Mineral fusion liquid foundation reviews

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Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation: Demo & Review!

10 928 views | 15 Nov. 2018

Hey guys, I've been

Hey guys, I've been feeling like I want to try some new foundations lately, and I know that's always helpful to share in videos too! Normally I love a powder foundation but have been wanting to try something new and wanting something less drying and more glowy especially with winter coming! I actually quite enjoyed this Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation and showed you how it wore, applied, what shade I used etc! Hope you enjoy!!

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Instagram: amber___andrews

#mineralfusion #mineralfusionfoundation #organicfoundation

Products I mentioned:

Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation (warm 2):



Brush I used (#1):


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Hynt Affiliate Link:


Primally Pure Affiliate Link:


Chelser Fritzer

What mascara are you wearing in this!? It’s beautiful!!!

Giannina L

So first question bc I know you LOVE the JB primer...have you tried the 100% pure luminous primer? Debating which to possibly try. Second question, I'm betting the ingredient whose pronunciation you were unsure of is phenoxyethanol which I believe is said to be a hormone disruptor (I personally try super hard to avoid it in products as much as possible). Not asking to fear monger....just genuinely curious to know if there are any ingredients/products you plan to be cautious about or avoid as you continue through your pregnancy and possibly through breastfeeding?
Oh, last question -what cream blush product/shade did you use?

P.s. LOVE your necklace!!!


@Amber Andrews can I suggest trying https://www.antonymcosmetics.com/ I think their shade range would be great for you.

Laurie Ehrhardt

Which bronzer and blush did you use?


Is the Mineral Fusion still holding up well? Do you think it would be good for dry skin? Also can you do a comparison video on the Fitglow concealer and the Clove + Hallow?

Meghan Murphy

I really like this foundation! I have oily-combo skin and tend to get dry patches around my acne. I am a bit paler than you with cool/neutral undertones and wear the shade warm 1. Using the warm shade helps cancel out some of my redness. I really enjoy the foundation especially when I use the beauty and the base brush from motd. I find that it isn’t necessary to set it but if you want more matte finish you can set it with a powder. I use one layer as I enjoy a more natural-medium coverage for everyday wear. I also enjoy the gressa foundation for reference. I am curious about trying the ilia true skin serum foundation once I get through some products.

Kenny Moore

My sister asked if you could do a review on the By Terry Hylaronic Foundation and Osmosis + Colour Performance Wear Satin Foundation she'd like to hear your reviews on them since her skin is so similiar to yours


I think this this foundation looked great on you. I loved the luminosity! I had been curious about this brand for a long time after seeing it on thrive market. The price isn't terrible either, compared to most natural foundations. Could you start including a flashback test with foundation trials? I assume most have flashback bc most natural makeup has zinc oxide.
I hope you, the baby, and Josh are doing well!


Can you do a review of the Kosas tinted face oil? Please and thank you.

Ashley tucker

Thanks for the review! Hope you are feeling well, eating as much as you want and resting as much as you need! Do you have an opinion on glossier skin tint? I’m looking for sheer sheer something like moisturizer?

Justine Closterman

Hi Amber! what mascara are you wearing??? your lashes look so good!

Felishia Rae

Your lashes!! Wow, so pretty. Would love to know your thoughts on the Ilia true skin serum foundation. I’m currently ordering samples for the Alima pure loose powder that you use!

Kindra Leighann

I love their products I think you should try their concealer on top and their powdered foundation and their highlighters with a lip stick natural color you’ll really love. (:


We have the same taste in makeup haha! I also did a review of this foundation and had similar thoughts. This foundation is one of my favorites. ?

Leanne GilCHRIST

Amber, my local health food store had this line of cosmetics for such a long time, but they recently tried hard to streamline their selection and really weed things out, so they got rid of MF brand. I think it looks really good on you, at the end of the day, I thought it stayed pretty well and looked really luminous. I've stayed away from any type of foundations, cream or powder because a) my skin is so dry, and b) my skin is so sensitive! I wish the world of makeup wasn't so extensive at times, LOL. Your reviews help so much. I have a really dumb question, totally off topic, but I want to know if your cartilage piercing hurt! My friend at work told me hers hurt badly, but I have a high pain tolerance, and I'm really thinking I want to do it. LOL, told you, off topic! Thanks for your amazing reviews! <3

Laurie Ehrhardt

I love MF foundations I just wish they had a better shade range. Their powder pressed blushes and pressed shadows are really nice as well!

shehryar khan

this is best product and i have purchased this product in best price https://amzn.to/2OMc090

Jackie M

I love your reviews. They’re so thorough. ?. This foundation looks beautiful on you. I want to try it. I hope they have a color match for me, if number 2 is that dark. I’ll check it out at Whole Foods

Starr Hall

Thank u..it never breaks me out

Mineral fusion liquid foundation reviews

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Easy everyday makeup tutorial with Mineral Fusions

1 703 views | 2 Jun. 2017


Hey guys!

