Melasma home remedy

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How to Remove Pigmentation / Dark Spots / Melasma / Freckles / Home Remedy /Samyuktha Diaries

83 676 views | 29 Jan. 2020

Remove Hyper

Remove Hyper pigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots and Discoloration with this wonderful, natural face mask. You don't have to use the chemical peelers. If you go for laser treatment or chemical peelers, yes it reduces the melasma or hyperpigmentation dark spots, but its only temporary. It will come back pretty soon, and those treatments have side effects, we all know that. But this is 100% natural face mask to remove pigmentation.

The natural ingredients used in this face pack, also nourish your skin. You can apply it on your face and neck. Its very soothing to your skin, and makes your face glowing.

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Priya Upadhya

Hi Samyukta, my daughter is 13 years old and she has lot of pimples on cheeks and forehead. She has tzone oily skin. Please share some remedy for pimples for teenager and also the foods that she should avoid.

Nitha Jinu

Thank you for the recipe it is indeed a good recipe


Hello gorgeous. Please make a video for skin tightening. Also is this green mung or yellow mung dal

Shanthi Vaidyanathan

Dear Samyuktha, good day. How are you doing? Again without saying, hats off for this wonderful video. Is this pack used for dark spots aroused out of tablets taken? Can be papaya substituted with yellow pumpkin? Have a great week ahead. Regards, Shanthi Vaidyanathan

Saloni Manjrekar

Samyukta makes very good informative videos.. come on folks.. do gv her some more likes...she definitely deserves those...i hv just discovered her channel

Shadae Natalia

Do u know any natural remedies for blackheads?

kunjilal Meena

Who dislikes your video they are jealous y to you

Sulo Balachand

Thank you

naveena k

Hi samyukta.. can this be used to lighten intimate areas as well ?

Nuzreth Femina

One dislike ... ??...some one is jealous of u di

Madhu rima

Hii samyuktha can I use it for dark neck coz I have dark neck elbows nd knees plss let me know

dhivya ravi

I have in chin and side of my lips nd around my mouth are very dry ,,can I use tis

Seema Sharma

One potato a day keeps the pigmented skin away and brings a natural glow????Thank you so much Mam

Sammy Takundwa

Hallo can u really tell about about the difference between dark spots and pigmantation..because l really need help on this..and l wanna understand is there dark spots that remain in blood..if possible we can talk about it on ur other accounts facebook or Twitter..

Saranya Seenivasan

Please do video for cracked heel

Priya Pradeep

Hi mam , would mind plss can u help me to make my skin nrml . Post pregnancy effects my skin soo dry completely . B4 that mine is complexion skin. My sking aound lips n chin is soo dry. But after pregnancy my complete ga e became damn dry . Plss help me

Vanitha devendran

Thanks dear

Ramani Kannan

Hai mam h r u and family?? i am gonna to try this one. Already i tried ur hair pack and LDL cholesterol drink and dark pigmention neck....

kalai bharathi

Its only for face or can we use it on hands plz rply i have dark patches on both hands coz of thyroid or pcod

amanpreet kaur blaggan

Hi Samyukatha
Can we freeze potato juice and papaya paste and use it in pack . Will it be equally effective to remove pigmentation .

Pink Petals

Hi Mam..I love your videos.Thank you for all you do.Can you do video to help with hormonal acne and scars.Thank you

Jalpa Mehta

Hello I m ur new subscriber pls tell me green gram mean green mund daal Ka powder lena hai

Sargam Giri

M jealous abt u , bcoz no body like u, 2 say such a great face pack lv u mam.

Kumud mano

Really impressed...the way ur expressing.. gentle...just saw this vedio... definitely will try....?

Chandana Witharanage

Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe, Samyuktha. Can I use this pack on other areas such as on my hands and legs as well as my skin is discoloured due to sun burns. If not please advice me to get a fairer skin. Greetings from Sri Lanka.


Hi mam...ur sooo sweeet...i like every of ur videos which is very hygine...Mam i have melasma on my face so can i use it every day? Im from INDIA and im also a south indian?.

