Waist gain society

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PreMadonna: I Was Rapping Before "Waist Gang Society" Began

13 273 views | 4 Nov. 2015

* Parental Advisory:

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Miami rapper, Waist Gang Society leader and VH1 "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast member, PreMadonna, sits down with DJ Smallz and explains the history of her rap career and how it intermingled amongst her million dollar waist trainer business.

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Geeta Ram-Sum

Ladies!!! Premadonna is a rip off!! her corsets are by ann cherry and she sells them for $130 and up and if you go on to the ann cherry's website you will get the same exact corset for $40. she is scamming people!!! BE AWARE!!!

bex Coventry

She look like Kelly Price


she call what she does rapping????????

Yeselis Lewis

she's so pretty

Ashley Griffin

Great video, I recently ordered this wedding dress http://goo.gl/Zzl5cy . It's a little larger, but the quality is excellent. My tailor remodeled and it was okay)

Naim Lee

Wasn't she on making the band as Mina????

Tyrone W. James

What's a premodonna? It's primadonna.

mrartis man

get yo money bae,and u beautiful af.big ups ma

ty lynn

Keep it going friend!


I'm going back to promoting records in Mom and Pop shops/

In Rocawear shorts and Adidas flip flops/

My man Chris said check out ZipLok/

My rhyme to a beat is automatic Tic Tok/

My asthma don't mix with smokin' marijuana/

I put CBD under my tongue and listen to Nirvana//

South DeKalk chicks usually look like Premadonna/ :-)

CBD and TCH for me but on Lean you's a gonna/

Seattle weed supposed to be Supersonic/

Weed exploded in the hood after Redman and "The Chronic"/

Georgia booties bouncing like they're pnuemonic/

Bouncin' like Thee Stallion we can never be platonic/

ZipLok rollin' blunts faster than a Lotus/

He's the "White Boy Rick" Calvin Broadus/

Or he might be the lighter Wiz Khalifa/

Latifu for your marketing and promotion, my future wife is Queen Latifah/

Niyah Wilcox

she so pretty ?

Chandra Carter

She is pretty?


she bad.

Jada Cooper

Miami stand up! I love my city

Christian Hip Hop

Passion .

Waist gain society

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Washing my waist trainer (Waist Gang Society

154 views | 6 Aug. 2019

Hand washing my waist

Hand washing my waist trainer and letting it air dry. Do not put in the wash or dryer.

#waistgangsociety # waist training #smaller waist

Waist gain society

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How I Lost 28 POUNDS of FAT and 6 INCHES Off My Waist

5 687 380 views | 26 Jul. 2018

This details how I lost

This details how I lost over 28 pounds of fat, several inches all over my body, and 6 inches from my waist alone over the course of 6 months through diet changes and exercise. It goes over the rough meal plan I followed, types of workout routines I did, and other things I learned to help me lose the weight. My goal was firstly health, but also aesthetic.

I know this video is super long, but I didn't want to cut out necessary explanation, or the moments early on where I struggled- too often I think these fitness videos online don't paint an accurate picture of how difficult it is to really change bad health habits, and I don't want anyone else going through big changes to think they're alone in that regard.

I couldn't have done this without Steve Zim from A Tighter U. Please check him out and send him some zombae love:

Insta- @atighteru

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If you're looking to feel healthier and you take only one thing away from this video, try eating no sugar for a for few months.

Shugar Min

side comment: she's absolutely gorgeous but I'm more inlove with her personality... the way she talk, the way she smile-


It would be great to have a follow up on how your fitness goals are currently. I loved these workouts

Slay Network

the best video we've seen on weight loss

Kaitlyn Leinen

Soo I’m 2 years late to this video, but I started my journey weighing in at 245 and I am now just a few inches more than your starting measurements. I’m SO proud of how far I’ve come, but I don’t feel finished yet and this video really inspired me to push a little harder and gave me some perspective on realistic goals I can set for myself! Thank you!!!

