Two week tattoo

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What is this? Two Week Tattoo?? Inkbox Application & Review

927 views | 1 Jul. 2017

My application and review

My application and review of Inkbox tattoos. A natural and organic temporary tattoo which claims to last 2-3 weeks.

For more information visit:


Inkbox Pop Up Shop

Yorkdale Mall

3401 Dufferin Street, North York, ON M6A 2T9

Closes - August 30, 2017

Direct link to the tattoo that I used - Pina


Contact Information

Email - [email protected]

Instagram - chrispone

Snapchat - ChrisPone

Erblin Lalinovci

I like it! CAn u pin my coment please !!

Jenna Tse

Oo that's pretty cool but it looked very painful haha but probably less painful than the real thing lol


that's cool! pineapples are one of my favorite fruits!

Two week tattoo

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TWO WEEKS// painting, practicing tattooing, printmaking ??

349 110 views | 28 Feb. 2020

*i attend PRATT

*i attend PRATT INSTITUTE in Brooklyn, NY. I will be a sophomore painting major 2019-2020*


camera- canon g7x

music- from soundstripe

Music by Ryan Little - wish you were here. - https://thmatc.co/?l=BC82B898

alpharo- too early

Music by ninjoi. - Where Do I Go - https://thmatc.co/?l=78A1853



☞ AESTHETIC PERSONAL INSTAGRAM✨: https://www.instagram.com/jaschann/

☞ ART INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/novchild.jpg/

☞ SNAPCHAT: @minniejaschan3





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AIRBNB for $40 OFF !



Hello everyone!

just two more weeks till it's spring break and i can take a momentary breather.

this semester's schedule has been pretty hard-- trying to juggle school and my apprenticeship (which requires me to be at the studio for 36 hours a week). but i can do it! been waking up around 5 am - 6 am everyday and it's been so helpful. there are also days where i wake up late--probably tomorrow, seeing that its almost 12 am that i'm writing this. big yawns. i am also in a huge food coma i ate like 6 meals today LOL. going to hot yoga around 5 times a week has also been helping me a lot (although i probably won't tomorrow need a bit of a breather). helps me stay ~zen~and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

you guys are probably wondering-- wow what happened to sleeping at 5 am everyday??? during winter break, i literally had an epiphany after a bit of a traumatic event. okay i'm probably being a little dramatic but it was enough for me to be like- wow i really REALLY need to get my shit together or else i'm going to get nowhere in life. and then i had a crisis where i was like????what am I doing with myself???? how am i going to handle second semester???? so i decided to make some lifestyle changes so that i wouldn't waste more of my time. TIME is so precious to me now and i think i'm doing a pretty good job at managing it. ups and downs sometimes but like i said before it is okay to give yourself a break sometimes to take care of yourself. like yesterday. overworked myself a bit and took a food coma induced nap and ended up missing class. but it's okay!

i feel like i haven't written this letters in a while oops. ,,,just 2 more weeks till spring break and i can ~breeeeeeaaaaaatheeeeeeee~. my friend and i were planning to go to italy for 10 days-- however due to the coronavirus--we will not be going and i'm so sad :( we bought tickets 2 months ago--nonrefundable unless the flight gets cancelled and aGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHJDFHDJSHDLHDLSDHSLDUHHDLUHFISHDKSDHKDHSDKJSHDKJHDKJHSDKJHDKJSHJKD. but our parents think that it's best for our safety to not go. i hope that everyone is taking care of themselves. stay safe!

thank you for taking the time to read this and i will see you soon! hope you enjoyed this vlog.




ksufhsjkfhksfhdhfadhfasidhfsdif me in big ass food coma

Miriam Quintana Vargas

Does anyone know what paints she is using at 9:24 with that nice neon pastel piece? I’ve been looking for colors like that forever but the payoff always sucks

Gabby Morgan

Pratt kitties are the best kitties <3

Gracie Li

ahhhhh love ur vids so much!
do you ever plan on making ootds or fashion related vids? i love your sense of style lmao

Well That’s awkward

This is my dream life


Love who you are, makes my kinda want to cry because it reminds me of myself before I started working. Wish I could do this stuff all the time like I used to.

hyunjin's americano

is that a puff bar or am i just blind ?


whenever i have artist-block i watch ur videos?