Jahir Hussain

Hi ka rumba fasta dark spots and pimples maraya 1 tipsa tamilla solluga please

Orlando Finley



Going to try this one too #Swaakshar

Subathra Elangovan

Please suggest a remedy to remove dark circles around neck


Hi, Sanyuktha, I am suffering from melasma that is symmetrical on both sides of my face, it is increasing day by day. Will give this face pack a try. Do you suggest any other thing to apply along with this pack, plz suggest

Raeeza Basdew

Pls let us knw how to deep cleanse da skin, luv ur chanel

Anjali Kesarwani

Thanks for the recipe Sam. M a big fan of yr natural recipes. Is there a way to connect with you other than this public platform? There r some concerns which I can’t share with you here. Thanks

govinda ghuglot

mom i got pigmentation during..my pregnency..its 4 years im suffering with this problem.i have useses many treatment...homiopathi alopathi but there is no use ...i feel cry...what to do..plz help me..my age is 25th

Lydia Nduta

Hi, do you hv any natural remedy for muscle, joint aches?

Bharathi Kumar

Alternate for papaya

Srujana vemula

Hi mam can you please do a video on how to remove pimples

Krishnanjali venugopal

My hands become darker.. mam please suggest a way to get rid of it


Hi Samyukta for how many days can I keep this pack in the fridge and use it

The South Indian Mumbaiker

I am your new subscriber dear

Aruna Vashist

Where to find green gram powder

Satyavathi V

Hai mam pls tell me how to get rid of wart on eyelid(ie inbetween the area while closing my eyes)

Ana Brown

Thank you whee do we get the green gram ?

Jeff Parker

Excellent information thanks

Konduru Monisha

Mam i dont have yogurt shall i use remaining items ? Is it most important

Bhama Kallarackal7

Hi Samyuktha , I'm glad to inform that the pigmentation on my mom's face that appeared more than 25 years back got reduced.we used it abt one week continuously.Thanks a lot.

Heena Gadkari

Instead of mung dal can we use besan

Aruna Edala

We can use it daily ?

Shabbu Shabbu

Can we use this mask daily

Aparna Chegu

Do you suggest any green gram powder? any brand or how to make it at home?

Sudha Arun

Hai samyuktha am having past 10 years melasma. I tried everything but no result. Actually potato allergy ? what do?


Thank u. Very useful video to us ..??.. ur home tour video upload for all. We r waiting in ur kitchen maintenance also..


(A)I absolutely love your videos and home remedies, need to find that green powder (mung dall powder) ? (A)I will look for it!

Anu Chithra

Thank u mam, can i make a diy soap out of this paste adding glycerin soap base??

sakthi akshaya

Thank u ma'am.

Shalaka Deshpande

Hi.. can you please suggest good face wash, sunscreen and moisturizer or night cream..thank you

Balwinder Kaur

Can this pack be kept in the fridge?

janicesangeetha anandan

Instead of papaya can I use tomato sister

Yummy Eats With Rosa Kitchen


Ginel Guyong

What is the other name of mungdal/ green gram powder and where can i buy this? Thanks

shanthi ranganathan

Mam i. Am having very thin and dry hair. I would like to grow my hair thickly. So pls tell me the best solution

Sangeetha Iyer

Hi indeed a good informative video thank you.... what do you suggest for those pockmarks or holes on the skin due to acne kindly suggest

Saoree Banerjee

Mam,can you please share any effective home remedy for Leucoderma/Vitiligo?

Sandy Raj

Recently I started watching your videos. Very interesting I will definitely try this. I have a two smaller than 10c size spot on my forehead. Your presentations and explanations are great

Naveen B

Hi dear I am sorry to say this samuyktha I am getting pimples after using this pack may b bcoz of papaya. Can u make a different video for pimple marks. This is sowmya

Pri Zaman

Dear, what can i use instead of papaya? Papaya doesn’t suit me ?

