Swimming before dying hair

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How to Protect Your Hair While Swimming

10 437 views | 30 Jul. 2018

This video is about how to

This video is about how to protect your hair while swimming. This advice is mainly for curly girls, but really it's for anyone wanting to protect their hair while swimming!





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shelby walls

Hi my college has a high chlorine content , is there anything i can do to protect my curls ? please help :(

Cat lady Sophie

I use Jamaican black castor oil and it doesn’t make my cap slip off.


thanks for the tips girl. i was shocked when i looked at your subscriber count, i suspected your channel to be way bigger! ur really putting up high quality content, ur an underrated youtuber

gill morton

your hair turns green because chlorine and copper stick together in the water to make a greenish hue that sticks to your hair

Keira Ngo

I'm starting swim team, and I have it for 4 hours everyday. Is there any way you know I can protect my hair, any products that prevent breakage or damage? I recently bleached and dyed my hair and I don't want it turning yellow or green.

Kelsey M! YT

From so much chlorine damage, my dark brown hair is now blonde, so now I have a nice ombré but people always that I have died my hair ??‍♀️??‍♀️

The Old Witch Soul

Could this is theory protect dark black hair like mine from lightening? I really want my hair to stay its normal color this year... :(

Aileen Hsi

can you use a hair mask instead of oils or conditioner?

lil sticky

I just dyed my hair blue and purple and in a week I’m going to a lake will it get everywhere on me. It was splat

Madeline Heinz

Do you guys have any other ways of protecting your hair while swimming? Let me know!

Swimming before dying hair

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Eugene Babysits Keith's Cat For A Day

1 303 560 views | 6 Feb. 2021

Allergic Eugene is going

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"here, stranger, get into this cat's safe space and hold it in a vulnerable and compromising position! he'll love that!" are y'all first time cat owners lol

Rain Chen

Hol' up! Why is the Bach cello suite called "uplifting violin music"? That is sacrilegious!


Cat hair is nothing compared to one rabbits hair when he's in shedding mold.


The Try Guys need more Becky...


Harder to take care of a cat than a dog? One of the best thing about having a cat is I don’t have to take care of it lol

Heather Woods

I love that Eugene actually cares enough to do all the crazy things.


I think Alfred feels the energy of Eugene that he’s skeptical, somewhat shy & hesitant that’s why he is running away at first. On the bright side, I love the development at the end. ?

jazzy jazz

Is it just me or does Alfred actually look like Keith?


Becky looks a bit like Molly Ringwald here.

Ashley Galaske

I chocked on my water when Eugene sneezed and it went everywhere.

Explosive Candy

cats are very independent and don't need baby sitters. just leave some food and water.


Becky's haircut 10/10


I have to say, I love Ned and Ariel's home. But Keith and Becky's home looks absolutely beautiful! ❤❤❤❤

Sarah Joanne Nobbs

We have an appointment to put my beloved 16 year old ginger boy to sleep in 3 days. I've been doubting if it was the right thing, but seeing this, how lively abd active cats are SUPPOSED to be, makes me realise it's the right thing, as difficult as it may be...
(context, rather than one big thing, he has lots of little things wrong with him. Arthritis in his spine, chronic constipation, and kidney disease. I was doubting myself cause he still has a good appetite, for food, mischief AND cuddles, but....his back legs are wobbly, he doesn't play much anymore, he's lost a lot of weight, and he's constantly going to the vets fir enemas, which he hates...)

Alysa Meyer

Oh no, anything but fancy feast

Olivia Lo bue

Bro if the cat licks you that means you’re dirty . P.S . I have a cat

McKenna Allen

I like their reusable lint roller thing

Amanda Tan

The tense eight additionaly clear because goose kelly stitch aboard a wandering octagon. embarrassed, adhesive price



Woah Vlogs

Watching Eugene slowly get covered in cat hair


I want Eugene to feed me a single shrimp. ?

Juanita Lewis

His eyes are going to be so itchy

ayz m

i feel like eugene didnt question the pranks because he just thinks white people are strange like that hahah


Me waiting for them to tell Eugene that they're lying. lol

Jenaye Moffatt

1:06 - 1:14 that is 100% true and I love that

Richard Allen

That house is beautiful ?

