Natural remedies for healthy hair

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Reduce Hairfall & Get Shiny & Silky Hair At Home Naturally | Dr. Vivek Joshi

476 670 views | 28 Jul. 2020

Reduce Hairfall & Get

Reduce Hairfall & Get Shiny Hair And Silky Hair At Home Naturally | Dr. Vivek Joshi

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Which shampoo is best pls reply me

sonal rathor

Sir mera pcod aur thyroid k karan hair bahot thin ho gaye infact baldness b aa gayi hai plz bataiye mai kya karu

Sujathabrv Sujathabrv

Honey make hair white

Anola Stella



Very nice simple tips given by you, Doctor please make a video on best mild shampoos to use for different scalp types as everyone are mostly confused about them.

Kusum Venkatesh Prasad

Very imp video for me because I have dull dry and damaged hair. Thankyou. My son is only 21, has balding problem from past 4 years. Has very less hair and back moon is fully visible. Can is healthy. Can you please help him

Vaishali Tanna

Sir pls give some remidies for 50 plus womens...

Shikha Khurana

How to get appointment sir??

Saraswathy Nagalingam

Nice explanation...

SRS Maheswary

Dr for info the honey accidentally touch my eye brow n it turn white. I cant imagine what will happen to hair?

Hemalatha B R

Thankyou Dr

Raul Falch

Dr.. Apple cider vinegar and water..For how long time, this treatment is possible to remove the dandruff?


Please , tell any mild shampoo name.

Madhavi Bhagwat

Tumhi datansathi sangitlela upay mi eikla
Brinjal Cha sal jalaycha ka?

Norin Songthiang

Thanks Dr.

Pardeep Chopra

Thank you so much, doctor... I am reducing my hair...I tried so many products but got no proper effects...then someone gives me a reference to Planet Ayurveda..their products are really useful and no side effects.

Vaishali Upadhye

Doctor please suggest remedies for dandruff

Prakrati Agarwal

Can I mix aloe vera gel with some oil and curd ? I have a bit of dandruff issue and excessive hair fall.

Dr Shilpa

Sure very superb simple methods tq u sir

Asha Bhagwat

Sir I heard that curd, apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon, all these ingredients have properties which turns the hair grey. Pl reply

Kiran Joseph

Thank you for giving us nice tips ?????

Anuradha Dalmia

U have a killer smile???

Norin Songthiang

Thanks Dr. Vevek Joshi

Suma Reddy

I have tried
It's very good remedy for soft hair

Rajil Ck

Ur awesome sir... My fav doctor

Hemlata Ghadiali

Thank you Dr.

Prakshi Gupta

Which is a mild shampoo in indian market??

Ammusajesh Sajesh

My favorite dr.


I'm gona try this mask


Sir my hair fully damaged and dot r come break cut y tell sir

Mansoora Muzaffar

You are good doctor


Doctor plz do give some home remedies for upper lips hairs removing remedies

asha Vlog

Guys if anyone have used vedix hair oil plz reply

Deepika Sharma

Such a beautiful soul u are Sir ??I personally believe in Ayurveda..n glad to see u r creating awareness among people about Ayurveda

Kousalya Ganesh

Thank you Dr. for the simple and effective treatment

nandini s

Hi doctor plz give home remedies to get rid of dust allergy..... sneezing,running nose.....etc.sinsu prb

Sunita L

Thanks so much


Thanks Dr Vivek for the home remedies for the hair care!!!!!! Keep it up and God bless you further more!!!!! Take care.


Sir please recommend good mild shampoo n conditioner

Sakthi Abirami

Thank u sir..

All ur information are very useful..

Can u put a video for spilt hair

Varsha Vijaykumar

Hi sir
I have a doubt
Are u really a doctor...
Sry to ask this...but i need to ask becos...my skin is going worse day by day..so i am goanna try ur remedy....
If ur a doctor i can do this with confident...
Are u really a doctor sir.

Jasmin Mina

Thnx? sir please make vedio on skincare vedio for face and body?

Belatrix Miniko

Thank's dr vivek... ??

nainshi singh

Thankyou sir

Miithran Raghavan

Dr please advise for ALOPECIA total
Suddenly happened at the age 4

seema raval

I have a hyperthyroidism so this remady can work on my hair ?

Hutoxi Nanji

Can I use readymade aloevera gel


Hope you live long ( best wishes )...