I'm so curious, what brushes were the ones you used for the painting with pastel colors? Those silver brushes were so aesthetically pleasing ???

Gema Gómez

I don’t know if anyone asked but where are you doing your tattoo apprenticeship??

ihita jain

can someone please help me figure out what brand of paint she’s using for the neon/mossaic painting cause yes

Orein Project

I don't think I would have bared your schedule at all. I feel like I can't handle anything in life. Hope it all goes well for you all the time, much appreciated.


what are you watching in the begging ?


I love you

Stella Washington

HI JASMINE i was wondering what type of plywood you are carving on bc I want to move on from linocuts to wood sooo yeah xoxoxox

Ellie Christensen

your videos always make me want to be productive lol

char zhang

soooo cute..

Kristín Róbertsdóttir

I like your many color drawing/painting ?

Bianca Olivares Reyes

I recently got an apprenticeship and I'm excited to start tattooing

Lawrence Williams

USE GUACHE AND INK! (and maybe human hair)

cup of jasmien

please read the description for a letter to you???
ig- @jaschann
art ig- @novchild.jpg

Fuck that shit ,



How can a person be that amazing


I love you Jasmine!! I feel you I procrastinate sooo much and I feel like I really need to get my shit together, but it’s hard. Have a great day!

El Mundo Kuetzpal

What kind of wood are you using for your woodcut?

appreciate seokjin

I just found out this channel where have u been all my life

mutiara paramastri

You can't say R? So annoying

honey jem

pls do a video on how u edit ur pics ? i love them sm

Sofia Sanchez

Does ur neck every hurt since hav to kinda hover over whatever u do... my neck hurt from when i do hw lol

Francisca Lobos

Please make a tutorial video about how you draw all that beautiful flowers ???


does anyone know what type of board she was carving on?

Charlotte Mortimer

at 4:30 I love your jumper! where did you get it?


I love carving could you please tell me what substrate , what type of wood you carve on and your favorite type of carving tool. many many thanks

Juan Manuel Vázquez Ramos

Hi! Why is the name the material use by practice tato? Nice day

Brenda Moquin

Love your new tattoo & all your tattoos where do you go for your tattoos plus can you give an updated tattoo tour

Janina Nini


jordan jade

what’s that planner you have? is it hourly? i’ve been looking for an hourly planner:(


I’ve been soooo drawn to ur videos and I love them and you!~❤️you inspire to not procrastinate?❤️? importantly??? never stop being creative✨


how expensive is fake skin vs an orange

Enid Pagan

That's so me. I would have ideas on creating paper beads jewelry and crochet work but painting on canvas I have no idea and when I do have an idea I'm super scary to continue painting the project.

Kimberly Zhang

pls do a qna video about ur lifestyle and ur art school bc I have a lot of questions AAAAAA

Faviola Anaya Esquivel

its so cool to see you get into tattooing


gurl where did u get ur planner!!

Bunny Tut

It’s weird to see you with long hair now because your short hair suits you so well...but your still very pretty


Totally want a tattoo from you but sadly I'm Scotland maybe one day

Monica Vazquez

I just want to say that I am so happy for you doing your tattooing apprenticeship! You really seem like you belong there! I wish you continued success!

Otaku AnimeWorld

Dealing with art block has been such an agonizing thing for me.

mary bourke

where did you get the planner from?

Dex Auger

I can’t be the only one who watches all of her videos because I dream to go to art school and her videos are so comforting

medina yus azlan

what wood do you use for printmaking? ??

Phil W

Been binging your vlogs for the last 2 weeks and this is honestly my favourite look on you.
The long dark hair is fire!


You look soooo pretty with long hair <3 i loved your outfits in this video

Essence Sampang2

whats that mat thing ur practicing on? i would like tu get one tu practice my work tu.
is it reusable?

Zini Lazini

why do I love watching ur vlogs so much :( 
Not even kidding, might've rewatched all ur uni vlogs at least 3 times each.


Does she have a lisp ?

Life Online

what flower are you drawing at 3:00?

ella drabble

can we just appreciate how much fruit she crammed into that yogurt pot?

pew pew

video idea!! something im genuinely curious about is how did you become a tattoo artist? what's your journey through your designs and overall tattooing? im not sure if im asking the right questions, im just really interested in tattooing! i think i would like to be one in the future maybe, and i also really love designing, so if you could tell us about it one day i would love that!!?