Amber Howard

Jackson Galaxy is losing his shit right now.... ahahaha!!!!!

Heather Eastin

Yeah... cats hate me too. ? Don't feel bad Eugene. ?

Unfortunately for me, I love all animals, I'm a veterinary technician and cats despise me. I can count, on one hand, how many cats we see who genuinely like me. ?‍♀️

I don't understand why cats hate me. I do all the things that cats like and yet they still try to kill me. They must have a superpower.

Arely perez

☺ Becky's so beautiful ?

Undesired Toast

So my mom says I can’t get a cat because I’m allergic, now I just gotta tell her I’m making a video!

Cristan Shamburger

How I know Eugene is a Texan: he can speak Selena lyrics ?

- Pumkin -

Eugene has been replaced

Maansi Dubey

We need a new house tour keith

Kaos Kartoffel

So, is no one going to point out the fact that cats don't need to be babysit for ONE DAY but also Becky and Keith were there the WHOLE TIME? lmao

Naledi Seboni

We need a another pet swap video

Heidi B.

I have 2 cats myself and my girls lay on my clothes more then they lay on their cat beds/tower

Yellowish Green Dragon .-.

My cat is currently sitting in a basket staring at me.

Petition to give Forgotten Disney More Love

I think this is my new favorite Try Guys video. I love when they messed with Eugene with the scratching pad

Sarah Joanne Nobbs

A good routine for cats is play first, eat, then cuddles and nap. It mimics their natural routine of hunt, kill, eat, sleep :3 Also, always wet over dry food, its waaaay better for their digestion, as they get most their water from their food so they have a low thirst drive (meaning they're prone to constipation).
Anyway, those are my top tips from 28 years of keeping cats (alas though, my ginger kitty is very poorly now and only has a few days left ?)



S Test

As a cat owner I would like to know what the name of that rolly thing for the couch is. I have never seen such an efficient roller.

Diana James

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he was wiping his butt on the blanket ha ha ha ha ha i cannot stop laughing

Rue the Sphynx

OMG Eugenes poor pants hahaha ?

Sooo glad our monster is hairless!


funny how eugene was left with two babies for a whole day but couldnt be left alone with a cat


This is the content I came to the internet for. ?

Simone Malan

My favourite part is how Eugene keeps whispering ???

Kara Rexroad

My cat loves playing fetch I have a bounce ball for her and I throw it for her and she loves to chase it

McKenna Allen

Becky’s reaction to Eugene thinking they use gloves to clean a litter box was so entertaining

Toasty Junebugs

I used to give my cat a single shrimp, too! Now my husband and I are vegetarian so the closest my dog (my cat passed away a couple years ago) gets to having a homecooked 'meal' is when I give her some melty cheese lol

Olivia McCormick

I love your bangs Becky!!

Mik Kurzhal

I guess I'm a bit behind on content, cause I didn't know Keith got a cat

Edit: also I was confused about the scratch pad sniffing for a full 30 seconds until Keith explained it was a prank, wondering if they'd kept their scratch pad in a pool or something

Heather C

Wait didn’t Eugene babysit devins cats?

Rosa Thorne

They clean the litter box once a month?? Our vets and rescue place recommended cleaning it fully once a week

Mary H.

You were being very respectful Eugene, we see you ?

QueenBee Buzz

I laughed so hard when he sneezed ?

Tianna Elizalde

Purrfect example that cats just don't do what u want, on ur time.... Unless there's food involved. I'm a fur mother of 3 so I'm gonna guess as soon as alfred's done eating he's still gonna bounce.. let's find out
Edit: Man.. I know cats

Lyssa Moura

Love your cat tower for Alfred❣️ Sorry Eugene for all the terror you had to endure ??❣️ I have had cats my ENTIRE LIFE, so much so, my first word was "kitty" as was all 3 kids ??❣️ THE COSTUME WAS TOO MUCH ???❣️SHELTER/RESCUE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN BUYING!!!! ? ALOHA FROM HAWAI'I ? ? LYSSA ?

