Proactiv dark spot

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Proactive's Acne Solution Saved My Life!!!!! FR

4 990 views | 20 Apr. 2020

With this quarantine, I

With this quarantine, I have had all the time in the world to share with you guys my amazing journey with my skin care, proactive truly did it for me!!!

Music By Lakey Inspired https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmy8wuTpC95lefU5d1dt2Q

IG: diaodiao

This Video is not sponsored!!

Moe Kaba

Woow that's amazing!

apryl anglin

You look great!! I just ordered mine, I hope it works. ?

Jimmy TheMan

WoW!...very nice indeed!...

redx 99

You look better without makeup not trying to be toxic

Turin Limon

Does Proactiv actually work?

Queen Lex

Going to give this a try! I used proactive back in high school but not MD just the regular 3 step. Currently I’m using cleansers that are for sensitive skin but they just aren’t enough. I feel like I need to clear this acne with something powerful before I proceed with my lightweight cleansing stuff. I’ve been using pure aloe Vera gel too as a mask but it’s just not enough for what I need rn


How long did it take for it to work for you?

Spade Ace0818

Omg U kept it straight up like ugggg I LOVE UUUU

Senses VI

I got really bad quarantine acne. So i started using Proactiv like 4-5 weeks ago. So far it hasn’t worked that well. Caused me to break out more. But I’m still going strong. I’ll update you in a month or so. Remind me lol


Chile at least u stocked on fenty ??‍♂️?????lol but I’m struggling really bad my face is red and dark everywhere and I’m scared that proactive won’t work

stephanie zephyr

Hi can I get the link please ?

kenya thompson

Thank you for sharing ?


Wish I had the money for proactive I think I am soooo ugly because of my bumps on my face , it makes me soooo uncomfortable ? and sad

tooshort 92

Thank you ?

Gabby H

I just started using proactiv and what I've read and done my research is it does work but it's going to get bad before it gets better. My cheeks and forehead do not break out so I've been putting shea butter on my cheeks because proactiv cleanser is drying it up them so bad and I don't put any on my nose or chin because I get super bad breakouts in those areas I just out the spf moisturizer in the morning on my nose and chin and at night I put the gel on my nose and chin and just moisturize my cheeks and forehesd with shea butter since those are the areas that hardly ever breakout I maybe get breakouts on my forehead and cheek like 2 or 3 times a year. It's only about day 4 but I'm going strong lol I'm not gonna give up on proactiv because I read so much stuff that it's normal for it to be really bad before it gets better and I found a way to treat my dry cheeks. I also did swell up on about the 2nd day on my cheeks I was swollen a little but it has gone down just today (day 4) so I think I'm gonna be okay and I'm gonna give it time if it doesn't work after about 5 weeks to a month I'll probably have to find something else for my nose and chin acne.



Mary Sikulu

How long did it take to get your skin clear?

Dee _Money420

Your Results are beautiful

anne kimuhu

What sunscreen are you using??

Al’Tinah B

Yesss pretty pretty✨??‍♀️

Proactiv dark spot

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Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector Week One. ;)

5 477 views | 26 Feb. 2015

Hello all! This is my

Hello all! This is my first week using the Proactiv dark spot corrector. Let's see if my dark spots fade as promised by this product.


Ambi fade cream works really well for black people. I use Proactiv's 3 step system and purifying mask for my acne. I use Ambi and Neutrogena visibly even lotion for my dark spots and discoloration. By the way, Ebay is the best place to find the deals on expensive products.

Hankin Hank

did it help ? if so how long did it take for the dark spots to leave

Proactiv dark spot

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Review on the Proactiv Dark Spot Serum

901 views | 19 Jan. 2014

via YouTube Capture

via YouTube Capture