How to remove a stubborn blackhead

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Relax Every Day - Amazing Popping Stubborn and Old Blackheads #012

3 024 views | 14 Dec. 2020

How to remove a stubborn blackhead

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Stubborn Blackhead Removal Attempt Pt 2!!!

12 134 views | 1 Jun. 2019

Hey everybody it's another

Hey everybody it's another attempt to remove a blackhead. If you think you're going to get frustrated maybe you shouldn't watch. Thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe share, comment, and like!!

Mildred May

Someone needs to go to Pimple popping school

Openor Wap

Don't waste your time

Honey Tina 2

[email protected] looks so painful
...i have pimple on my leg..pop it

Crouse House Music

Oh gosh! Idk how he isn’t screaming ? I would be!

Shaunacy Wallace

You should actually watch some blackhead removal channels. It will help those are some nice blackheads!!!


My channel @OfficialmuddaBeyonce

Greg Wright

Is that even a blackhead

Angelica's Journey

Dropping in to show some support! That was a really bad blackhead! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! God bless ??

margaret corns

You can't get a hair out with a fluffy towel

Penninah The grace

Ooh my God he or she is calm if it was me I could screen I'm waiting for part 3

Mizz Ride Or Die

Hi i once had a removal tool dont know where its at like a metal stick .it work painless

Debbie Richardson


sharay Daniel

Hopefully you sterilized that

Rogerio Dornelles

Que vídeo péssimo


Love you guys ???

E Money Shoes

Just stopping through. U must have a high pain tolerance.

Mizz Ride Or Die

Next time time try tweezers it pulls them straight out

Greg Wright

Wtf all that wiping for

Pascual Buena Channel

Ma'am be careful to removed blackhead for no infection and needs to apply a medication for safe ma'am

Crouse House Music

Get it out


Just get up under it and keep squeezing the damn thing


I can't believe I am watching this ahahahha

al forbes

Unhygienic Incompetent: The Nappy pin is filthy Bad bad

Wyman Inch

Probably should have wiped it for a few more minutes

Melieca and Kids

Very stubborn have a wonderful weekend ??❤️❤️

zaini's kitchen

Hey beautiful, hop u doing great, I'm new here showing some love, and I'm hete to stay, have nice day

How to remove a stubborn blackhead

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best way to get rid of blackheads | best way to remove stubborn blackheads

2 158 views | 16 Oct. 2019

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