Annie Keller

this was so inspiring! I have an alcohol problem (uh ohh!) I'm a big wino and calories & sugar is what that's all about so it's good to know if I can just ween myself for a short period of time I'll begin to enjoy that feeling. And Reese's peanut buttercups - when I'm in the check out line at the grocery store they call to me.

Xenina In California

You can join the intermittent fasting group on Facebook, if you need more tips. I lost weight using Keto and IF. The keto is what really helped me, health wise. I'm still on keto. Love it! ? Sugar is very addictive! I'm thrilled to be rid of it. Still maintaining a decent figure with the keto.

Joanna Nelson

You are Cameron Diaz's clone!!!!!!

Lynette Frederickson

Hey!!!! What are you using on your eyebrows! Is this microblading?

Alice Winchester

What is this world we live in that creators need F-ing 3 minutes of disclaimers to not get bashed by idiots... OMG im done with the world rn. So sad... Amazing video btw, so nice.

T.M. Edgar

Well stated opening monologue. Looking forward to the rest of the video. Wow. Very Similar experience for me. Cutting sugar (and alcohol) was key for me as well. Lots of walking. Off the high blood pressures and cholesterol meds. No longer pre-diabetic.

Rosalie Hammond

Im so tired of people having to "explain" themselves because there are so many over-sensitive people in this world. there's too much emotion in society, do what you want and if someone doesn't like what you're doing they can move on ... or fuck off... geez

Jaleena Faye

i find myself coming back 2 re watch this video i just love it. maybe because i find myself needing some inspo and motivation. and the fact that i can relate things u say in this video. miss your content mykie COME BACK!!!!!!

Girl Not Local

what i find the problem with his program is, its great! for being body ready for something your aiming for like tv or competition or something you need it for. but it terms of long term lifestyle you can not do this forever, so all the progress goes back to old ways once you stop. like realistically no one wants to live off a low calorie diet and constantly having to make notes of measurements. you look amazing! but having cola makes you happy so dont deprive the joys in life, you only get one life anyhow and we all eventually die flabby and old anyway lol oh accept arnold of course lol


What do you mean by cutting sugar?? Cutting straight sugar? Or also cutting carbs which breaks down into glucose


I would take your before picture compared my flab anyday?

SB. Yours Truly

You surpassed the 150k likes and you KILLED THIS! So inspiring. I would do anything to work with Steve! Truly.. lol. He’s so educated we need more of him! How is the bikini competition ish going? I’d LOVE to see an update now that its been awhile! Pleaaase?! :) lol

Zarina Ahmadzada

How creepy, you had the same body measurements I have right now and I have to drop 5cm from every place which is my ideal health and I'm currently working on it


How many people tell you you look like Cameron Diaz?

Audrey Spaggiari

Where did you get your Pac-man top? It looks so nice!

spannycat waffles

How come I'm 133lbs and lean? I'm 5"3 and probably the same height as her. I also don't do resistance training. How is I that possible for someone to be 133lbs and not lean?


I’m so inspired by you!!!

E xos

Easy on the make up


I love how polite Steve is to you

suteera p

Cutting sugar is really hard but it’s wroth it

Arabella Hoisington

I get called that by many people or they give me those looks

Rita L

That was so magnifique!!! Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!!!

Cameron Calder

I’m a dancer and I dance 8–15 hours a week. And since starting I’m so happy with my body?


32:46 this is SUCH a great, helpful, and healthy point.

It’s hard to work hard abs focus on fitness goals, then life/cravings happen and not feel defeated.
It’s a PAUSE!!! That’s all!!
Totally going to try to reframe it that way ?????

Victoria Madrid

You look like Cameron Diaz

Carlota Del Rosario

You improved your posture too...


This is one of the few videos on YouTube that I have watched many times - I keep going back to it every time I'm unmotivated and it seriously helps me every time - now I have a new gym membership and I'm ready to go - thanks Mykie for keeping me hyped up and getting me in the spirit to workout and get fit all over again :) ❤️


This video still does and always will inspire me to try to make healthy changes that would work for me in my own life ??