Veronica Naidoo

Very interesting... Definitely will try. It... Thanks for sharing. God bless

Portia Charles

Love your videos, do you have a remedy for removing facial moles and skin tags

Priya Chellaiah

Hai mam. Your videos are so informative and helped us a lot.. It would be helpful if u give some idea in removal of skin tags..

Shiza Akram

Hello mam u resemble like parveen baabi actress

Nilmini Anthony

Amazing recipe. Thank you mam

Gayathri. Bharadwaj

How about applying inner thighs

swetha swetha

Hi,I feel so good to see all ur videos will be waiting love ur smile I follow almost all ur videos which is very useful to me love u so much??


Hii sis ur videos are amazing can u please do video on bridal ubtan and weight loss video please

Mary Reddy

Hi dear
You are so sweet ??
Thank you for all your remedies.
God bless u?????

Nasima Begum

What can I use instead of papaya?

Thabassum Atikullah

Hi. Is it suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin

Padma Ravindar

Can we mix this mixture and keep in fridge for a week

Gordon Mcilroy

Do you have a remedy for vittaligo

Simran Kaur

Good remedy maam ?

Adelaide Sam

What do you do if you don't have the green gram powder

Lakshmi Kodidala

What should a 48 years old to do to have their cheeks tight and to remove black lines under the eyes

Smita George

Hi samyuktha, where can I get ripe papaya in London ?

Teresita Mason

Where do i get the mung powder

Ria Sharma

Hi, Can we use on sensitive and acne prone face skin?

Salma Sultana

Wonderful remedy, will surely try.
Do you have any effective home remedy for melting kidney stones and pain caused due to it?

kalaivani M

Hi mam, I have a hyper pigmentation around my mouth area for past 2 yrs can I apply this pack daily routine

Chandana Witharanage

Hi Samyuktha, thank you so much for your answer to my query. Have a lovely day.

Subashini Venkatakrishnan

Hello Samyuktha.. really enjoy your videos. I would like to if this one can be used for infants. I would also like to know if there is a homemade moisturizer for babies that works for dry skin. Thanks!

Clara Pinto

Thanks ☺??

life changer

It's really work?

David Abilash

80 th like . Thanks madam

Kiran Meghani

U r look like As Indian old actress Parvin babi ??

Prakash Vaghela

Thnx ..

Padmini Padule

Nice video, Will it remove pigmentation caused by cosmatics like hair removing creams

Jasleenn Suri

I have only small mark as little patch on cheek bz of burn of oil of Olay cream did not suit me
Rest face should we apply this
As I have very dry and sensitive skin and rosacea skin
Pl make video for entire daily skin routine and remedies
For Rosacea and dry & sensitive skin
Which face wash , scrub moisturiser and face pack And anti aging care be taken for these sensitive skin types
And have seba dermatis also for that and how to cure that

Babli Hardeep

Hi, which moong u used, green moong with peel or split moong dal which is yellow, i hv tried many remedies bt nothing worked till now, jst bcz i feel i should trust u so i will give it a try nd will share the result wth u .i hv pigmentation and little freckles too.hope it works

A1ster Masih

Very nice

Akshaiyaa Suren

Can we use dis in alternative days??

Moukthika M

Hi samyukta. I saw your pumpkin seed oil remedy. One doubt can we consume pumpkin seed oil.is that really helpful to take orally
Can u make a vedio on it clearly. Pls

Melasma home remedy

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Melasma home remedy treatment. 6 effective ways

10 020 views | 14 May. 2019

Melasma is a tan or dark

Melasma is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Melasma is thought to be caused by sun exposure, genetic predisposition, hormone changes, and skin irritation. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy medications.

The symptoms of melasma are dark, irregular well demarcated hyperpigmented macules to patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead.

Let’s speak about 6 easy and effective home remedies for melasma:

1. Lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener with superb astringent properties. The acidic nature of lemon juice also helps remove the outer layer of the skin, thereby eliminating a layer of the hyperpigmented skin.

• Extract the juice from one fresh lemon.

• Apply it on the affected areas and gently rub it around for one or two minutes.

• Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

• Follow this remedy twice daily and you should see improvement within three weeks.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar. The acetic acid that is present in the apple cider vinegar makes it a powerful bleaching agent, which thereby helps in removing spots and makes the skin more radiant and glowing.

• Mix together equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.

• Apply this solution on the melasma spots and allow it to air dry.

• Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin gently.

• Follow this remedy once daily.

3. Turmeric. Turmeric is very effective for curing skin problems. Turmeric powder can reduce the skin's melanin and can help combat melasma.

• Mix five tablespoons of turmeric powder with 10 tablespoons of milk to make a paste.

• Add one tablespoon of flour to thicken the mixture.

• Apply this paste evenly on the affected area.

• Allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

• Repeat this treatment daily for best results.

4. Onion juice. Onion juice has a range of sulfur-containing compounds that can fade dark patches or discoloration on the skin. Also, onion juice provides nourishment to the skin cells, which in turn brightens your skin.

• Chop two to three onions.

• Put them in a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze it to extract the juice.

• Measure the onion juice and mix it with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar.

• Apply it on the affected area with a cotton ball.

• Leave it for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

• Follow this remedy twice daily for a few weeks.

5. Aloe vera gel. Due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides in aloe vera gel, it can alleviate hyperpigmentation and restore your skin’s original color. It can also remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration of new skin cells.

• Cut open an aloe vera leaf and extract the fresh gel.

• Apply the gel thoroughly on the affected area and gently massage for one or two minutes.

• Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

• Follow this remedy twice daily for a few weeks.

6. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is an amazing natural exfoliating agent that can remove brown spots on the face and dissolve dead skin cells to give you brighter, glowing skin.

• Mix together two tablespoons of oatmeal powder, two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of honey.

• Apply it on the affected area.

• Wait 20 minutes and rub off the mixture with water.

• Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

• Do this two or three times a week for a month.

Life elixir covers a broad range of topics including nutrition, natural medicine, natural DIY remedies, health benefits, beauty secrets, beauty tips, fitness.

The materials and the information contained on Life Elixir channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Life Elixir

Welcome to my channel! Feel free to comment!

Как быть здоровым

Very very good video!!!

Melasma home remedy

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Natural Remedy To Remove Pigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots, Pimples & Wrinkles/ Samyuktha Diaries

13 769 views | 7 Aug. 2020

*Audio Improved

*Audio Improved *

This powerful skin glow juice is packed with vitamins, minerals & healing antioxidants that helps clear dark spots, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, pimples, fights sagging skin & wrinkles, improves complexion and evens the skin tone.

I drank this everyday for 7 days when I had melasma after child birth and had surprising results.

Link for Raw Unpasteurized Honey Used in this Video :


US : https://amzn.to/2qTbYTx

India: https://amzn.to/2PNs9dB

UK : https://amzn.to/34oMqvt

My Other Home Remedies and Weight Loss videos:

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DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. This video is for informational purposes only. I am not a health practitioner. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this video. Viewers are subjected to use this information on their own risk. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this.

©Samyuktha Diaries ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

M Shah

Do we grind oranges in the mixie with the seeds or shd we remove them?

Javeria Yousaf

In summer we have no oranges so what to do ? Plz answer

Hari Priya Mohanraj

Hi mam!!!... I'm following your both channels, the content you are making is just amazing and gives results ?....Keep shining Mam...Much love!!!❤️???✨?

Akshatha Rao

When should we consume it during the day , after food, before food or on an empty stomuch???

dj dj

How many days should drink this juice

Pera Jasmitha

Mam do videos on oily ,acne porne skin diet ,home remedies...kindly?

Visukohi Visukohi

Thank u so much for this video

vyyshu deeps

Superb drink or smoothie or anything we can tell. But it's awesome gonna.... Try

sruthi korlepara

Hi mam...I'm following each and every idea that helps me... Please do vedio on cold sores and how to get rid of them permanently plz plz plz...I have tried many bt non has worked on me...plz mam...

