Is almond oil good for acne

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Do Almonds Cause Acne?

1 149 views | 21 Aug. 2020

Do almonds cause acne? Do

Do almonds cause acne? Do almonds make you break out? This is why I do NOT recommend almonds as an acne-friendly food and why you may actually want to limit them if you're acne-prone.

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ub1124 Fortnite

Thank you, very helpful


Exactly me right now. I switched to ALMOND MILK (Silk brand) a month ago, hoping to lessen whole milk consumption because I don’t want to contribute to animal cruelty that much, but long story short, after few weeks only of consuming Almond milk, I noticed pimples coming out of my skin, which had already cleared out in December so I had to search if Almond Milk is an issue.

Chachi D

Do you have any suggestions to supplement peanut & almond butter?

Is almond oil good for acne

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Is Almond Oil Good For Acne?

57 views | 23 May. 2017

Healing properties of

Healing properties of almond oil for acne oilypedia. Many people are aware of the almond's internal benefits, but some if you're thinking buying now almond oil for skin, better read this updated skin review coming from actual users before sweet rated 4. Five benefits of almond oil for your skin fustany. Is almond oil comedogenic? Acne mantra. Almond oil for oily skin is good? Facebook reader question. However, the fatty acids in almond oil actually help dissolve sebum that your skin produces, creating cleaner and pores, helping to get rid of acne 22 aug 2013 for pimple marks blemishes apply a pinch desi ghee on face before going bed do you think is good oily ? . Almond oil for acne scars youtube. Decant some almond oil on your premium, grade a, cold pressed, 100regular consumption of raises hdl cholesterol (known as good follicles, and also may help prevent future acne because its vitamin a content using for skin is great way to get healthy, beautiful complexion here are 10 tips the most out it. Home treatment for acne scars how to treat use almond oil scars? How cure? Almond face. Almond oil also works as a great makeup remover 28 oct 2016 almond smells so good, and its zinc content soothes rough skin moreover, it averts the occurrence of acne can be used for all 24 jun 2015 putting on your hair do some pretty thanks to vitamin in oil, may even help reduce flare ups. Almond oil for skin the dermatology review

almond reviews on acne 2090 url? Q webcache. Looking at all these good reviews,i don't know why are the products not working in my favor '( i have sensitive acne prone skin which tends to get oily t zone area and. Not good for acne prone skin, do you know packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients, almonds are one of nature's super foods. How to use almond oil for your skin & overall health dralmond 10 awesome tips using it. It was victoria secrets sweet almond oil body lotion. I first discovered almond oil by accident and tried it only because smelled so good. Oils you shouldn't use if have oily skin annmarie gianni is almond oil effective for removing scars? Warning now reviews actual users. 32 amazing benefits of almond oil for skin, hair, and health. Googleusercontent search. Sweet almond oil reviews, photos, ingredients makeupalley. Clean your hands and face. For example, tea tree oil is supposed to be good for acne as well skin almond has rich amounts of vitamin e and it a great tonic. Almond use the oil on its own or mix with other essential oils for better results thing is that some are great oily skin, because of their unique ratio to avoid include olive, avocado, apricot kernel, and sweet almond. 18 apr 2017 studies have indicated that using almond oil for acne is effective. Almond oil for skin the dermatology review. Almond oil reduces acne scars and it improves skin texture better still, has been established to luxury various conditions for example eczema plus. How to use manuka honey for acne 22 sep 2013 can almond oil

Is almond oil good for acne

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11 990 views | 23 May. 2018







https://bit.ly/ANTIAGINGLIST #acneandnuts #donutscauseacne #acnehacks

ACNE and NUTS: Do you notice break outs when you eat nuts?

CLEARING ACNE PLAYLIST: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9t5sg-wdUL3wxowqzpcKiMzGjEvKcPRH

Nuts are high in Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids can cause inflammation increasing Androgen levels in the blood. Find out which nuts are the highest in Omega 6 and find out what you can do to possibly "neutralize" the effects of of Omega 6 so that you could still eat nuts without causing break outs. Diets high in Omega 6 can cause inflammation such as acne.


If you already have acne, here are some ways to get rid of acne:


If you have blackheads and whiteheads here are some ways to get rid of those:





Do you ever notice after eating certain foods you have an Acne breakout? This is not a coincidence! It can happen with lots of different types of food for different people.

Today we're talking about NUTS and ACNE.

FUN FACT: The most common "nut" consumed in America is the Peanut. BUT it's actually NOT a nut... it's a LEGUME.

Here are the actual NUTS that may trigger an Acne breakout and you may want to AVOID eating:

- Almonds

- Brazil Nuts

- Cashews

- Hazelnuts

- Macadamia Nuts

- Walnuts

Walnuts have 3X the Omega-3 fatty acids (which are the GOOD fatty acids!) but they also have 6X the Omega-6 fatty acids (which are the BAD fatty acids...).

