Tummy tuck breast lift

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Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck & Liposuction: Los Angeles Dr. Stoker Describes This Mommy Makeover

6 093 views | 1 May. 2020

This 39-year-old underwent

This 39-year-old underwent a mommy makeover in two stages. Two years earlier, Dr. Stoker performed a tummy tuck and pubic lift. The patient now returns for stage 2 that includes a large breast reduction and 360 degree power-assisted liposuction of her thighs and torso. Dr Stoker explain the case in great detail, including the elaborate preoperative markings. Two months later, Dr. Stoker is pleased when he examines the results from her enormous breast reduction and mommy makeover surgery. Her curves are gorgeous and her figure was transformed. After evaluating her results and scars, Dr. Stoker displays her before and after photographs. We are so happy for her!

For more information on bra line back lift or breast lift surgery, please click here: https://www.drstoker.com/body-contouring/mommy-makeover/

Location: Marina del Rey

Number: 310-300-1779

Dr. Stoker performs plastic surgery in Los Angeles but is recognized by patients, peers, and publications such as The New York Times as one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. You may recognize Dr. Stoker from his appearances on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" as well as contributions to "The Today Show," "Dr. Phil," and "The Doctors."


How much does this whole procedure cost i really need this

Carina Paul

This is exactly what I'm looking for you did an amazing job dr.stoker.

bunny Z

Wow, great result

Mila Williams

That scar looks amazing very small like a c-section. I’m saving for my reduction and tummy tuck. 32 G ?


Sis payed some moneeeeyyy?

Tummy tuck breast lift

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Breast Uplift and Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

76 711 views | 16 Nov. 2009



Breast Uplift & Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

Mr Richards of http://www.aurora-clinics.co.uk/treatments_body_tummytuck.html shows a video of a breast uplift and tummy tuck Cosmetic Surgery Procedure (abdominoplasty) procedure. He shows how asymetry in the breast is corrected by a breast uplift and the results of the tummy tuck and breast uplift.

For more information contact 01844 214362 and speak to one of our patient advisors.

michelle manning

I've met Mr Richards and he's a lovely man. He put me at ease and dispelled my worries. Great man


Good video!! Is she under general anesthesia?


I've seen quite a few of these videos on you tube with other surgeons, and I have to say Mr Richards seems like one of the best surgeons in the UK. He is very neat and has the kind of demeanor that would really put a patient at ease and would make them feel relaxed and reassured knowing they are in competent safe hands. I've never met Mr Richards, but this is the impression I get from his videos. Thank you for sharing.

Sasko Arsovski

How much money is this surgery?

diana garcia

I cant wait to get mine done. =) I have 18 more days to go !! =)



Melody Brown

Thats enough to make a small leather chair.

Patricia Valino

omg he's awesome where is this clinic at?

Aurora Clinics

A mastopexy (breast uplift) costs from £5690 and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) costs from £5660. There are variations of tummy tuck such as the mini tummy tuck which could be better suited to your needs. If you email [email protected] we can give you a more detailed response. Many Thanks The Aurora Team


Very good!! Is she under general anesthesia ?

Ihab H. Bouch

Great work. Absolute genius.


wow that was graphic! but awesome job she looked great.


Britain - tummy button
'Merica- belly button

Aurora Clinics

Thanks for your comments The compression garments should not cause more pain and nor should stretching of the nerves. The main discomfort after this procedure is mainly from inflammation in the tissues that have been divided. Hope this helps Adrian Richards

Jane Doe

i cant wait to go to med school this is like my dream job!


I want to get both procedures done too. Please be honest with me; was the recovery extremely painful? Thats the only thing Im worried about. - Btw you look great. Congrats. <3

Tummy tuck breast lift

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Tulsa Plastic Surgery - Mommy Makeover Breast lift - Tummy tuck - Liposculpture

222 views | 26 Nov. 2019

Tulsa Plastic Surgery

Tulsa Plastic Surgery offers a Mommy Makeover procedure to women who desire to look their best after experiencing changes in their bodies due to pregnancies and breastfeeding. It’s an all-in-one procedure, which addresses breasts and abdomen - tightening, lifting, or decreasing loose skin in those areas. Dr. Miller will not only be attentive to the goals you want to achieve with this surgery but when it comes to the actual procedure, he will perform it thoroughly, with an experienced hand and knowledge he has gained over many years of his practice.

Schedule an appointment now: https://www.tulsaplasticsurgery.com

Tulsa Plastic Surgery by Dr. Miller is Tulsa's #1 Premier Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tulsa.

Dr. Arch Miller is considered one of the premier cosmetic surgeons in this region and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been in practice for 27 years. Dr. Arch Miller has been named numerous times to Oklahoma Magazine’s “Best Doctors” for the state of Oklahoma, in 2014 he once again received this honor. Dr. Miller has also been named for 12 years in a row to Castle Connelly’s list of “Top Doctors”.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

33 Years of Experience in Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Fellow in American College of Surgeons & American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Repeatedly named one of Oklahoma’s Best Doctors by Oklahoma Magazine

Graduate of Citadel Military College and UT Medical at Galveston

Masters degree in immunochemistry

Get Exposed

Has anyone in Tulsa used this doctor before?I'm looking for a reputable doctor to perform a mommy makeover on me and I am trying to do research before I choose my doctor any feed back would be greatly appreciated ?Thank you!