Med peel review

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Homepeel Review ~ Green Herb 5 day chemical peel

345 views | 8 Oct. 2019

I do an unbiased review on

I do an unbiased review on the Green Herb 5 Day Peel offered by Homepeel Australia.

This is not sponsored, I bought this with my own money and decided to video the process so others can see how it works :)

I'm interested in face care especially for anti aging!

Thank you so much for watching :)

Med peel review

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M.E.D Plate Review (Low Profile IFAK)

17 513 views | 17 Jan. 2021

The Aussie Peelback M.E.D

The Aussie Peelback M.E.D Plate is a low profile individual first aid kit that is meant to sit behind ballistic plates on any armor platform and free up valuable real estate for other items such as ammo, litters, comms etc.....

Buy here: https://www.aussiepeelback.com/ (Use code PREPMEDIC for 10% off)

Bob Nera

Have you reviewed the MyMedic kit/s?

Carl Witt

This is such a bad idea.
Lets conceal our IFAK, so no one else may access it without instructions.
Are we just hoping that the wound doesn't require the piece of kit that's just gotten shot when our plate carrier was hit?
The biggest plusses seem to be it's less cumbersome and more comfortable than an IFAK on your hip/small of back. If your biggest concerns are comfort, maybe you should reconsider your line of work.
Also, Mr. Anthony can keep his opinions to himself. Just reading the comments you can see he's a shill for the company.


How would those med supplies do if your plate takes a hit (without penetrating)?

Mateo Sánchez

Hi Sam, I want to let you know, you are one of the reasons why Im in EMT school. I love your videos, and they help me study a lot. Thank you so much from Spain!

Randal Blanchette

It's ok to say Velcro dude. But nice review and reasoning for maybe buying into the kit

Jacob Garcia Blanco

Well done!

Anonymous Prepper

So a cutting board and some Velcro..... got it!


I bet it feels like shit in a carrier. Uneven & weirdly bulky as per your example. Just saying.

Patrick R

great gear!!!

Sami Bachir



Nah, don't need the thickness of my chicken gear growing any more than it already is. Separate kit to the side best.

Emre Kent

What if a person get shoot? That kit is behind the plate yes but i'm curious that thing or ifak will blow up in case of shot to the plate? Did the company make a test about that?


God bless you brother and thanks for all that you do keep it up much love❤️

frugal Mum

As an Aussie (Australian) I'd love to know why two Canadians have a business with that name.

david Georgia

Looks like a sweet setup! I picked one up after watching the videos on their Instagram page (including ballistic tests where it stood up amazing! Definitely putting their money where their mouth is). Looking at their website this thing also doubles up as a splint and a panel marker for a fraction of the cost of most IFAKs out there! Solid work, and a solid option for self care and TCCC

Jeremiah Jordan

Have you tried the Behind the Body Armor Trauma kit offered by Phokus Research Group? It's a similar idea but a zipper bag instead of a placard. I'd be interested in your thoughts as to which was better.

David Black

This looks dumb as fuck honestly.

Robert L

OK, that's clever.

Pope Mcgrope

Oh shit look who it is...Prep medic

Take notes fuckers,knowledge nukes incoming.

Zakery Terry

It's a cool idea, however there is one thing I am concerned about; how well do the medical supplies survive after being shot. All of those supplies are going to push into your body after being hit in the plate and I am curious what kind of damage that would do to yourself and the medical supplies. Also I could just imagine if you're plate becomes compromised and a bullet goes through it hitting let's say your chest seal, or gauze, or any of your supplies at all, that item might be completely useless.

Rescue 29

Respect bro, I am Canadian, keep up the great videos,

Alberto Fernandez

I bought the first generation of this product and I love it. It's light and easy ro use, I forget it's even in my carrier. It carries everything I need and it frees up a lot of space on the vest. Definitely would recommend this product

Stephen Ballard

Or if you already have a vacuum sealer the. You can already make your own.


Not first

Delta 790

Can you do a video on making a boat first aid kit? I always love watching the new and old videos from the channel.


The remind me a lot of Phokus Research Group deployment trauma kit. I've carried it for years and couldn't reccomend them enough,

Ken the Yorkshireman

Intubation video! Hahah


PHOKUS... Phokus makes the same kit but easier to slide behind plates, sealed and ready to deploy. Nice idea but loose items velcro or sticky taped on a plastic plate is going to scatter gear. I'll stick with PHOKUS

Nicholas Talley

Sam what happened to the sick fade? I love your channel by the way, my favorite videos are the intervention training videos but the reviews are cool to watch as well. I would also go with the SOAR medic mags over this chest rig any day.

Garry Ridgley

Phokus Research has an IFAK like this its plate shaped in a waterproof bag and super thin. Got one for testing about 7 years ago while in Special Operations


wow i had made one like that along time ago with abs plastic for my backpack also when i carry a pack with a laptop pocket to stick it in, man i could of been rich lol


Here's a fun game, every time Sam says plate, take a drink ;)

Johnny L

Why this vs just using a gallon zip bag that you can also lay items flat and pack with your plates?

Bew Bew

Another thing you can do is wear a patch on the front of the plate carrier that says "+ Behind Plate", "+ Behind Front Plate" or "IFAK Behind Plate". You get the idea. I like these designs for low visibility operations.

Jacob Fox

Thanks for consistently putting out quality content homie. Always super informative and to the point. You definitely have a natural ability to inspire people to be interested in this field, and I only see even greater accomplishments in your future :)

Affordable Armory

So how are you supposed to get to your medical supplies when the carrier gets shot? And would they even still be intact?