Reshma shah

Hello doctor ? thank you ?

Param Kour

Sr please handi ma vedo baeyea

Mona Khan

I highlighted my hair,few days ago.n my hair is too much dry.it lost its shine n look very dull.its look like plastic hair.plz advice me some shampoo,oil,n condition for my hair.my sky is very dry.i m 30yr old.waiting for ur reply.plz reply me in my mail.thanx

Saima Riaz

Remedies for white hair please

Prep with Priya

Dr. Vivek, would like to have a clinic consultation with u to show my hair situation. Are u based in bombay to consult? If yes, pls provide details. Thank u.

Kavita Anchan

Thanks a lot.????

Swetha Pandu

Sir please share tips for reducing grey hair

Deepthi Helen

Thanks to the doctor for explaining it to us very clearly .?

Aman Gill

Sir u r the best

Najima Shaikh

Dr. Please suggest any best natural shampoo for dry hair

asha Vlog

Is vedix good ...sor

Deepa Shree

Please suggest mild shampoos to be used

Kiran Trivedi

This mask must b applied on oily hair or without oily hair??

Hardeep kaur

All world healing world honours world truthful secrets deeper secrets world king souls journey global prayers soul journey thankyou thankyou thankyou from Kenya beautiful beautiful beautiful journey thanks million diamond soul

Kajal Kohat

Aloevera + water apply on hair sit for 1 hour and then use mild shampoo
Curd and honey mix and apply use normal water for washing hair

Raymond Chow

Thank you for the information.

Rohini R

Doctor.. Good information thanks ?

Parimala Santhosh

Mild shampoo name

Ajay Jain

Hello sir hair phool ke bare mein Janna

Shweta Devkar

Great sir

Suma Raj

Hello doctor, my hand skin, face is tanned, I was taking hydroquin , lefra 20 for body pain , almost 3 yrs, plz suggest some remedies

Vani P

Sir pls suggest shampoo for my daughter has vry dry hair n split ends Dr.

Irum Ali

Hi doctor can u pls recommend any thing for alopecia

cute barbie

Sir...day by day..my hairfall is increasing..what can i do??

Suma Reddy

Sir I have stains on my face due to an accident. Can I get any home remedy for this

Dr Shilpa

Sir Honey on hairs wt about grey hairs ???????

Sheela A

Thank U Dr

Celestial Moon

Wow, thanks a lot Dr Vivek..

mangala rogers

Doctor can you explain in tamil

Hardeep kaur

Beautiful beautiful beautiful gods gifts helping the world god cares for all sending angles to world positive

Kavya Natarajan

pls can u make video for dandruff


Please share remedies for dandruff

Harini R

Hi Anna how you
U r looking lean now a days bro..any diet control???

Ajitharohini Sivarajah

Very nice ?

Grace Chinnaswamy

What is the best mild shampoo and conditioner to use tell the name

venkata siva ram chodapaneedi

Hi Dr. Vivek, what is best way to stay moisturized from scalp to toe?

Virgo shri goel Shri goel

Black shirt is looking so good on you ! All your informations are so useful! Thanks thanks ?

Pratham Vani

pure alovera plant or bottle?

Sneha Parte

Can I use Aloe vera gel we get in the medical shops.

Silvia Aranha

Dr honey make hair white. My grandma ma

catie t

Please suggest a mild shampoo..

Kritika Choudhary

I applied fresh aloe vera gel and then shampood bug my hair looked dry more than normal!!!!

Ahmed Sheikh

Excellent thanks

rashmirekha rout

What shampoo can we use to reduce hair fall?

Nithu Singh


Jeysshri Selvadurai

More then what u say I love listening how u speak so pleasant and maples us feel calm ,positiveness, encourage ment

Rashmi Hurakadli

Tq smch sir????

Ayaan Dirie

Thxn. You so much doctor

Sushma bee

Does it gelp Alopecia patiebts also SIR


Like you lots..simple tips...curable

And the way you are presenting is excellent.. continue your service....

Kindly give me some tips how to make the kids to eat food?....6-7 years...
How to cleanse the intestine and make them hunger...

The Garl

I will try from tommorow


Thank u sir.from odisha

Natural remedies for healthy hair

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Natural Remedies for Healthy Hair

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Natural remedies for healthy hair

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