Lisa Ewald

Try coconut la Croixvery good or/BublyThey carry it at Walmart I like coke too go to smaller cans Walmart ... mink fruit sweetener replaces sugar..❤️

Tiffany Hise

Thank you soooooooooo much for this video. It’s so refreshing to see a youtuber who cares enough to be extensively informative on a subject that includes everyone. You look absolutely amazing!! Great job.


How tall are u?

Kimberley De Bie

This is so inspiring! And omg the end results, amazing! I gave myself the challenge to exercise well for 3 months starting this month. Just to see what I'm capable of, combined with healthier meals. Hope you'll reach your goal soon! ?


I wish I could train with Steve .. can he come to Hawaii? Lol. Your video was so helpful thank you for sharing!


Dude this video is so informational for someone who just started ?

Brianna Nelson

Girl your beautiful either way, keep it up!!!

Linda Wang

You are so real! Thank you for this.

Liz C

as soon as you said reese's i was like...wait...then you said it lol. i'm from philly too!!

Studio Hannah

Any time I want to make healthy choices for myself I come back to this video for inspiration <3


What is the lipstick you are wearing in this? I love it!


Whenever i start lacking motivation, I come here again. Every time. The whole video.

Arabella Hoisington

I’m 13 and I got called chunky and chubby by this boy in my class

Osha W

Unrelated but I’ve found out just walking works. I take 10,000 steps a day which is around 5 miles. I started with just 1 mile a day and worked my way up. Cut all breads, rice, pasta and just eat protein and veggies. I lost 25 lbs in 3 months. I haven’t been this size since high school. 0 gym, 0 trainer, 0 costs. :-)

Emna Bouzguenda

mykie how tall are you??

Xenina In California

I don't get it. Why not drink Diet Dr. Pepper? It's delicious.

menininha do fogo azul


i am also have a heart problem but the doctors just told me, it is caused by my "stress".

it suck, not to be able to stress.

this is a stressful world. ahhhh


Wow, well done and under such a short time! this is so frecken inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing

Lauren Nycole

What did steve say about caffeine?

Banan Megren

I loved that you said don't be discouraged if my before and after is smaller that where you are at...
I get a punch in the face sometimes when I see a transformation vid where they hated their selves in their before weight... and I realize it's my goal weight
But it's Ok ? everyone is different
and we all deserve to find what makes us happy ?
Love you and God bless

Shay Shay

I say Reese’s Pieces the same way and Im from Pa too?

Alicia Hansen

HEY! i know this is an old video but i love the detail in this . Thanks for sharing

First Last

steve comes off so passionate and kind. really like his vibe and dedication to his work

Allison Jager

Yikes this has so many downvotes... I don’t understand why?

Kloeh Otero

When she means no sugar does that mean no fruits as well?

Deija Lopez

The sugar is definitely the missing link

Amanda Lopez

Lol Reese’s I say it like you it must be an east coast thing

Susan Waltz

vinegar on your spinach

Elizabeth Vaughn

Oh not me. Just rewatching mykies old videos cuz I miss her so much ???

Amber U

Agreed! People get upset when you do you and it is contradictory to what they would have you do because of their own hang ups. If you feel best 28 lbs lighter that is what works for you especially if have gotten older and look and feel different than you have in the past. Strong work.

Gabby Musgrave

For anyone watching this and also experiencing sugar detox cravings, sprinkle some sea salt in your water. Your body is just craving electrolytes! Good for you, Kylie and everyone else on a journey to good health

Gemeiram m

Can you please post a video what you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner????

ish - any pronouns idk

"i must have eaten 3000 calories a day before…"
my dumb*ss on minnie maud: heh

Joanna andros

I say reeses piecies....but I am from south Jersey so maybe that's why. I also say water like wood-er. ? didn't know it was a problem till I went to Vegas lol

Annamay Donegan

Great effort, but to be honest there was absolutely wrong with how you looked before.

Sam Setiaboedhi

Did you ever do a bikini competition?

Véronique Simard

Thank you for this ! I’ve been on a sugar free diet lately and lost 20 pounds not going to the gym. It is worth it. But it’s hard.

Hope Algeo

One of the most helpful and informative “how I lost it vids” I’ve ever seen. ?