В'ячеслав Чорновіл

Stupid idea! When the bullet cames to the plate, and if the plate is ceramic, it curved on the other side! So you plastic details of med kit can be destroyed.
If you use the steel plate you MUST use the trauma pad. And plate with trauma pad will occupy all place on plate carrier, and the m.e.d. kit can't be used.
The bullet has high energy. For example, ones the bullet hit to the axe, that one good man put to his hidration pouch. And this man fall down! This is real story, thar happened on russian-Ukrainian war. If anyone wanted, i will give a link on Instagram.
Also, the m.e.d. kit is not unique product. The plate trauma kit was made once)))

Thanks for the video! Greetings from Ukraine! And sorry for grammar mistakes !

Walking Prepper

We make something along the lines as this in my unit. We take the CBRN plastic bags from our gas mask kits, trim and seal with contact adhesive. Fill with the guts of our IFAKs and slip them in the back plate pocket of our plate carriers. Civilians could fabricate the same thing with a food saver bag. The contents are the only difficult thing to come across

Ian Gaming

Not Second

Wheelchair Jimmy

"Pulling out is a little bit of a challenge" Preach, Sam.

All Games

Smart idea, however gaining access to your IFAK is more challenging, and you could loose your protection.


You have a full head of hair again, Sam!


Great video as always


It's a good thought, but definitely needs refinement. And the quality, workmanship, materials look like they need some work. The Aggressor from RE Factor Tactical is a better option in my opinion.

Adam Burdick

8:43 True story my friend.

HSPM Huits

You can make these for free by putting your IFAK in a vacuum sealed food bag behind your plates. It also makes your kit waterproof. Make a green duct tape pull tab.

Robert Lehman

Hey Sam, I just ordered Condor Sentry Plate Carrier that I will be use RTS TACTICAL CERAMIC NIJ 0101.06 LEVEL IV RIFLE PROTECTION PLATE INSERT. Can you make a video for a first aid-kit for a non EMT. I do have my CPR.


Sorry, I feel this is a waste of effort and money for this product.

Jesse Richards

Interesting product, kind of nice idea.
I have a vacuum sealed ifak that is shaped like a plate and sits behind my front plate, can't remember what company makes it though.

Stephen Ballard

Lol he is thinks he is still talking about the ice plates

My Name is Abel

i wanna watch someone try to get to this with one hand, this seems like a really hard way to get to your medical supplies if you've been hit and are ... well bleeding... in heat of combat, chances are your hands may be a little shaky, you may not have both, if your leg is down and you are perhaps in a bit of shock, i dont see this as a good way to store medical gear. also the whole potential to drop your plate if its a bottom loader is REALLY BAD especially if you got hit, and are potentially still at your 2-way rifle range where using a normal IFAK would be hard enough


Dumbest idea ever.

James N

Pulling out is a challenge for some of us.

kaden kratz

I am a kid i love you videos i pertent to be an armed specal oprations rospons team as well as swat and all milatey brances

Vincent Parent

8:40 secs in video.. 'pulling out is a little bit of a challenge' yes it is. That's why I got 4 kids. Lmao. I needed that chuckle

Anakin Miller

Okay, here’s the thing, there’s a WAYYY better version, American made, go’s into your vest, back and front, and is WAY slimmer, and for what I know a little cheaper. I don’t remember what’s it’s called but I’ll try and find it.


"Pulling out is a little bit of a challenge"- Sam, 2021


Hey Sam, ive been watching for a while and I wanted to let you know you are one of the main reasons I am so motivated to get started in my career of EMS and the reason I strive to constantly push higher and higher to make myself more applicable. Your videos are always a must watch and I appreciate you making the content you do. Ive been watching since I was 17 and im almost 19 and nearly graduated with EMT school and cant wait to start working towards Paramedic. I hope 2021 is even better for you.

Kam Daniels

Another sponsered/partnered video. No wonder vids only hit 20k views now

محمدخير الخطيب

Do you work with a sheriff department?

Med peel review

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CHEMICAL PEEL before, during, and after @ Queen Bee Salon & Spa - Christa B. Allen

8 972 views | 23 Oct. 2018

Today I’m showing you all

Today I’m showing you all the before, during, and after of a chemical peel I got a few weeks ago at Queen Bee Salon & Spa. My Vi Peel was performed by Lindsey Brongers, PA-C at Queen Bee Salon & Spa’s Med Spa. My main reasons for having a chemical peel were to eliminate the bumps around my chin & forehead, and to address the sun spots on my cheeks, which the peel pretty well eradicated. Typical reasons others may seek a chemical peel treatment are acne, acne scars, hyper pigmentation due to hormones OR sun exposure, texture issues, etc. The Vi Peel is safe for all skin types, and I would recommend it to just about anyone for a little skin reset. Be sure to first check with your practitioner to see if it's right for you, and make sure you plan appropriately for peeling time.

Have you ever tried a chemical peel? What did you think?

Find me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/christabrittany

Find Queen Bee on Instagram: http://instagram.com/queenbeesalonspa


This is a LAdyguide Production. Theme music by Johnny What.

Adriana Alvayero

Amazing ! What camera do you use?? Thank you!

Priscilla Villani

Just saw your Instagram story to subscribe to your channel! Just subscribed! Loved watching you in revenge and always watch it from time to time! I also have a YouTube channel, very very small one but I can’t wait to follow your journey! ❤️

Rebecca Lau

Love your skin ! I’m very tempted to try this.

Jordanie ple

Charlote Gresson in Revenge


you have nice eyes, sexy af

Leann Gemini

Now I want to do one! Your skin is so beautiful girly!!

Harmony Bishop

U sound like kylie

Chi Bay

I love you <3

Marissa Mazzola

lol I watched this in Oct of 2018 ? Your skin looks so smooth, great results !! ?

betty george

How much times you does the chemical peel