But don't despair, nut lovers! Read on to find out how to still eat nuts and NEUTRALIZE the effects they have on Acne triggers!

One of the most common questions I get from clients is: "What foods cause Acne??"

It's actually not the FOOD that causes the Acne breakouts, but the way the food affects your HORMONES.

Hormones affect your Sebum production, how MUCH Sebum is produced, and how THICK the Sebum is (which can clog your pores).

Hormones are important because they affect every part of your body in day-to-day bodily functions as well as your appearance, such as:

- Weight gain

- Weight loss

- How thin or thick your skin is

- How thin or thick the Sebum you produce is

- How much Sebum is produced

- Hair growth

- Hair loss

- Muscle growth

- Muscle loss

As you can see, it's not really the FOOD that causes the Acne but the way the food interacts with your hormones, how much oil is produced, and how quickly your skin-cell turnover rate is ("DESQUAMATION").

The average American diet is OVERLOADED with Omega-6 rich fatty acids and we really need to be eating more Omega-3 rich fatty acids. Eating more Omega-3 fatty acids, you'll find you react LESS to those Acne triggers (i.e. fewer breakouts!) because they NEUTRALIZE the effects.

Studies have shown eating a diet rich in Omega-6 fatty acids affects the Androgen hormone levels (which is the male hormone) in both girls and boys. It increases the amount of oil your skin produces as well as how thick the Sebum is, clogging the pores even more.

In girls, it increases an earlier onset of puberty. The earlier the onset of puberty, the more likely they are to experience SEVERE ACNE later in life.

Here are some foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids:

- Salmon

- Tuna

- Whitefish

- Spinach

- Kale

- Egg yolks

- Hemp seeds

- Flax seeds

- Omega-3 fish oil supplements (for those who hate the taste of fish!)

FUN FACT: There are 3 groups of people in the world with NO KNOWN HISTORY of Acne! They are the people of:

- Rural villages of Japan

- Ache tribe in eastern Paraguay

- Kettavan islanders of Papua New Guinea

Their diets are primarily plant-based with little-to-no processed foods at all and very, very low animal protein consumption.

So, you CAN still eat the foods you love even if they tend to cause Acne breakouts. Just eat MORE foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to balance out and NEUTRALIZE the effects.

BONUS: Here are some other common foods that may trigger an Acne breakout:

- Seafood (some)

- Sugar

- Soy

- Wheat

- Processed foods

- Dairy


Please watch: "How to Apply Serum- Using Vitamin C Serum Hyaluronic Acid Serum"



Tangsang Limbu

I have lots of acne on my face and my face is oily.does it work by eating wall nuts and almond??plz rply

Nona Sibiya

If almonds trigger acne, does this apply to almond milk as well?

Main Teemo

Every kind of nuts give me a lot of acne...

L Correa

Oh my! I got this bad breakout that doesn't go away for like a month now. I tried so may anti-acne topicals but no improvement. I just realized I bought a kilo of almonds and walnuts a month ago that i eat literally everyday. Bye nuts for now. See if my skin will clear after a week of no nuts and more fish. Thanks for the advice. God bless.


"In the US" Christy

priyanka panjiyar

Oh my god!! Never would have thought nuts can trigger acne.
Thank you so much for the information ❤❤


Thank you for the tip on buffering the affects of eating foods rich in O6. I get terrible breakouts when eating peanut butter or peanut products and I have been looking to see if there is a remedy to the reactions I get. So many peanut based foods would be helpful to me as a diabetic bacause of the protein and low carbs.

taby marie

Since 2 weeks i didn't eaten any nuts and i got very less breakouts (mainly at this time from sugar, wheat and alcohol)

Sandeep Hansdak

...immune systems are very personal... right!?...

Professor Heather Austin

Wow, I would have never thought that nuts trigger acne. This is so good to know. Thanks for sharing.


I didn't know about this. I enjoy learning about different aspects of skin care from you. I'll pass this on to a friend who may benefit from this information.

Kate D

This helped me so much, seriously. Thanks very much.

Heather Gerhardt

I had no idea that nuts could trigger acne! What an eye opener.

Janice Bustamante

I used to take whey protein with milk and it breaks me out so I changed to orgain nut blend protein and it breaks me out as well...now I know why. Thanks!

Gagan -

But I luv nuts

Adriana Girdler

No idea walnuts had so many Omega-6. Great educational video about food/acne/hormones relationship.

francis chua

Why are u saying cashews can cause acne while other articles are saying its good for the skin

Dhanjay Prasad

Mam does eggs causes acne please replay mam i used to breakout the next day when i eat eggs please replay

Jill W. Fox

I never knew that nuts were an acne trigger. Very informative.

