been easier to curl the wig on the Styrofoam head instead? And to style?

Evona HotChocolate

Yasssss love this video. Thank you

Thither Shook

Aww snap i thought that was your real hair ? it looks so real dude and it looks nice to. But would this work out for thin hair though?

melvina mccullough

Cute. Lol

Ms. Stephens

That looks terrible


I'm dieing ???

Medusa Sings

Thank you for just jumping in bless your heart ♥️

Kween M Said It

Thank you ?

Tee Mac

So adorable

Earth Angel51090

Haha I love your tutorial, super understandable and I love how you don’t beat around the bush

Haven Uhl

This video was so helpful ???

Debra Johnson

Attitude is so great and yes i was like ?a wig lol but it was a great tutorial for me thanks

Kitty Red Brown

Hi I loved your quick video check out my YouTube channel we should be friends I like your style

Tariyah Banks

What’s the difference between the gray & purple flexi rod


thank you for making this so straightforward & helpful & using a fire background song lol

Natalie Cruz

Your video had the best explanation of them all. Thank you! ?

Tivoli's Peace Of Produce

Ahhhhh a hahah! ? Love the way you “sleep in them”! Best surprise ever! ?

Naomi Wright

I tried your technique and my hair came out so curly! Thanks so much. It's hard to spiral the hair. This is easy.

Zenobia hill


MissUrielle Shakir The SIREN-Arc Angel Uriel. USA

What the hell??!!! That was funny ? Seriously, why can’t I find someone putting flexi rods in their natural/real hair??!!! Can someone help a Sister put with a link or something??!!! ?

Poojapapa Papa


Sakti Violy Kumar

Great personality and wonderful tutorial ??

Bella Alubo

You're so pretty


these are so bomb ??


Love the nice and quick intro

Sophia Davenport

Excellent tutorial

Aashia Truly Blessed

Hey there I'm left handed so its tuff for me lol. Can you link me to the song in the background?

Amanda W

You got me so excited to find a way to comfortably sleep with flexi rods lol

Camille Shuler

As as newbie this was a excellent tutorial, thank you so much for helping me out

Kristy Capers

This wasn’t cute


Oooh gurl i just did my hair but started wrapping at the top, and watched this then realized i did it all wrong! Thanks for thisssss

Tionne Latice

Lmaooo “cause its on a wig standddd” ? thank you for this!!

Too Dope

Yes short & to the point period.

Eish ova

This really helped me thanks

Israel Santos

2:42 (Pause) That beginning of a cute hairstyle moment you have with yourself ???

Teeciya Curly

I think its ugly...

Regan Hulvey

Cuz it’s on a wig stand... YES LOL

Cotrina Dixon

no mam


This was great! Thanks! Lol. Short sweet and to the point. ?

Ayanna Fraley Moore

I thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial. Your bright personality was the cutest! Your flexi rod directions were extremely helpful as well. It was really easy and made my hair come out very pretty. Thank you. ?

Shazell Robinson-Hardy

Just wanna thank u for getting straight to the POINT

Cali Red

Thats so cute omg!

briana diaz

I can’t believe I just found you your so cute ??

Yass Tee Tee

Dang I don't even Kno who you are... Just went right into the video ???

Bri •

Wow them things really fighting the curls


Your voice is so soothing, almost sounds like Beyoncé!!!

Htx Bia

Ur so pretty

Chelsea Chantel



What kind of hair is that? Can you post the link

viviana joya

why do mine dangle

indu mathi

Tq for teaching

anais garcia

can someone tell me the song in this video? it was a vibe

Chaquille Marquis

Bitch its a fucking wig I love you sis

Amanda Puello

Where is your bonnet from?

Kay Coleman

What is the type of bonnet you are wearing? Are they good to wear with the rods in?

LyfeWith Rissa


Sora Kuroda

You are really beautiful.


So pretty

its Rayy

Lmao that's hilarious "it's on a wig stannnnd"


I can't believe it's a wig!

Dedra Bradley

This my 1st time using flex rods

Cody Coyote

Lol that looked like a hot mess ??

Sariah Lace


Mecca chennae

Does this work on blended weave


Damn, she tricked the ish out of me. My jaw dropped that wigs so good. She is hilarious.

Kay R

Doing too much

Nataly Vargas

Of course in a wig is going to look like this ??

Cottoncandy Majin Bae



I love your attitude!!! Your video is the Bomb !!??

J Jay

Song? in the beginning

Mel Mill

Thank you. Out of all the videos I've watched yours is so simple.

Sbahle omhlekazi

They nice☺ Looks easy too


I just found your videos because I wanted to style my hair like this and omg I love your personality girl. ??

Neemat Elzinie

U don’t need makeup!!

Walisa Lawrence

I was looking for a video short sweet and to the point....but huni you gave me short, sweet, to the point and Funny! When you put that bonnet on i was like i know she lying!!! That's a wig?!!!! Wouldn't of know. Very beautiful! Thank you!

CoolGirly Jade

Your the best

Skydog 298

Thank you ?

Fractal Visions

Great video, very helpful! I know how to tuck the ends in properly now ? also, I need to buy the thicker flexi rods like you have. Love from the UK ?

Emily Rivera


Jen Jay

Wtf!!! Uuuummm do u know u look 100000 times better withOUT!!!! Makeup!!!! U like a whole mother person. I’m like,,, did her sis put the wig on?? Take that $h!t off!!! I’m a female (btw)


I'm subscribing because you didn't even ask; then on top of that you got straight to the point! ????

Sacora Norwood

That old song DeBarge lol lit

Amalie Shelby

Soo... then I have no idea what I did wrong because I did that same thing and it just kept falling out so I gave up on them.

Lesidaner Nathalie


Joon Fanatic

When she said "No, I'm not" I was shooook lmao ??

spacekase 710

Yoooo troyboiiii???


I love love love this video it was so funny at the end loved how the hair came out thank you for teaching me I was struggling using this.

Margie Harrison

Where did she get that head wrap


Straight to the point???