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Niall Horan - This Town (Lyric Video)

49 162 400 views | 23 Nov. 2016

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Music video by Niall Horan performing This Town. (C) 2016 Neon Haze Music Ltd Under Exclusive License To Capitol Records


anonymous x

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you ♥️♥️

bruh wtf

everything comes back to you

hey There

Over and over the only truth!!?

Alyssa Honnick

2021 anyone?

David Levy

im here in 2021

Angela Luna


yours ansh

The comment section feels like a small well knit family that knows how to appreciate creativity ☺️☺️

Candela Donghi

life is too short to pretend you don't like niall horan


Not me coming back after Alexa and Dylan dance to this in Alexa and Katie

Casey Nguyen

anyone still listening to this 2021?

Kanabiz 888

You Crying About It, Is The Best Part About It

hey There


Özlem Hasdemir


anonymous x

I saw that you moved on with someone new ?

Audrey Tercero

Still listening in 2021 and I won’t ever stop listening to it!!

anonymous x

Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you ??

hey There

Everything comes back to you!!✨

Ximena Sanchez B

Te amo


no matter how many songs there are, no song out there will make me feel things the way this town by niall horan does

hey There

I know that it's wrong!!!?

Özlem Hasdemir



Niall's songs are great yet underrated ?

hey There

Everything comes back to you!!??

Özlem Hasdemir


anonymous x

Drive highways and byways to be there with you ✨

hey There

Them butterflies they come alive!!

Cassidy Sonja Paterson

When Zayn left I saw four on TV, talks, shows, interviews, and concerts but in my heart ill always see them as five. Ive always said that no matter if they are together or apart, I will remain a fan of all of them.Together or apart, to us there will always be five in our hearts. The boys deserve happiness, even if it means they have to take a step back from each other. We will just continue to love them, support them, till the end; because we have a whole lot of history.

hey There


Adolphindame Nurse

Omg this sounds like fools gold

ava turner

i'm almost falling asleep his voice is so calming

Invincible !

Your eyes must be closed with headphones sticked on your ears at midnight listening the song by heart...!!❤????

Mary Ibias

this video: a lyric video

the lyrics: in the captions

Özlem Hasdemir


hey There

Drive highways and byways to be there with you!!??

Carlotta C

I'm in love with this song

Troy Delarge

I sang this to my crush

Kei Jiménez

Cómo es que esto tiene más de 8000 dislikes? Todo bien en casa?


Producer:how many lyrics do you want in this video

hey There

There's something about you!!!?

TakeHimHome ForLife

Beautiful lyrics, incredible illustration, the guitar, and the voice. It's all there.

hey There

Everything comes back to you!!?

kakai HS

This feels like it was released only yesterday but its been 4 years ?

hey There

If the whole world was watching!!??

Valigant Gaming

Does this song remind anyone else of “little things”? Whenever I hear it I always think of little things because of the guitar. I think I need a mashup of this town x little things ?

De Moi

Que Dios nos perdone.Kisslovely!!!

Getse Enriquez


hey There

You still make me nervous...

Halie Skidmore

Who else is broken hearted right now but its your fault and you are so helpless to do anything about it. Gods got it tho! ❤?

makaylah sam

dude im listening to this for the seccond time in my whole life i didnt knw nial sang this oml im crying


aH i CanT liStEn tO tHiS aNyMoRe mY eYeS cAnt pRodUcE sO maNy tEaRs

_rugved deshpande_

1D Niall : "Chonce"
Us : "No Niall say chance"?
Solo Niall : "Chance"
Us : "No Niall say chonce" ?


It wouldn't be a Niall video if there wasn't any he loved in it: in this video there was a bit of golf

LtNhLp ZmHs

I listen everyday niall

pantufla con salmon

por diosss te amo boludo de verdad

Valeria Paloblanco

Proud that you're achieving what you've ever told you not to


The amount of dislikes makes me sad ?

Looming Darkness

This is for you mom I miss you so much I hope heaven is treating you right

Delilah Bonneau

This song represents exactly the way I feel about him. I’d do anything to make him happy

Alejandra Gonzalez

this song is the most beautiful thing I’ve listened

Cocka Poo

My fav song

hey There

You still make me nervous!!?

hey There

Over and over the only truth!!?

hey There

That I can't move on!!?