Laura zmpfr

could you tell me from where you got your sweater (4:28min) ? x)

Karina Ogay

Was there Stephanie Soo playing in the back round??


Love the colors you used for your painting ? I have been inspired by bright neon/pastel colors lately. What paints/colors did u use?

Leyla Craven

i wish i was that cat livin it up in the pratt studio getting attention from cute artist girls

alexi lee

sis i live in Brooklyn like lets met up I am a HUGE fan...PLEASE FOR MY SANITY


You are my favourite Youtuber..Ok bye??

Lillith Poisen

hello you look very short i think you must wear glasses pls better for your eyes;)

Melissa Hope

your videos are so relaxing i love them sm

Ashley Cork

I swear there’s some Disney princess in you, you are a cat magnet ?❤️

Marquis Wilson

I love it hi

malak tourk

What’s the name of the flower????

Amanda C

What flavor was your vape?

anya amaryllis

i am so fascinated by the way you are free-drawing those flower patterns of you, is that a dahlia?


how do you keep your prepped meals fresh for multiple days?

Denise Hiltebrand

Binge watching all your vlogs while painting on a rainy day. ?

Weazy. B

"I need to clean my room cuz it looks like its been hit by 5 hurricanes"
Me: bitch SAMEEE



Bonga Dube

Hey cup of Jasmin are you 22?

Pennywise Lives

Why did you stand up when you were painting? It’s probably for a good reason but I’m just curious!

Michelle Bandow

What tattooing machine do you use? ?

Monique Johson

I finally found a artist blogger that keeps me speechless and entertained the ENTIRE VIDEO ??❤❤

Lawrence Williams

CHIPS AHOY AND SPAGHETTI OHS! (and almond milk and TOFURKY sandwiches) ❤️

Otaku AnimeWorld

Reading this letter was just like one of those moments in which the entire universe comes together to show you what you needed to see! I decided to study architecture and I am currently doing the 3rd semester and oh man is this complicated! Actually, rather than complicated it is just a lot of stuff that happens all at once! I need to start working with softwares, I need to think and come up with ideas for a project, then I need to study for the "normal" subjects. And this year I decided that I would also try to get a job. And it is a lot to do, but at the same time I dont want this semester to be like the last one. By the end of 2019 that were so many things to do that in one week I literally spent 72 hours with no sleep (not like, in a row, but altogether) and due to that and the stress I was having little anxiety crises and at the end, when I managed to finish and submit all the projects I literally fainted. So yeah, this year this experience is a big no no for me! And also, I am dealing with a pretty long art block and it is stressing me out.

rippp sage

i saw that pineapple puff bar ?

Lunar Child*•.*

What is the song at 9:20 called?
I looked in the description but couldn’t find it there

Indubala Valsan

Hey Jasmine... Was just wondering from where you got ur planner?.... Love ur content girl!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Lissy May

Ok where are those paintbrushes from?

Payton Smeltzer

I think its crazy how you were talking about your dog then you see a bigger version of your dog

kai loves shinee

how did you get such a cool apprenticeship?? im jealous

Астральная луната

I'm not a native speaker but i absolutely love the way you talk and your voice❤?


9:02 someone knows the name of the song?

Hannah Wang

omg she does the Zoe 11 abs workout

Karah Allred

Thomas ?

Somara Son

this vlog made me miss college so much. Such a simpler life. I went to fashion business school in Manhattan and lived there until I moved to BK in my senior year. I go to hot yoga as well! I love Y7 Studio <3


I love your vibe :)

Lawrence Williams

I worked at Chinese restaurant for 5 years 60 hours a week until this. My boss was very beautiful. (I’m lost)


do you have time for both a tattoo apprenticeship and school? Asking because I would love to become a tattoo apprentice but I always thought I would have to wait until after college since it's so time consuming

Lawrence Williams

2’x3’ heavy Bristol board. Use ink, guache, hair (whatever). Think baby creation. Tip from U of New Orleans Fine Art (have some vodka too my darling).

IDBD Motion Pix

You are so cutee ?love the vlog(:


Jasmine: h e l t h

Sun Flower

Does anyone know how old Jasmine is? Im just soooo curious ?

Bryana Sanphy

I love the sound of her carving sped up ?

Alyssa Holder

What kind of flowers are those ur carving??? Wanna get them tattooed??