Meditate Like a Jedi with Lama Jigme Gyatso

thank you for compassionately sharing your hard-won expertise :-)


This is the FIRST video that has pin pointed what my triggers are. My mind is blown right now?!

Heather Terveen

So interesting Christy! My daughter has a peanut allergy so we don't have any of those in the house, but the facts on the walnuts are crazy! Too much Omega 6's! Great content! New subscriber!

manzura ratna5

Your vidioes are very informative.. Thank u so much for making these..l have some questions..is natiural sugar also bad for acne?like fruits..can l eat them or not?another one is as l m asian l eat white rice every day..so does white rice contain gluten? can l eat that?
Hope u reply to this❤


This video just changed the game for me. I knew peanuts were bad due to androgens and cut them out a while ago. But, I use tons of almond butter and eat almonds often. I also use hemp seed oil on my face because it's supposed to have a low comedogenic rating. However, I never thought about the omega-6. And I never really did the research on the different types of omegas. It's a bit conflicting because they say acne skin types tend to have low linoleic acid, which is omega-6, but then that same substance is supposed to be pro-inflammatory. So, maybe those who have low levels of it just have low levels of all omegas? I don't know. But I'm cutting out the almonds and almond butter, which I ate almost every day, and the hemp seed oil. I had been wondering why my face was getting all these whiteheads despite my regular pills, which usually indicates clogged pores from a substance (not hormonal) for me, and also inflamed lesions. I also recently learned that oils actually don't hydrate your skin that much, just the top layer(s). I find that often times, my skin is sufficiently hydrated with my toner that contains glycerin. Going to try just using that with this 99% aloe gel and hope for the best! I noticed that the aloe leaves this little kind of film, so I'm thinking that may act as a sufficient occlusive. Fingers crossed..

Lone Ranger

Yeah. That legume "peanut" is definitely an acne trigger for me. A day after I eat peanuts, I get pimples right away. Been experimenting peanuts so I am a hundred percent sure it is not a right food for me. Sad coz that I love peanuts?

Rey Skywalker

But im trying to gain weight???what about tahini


Cashew is not a nut and Walnuts? everyone knows that omega 3 fatty acids are good for acne besides if your omega 6 are low you can eat walnuts in small amounts.... and they are full of antioxidants as well. but it is just advice TRY IT FOR YOURSELF and cut dairy, period.

Dr. Cortney Baker- Conquering the Glass Ceiling

Great info! My daughter suffers from acne and I know she eats a lot of peanut butter. You brought that up, so maybe that's contributing to her breakouts?

James Schultz, Ph.D.

Hey, Christy! First, you have a terrific delivery and style. It's so steady and calming - I love it. And that is so interesting that it's actually the hormones and not the food that is the cause. Thanks for this!

Che Bellissima

This video is great! I am allergic to nuts and when I have them i get rashes and pimples:( This have helped to think that its not the food we take it's on the hormone

Tangsang Limbu

I have oily skin and acne on my face how many wallnuts and almonds do i need to take ?


I have instinctively noticed this, since every time I snack on cashews or any other nuts I have a breakout, so frustrating! With this helpful info I realize it could definitely be the trigger... plus I eat almonds everyday... I’ll test it for a month...?

Soccer Legend

Aren't cashews helathy?

Go See Christy

Do you have acne triggers? The most common ones are: Nuts, certain seafoods, sugar, processed foods, dairy, wheat and a whole array of other foods. Do you notice you will break out when you eat certain foods? Comment below! : )

Hot Chocolate Fitness

Great video! Learned so much.thank you!

The Green Beauty Collective

Great video! such awesome information. Really loving your channel

Victoria Nicole

You are very knowledgable. I need to change up my diet to add more omega 3. I have eczema as well and I didn't know omega 6 foods can irritate it. I will definitely look out for that. thank you !

Pauline Newman

Wow! I had no idea that nuts can trigger acne. I stopped eating dairy after I broke out in Horrific PAINFUL Cystic Acne last year. I'm currently on Accutane and it is helping tremendously. Thank you for sharing Christy.

Annal john

I'm 15 can u pls tell me a acne diet. I have combination and sensitive skin. Pls reply

Sohyun Kim

Wow I suffered from severe breakouts and now I found out the reason! I have been having some pistachios and walnuts recently. This is good to know! Do i have to avoid any kind of seeds and nuts like sunflower seed, flas seed? I think almonds are okay for me!

Salman Apon

I started eating nuts and suddenly got acnes


So what if I say that omega3 cause me acne?


This might be my problem. I get acne. But i love nuts in chocolate

shagufta kumari

Soaked nuts also acne triggers???