I love you Niall Horan.!??♥️♥️

hey There


Chelle Teo

2021 anyone?

hey There


Özlem Hasdemir


hey There


Teba Abdulbaset

اذا طلع تعلقي كدامج ف.. ابتسمي ?♥️

hey There


Thai Thu

I love u girl

LtNhLp ZmHs

The lyric video is amazing who did this

honey munt

My best friend and I used to shout this song on the way home from school in yr7 thinking we were amazing singers. I miss it so much and it feels like we were so little even though it was only 4 or 5 years ago. Adaora if you ever read this you really did save my life and ‘I love you incase I die’.

hey There

Over and over the only truth!!

hey There

Drive highways and byways to be there with you!!??

Özlem Hasdemir


Grace Stephens

American accent: no u gotta do it with an accent
Not American accent: u gotta do no accent!

?make up your mind people!

hey There

Everything comes back to you!??

hey There

Them butterflies they come alive when I'm next to you!!???

Miriam Lineri

io ossessionata da questa canzone


I love this omg

Brianna Cardenas

“If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you” ???

Eu mesma Su


anonymous x

In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you ??

Lynne Paulocsak

'and I know that it's wrong, but I can't move on, there's something about you.....'

Shiva Rathod


Surangana Shilpakar

i love you so so much

Harry Potter

The lyrics according to the "lyric video'????✌️?✋

Niall Horan?✋
This town..?✋


If the whole world was watching?✋
I'd still dancing with you?✋

over and over?✋

I saw that you moved on with someone new..?✋
In the puls that we met?✋ (I CANT READ THAT GFDHJKDJHFG)
he's got his arm around you?✋

Words I never got to say the first time around?✋


playing in this fairground?✋

You still make me nervous?✋
when you walk in the room?✋
Them butterfly's,they come around?✋
when i'm next to you?✋
Over and over?✋

If the whole world was watching?✋
I'd still dance with you?✋


Genevieve Greally

It dosen't really make any sense how there is a dislike button on this

Özlem Hasdemir


hey There

If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you!!??


2021. Yes. That’s it

Danish Jain

All my love ❤❤❤

Zayna Mansoor

I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!

Benediktus Juan Carlos


hey There


זייניקית בנשמה

Wtf this is the best song ive heard ?

The Loony Girl

Not really a lyrics video but really good nonetheless

Kionna Sherbert

His voice is so calm omg!

T and d nails

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How To Build RC Monster Truck Backflip Ramps - DIY for your Losi LMT or Axial SMT10!

2 644 views | 10 Feb. 2021

DId you just get a new

DId you just get a new LMT or SMT10 RC Monster Truck and want to do some cool scale freestyle tricks with it? Then you've come to the right place for this DIY Solution. This simple backflip ramp design with get your truck doing backflips and you can start to perfect the backflip to moonwalk that Son-uva Digger has made popular. The reverse side of it is a nice big air ramp to send your monster truck flying like Grave Digger.

WARNING: Just like the real Monster Truck backflip ramps, a wrong landing can lead to a broken axle. You’ve been warned. (Yes....I have broken multiple kinds of axles and parts of axles on these)

I've also included plans for the small kicker ramp that can be used to skywheelie, slapwheelie, and start your truck into a bicycle. This video shows the type of boards and tools I used to make these jumps and goes step-by-step through the build of a backflip ramp.

Here is a PDF of the plans for the backflip ramp and kicker:

? CCxRC RCMT Backflip Ramp Plans: http://bit.ly/CCxRC-RCMT-Ramps

Sections of the Video

00:00 Start

00:10 Intro To Making RC Ramps

01:49 Boards Used To Make RC Ramps

03:33 Tools Used To Make RC Ramps

05:08 Cutting Boards

12:00 Initial Assembly with Nail Gun

14:47 Screws to make it stronger

15:49 Adding the Rear Ramp face

18:00 Finishing work, Grinding screws from inside, priming and painting

18:49 Wrap Up

19:40 Look at my other Ramp Designs

27:51 Testing the Ramps with My Losi LMT

If you are watching this video and wanting to get started with a solid axle monster truck, here are affiliate links to some of the ready-to-run and kit options on the market, the Axial SMT10 and Losi LMT