Sunny Verke

lololololol her face at 11:30 sammmmmeee girllll lol

Fangirl Philosopher

Like I’m really proud of you, but also there is almost nothing worse than a pretty skinny girl making a video about how she got even more skinny by hiring an expensive personal trainer. Entertaining sure, but not motivating in the least. Just being honest.

spannycat waffles

So what's opinion on the Steve Zim and Alivia D'Andrea controversy currently happening

Souper Trooper

Only just started watching you, but you've really inspired me so thankyou so much. Also, I know you probably won't see this because it's on a later video but really thank you so much.

Shannon Scott

You are so pretty! I absolutely love this natural look on you. You look like a blonde Mila Kunis. Love your channel!?

Brethahuncho 2

My cheat snack is the yessio bars I think I spelled it wrong but I love them because I could down a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s by myself but I finally looked at the calories? and got upset now I just eat a bar after dinner it’s only 100 calories


How long were your workouts?

Brenna Newbert

Would you count honey as sugar? Like raw honey?

Anika Reilander

I swear I come back every 6 months or so and rewatch this and am always so shocked again at how incredible your results are ?

Elizabeth Lauryn

I’m sorry if I missed it but how tall are you? Thanks ?

idyllic indifference

I dealt with an eating disorder for quite awhile. I thought the best way to get the body I wanted was to just..not eat. Now I realize how FLAWED that thinking is! I've been working out for a bit now, and I love seeing my body get stronger and becoming sculpted. I still want to be lean, but fit lean. There's a big difference.

Arantxa VS

My waist is still at a 31 inches and I've been at 170 lbs forever and ahhhh to have a trainer and money for good food ?

Wendy Jackson

You clearly got enough likes, lol!

Maria Cuellar

this is NOT 2018

Melanie Ladd

Trendline. : )


Love the Sarah Connor reference!

angela bleibtrey

Can he be my trainer please!?

Deborah Sanchez

I felt so identified. But for sweet craving i would go for a acai bowl or a smoothie made with 1/2 frozen banana, maybe 6 or 8 big frozen strawberries, 2 cups of milk and 1 coop of cookies and cream protein powder. very tasty

Julia S.

me as a type one diabetic not being able to cut sugar ?

Deija Lopez

This is honestly the best weight loss video ever uploaded.


I'm from the south and I said it like "Ree-seas". I'm so glad I'm not the only one who says it wrong.

I'm just so thankful to see you looking amazing and admitting that you were addicted to sugar.
I seriously don't eat that much. But I eat a LOT of cookies. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. And I've stopped buying myself a lot of sweets because I'm trying not to eat them. I've bought myself protein bars or fiber 1 stuff as substitutes for it. I'm trying to take baby steps but it is hard. And this whole video has been so inspiring to me.

Thank you.

Claudia Picazzo

I loved this! I wish I could meet you if you’re in the LA area. :)

Gabriela Martinez

100% relate! Thanks for being so real!


Why so beautiful?


the fitness community is so toxic, not processed cheese and sushi are so healthy! pasta is too, carbs are essential to the diet

Cora Helseth

This video is so helpful, I've rewatched it many times for inspiration, motivation, and education. The overall message is so positive and well informed, thank you.


Your sugar talk is EXACTLY how I felt on my first day of my water fast. I realized just how much I run to sugar during uncomfortable moments and even just when I would get an uncomfortable thought. Shit is INTENSE! You really get to know a lot about yourself through these things.


I appreciate how long this video is. Gaining more confidence in your own body and learning to live a different lifestyle can't be said and/of shown in a short video. Thank you for this!
(PS, I felt inspired to attempt to run (which had been tough ever since my burnout) and I feel happy I have taken this first step in getting back to a running routine. I've been out of it for only two months, but my breathing hadn't been normal since... today! Thanks for inspiring me.)


Can you do an update

Renée Skaugen

Steve before exercise: We could get down to Good.
Steve after: You're at Excellent.

I know I know you asked him specifically how much in the 5 weeks and that's 5 months but still!