Welcome back to Beep Beauty! In this latest video I show you how to create the perfect everyday natural makeup look using products from the gorgeous mineral make up brand Mineral Fusions.

I was really impressed by this natural make up line so impressed in fact that I have swapped out most of my makeup bag with their products. Watch the video to find out why I love them...

With thanks to Mineral Fusions Makeup and Rowly Dennis productions for making this possible. You can find out more about Mineral Fusions at www.mineralfusions.com and excitingly their products are now available at CVS. You can find Rowly's work at www.rowlydennisphoto.com.

If you want to find out more about all the products mentioned take a look at the blog article on www.beepbeauty.com. You can also ask me any questions by emailing me at [email protected]

To follow me on social media:

Website: www.beepbeauty.com

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Pinterest: @beepbeauty

And if you like my videos don't forget to show me some love and SUBSCRIBE to my channel :-)

Until next time...

Beep xoxo

Mineral fusion liquid foundation reviews

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foundation review - medium coverage clean foundations | alexa blake

9 062 views | 16 Oct. 2019

⇢sheer to light

⇢sheer to light foundation review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voN_gltnbfE&t=510s

⇢what's on my lips: bite matte creme lip crayon (shade "molasses")


⇢ i don't do sponsored videos.

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⇢ get 15% off of your entire Follain purchase using code "ref_makeupblake"


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⇢ current brow routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBW-kj_E_bo&t=225s

⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤

[foundation shade comparisons]

⇢ w3ll people narcissist foundation stick: "fair golden"

⇢ pacifica alight clean foundation: "31CL"

⇢ jane iredale glow time full coverage bb cream: "BB4"

⇢ ere perez oat milk foundation: "chai"

⇢ w3ll people bio tint multi action moisturizer: "light"

⇢ beautycounter tintskin hydrating foundation: "sand"

⇢ rms uncover up: "22.5"

⇢ mineral fusion liquid foundation: "warm 2"

⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤ ⏤

[products mentioned]

⇢vapour organic beauty atmosphere soft focus foundation (shade "s125" - way too dark for me)


⇢alima pure satin matte foundation (shade "neutral 3")


full face + review of alima pure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRZhS2cqYpE&list=PLCFTIiov49WDhRo0bagiWCvLPh30_hhxu&index=33&t=1276s

⇢mineral fusion liquid foundation (shade "warm 2")


full face mineral fusion pt. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DaKwAq2MQU&list=PLCFTIiov49WDhRo0bagiWCvLPh30_hhxu&index=25&t=312s

full face mineral fusion pt. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltOz3kIIAKQ&list=PLCFTIiov49WDhRo0bagiWCvLPh30_hhxu&index=31&t=319s

⇢clove + hallow liquid skin tint (shade "05")


review + wear test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znpxLTWyBAA&list=PLCFTIiov49WDhRo0bagiWCvLPh30_hhxu&index=23&t=0s

⇢ere perez oat milk foundation (shade "chai")


review + wear test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYfRoBaM7pw&list=PLCFTIiov49WDhRo0bagiWCvLPh30_hhxu&index=15&t=573s

#foundationreview #cleanfoundation #cleanbeauty

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⇢ hair cut: roman becerra @ johnny rodriguez salon (@roman.hairdressing)

⇢ hair colour: tamara chan @ johnny rodriguez salon (@tamaralynnchan)

⇢ ethnicity: chinese/caucasian

⇢ age: 29

⇢ married? yes

⇢ kids? yes...2 boy toddlers

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⇢ Links that begin with "rstyle" are affiliate links. When you click on these links and purchase that item, I receive a small commission. I return 100% of my commission back to my channel so I can review new products and create fresh content for y'all! I so appreciate all of you whether or not you choose to use my links :)


⇢ This is not a sponsored video.


a lot of clean brands have 1. a poor shade range and 2. the makeup does not perform well . its soo frustrating bc i really want to put the best quality ingredients on my skin but theres not many options. the ones ive tried dont live up to my expectations or the shade wasnt the best.


Mineral fusion is EWG verified, however, they do have ingredients harmful to our body. Can we really trust on products EWG verified? Or are they verified because of other reasons, such as money?

Stephanie Olson

Thanks for the great video!! Foundation and concealer are definitely the hardest for me to decide on!

