Unnatural hair color brands

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My favourite (unnatural) hair dyes!

2 046 views | 11 Jan. 2015

I have mentioned some of

I have mentioned some of my opinions on hairdye brands in passing before, but never gave you the full breakdown of dyes I like to use. So if you want to find out which brands I prefer and why, please watch this video!

Directions and Stargazer can be purchased at


Special Effects I buy from: www.haircrazy.com

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Camera I film with is the Canon EOS 700D.

Edited with Windows movie maker.

Thanks a million for Watching!!!

- Aodhamair

Ivy K

Ik heb UV pink van stargazer(?) Die gaat er gewoon niet meer uit. Ik doe trouwens altijd het ronde dopje wat voor het rare tuitje zit er weer op.


The directions turquoise now has more of a green base rather than blue. It's gorgeous when first applied and through most of the fading process. It goes a really pretty kind of mint green but in the last few weeks it goes a bit of a snot green. I have the turquoise in at the moment and have had it in for 2 months.

Samantha Squarl

Special effects purple is my favorite too. Been my number one for +10 years. Manic panic sucks, never buy it. Waste time and money.

Hannah DeLallo

The best unnatural hair dye I've ever used is from a brand called Sparks. I had their purple and blue in my hair and have recently gone to one of their redder shades. The dye stays in so well that the only time you have to re-bleach your hair is to do just your roots or if you want to change a color. It doesn't fade easily. However, I don't know if they sell it everywhere in the world (I'm in America) and am not sure if their online store is set up yet.


My favorite brand used to be Special Effects and I love the deep purple but as you mentioned, there was a lot of stocking and shipping issues so I was kind of forced to search for a new brand. Well, I'm not a fan of manic panic, either. My friend recommended Punky Color and I was unsure as it was cheaper than the other two but I'm totally convinced. The colors last as long as SE did on me, maybe even longer. I've been using violet and Turquoise. I'm absolutely in love and would recommend to anyone. :D

Lady ESPer

Are you Scottish? Because I love your accent. Btw I'm dying my hair a deep purple so this video helped a ton! Thanks! :D

Samantha Squarl

I love your hair, so jealous


I have been using fire by crazy colour an it is good but it does fade after about four weeks but I only wash my hair once a week so that might be helping it. Have been wanting to try different brands so your video has come at a perfect time. Thank you. Hope you feel better soon :)

Nikki Spidel

Best unnatural hair dye is arctic fox!!!! Seriously try it :)

Unnatural hair color brands

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5 views | 31 May. 2018

Unnatural hair color brands

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3 702 views | 1 May. 2017

Decided it was time for a

Decided it was time for a change! No more red (again lol). I'm not saying that I dye my hair the most "professional" way, I just do it how I'm most comfortable with and what's cheapest for me. This isn't necessarily a tutorial either. Mostly a video I wanted to do for fun!


- Do not bleach your hair all in one night. Wait awhile. It's recommended to bleach once a day throughout the week while also doing hair repair treatments (using coconut oil, moroccan oil, etc.) in-between bleaching.

- I ONLY use Splat since it works best for MY hair. I wouldn't usually recommend it, but if you decide to use it and are willing to take the time needed to repair it, go for it! It doesn't fade terribly for me and I like the brand.

- When having unnatural hair colors, make sure to wash your hair in COLD water. I only shower every other day and bathe in-between those days to keep my hair healthier and prevent faster fading. However, the week I dye my hair, I wait a week to shower and bathe the entire week. Helps replenish natural oils in hair. Again, that's just me.


- Deep Emerald Splat Hair Dye

- Blonde Brilliance Express Nine Lightener (bleach)

- Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer


- Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson

- Theme For The Rat Vendor by Rob Zombie

- The Girl Who Loved The Monsters by Rob Zombie

- The Love Song by Marilyn Manson

Janice Coleman

I just watched this whole damn video and you didn't even show the end result. Jesse Fucking Christ ?

シ Y u r i

I've been using splat for years dying my hair and I used splat to bleach my hair ? My hair didn't fall out (I did big streaks everywhere) and I didnt get split ends ?‍♀️ I know it probably depends on the hair but I've been using splat since 6th grade and I'm going to be a freshman when school starts up?

Edit: I had split ends with it once, but I had already had them and back then it had been close to a couple year from my last haircut. (I get haircuts regularly now) I also take showers hot as hell and my hairdye has been in for a 9-10 months. Yes, it's faded some but its still there.

Nona Garrett

I used splat for my hair today and that color Tuesday 9 18

Allison Tibbetts

Girl you are my spirit animal for hair dye. Kudos and keep it up!


I wanna dye my hair this color and my hair is already bleached blonde so I’m excited and I hope it looks just as good as it does on u ❤️❤️

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