How to remove brown spots on face naturally

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0 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In this video there is

In this video there is natural and ayurvedic remedy to get rid of pigmentation and brown spots and freckles from you face to get glowing and porcelain skin.

How to remove brown spots on face naturally

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Ways to get rid black spots on face - Dr. Rasya Dixit

92 651 views | 8 Sep. 2016

Our face is the window

Our face is the window through which we communicate with the whole world. So when we get a black spot on the face, it is of great concern. Hyperpigmentation, that is the black spots on the face, it is mostly due to sun exposure, hereditary, stress, use of different forms of chemicals on the skin like use of fairness creams, any creams, hair colour. Other thing could be using any creams or any treatments on the face like say for acne and meddling with the acne that can also cause this. So diagnose to find out the cause of the pigmentation. Is it a hormonal pigmentation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation of acne spot, is it a melasma, or a lichen planus pigmentation like an autoimmune condition. Base line is avoiding sun exposure. Use a broad spectrum medicated sunscreen. This will prevent the skin from going darker. Avoid using any over the counter fairness creams as it can contain steroids, or can contain hydroquinone which can make your problem even worse. Avoid picking at the acne. Start taking Vitamin C supplements in the form of a tablet and lot of bright colored fruits and vegetables. These will have antioxidants which will remove the pigmentation of the skin. After one month with this, if you don’t see any improvement, then you have to see your doctor. They can diagnose the problem and suggest in the form of tablets, creams or even treatments like chemical peels or lasers which could help address the pigmentation at the onset. So for pigmentation, prevention is better than cure. Early treatment is always better than late treatment.

Prince Ariyan

there are many small spots in my face that have black spots brown spots.the brown sesame has red sesame seeds. for five years i have been trying many medicines.this are not remove yet.i request you give a solution.if you give me solution i will thankful of you plz plz plz.

laishram ranjana

Thank you Dr...now i am also suffering 4 darkspot and pigmentation on my face

Sw P

Mam, do the vit c tablets prevent the pigmentation only or it will cure the older one?

kt nima

how to use sunscreen in right manner

Nilofar Lodhi

Ma'am i have small pimples on my face b'coz of oily skin plzzzz can u help me how can i get rid of it ma'am plzzzzzzzzzz reply......

shivani rajput

brown spots h

laishram ranjana

Now i could not use any cream like sunscrean...if i use that i got lots of pimples on my face and after the pimples my face will become darkspot...so please suggest me Dr...what can i do...I love to watch ur video....thankx lot to u Dr...4 uploading ur video


Je tube use kr rayi je tube kAisi aw

Sundasawan Sundasawan

so what I can apply

Razat shubham

Any problems related to your skin will be cured within 10 days otherwise money will be paid back contact me 8116375608

Mahi CrEatiVity

Which sunscreen is good?

Amina Mahnoor

can i use dermovte crean for black spots

FoKaT kA gYaN

mam muje face pe brown spot h kya kru

neetu jadon

Hlo ma'am plz mujhe koi cream btaye mere face pr dark spot h

Gaurav Xø

Doctor i have small small acne on my forehead what should I do plzz help me

simbhu king

Doctor suggestion sunscreen also contains chemical in it

Yhamzky Deguzman

Hillo doc.can suggest me anything can remove my dark spot,,,!thnx

Oportuna Shirima

I have a black sport in my face how can i remove it please...

Md. Munna Mushtaque

I love you suggesstion

Feroz Jeewon

Hi doctor, I have a problem of Melasma according to my treating doctor, my dark spot skin are inflamated, so what can I apply to cure the inflammation please.

Nahin Zain

Ami ki apnk dekhate parbo amr face ta??? Plz amr onk khrp obsta

Aman Rai

Please reply

Nazia Jabeen

dr kojic acid cream good for pigmentation n any side effects of it

Rehana Azmi

plz give a suggestion for black head

Samir Memon

Hi doctor, mare face pe brown sport hua he are wo remove nahi hote dermatologist ko bhi bataya to bhi koi Chang nai hua so brown sport remove ho asi koi tab ya cream bataiye

Nahin Zain

Apndr kno chember ase ami dekhate parbo amr face ta??

Sundasawan Sundasawan

hi Dr I m sundas Shehzad after marriage my skin is now dull dry in nose area ND appear dark sports nd acne

Saroj Gurung

Hello doctor I want to come in your clinic.

Ranganath Vaishnav

Hello Madam. I am from Bangalore. I have some skin problems. I want to consult u.. please let me know the venue details where I can meet u.

Aswathy Achu

Best sun screen suggest cheyyamo please,

Rahul Jadhav

Mam plz give mi suggestions on little dark spot on face plz

Archie Laddha

Hi doctor is tretin 0.025% cream useful for lower the red ness of pimples

sudipta datta

Dr. I Hv lots of acne marks on my face ...n I m facing ds prblm from 7-8yrs ..I use lots of products n also consult wd doctor bt nothing is working on my face ..can u pls suggest me dt how can I remove my acne spots ????

Aman Rai

How can i mastrube less

Rupali Das

Which was tha rit sunscreen on my dry screen??

Farhana Yasmin

Why are you don't replying anything??
I am fifteen....
I have hormonal imbalance...
So I have red pigmentation...
What should I do or use??
Plzzzz tell meee....???

shivani rajput

hii mam mere face pr dark spots h pls inhe remove krne liye koi cream btaye achi


Hii dr mere face pr black spots aw

Fathima Fathima

Dr one help plz

Sirisha kona Siri

Hello mam.. my doctor said my dark spots are genetics plz.. help me for treatment

Pranamika Chutia

Hlo mem plz muje koi cream bataye Mera face por dark spot hai plz help ma'am

neetu jadon

Hlo ma'am plz mujhe koi cream btaye mere face pr dark spot h

farhan Jhon

how to remove pimple marks

Hanamant jainapure

Hw to remove dark spots tel me cream


mam where is ur clinic I want treatment with u