Linda Walker

So annoying how we can't get any of these foundations in the UK! I know you can buy some of them online but I like to try foundations in store before I buy and wear it for a few hours before actually going ahead and purchasing. Anyway, thanks for the information, you look lovely in the video today ?

DreamingTata VeganMama

So many interesting ones! I’ll definitely get the Mineral Fusion next time I go to Sprouts or Whole Foods. I’ve tried a couple of their other products, eye liner, eye makeup remover and I love them!

Alexis C

I really want to try the Mineral Fusion foundation but it's a little too pricey for me ?


What does your tattoo say? I love you Alexa? Just curious :)


Loved this video ? May have to grab the Ere Perez ?

Tender Forms

Another great foundation roundup! (What happened with your Clove+Hallow foundation is so strange and definitely doesn't look right.) Can't wait for the concealer videos!!

Caro Suarez

Which one is your favorite out of all of them


Mineral Fusion has Phenoxyethanol in all their products ? I wish they would use a cleaner preservative... don’t want any neurotoxins on my face ??‍♀️

Carmen McDonald

Your makeup in this video is beautiful- what are you wearing???


No ilia or 100% pure?


Very helpful! Would love a review of the Ilia serum foundation.

Stephanie Chang

Im excited to get my ere perez oat milk foundation and arnica concealer i just ordered after watching a heap of reviews. Im just a bit worried that Honey is going to be a bit warm for my pink/cool undertones but hoping it will work out ok, I have seen some reviews from people with cool undertones and it seemed to adjust a little after blending - fingers crossed!


The mineral fusion and ere perez foundations looked so beautiful on your skin. thanks for the video this is super helpful! xo


I'd like to try Ere Perez oat milk foundation but I wonder if it's good for very dry skin. Do you know if the shade Honey ( I am very light with yellow undertone ) is yellow like Chai? Many thanks and thanks for your beautiful review.

Kellie January

Great review! Now I want to check and see if my Clove & Hallow tint skins are separating. I haven't used them since the PR box came in. I tried them twice and I literally couldn't stand the way it made my skin look.

Caro Suarez

Thx for this video ❤️ it’s very helpful


Found you and loooove your videos! Also why do you hate yellow undertones? Isn’t that your undertone (maybe olive).

Andrea Ramirez

Can you do a video about your favorite setting powders?


So crazy to see how yours separated! All our products go through rigorous safety and stability testing, and I've had my personal tube since before it launched - so at least 8 months - so I'm shocked to see that happened. I am going to pass this video along to our QC/manufacturing teams so we can get to the bottom of it. - Sarah, Founder/CEO of C+H

SuNnI WaTsOn

I am curious to how is the best way to store foundations?...i read the other day someone put theirs in the fridge??


yes! I was looking for hydrating foundation and heard so many good stuff about Ere Perez foundation, then I searched for review and got across your video, and that made me convinced to buy it and it is so pretty and the warm tone suit me, THANKS . however I agree with you, everyone keep saying how hydrating it is but maybe because my skin is that dry and patchy, it goes quite matte on me too


I have to try the Oat Milk and the Mineral Fusion foundations! Both look warm/yellow enough for me so thank you for showing them even though they may not be your perfect color matches! Loving this series of yours!


Yup, your Clove + Hallow foundation is def off! Mine is great, no separation at all ?

Jackie Whitney

Thank you Alexa for your thorough review of these products. I admire your honest opinions and performance of these cosmetics. Looking forward seeing the last segment in this series


Have you ever tried Gabriel Cosmetics? Can you make a review on Gabriel Cosmetics foundation and concealer?

Marianne Harms

I bought a set of 3 samples of the Clove & Hallow skin tint and I didn’t care for it at all. I commented somewhere else that it looked chalky on my dry, very mature skin. I did try it another time with a layer of face oil first and it was SLIGHTLY better. I’m glad I have samples because I would never buy the full size

Gabriella Hutchinson

Could you do a series on clean primers? I love my Milk Hydro Grip, but I really want to start transitioning to a clean alternative. ?

Nina Kaiser

Thank you so much for making these reviews, very thorough! Clean foundation is really still a struggle for me. Unfortunately we don’t have all of the options available in Germany but some. Still trying to get my hand on the Alima Pure. So it’s very helpful! Thank you for going over ingredients and if the foundations are vegan. Really strange that many use Dimethicone - a no go for me personally. I would love a great clean setting spray - personally I haven’t found one yet and simply use rose water. Really looking forward to the concealer recommendations!

Steph Perry

The ere Perez is an Australian brand so it might be the dollar exchange that make it that weird price.