Alain King

Can I use riz milk plz sister tell me.

mohamed insar

Hi medam im sri lanka ,thyroide irukku hair fall romba medam romba manasukku kastama irukku plz plz help medam hair growth

Nitya Prabha

Mam some remedies for cheekbones

Gudia 1111

Surely i will try

Kowsalya Ram

Hi mam, pregnancy time la indha juice drink panlama ??

Orlando Finley


Nanda Kumar Konduru

So do we need to add coconut milk later with the carrot orange juice and have it?

And how often we should consume it?

Thank you

kanika selvaraj

Mam plz, do the video for deep acne scars, I am suffering from acne and its scars, almost 4years, so plz my humble request to u, say same remedies for that mam.

Suganya Sampath

Pls suggest how to control and prevent dandruff completely

Jonabai Daniel

Akka thanks for the wonderful recipe thanks a lot, akka pls upload video for tooth powder or tooth paste home made pls ka

Peerun Faranaaz

15 year old diabetic can use it

prema b

Hi mam I like u soo much I am following ur both channels.
And can u share how we can stop hairfall . its a very big problem I want to grow my hair but I am losing my hairs .if I keep the hand itself the hair is falling more.? pls give me a remedy?

Berelli Sahini

Sounds amazing! Will try for sure?

Tnpsc Question

Super mam...

Sangeetha Riyaa

Superb mam .

Rani Sri

Hi mam

Gomathy G

Can you tell some natural remedy for
Wrats both for face and neck

Visukohi Visukohi

Hii mam

Keerthi Sandru

Can v store coconut milk once prepared???if yes how many days v can store??

Viewed by Joss

Do you have something for acid reflux/ heart burn?

Keerthi Pendyala

Hi ? my husband recently trvaelled to India on an emergency and now facing mild low grade fever after contact with covid+ friend . so r there any remedies to get better being at home pls. Thanks

Dinali Rubasinghe

Mam, we can continued fat cutting drink and this drink ?

swathi sri

Hi mam...I am from Chennai and seeing all Ur vedios in both Tamil and English , it's very useful and informative. And the way u speak is very attractive....

Sneha Krishnan

Can you please tell me from where you bought the pestle and mortar ?

Panneer Selvam

Can I give this drink to my teenage boy?

Rani Sri

Good morning

Melanie Gonzalez Art

Yum! My mom has been complaining about dark spots. I will make this drink this weekend! Thank you.

Lavanya Parameswara M

Superb thank you so much for wonderful videos.. can we replace orange with sweet lime

priya vardhini

Hi mam I can use this recipe from 5 days ...result was amazing and my face glow much more and I have small pigmentaion only I found that the color of pigmented spots reduced thank u soo much madam

Deekshitha K

Supr sis

Panneer Selvam

Can I give this juice to my teenage son

eslavath jyothi

Mam within how many days can we see the results ??

Cecilie Nielsen

Thanks for sharing ❤️

Mini Chippy

I am a new subscriber of ur channel more beneficial the bloating, acidicity was cured of and apple cider vinegarbaidyanath

vyyshu deeps

First view ???

Huttoxi Vesuna

Thank you ,shall try it for pigmentation

Visukohi Visukohi

It is very useful

Usha R

Narmada I made hair oil for grey hair today . Please tell me if this oil is effective for old age grey hair or if it works only for grey hair that develops in young age . Also can we apply this oil on the hair that is dyed using herbal hair dye Thanks ?

sivathanu krishna

Mam can u solve ulcer problems along with acid reflux

radha madhavi

Hi samyukta..good to c ur videos..i am following your videos since long back..recently I tried your facial hair mask with nettle and turmeric,it leaves a yellow shade on my face..could you please tell me how I can handle this?

zakia hassan

Hi do you have a link for the blender you using?

Mom's Yummy Cooking

Very nice ?


Hello...this is Great! I will definetely try. Can i use almond milk intead? And add some ginger?

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Another wonderful useful natural remedy by U Dear ?please do a video on hyaluronic acid or cream at home and it's importance. Hope you will sure make a natural solution for this also expecting a reply

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