Tianna Elizalde

I think that was the best well described cat versus dog analogy I've ever heard! Honestly I was thinking best friend at the bar vs hitting on someone hotter than u at the club tho

Sandra Salvador

Keith: “He’s 1st Generation Immigrant ???”
Me: SAME ?

• God is Good •

Alfred looks like a Alfred

Kaos Kartoffel

Is this the first time you guys have been in bed together?
no No NO nO NoOo cRaZYyy

Gigi Hide

I lost my shit when Eugene sneezed snd the poop went flying

Zehra B

7:12 That sneeze was annoyingly fake...

Mistress Sheep

Tip on how to not get cats to run away from you: slowly walk sideways towards the cat, act as if you’re not gonna do anything to them then preform the cat light greeting
Step 1: give the cat some chin rubs
2. Gently pet the cat
3. Say goodbye to the cat
Now the cat greeting may seem like a joke but it was 10/10 recommended from a cat expert (literally and this works I’ve tried it 4 times)


As a cat owner, I can understand Eugenes pain as a first time cat sitter

Mel RS

Yay Becky's hair looks great! No more side sweep!

Erin Wozniak

still hate you guys

Claudia Hernandez

The Selena Part made my day!!

Unicorn Bros


Tianna Elizalde

Gosh I feel so bad even joking about this but I know Eugene will never read this but I've had those wet treat bags for after bath time. U probly got some of it on u when u opened it and he helped u to cleaning it off ??

Jenaye Moffatt

”oh yeah cats have barbed tongues”
Eugene 2021


Honestly surprised he wasn’t in love with Eugene every allergic person I brought around my cats looooooved them ?

Chelsea Strong

YB’s editing skills are next level!


becky looks so cute!

Jenna Fox



I think Eugene will get an ugly cat now.

Heather Eastin

I'm dying. ? ? ? ? I can't believe they lied to him. ?

Arely perez

short story about cats
I dropped my dog off at the groomers but a dog was whimpering and cry as if they were being abused. (They weren't, they were just sitting on a table.) My dog naturally got scared and I did also. The groomers have a cat on the check out desk that basically saw me and made me pet it. ? The cat was legitimately giving me emotional support while I relaxed. He kept his paw on my finger the whole time. A very awesome cat.

Baby_ Yoda

Omg I was confused why he was sniffing the box...it was a joke lmaoo


Lap sitting again with keith and Becky's cat plus keith xD

McKenna Allen

Alfreds face is so strange

Samantha Perkins

Love that Becky and I are “cat owners allergic to cats” kin

Jessie Dwyer

Anyone know what hair catching thing they were using??

Scarlet Augi

I see Eugene and cat in the title and I zoom as soon as I see this
Due to schooling I'm not supposed to be on youtube during the week, don't call me out for being late! ;-;

Andrea Adams

Oh my god the ending KILLED ME

ayz m

becky is so prettyyyyy

CeCe Bro

I just wanna know what y'all used to get the hair off the couch?

Jenaye Moffatt

They shouldn’t have told Eugene how to clean the litter box and let him do what he thought he was supposed to do (use his hands)??


I haven’t watched a try guys video in ages

Maggie Smith-Daniel

Omg I need that litter box

Allen Flores

The cute physician curiosly beam because circle neuropathologically confuse down a sedate scissors. late, black-and-white dad


OMG I love that kitchen!


cats are tough to take care of because they do whatever the fuck they want

Nat l

Alfred is like "yes I like you now go on with your life and let me live mine"

Laurayne Rosa

Becky looks so beautiful omg. Her hair and tan are working


the fake chores are killing me


I just came back and eugene got s stronger jaw line .....

Sissy K

I used clay litter for years and recently switched to paper litter for my cat and I think it smells so much better!


We need to get Eugene a sphynx cat

Cam Alexander

Whats the song that’s playing when Eugene is in bed?

Swimming before dying hair

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Swimming With Hair Color Part 2

236 views | 23 Aug. 2019

Lots of questions after

Lots of questions after our first video, so we added part 2! Check out our Instagram at do.or.dye.salon.sj