? Losi LMT RTR Grave Digger or Son-uva Digger: https://bit.ly/LosiLMT​

? Losi LMT Roller: https://bit.ly/LMTroller

? Axial SMT10 RTR Grave Digger: http://bit.ly/HH_SMT10_RTR

? Axial SMT10 Kit: https://bit.ly/SMT10BLDkit

#RCmonstertruck #RCRamp #LMT

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The product shown in this video may have been sent to me for review. Regardless, I do not get paid to make the videos but many of the links contained in the description are affiliate links and I may benefit from a small commission if you purchase something using the links. It is my duty to you to provide you with my honest and unbiased opinion about the products that appear on this channel to help you make informed decisions. If you plan on making a purchase and want to support the channel using the links, I thank you in advance. I look forward to making more great reviews for you.


Shout out my channel

Sam's lego

Really cool video

Jim Carroll

great video will be building me some thanks

Rc Melfish

Nice video good explanation Thx man!?


Dude I need to make some of these for my monster trucks for sure awesome video man ?✌️


Great ???

Soma RC

Thanks! Was waiting for this one.

Thomas Lipp

Hi, nice ramps!!!! I also built a ramp for my losi lmt. I did a short movie about. Just take a look if you have time. I hope you will write me back. Greetings from Germany.

Mark Redondo

Thank you for showing how to..

Trailer Trash RC

Light weight is the way!!!!!! Love this.

Eddie B

Thanks for the video! I'll be building mine soon!

Ian B.

Great vid. Nice Ramps, I really like the ramp with the tires on it. Looks like it works real well. Might have to build one like that to go with my Freestyle arena.

Kevin Breaker

Tony you do a great job whatever your building????

James Price

Hey tony


Your ?% the man two come two a bout these monster trucks love the trucks and love the channel nice man nice all the best m8 ???


Nice one man it's nice that you took the time to do these ramps and show us definitely will help with making them and I have two say that metal mulisha truck looks badass is it the lmt ya it man how big are them shocks they look massive love it looks so awesome ???

Tutorial Joe

I have a 1989 quick drive midnight pumpkin by Tamiya none of the Electronics are replaceable they are but it would cost a a lot but I don”t have the money laying around so anyways I need a antenna for the remote it drives fine but it’s has a like 8 foot radius do you have any suggestions for a antenna I searched every where couldn’t find it.

Scott McLinden

Great idea Tony!

RC Pete

Building a Volkswagen baja Bug Body for the Losi LMT ? in a hot wheels/hotrod style ??

RC Pete

Looks nice and sunny there ☀
I recently made some crawler multiple hump back ramp obstacles and some ramps for the lasernut ?
This could be a new project for me.. Its just finding the tyres to go in the ramp ?


Great instructional video and the bit of bashing at the end was nice too ?. Appreciate the extra time/effort that went into doing this (with the labeled video segments and captions), and sharing the plans with us all! ????

Ubedth Channels

Good job!
Everyone know their limit and stop!
But you, do anything more, more and more!
Good luck! ???


I am a new tv channel

Riff Raff's RC

Thanks for this Tony! A while back I asked my brother if he could build me some ramps and actually sent him one of your videos as a reference. He's not in rc, but was willing to try although he was a little unsure about the scale of everything. This video solves all of that and more. Now he will be able to make them exactly the right size and you even showed the process, so thanks a lot brother! ????⚡⚡

Jesus Sanchez

Thank you now I can make my own ?


Whats up Tony, thanks for doing this video.....


Here is a PDF of the plans for the backflip ramp and kicker:
? CCxRC RCMT Backflip Ramp Plans: http://bit.ly/CCxRC-RCMT-Ramps

Tim Vanasen

Good job Tony I like your statement "I'm not a woodworker" I feel ya their I'm not one either my brothers are carpenters and yet I keep making cool stuff, cool bash ??

T and d nails

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Annette W

I hope she does some St Patty's day ones in February! I almost cancelled my sub because I kept getting black. I like black, but I love purple. She was so nice and sent me a free set in January. Where's Kelly this month? I love how happy she always is. Tfs and have a fabulous day!??❄

Heather Hernandez

I love nail stickers