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7 EASY TIPS to to SPEED UP Hair Growth & grow long natural hair faster

3 758 views | 6 Nov. 2020

Here are 8 easy tips

Here are 8 easy tips to speed up hair growth and grow long natural hair. These are literally such easy hair hacks for natural hair. If you need natural hair growth advice then this video is perfect you :)


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This video is about natural hair growth tips for type 3 and type 4 hair. Using this natural hair advice will increase hair growth fast.

Music by Ryan Little - Think About You - https://thmatc.co/?l=9291FF18


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Shelby Rodgers

Stretched styles with simple products (storebought leave-in, fresh aloe gel, & a sealing oil) are my JAM; I love massaging my scalp after moisturizing post-shower, with some ocean waves playing on my phone's youtube app!
learning to practice essentialism in my hair & in my LIFE!

Shira Renee

The Blacklist! You should check it out?

Sade Bailey


Tammy Lewis


Sodium Hydrogen

Clicked immediately ? thank you for posting I cant wait to watch, you give the best advice

Cece Love

Omg i never thought about my shower having hard water!! The city i live in definitely has hard water but i never thought that would be an issue for hair growth. Thank you for these amazing tips queen ?


you should make travel vlogs

Ambr Mrriott

I like to watch "Anne with an E" on Netflix, also enjoyed "One Day at a Time"
Thanks for the great content girl!!! As always very useful tips.

Shalawn Dudley

Great video as always ? do you speak Spanish?

Darrell Boone

Seems as if "paradise" type places(Hawaii,Bali,Mexico,etc.)have hard water?‍♂️(for whatever reason);thank you once again,beautiful Queen Energii?,for sharing valuable information with us

Paula Cunningham

Hey sis great advice .I love sweet potato eat them almost every day smh I want one now.

Meggi Ekwere

You're so pretty?

Sandra Dwyer

Lovely upbeat video which is positive and refreshing just like you!??

K Possible

I've been addicted to Vampire Diaries on Netflix. It's so bad that when my hubby has news on in bed, I watch vampire diaries on my oculus quest 2, sometimes until 1am. I love Henna Sooq products.

Bibire Adekola

what do you for work


I love chewing gum it’s so funny

Dr. Thalia W

So, I have been practicing many of the strategies suggested in your videos. A few days ago, I noticed that it was difficult to feel my bare scalp because I was feeling like waves tight in my scalp. I didn’t realize that what I was feeling was lots of NEW GROWTH. ?. Thank you so much Energii??.

Khadija Fall

First agaiiiin????