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This Burn Victim Uses Scar Camouflage to Heal

54 568 views | 29 Jan. 2019

As a little girl, Basma

As a little girl, Basma Hameed suffered a painful accident that left half of her face obscured by third-degree burns. She endured hundreds of surgeries and laser treatments to repair her damaged skin before a plastic surgeon told her nothing else could be done—an answer she refused to accept. Hameed went on to pioneer a groundbreaking procedure that allows pigment to be implanted into scar tissue as a way of camouflaging the damage. Today, equipped with a steady hand and unflinching optimism, she helps thousands of people heal from the inside out at her Basma Hameed Clinic.

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Wow, I absolutely love her! She is doing it all so right! What a great person.

Cham 176

Here before Justin.Y

S Ali


C Lucas

What a true inspiration! ✨


A woman with a big heart.

Anne Wagner

This is so wonderful it made me cry.

leeds Bees

So inspirational


You're literally tattooing faces. It's no procedure lmao, it's tattooing.

H Tres


Ray . DK



Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve a dream. Live is all about helping others reach their highest potential. Great story


I love her hair.

tully adams

It's just tattoos why is this interesting?

7 violett

She is gorgeous! Very smart for doing her own research and not letting people tell her she can't do anything,


I’m glad tattoos can be used to help people recover mentally from past scars! ????

Danielle Spargo

Awee, girl you're beautiful, and what you're doing to help these other people is amazing!


This is so inspirational. Rock that shit girl, you're doing beautiful.

Ren Cen

Heh, I wonder if those surgeons whose couldn't help her further as a kid had learned about this?

Marquis Candelaria

0h yeah yeah



Huh Woah

Omg no justiny !!!

Blörgus Feörgus

amun wants to know your location


great respect

kaito tatsuya

Gee if only she exist in avatar the last Airbender and fix zuko face.


I think burns are badass like lazaravic from uncharted 2 but i think if it had a cool backstory like a molotove or escaping a burning tank but it's probably painful

Alex King

For the 1% of people who see this comment I just wanted to tell you

That God loves you ♥️

Jane Bacon

Now this is success


She is beautiful ?

Hitu Mori

I m from India
How can i contact you mem bcz i have lots of burn scar on my hand

Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

Zuko and Todoroki wants to know your Location

Vaibhav Kumar Singh


Sowergaming Bro

God bless her

Kaleb Wright

the 7 pepol that dis like are going to hell

Y_T gaming

where is my comment

Chiedee Nimely

How can I schedule an appointment


Damn amazing

Newby Ton

Now that burn was really scarry


I DO NOT like playing the Religion Card,but; for all those People out there who say all Muslims are bad , take a look at this beautiful Person. I am putting my foot out there, but I am assumming she is Muslim. Is it bad of me to Profile?

Seff McClarin

She is gorgeous dead serious

Mandie Da Dino

Shes beautiful both ways, burned or not



Mochi Chimmy

So is she like injecting foundation into their skin??

Benjamin Laureano

I want to be her man

Neo sain 889

Self belief and determination is all it takes....she is the example

Atlas Van Antwyr

What a great woman.

Miami Vegan

She is so inspirational! I have scars on my face and I empathize beyond imagination. She is a wonderful woman and I am beyond happy for her clients who are successful and if there are any who aren't, which I doubt, then I'm happy that they are still searching for happiness! <3 so much love from me to you


shes hot

Dregoth 0

Interesting, not so much a tattoo artist so much as an art restoration specialist.

Ulises R

*Prince Zuko wants to know your location*

JesterTheCat -

The only good thing about tattoos

Austin Cower

There's no shame on looking good. Good for you ??


Hats off to you ????????

Crayons and Circuses

I love what she is doing and all but I have one question, wouldn't it hurt more since your doing it on scar tissue? this may be a dumb question because I don't know much about scare tissue but I am genuinely curious.

Mike Hall

So great!!!!

blues watchin

This is what we need. NOT fuckin lil pump

Dr. Doppeldecker

I actually would like to see her face without makeup! She looks like she has a pound of makeup on her face...

Astor Reinhardt

Now if only there was something for rosacea...for years I thought it was just acne but I grew out of my teen years and it never went away like it was supposed to...and my face was always bright red, so it always looked like I was blushing or embarrassed. Turns out it's rosacea...and my face is pretty much stuck like this. I can treat the acne but the redness? My skin doctor said it'll never go away...we can just stop it from getting worse...

Rose Gold

This woman is amazing and I’m so happy for her.. when ppl actually find their niche in life, it makes me feel like a proud parent watching their kid perform lol

Pushpa chandana Ayyapu

This is awesome ?


Wow thats amazing

Cube Milk

She would’ve been a great todoroki

Assassin gamer11

Thanks for letting the world know there is a solution for every problem if we try our best???


Where can I get this???

Lowey LC


De Jules b

This is incredible I like her motivation and determination, but always be careful in the kitchen kids. Not a joke.

Chef Pirate Roberts

dont ever give up

Not my Hobo

Now that’s what epic gamers do


Where is Justin Y. ???



Jem Jsjsj

Weird...... ly amazing!!!! ?

Jesus Ocotecatl

Sis driving a rolls Royce

Keep striving

RK Gamage

bad ass hero. keep rocking the world. big fan

Michael French

She is a truly beautiful person! ??

Justin time for the party

Hola everyone.

What Alex

She’s so smart!! Wow I’m actually amazed lol

Kyung Soo

She had an idea. Started from scratch. Worked on it. Successful now. She's so inspirational



yungin yungin

She bad

Sugar Glider Mami

? what an amazing woman!


well i like her story but maybe a bit less botox? she'd look really pretty

Russell Yong

Sicko mode


I don't see the difference at all.She just look like a doll with all that makeup.


todoroki wants a tattoo now

Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

Clearly Tattoos is the best way to hide Burnt Scars
Take notes Anime Antagonists!


Ohhhh so good


Oaaaa das hot

wild east

You will be cursed if you read my comment.

Like to not get cursed

Aravindhan K

Will this end up like Theranos? 4 years later someone drops in and says, Boy!! You got cancer.

No offense here. Purely skeptical.


So what happens if you go on holiday and get a tan? ??

Broquè Trashè

Inspiring ⭐️


This is amazing!!

Jonno 08


Yuzaki Tsukasa



Doctors just LOVE putting you down


I cringed watching this because I felt like a could FEEL the pain

s flo

Thank you Basma for having the strength to help others after living through your own pain. Beautiful person with a beautiful soul.


Her voice sounds like Carolina Ravassas voice (aka sombra)

Tuffie Tuna

Those are some nasty scars. Props to her.


She’s very pretty

Camille Block

Her shoes are gorgeous omg

Scar heal

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